A Checklist for Your Boutique Hotel’s Rooms

Every boutique hotel needs to have a hotel room checklist that they need to follow for the comfort and convenience of their customers. Such essential and essential detailing can play a significant role in getting your hotel excellent reviews from guests. Today we have put together a checklist for you to follow when preparing a hotel room for the next set guests. Here’s everything you require to look out for:

Ensure That The Room Has Been Aired Out Before The Arrival Of The Next Guests

When guests stay in hotel rooms, they tend to spray perfumes, deodorants, and other scents. Some guests even leave behind a strong and pungent smell of cigarette smoke. To make your next lot of guests feel comfortable and at ease, you need to make sure that you completely air out of the room of your hotel between guests. Any active and piercing scents left behind by the previous customer shouldn’t be present and be lurking around the room when your next guest arrives.

Make Sure That You Clear Out All Trash Bins And Ash Trays

Another small and necessary thing that some boutique hotels tend to forget is clearing out the ashtrays and the trash bins. While the cleaning team may clean out the trash bin the bathroom, they may remember to clean the not so obviously visible trash bin under the writing desk. Additionally, cleaning out ashtrays is also very important. No guest would like to check-in to a hotel room where the containers are overflowing with trash of the previous guest, and the ashtray is brimming with cigarette buds.

Make Sure That You Clear Out And Restock The Mini Bar

Once your guests check out of the hotel room, you need to make sure that the mini bar is cleared out and restocked. Bottled beverages that have been consumed should be replaced with fresh bottles. Additionally, any chocolates or candy bars that may have been only half eaten and saved for later should be disposed of and replaced with a new and unopened candy bar.

Check The Lights And Light Switches Before The Arrival Of Your Next Guest

Another significant thing that you need to check in the hotel room of your boutique hotel is the lights. You need to make sure that every bulb in the hotel room is working correctly. You should also check whether the light switches are functioning correctly. Lamps and table lights also need to be turned on and off to ensure that they are working correctly before the arrival of your next guests.

Make Sure That The Windows Are Cleaned From Inside And Outside

No guest would appreciate walking into a hotel room where the windows are dusty, dirty and filled with stains. Not only is this a major put off, but it will also block the view from their room. Make sure that all the windows in the hotel room are thoroughly scrubbed clean from both inside and outside. The windows should be made entirely spotless before the arrival of the next guest.

Replace The Toiletries In The Bathroom

Before the arrival of your next guest, you need to make sure that all the used toiletries in the bathroom are replaced with fresh ones. Fresh Shampoos, soaps, shower gels, shower caps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste need to be kept ready for your new guests. Any half-used bottles, tubes of toothpaste and soap bars should be disposed of too.

Check The Controls For The Air-Conditioner, Television, And Heater

Some fundamental things that people tend to forget when preparing the hotel room for the next guests are the television, air-conditioner, and heater remote controls. You must make sure that all three. powers are there in the place and their batteries are functional. Ensure that cells in any dysfunctional controls are replaced. If the controls still don’t seem to work after you have replaced the battery, make sure that you return the control itself.

Rotate The Bed Mattress

Before the cleaning team puts on a fresh bedsheet, having them rotate the bed mattress now and then is essential. Turning the mattress of the bed every few months plays a significant role in keeping the mattress firm and even extends the overall lifespan of the mattress. Further, rotating the mattress also helps in evening out the wear and tear and provides firm back support to the guests when they sleep.

Make Sure A Fresh Set Of Towels And Robes Have Been Placed In The Room

To make the stay of your new guests more comfortable, you need to make sure that you replace all used towels and bathrobes with fresh ones. You can fold the napkins into fancy shapes and place them on the bedspread before your new guests arrive. Bathrobes should be neatly hung in the hotel room wardrobe for your guests.

Wash And Replace Mugs And Glasses

You need to make sure that all the glasses and ceramic mugs that you have in your hotel room for your guests and customers are thoroughly rinsed and then placed back in their original spot. No guest should end up picking up a coffee mug or a glass of coffee and tea stains or even worse a lipstick stain.

All The Bed Linens Should Be Replaced With Fresh Ones

All the linens used by the previous guest should be taken out and given for a wash, and new and fresh bed linens should be used for the next guests.

Make Sure Faux Plants Are Properly Dusted

Very often a lot of boutique hotels install faux plants in their hotel rooms. These faux plants over a period tend to catch dust. To prepare your hotel room for the next customer, you need to make sure that the faux plants and trees are wiped clean and clear of all dust.

Having this basic boutique hotel checklist can help you get top ratings and reviews from customers. Hotels from across the globe follow these essential cleanliness and safety standards. Make sure that you provide a copy of this list to your managers and cleaning teams to ensure that it is monitored carefully.

Make your boutique hotel room cozy, clean and the most talked about in the area by following this basic and essential checklist. Leave customers pleasantly surprised when they check into your hotel room.

Create Stunning Landscapes Like a Pro with Artificial Boxwoods

outdoor boxwood topiaryFor the boutique resort you own, are you planning to revamp its landscape decor? Are you planning to do this for increasing more clientele? If this is your case, then it's best to look for a good landscape architect and hire them for their expert opinion as to how to transform the look. But, if you plan to do the decor yourself, then it can be challenging, as providing an all-new look to the luxurious property will compel you to use smart decor items which will be appealing to the onlookers in the form of visitors and also for the employees working in the resort.

For bringing in extra positivity and enthusiasm in the entire environment, blending in nature in the form of various decor items placed at the interior and exterior landscapes can be the befitting idea. Any big or small trees and plants, creepers, shrubs or topiaries will make for the best decor items. But, growing these plants and trees and taking care of them is not an easy task and will incur involvement of extra human resources and money. Any effective alternative solution, like beautiful artificial plants outdoor and meant for indoors, which will create the same aura like the live plants will be perfect.

These artificial botanical beauties, like the artificial boxwood topiaries, if placed at the entrance of a huge shopping mall or even put in the lobby of a prominent private hospital in various shapes can weave in the magic you want to create in the landscapes.

Why do you think the artificial botanical landscaping products are a perfect alternative to its real and live counterpart?

Owners of the properties always prefer any decor item which will have you invest less time in its upkeep, follow a strict maintenance regime and which will at the same time create an instant connection with everyone visiting the landscapes. The other reasons supporting the above-framed question are explained below as why the fake botanical products are preferred:-

• The faux plants and trees can withstand any harsh weather conditions and keep looking the same always. On the other hand, the live ones cannot survive without suitable weather conditions.

• No shaping, cutting, pruning or trimming is required by artificial botanical beauties for keeping their appearance intact, while these regimes are needed to be followed for the healthy appearance of real plants and trees.

• No requirement of water, sunlight and shade are required by the replica of the original plants and trees. But, in case of live ones, these requirements are mandatory.

• The fake trees or plants in boxwood variety or any other type will never attract any insect or get bacteria formation on its surface. The real ones will need you to invest in pesticides and fertilizers for their healthy being.

• Once bought the faux alternatives will retain its fresh appearance all throughout your life, but the original plants or trees may die or decay at any point in time.

Where to look and source these artificial botanical items for adorning your luxurious landscapes?

If you are pondering how to make an artificial bonsai tree? Or any other form of faux trees and plants, let me tell you that it isn't easy at all. The company which has been working on this goal of creating the most perfect looking fake botanical foliages and evolving every day with their accurate craftsmanship is None other than Thermaleaf. Any custom trees, palms, topiaries, silk bonsai tree and any type of standing and hanging silk plants are found in their collection. The manufacturing team of the company consists of botanists, landscape architects, engineers and designers who are regarded as the best in the industry. The foliages they create look immaculately beautiful and real, any person looking at these faux beauties for a long time won't even be able to differentiate from its real counterpart.

The characteristics of artificial boxwood available at Thermaleaf 

Without a doubt in your mind, if you want to deck up the exterior landscape of any amusement park with boxwood topiaries, then you should always order from Thermaleaf. The reason for supporting these statements are explained below:-

 Particular fire retardant chemicals are impregnated on the surface of these fake foliages for making them repel fire entirely during any fire disaster.

• Due to Permaleaf technology implementation, during the manufacturing process, the products remain untouched by any harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays. This ultimately saves them from any fading of color.

• No toxic chemicals are used in their producing procedure. This makes these replicas botanical items safe for any interior landscapes, especially inside restaurants.

• Only a bit of dusting and washing their surface once in a while makes these gorgeous fake beauties retain their beauty forever.

• Extremely lightweight, anyone can handle these products during installation. Though on your request, the company even arranges for installation using their workforce.

Why are the breathtaking fake boxwood topiaries from Thermaleaf a must have in every leading landscape designers list?

A plush corporate office, a vast casino or a seven-star hotel, each of these luxurious property needs to be decorated by hiring leading landscape designers, for entertainment and popularity among customers. For adoring the landscapes of these properties, the designers rely entirely blindfolded on the faux boxwood topiaries from the house of Thermaleaf, for their majestic appeal and most importantly for their realistic look. Like moss sheets wholesale, these boxwood topiaries are also sold by the company in one piece variety and even in wholesale. One has to visit their website and ask for the catalog.

Artificial Ivy Walls to Reinvent the Look and Vibes of Your Building Entrances

outdoors landscapingA building entrance must always be lavish, classy and sophisticated. A great way to give the door or even the overall building an upscale look is by installing ivy walls and mats on the premises. Even ivy topiaries and plants can be installed in the surrounding areas of the building to bring about a lush green, vibrant and mesmerizing feel to the city. Here is everything you require to know about the artificial ivy walls:

Hide Ugly Wall Flaws With The Breathtaking Ivy Mats

Old building structures often have several cracks, leakage marks and other flaws on them. These ugly flaws can be an absolute eyesore and can probably turn off buyers who are looking to invest in an apartment in the building. With the help of the ivy mats, you can now hide those flaws away with lush green beauty. Whether you wish to place the mats on the walls, the ceilings or even as carpets to the entrance, your building will get a whole new mystical and tropical vibe.

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

Real ivy plants tend to grow wild and often even through walls and stable structures. Such wild growth can result in weakened building structures. However, in the case of the artificial ivies, you don’t need to worry about the wild growth of the landscaping products. Further, you will not require water, fertilize, cut and trim the Ivies to keep the surroundings neat and safe. You will also not need hiring a professional gardener for the upkeep and overall maintenance of the Ivies in the case of the artificial ivy mats; making them the perfect decorative items for your building.

Fire Retardant Ivy Mats For The Safety Of Your Building

Another excellent feature of the ivy mats is that these landscaping products are fire retardant. Often architects, interior decorators, and landscape artists are apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products in their projects because most faux plants and trees are not fireproof and are prone to catching fires. The ivy mats, on the other hand, are entirely fire retardant. Particular chemicals are injected into the raw materials of the plants that prevent the finished products from going up in flames. Thus, you can install these mats all around your building without having to worry about your building going up in fires or any casualties occurring.

Very Simple To Keep Clean And Dust Free

The artificial ivy mats are very easy to keep dust free and clean. A simple splash of water is enough to keep the mats looking fresh, new and lush green. You don’t need to use any particular chemicals or cleaning materials to clean these breathtaking ivy mats.

Custom Made Ivy Mats To Fit Your Specific Requirements

Although the ivy mats come in fixed sizes, in some cases, and for bulk orders, the manufacturers can make ivy mats to suit the size requirements of the buyer. You can have your mats manufactured in squares and rectangles and great mats or small mats depending on the area of the building that you need to cover.

Climate Tolerant And Weather Proof Ivy Mats

Another excellent feature of the ivy mats is that these landscaping products are entirely weatherproof. The mats can be installed in both indoors and outdoors facilities without any hassles. Special UV stabilizers and high-grade color pigments are used in the manufacturing process of the ivy mats. These pigments and stabilizers ensure that the finished products do not fade or lose their color when installed in outdoor landscapes that are regularly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these ivies can also be placed in rainy weather, snowfall or even premises that are constantly air-conditioned or have excessive humidity, but they will not get spoilt or deteriorate.

Durable, Long Lasting And Sturdy Landscaping Products

The ivy mats and topiaries are beneficial for building installations because these landscaping products are incredibly long lasting, sturdy and durable. One can say that the ivy mats are pretty much damage proof and can last for years on end without even the slightest amount of deterioration. Further, when not in use the ivy mats can be stored away in a storage facility and can be taken out later as per requirement. The ivy mats have a very long shelf life too and will prove to be one of the best long-term investments a buyer can make for décor products.

Affordable And Cost Effective

The reasonable pricing of the ivy mats makes them an excellent choice for indoors and outdoors landscaping. Unlike real plants that require constant care and can prove to be very expensive, the artificial ivy wall mats do not burn a hole in your pocket. You can order the plastic ivy leaves in large quantities without overshooting your makeover budget.

Can Be Installed In A large Range Of Settings

The ivy outdoor artificial topiary plants and ivy mats can be installed in a wide range of commercial as well as residential settings. Here’s a list of spaces where the plants are often installed:

•    Hotel lobbies, hotel entrances, hotel parking lots, hotel rooms, resorts, casinos, water parks, amusement parks, theme parks and corporate buildings are spaces where the ivy mats are commonly installed.

•    Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hospitals, government buildings and nursing homes are also spaces that can be decorated thoroughly with the help of these ivy mats.

So, whether you’re looking to hide wall flaws in your building or are just merely looking to attach a splash of green in your home or commercial space, the ivy mats are just what you need to give the surroundings a mystical, unique and mesmerizing vibe. Don’t waste another minute and place your orders today. We guarantee you that the ivy mats will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

The Only Office Makeover Planning Guide You Need This Season

Artificial Indoor Plants A new office makeover helps you to refine or modify the operational performance of your organization. Moreover, it provides you another way to express your corporate personality with novel and innovative ideas.

Corporate space represents business identity. So, if you are willing for a makeover of your office setup, try to introduce functional elements in office space. Commercial organizations are adopting new design trends such as vinyl or tile flooring, which is easy to clean. Other modern trends are minimalist shelving, circular workplaces, furniture innovations and eco-friendly initiatives. Before you take any makeover related decisions, do project analysis first. If you are an owner or designer, try to express your passion for your renovation project.

Makeover strategies for small and large office spaces

If you own a large office, you need to hire an interior decorator for renovation or makeover. An interior decorator works in association with a contractor. Try to frame clear lines of responsibility for both of them. Try to establish proper and timely communication so that your makeover project is served the way you want it. There is ample scope for beautifying your office space using artificial landscaping products like faux plantations. You can have fake indoor plants at gateways, near staircases, near walkways, aisles, cubicles, presentation and meeting rooms.

If you have a small or medium office space, you can try different strategies for renovation. Work on lighting aspects. Adopt energy efficient lighting systems such as DIY lighting projects. Install motion sensors to switch off a light when not in use.

Redefining your office decor with artificial accessories

It is a green idea to place plants at interim areas such as near cubicles or near presentation venues. Presence of plants purifies air, creating a salubrious atmosphere. Such points become visually attractive, compelling clients to revisit your office. However, plants need regular maintenance and nurturing. In addition, plants need sunlight for optimal growth. So it is a great idea to use artificial indoor plants instead. Artificial flowers can be planted both inside offices and cabinets and outside in lobbies. Artificial indoor plants can be made to represent theme of your office decorum. Strategic positioning provides perception of enhanced depth. You can try various artificial floral arrangements that match your business purpose. You can try topiary trees in the courtyard. Topiary trees are available in varying designs and are a treat to watch. Artificial flower arrangements also provide healing to stressed out eyes through colour therapy. Using small fake plants will add charm to office walls. Such inputs will raise employee efficiency and willingness to work for your organisation.

Exterior Landscaping can be done with artificial outdoor plants. Silk flowering plants add a colorful and vibrant feel to the atmosphere. Creative landscaping can be done using faux trees and topiaries. Any wall can be made green using artificial Boxwood mats. Depending on your office theme, you can provide floral combinations. You can give serene breakthroughs by attaching magenta flowers on a light green background. You can create a dramatic impact by combining fluorescent green with cherubic red.


Lighting has a great influence on the observer. Painting rooms with light colors make them look brighter. Light colored rooms seem more significant than they are. Faux plants must match the color of walls to create symmetry and style statement. Artificial indoor plants also contribute to lighting effects. Corporate organizations must invest in energy efficient lighting solutions like photovoltaic glasses and solar cell panels.

Open and circular workspaces for staff motivation

Your staff is critical to achieving business success. So, corporate organizations must make their cabinets more employee friendly. Instead of separate workspaces, the trend has shifted to creating open, collaborative platforms. Partitions separating employee cabinets must be removed, creating open and circular spaces. Circular workspaces create a vibrant atmosphere and encourage informal communication between employees. Artificial floral arrangements also generate ambiance for collaborative workspaces promoting knowledge transfer. Fake landscaping products like topiary trees and faux plants energize your staff. Colour therapy can raise employee potential. Deep colored flowers stimulate observer concentration. For instance, violet color instills the power to meditate. If employees can think deeply, they can come out with more effective solutions for complicated issues.

Recycling initiatives

An office makeover requires you to dump redundant or obsolete document files. Old carpets and curtains need replacement. Rather than throwing them away, you can go for reuse and recycle. Appoint a creative artist who can turn the stuff into something useful. Old papers and fabrics can be turned into decorative items including artificial flowers and accessories. With such recycling initiatives, you can create a unique brand presence. Recycling initiatives also raise your eligibility for energy saving certificates like LEED certificate. With artificial floral arrangements, you help artists who have crafted the artworks beautifully.

Visual greenery through artificial turf

Every design decision should focus on functionality. Using artificial turf and vertical gardens will introduce visible greenery in corporate space. Artificial plantings and floral arrangements must merge nicely with the natural landscape. Artificial grass is used to make turf in outer areas of offices. Artificial turf is cut such that it combines with existing columns and walls. Topiary trees are used to create simple shapes like green pillars to incredible structures. In your garden, you can have a mix of natural plants with silk trees. Silk plantings are maintenance free and add a touch of elegance.

Furniture innovations

If you are looking for office makeover, you can invest in some designer furniture with enhanced functionality. Try chairs with adjustable arms and headrests, especially for the breakout zones of your office. You can also buy standing height desks. Choose furniture with durable components like tempered glass and metallic covers. You can try slide-out seats for business meetings and presentations. You can also have chairs with tablet arms. Furniture innovations boost employee creativity as well as customer delight.                                         

If you are watching for a renovation or makeover of corporate space, utilize it as an opportunity to restate or reinvigorate your corporate theme. Recycle your unwanted stuff to design decorative accessories for your office. Invest in energy efficient lighting installations such as DIY lighting projects. Create vibrant and lively atmosphere by placing artificial plants and flowering arrangements in corporate space. Add visual greenery by putting fake green turf. Have well-designed furniture to match changing customer expectations and employee requirements.

How to Make an Ordinary Hotel Room Extraordinary on a Budget

thermaleafWhen designing a room for guests, the two prime factors that hoteliers should always keep in their mind are comfort and support. For hoteliers, the guest room design should be befitting for the overall color of the hotel’s theme and location. For instance, if your hotel is located near a beach or desert, the color palette should resemble the theme of the location, making the surrounding harmonious. 

If you are running on a fixed budget and looking for ways to make your hotel room the “talk of the town”, here are some tips to develop your ordinary hotel space into a multi-functional first-class hotel room:

Alter the Patterned Linens

Nothing annoys guests more than tacky, patterned linens regardless of their accommodation in a chain and independent hotels. Flat and synthetic linens downgrade the quality of the hotel rooms, something which your guests will consider in high regard. Thanks to the digital excellence, travelers can now have a complete access to all the features you provide in your hotel. Speaking of which, the bed linens would be one of the prime things that guests will take a look at while browsing your hotel profiles and websites. 

Pick Solid-colored Linens

Using attractive and quality bed linens play a vital role in creating the first impressions on the mind of your guests. To modify your linens on a reasonable budget, take the old patterned blankets and replace them with the new, brightly-colored alternatives. The best option is to go for white-on-white patterns, as it simplifies the laundry purposes and making the room feel more spacious. 

All-inclusive Keys to Comforts

While remodeling your hotel room space, pay special attention to the room’s acoustics, system controls, and ventilation. Guests love extra insulation, so if you think the walls need added insulation, it is time to bring your creativity to the procedure. Install carpet pad that is latest in the market along with the addition fabric walls spearheaded by upholstered wall panels. Following these key steps will not only increase the comfort level but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal in your room. 

Provide Cozy Amenities

With comfort in deliberation, make sure that your hotel room is ventilated in a correct manner. This involves avoiding the common mistake of placing the bed near the air vents and blocking the access to fresh air. Since technology determines the comfort and support in a hotel space nowadays, add modern Bluetooth speakers transforming your sound system. If circumstances allow, you can design a fireplace and supplement the area with faux greenery and artificial floral arrangements. Moreover, you can also think of installing a three-way switching control placed above the nightstand for better convenience. 

Promote a Green Environment

Adorning your hotel room space with a naturally green surrounding can boost the luxurious level of the area significantly. Owing to the modern foliage products, there is a wide range of artificial plants and trees available in the market that has the potential to soothe your hotel room’s environment. Whether your hotel is located near a desert, beach or mountain, you can have them tailor-made for suiting your regional climatic conditions. Also, when you have a fixed budget for designing your hotel room, these products can cater well to your needs.

Incorporating these forms of cost-effective greenery will be really effective during summer days and maintain the regular airflow. The best part about adding this kind of artificial greenery to your hotel room is that you never have to worry about the maintenance service and costs, something which you cannot get with live plants. You can enrich the design of your hotel room surrounding with the inclusion of artificial indoor trees, boxwood hedges and faux trees, faux flower, and many more. 

Light it Up

Making your hotel room look like a first-class one, you have to employ some mind-blowing techniques that include:

  • 3-way switch at the entrance point of the lamp beside your bed.
  • Incorporating automated closet lights that turn on as soon as the door gets open.
  • Installing reading lights at the bed that can be manually monitored.
  • Adding sweet-sounding and tuneful lighting in the bathroom along with overhead lighting at the vanity and applying lighting to the tub area. 

A Station for Late Night Snacks

Exclusive and luxurious hotel rooms cater to every need of their guest, which includes incorporating an accessible kitchen for snacks, coffee, and beverages. In case you want something exciting like that in your hotel room space, add a station for quick bites, as well as, a wine cooler or a mini bar. Providing your guests with the optimum level of convenience will make them stay longer and refer your accommodation services to their close friends and family. 

Evoke Emotions with Wall Paintings

Consider removing the dated pictures that have no relevance to the design concept of your hotel room or evoke little emotion. Get rid of such paintings and invest in wall hangings, especially those with minimalistic design features. Visitors, now more than ever, love impactful wall design features that tell a story about the surrounding of your hotel and the location. Moreover, when you invest in minimalist wall design elements, they also tend to be working for your budget. 

Focus on Flexibility

With multifaceted hotel design, it is important to make your hotel room a “multi-use” feature. For instance, adding a pivoting desk will provide the business travelers with an opportunity of watching T.V while going through business files. Besides, if you see that there is still some space left for adding extra seating arrangement, place a chaise lounge instead of a standard chair. You can also think of adding two upholstered chairs with ottomans made of leather. Ottoman makes a hotel stay really comfortable, as they are utilized for resting tired feet. You can also think of adding a mirror above the desk, leveraging the space for a make-up vanity.