The Best of Style and Substance – Fire Retardant Faux Foliage from ThermaLeaf®

Artificial FoliageGoing green is the present day theme to decorate the urban commercial places that are concrete cages. People feel happy and relaxed at the sight of greenery. This is normal human behavior. Greenery influences us psychologically. It creates a positive vibe, and people turn to be more productive. But, growing greens in your commercial complex is not always feasible for the pitfalls they have. Because they are live plants, they demand constant care and attention to deliver their shining appearance. 

Lush green exteriors make a commercial place attractive to all. If you have a classy outdoor landscape, people will find folk around your professional space, and when they see the beauty of your indoor after stepping in, they become loyal to your brand and you are assured of large business volume. Although live plants can add sparkle to any commercial space, they are not always considered for the associated hassles. This paved the way for the artificial trees and plants to take over. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of lifelike landscaping elements for different settings and applications. Here is all you require to know about their products.

These fit almost all commercial spaces

ThermaLeaf® fire retardant artificial trees, plants and artificial foliage can be used for any business places. Whether it is a Luxury hotel lobby, posh restaurant lounge, large corporate house, exhibition halls, urban shopping malls, government building, exotic open-air bar, casino, theme park, amusement park or Water Park; these can be installed for revamping the outdoor and indoor landscapes of the places. These also work great for hospitals. Patients feel better when they see something green by their bedside.

Variants are the strength of ThermaLeaf® product

To cater the needs of the landscaping professionals, ThermaLeaf® manufactures five categories of fire retardant fake botanical products such as fire retardant artificial trees, fire resistant silk plants, fire retardant silk topiaries, palms, and foliage. Among each of the broad classification, you can get many varieties like:

  • Trees: Bonsai Trees, Pine Trees, Custom Trees, Tropical Trees, Large Trees, Fake Fall Trees, Preserved Trees, Bamboo Trees, and Ficus Trees.
  • Plants: Hanging Plants, Custom Plants, Grasses, Flowering Plants, Vines, Cactus & Succulents, and Bushes.
  • Topiaries: Topiary Cones, Topiary Balls, Topiary Spirals, Ivy Topiary, Boxwood Topiary, Topiary Plants, and Topiary Trees.
  • Palms: Coconut Palm, Areca Palm, Preserved Fan Palm, Preserved Date Palm, Kentia Palm, Large Palm Trees, Preserved Palm Tree, and Many Large Artificial Palm Leaves.
  • Foliage: Includes Artificial Moss Roll, Fake Moss Carpet, Stems & Picks, Flowers, Ivy Mat, Faux Boxwood Mat, Hanging Bushes, Leaves & Branches, Garlands, and Greenery.

These are ideal for landscaping professionals as they have more options to consider. One can get the full catalog upon making the request.

These can deceive the most experienced eye

All ThermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products are made from premium quality raw materials. These are the results of the joint effort of their team of experts including botanists, designers, engineers and landscaping professionals. These unbelievably replicate the natural counterparts, and the visitors to your commercial setting will take those to be real as none can distinguish them without touching by hand.

Magic of ThermaLeaf® faux foliage

Landscaping projects reach the pinnacle when you play with your imagination and decorate your space creatively. With their ultra-natural looks, ThermaLeaf® fire retardant artificial landscaping items can add mesmerizing charm to your commercial space. There are wide varieties of products, and you can match different items for bringing in a chunk of nature in your commercial setting. No matter if you are using these for your commercial indoors or outdoors, they will create a magical ambiance.

Can tolerate heat, cold, snow and storm

All ThermaLeaf® products including the fire safe artificial vines are manufactured from weather-able polyester foliage fixed with strong structures. Thus, they can withstand all weather conditions. Place them in the outdoors, and they will never show any discoloration due to harsh effect of the scorching sun rays. Nor they will get damaged due to rains, snowfall, and hailstorm. These can also withstand stormy wind.

Using these you are sure about fire safety

There is an obvious apprehension about using the imitation green for commercial landscaping, as these are made from plastic material. Some of the past incidents also added to this fear. But, with ThermaLeaf® products, you are relieved from such worry. ThermaLeaf® artificial products are made internally safe from fire. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the foliage to make them safe against fire breakouts. In fact, these have self-extinguishing properties, and for that reason, do not help spread the fire. Moreover, these pass all fire tests and meet the legal requirements.

Maximum decoration with minimum maintenance

ThermaLeaf® replicated greens can be used for different applications. These do not require any sunlight, and so, you can place them in the darkest corner and even in underground rooms without a problem. Unlike the live plants, these do not die, and so, they do not need watering, fertilizing and other maintenance activities. These offer easy cleaning and need replacement only when you decide to use another type. Their amazing charms can adorn your place and make the place cozy and comfy like their natural counterparts minus the maintenance hassles.

Helps create a vertical garden

Space constraint is predominant in the modern commercial complexes. Maybe you have one without a lawn, and still, want to bring in some natural vibe into your commercial setting. This is possible with ThermaLeaf® products. You can decorate the place with bonsai trees, cactus & succulents, bushes, palm leaves for the lush green environment. By installing hanging bushes, hanging plants on the outer windows of top floors of a corporate tower and covering walls with fake moss mats you can build a beautiful vertical garden.

Keeps bugs away

This is a great advantage of faux landscaping elements. These never attract mosquitoes, and other insects nor are the ants attracted to these. So, you can place them anywhere you like without any worry of insect attacks.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Buy ThermaLeaf® Faux Landscaping Products

Artificial PlantsBuilding an eye-catchy landscape has become possible for everyone from homeowners to businesses, commercial properties, restaurants and more with artificial landscaping. This is because faux landscaping products demand no maintenance, special care or a huge amount of installation budget and efforts at all unlink real landscaping. ThermaLeaf® is one such brand in the field of artificial landscaping that has been recognized around the world to manufacture and supply high quality, durable, realistic and safe artificial landscaping products. The ThermaLeaf® faux landscaping products include artificial trees, plants, topiaries, palms and other foliage. Within all these product categories, you can find almost every kind of trees and plant types that resemble exactly with their real counterparts. Here we will tell you top 10 reasons that make these faux plants and trees must have products for your landscape.

1. Most Realistic Looks for Your Lawn

All the ThermaLeaf® artificial plants are crafted in such a way that these can give a most realistic look to your yard and onlooker can never pin point their faux nature. The leaves are created using high-quality silk that gives a lush green look. Their resemblance to their real counterparts help these artificial plants create a fresh, warm and inviting environment everywhere you place these. Upon combining these with real plants, you will surely find difficult to carry out any difference in both types.

2. A Blend of Personal Design

You might have personalized landscaping ideas for your indoor or outdoor yard that you may want to implement while planning landscaping. In the case of real plants, it becomes almost impossible to give a customized touch to the landscape due to their sensitive nature and the efforts required. But all this is possible with artificial plants. You can have tailor made products if you have any design idea. The leaves and the faux foliage can be easily customized in the way you want. You can also find different sizes and shapes in faux trees, plants, flowers and all. You can even create custom artificial topiary outdoor trees, indoor topiaries by giving the desired shape to the hedges.

3. Keep Your Place Pest Free

One of the major advantages of ThermaLeaf® faux landscaping products is that with these you can keep your place pest and insect free. With the growing foliage, greenery, and leaves of living plants, you may counter several kinds of insects and pests around them which seem and feel annoying especially when you have living plants in your indoor areas. Faux plants can make your place stay free from pests as these don't have soil or real leaves that can offer food to insects. Therefore, with such a landscaping you can keep your place clean and fresh.

4. Backed Up with Fire Retardant Chemicals

For commercial areas and businesses, the major concern about greenery and foliage is that they can prove to be dangerous in fire hazards and similar cases. But every part of ThermaLeaf® artificial products is created by infusing fire retardant chemicals that eliminate the risks of fire accidents and all. The ThermaLeaf® products are safest as compared to the other contemporary products in the market because these have been designed keeping all the conditions of commercial areas in mind.

5. Next to No Special Care or Maintenance

Artificial plants from ThermaLeaf® do not demand special maintenance, unlike real plants that need regular pruning, watering, cutting and fertilizing. Whether you keep them in sunlight or your indoor areas, once you get those installed, you can stay relaxed for years. Just slight dusting is required occasionally to remove dust from the leaves and keep them shiny and blushing all the time.

6. Possess A Complete Yard at A Friendly Budget

Unlink the real counterparts of all the artificial trees and plants; these are greatly pocket-friendly. As these don't need to invest anything on their maintenance. These just need one-time investment on installation and saves your big bucks that you otherwise may need to spend on watering, pruning, fertilizing and more in the case of real plants. In addition to this, you also don't need to possess any dedicated staff for gardening. Also, they can be made available from the market at low prices that their real counterparts. Even after being less expensive, you are delivered with best quality products that last for years.

7. Stay Away from Allergies

Some of the real plants may cause allergic reactions to people that are prone to allergies. Especially in a case of children, they have highly sensitive skins and may be allergic to grass, certain leaves and even the fertilizers used for them. To avoid such allergies, synthetic or silk landscape is the perfect alternative. Synthetic material does not lead to allergic reactions hence you can use your artificial yard to create a playing area.

8. Enjoy A Long-Lived Yard for Years

ThermaLeaf® artificial gardening products come with properties like water resistance, UV resistance, fire resistance and all, therefore, making these suitable for all kinds of weathers and seasons. Whether you keep them indoor or outdoor, these neither get faded away, nor these get damaged due to different environmental conditions. These will stay creating a style statement for your home or office for years.

9. Ideal for Special Occasion Decoration

ThermaLeaf® faux plants and trees are bots only ideal as an addition to your landscape but these can also grace your special occasions perfectly, and you can thus use them rather than investing in expensive decor items. These can be perfect decor for holiday office decorating, birthday decoration, Christmas decoration, office party decorations and more. These artificial plants combine with colorful lights in the nightlight can give your place an outstanding decoration.

10. Experience Enhanced Productivity

Greenery has been recognized as one of the greatest means to refresh the minds of workers and employees thus having increased productivity. These artificial plants and trees can sooth the minds of your workforce making them more creative and productive at work eliminating all boredom and laziness.

What Makes ThermaLeaf® Topiary Balls Such A Majestic Landscaping Product

Faux Topiary BallsThe topiary balls manufactured by ThermaLeaf® are the ultimate landscaping products for almost all kinds of residential and commercial projects. The lush green foliage of the topiary balls can add vibrancy, life, and color to the surroundings that they are installed in. These stylish and bold artificial topiary balls have a very striking appeal that catches the eye of almost anyone. The topiary balls also are ideal for holiday office decorating purposes. Here's everything you need to know about why these artificial landscaping products are so majestic and worth investing in.

Kills The Monotony Of A Dull And Drab Office Or Home Space

Considering the fast and hectic paced lives that we all live, spending time on majestic interiors can become a distant dream. That being said, we often get stuck with boring and plain white walls in our homes and office spaces. A dull and drab interior will only end up demotivating you and making you lazy. However, with the installation of these gorgeous and stately topiary balls, you can change the vibe of the surroundings. The lush green foliage of the balls can help in enhancing creativity and making staff members and family members more productive and efficient. The color green has been proven to be inspiring and motivating. Thus, installing the topiary balls in your home or office can lead to a whole new world and a beautiful new vibe.

A Less Expensive Yet Very Classy Option

Another reason that the topiary balls make a fantastic decorative product is that these majestic landscaping products are very affordable and much cheaper options than other interior products such as paintings, sculptures, and showpieces. It doesn't matter what the area of your space is. You can order the topiary balls in large quantities without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. Not only do these landscaping products look phenomenal but also they can give your space a whole new feel and leave visitors amazed within a very affordable budget.

Easy Maintenance Feature That Prevents Further Expenses And Hassles

If you're the sort of person who is always running short of time, then you probably won't be able to provide the necessary care and maintenance that painting, sculpture or even real plants would require. All these other interior decorating products require regular and frequent maintenance. Real plants need to be watered, trimmed, pruned and fertilized on a frequent basis. Hiring a professional gardener to do the same would only end up increasing your monthly expenses. In the case of the artificial landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't need to worry about maintenance. These faux topiary balls are pretty much maintenance free and can last for years on end without any hassles.

Can Create An Exotic Vibe In A Wide Range Of Set Ups And Spaces

Besides your home or office, the topiary balls can create a majestic and fascinating atmosphere in a wide variety of spaces. Here's a list of common areas where these topiary balls have been installed and have received the greatest appreciation:

  • Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars.
  • Hospitals, psychiatric facilities, old age homes, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, pediatric facilities and other medical institutions.
  • Amusement parks, water parks, casinos, theme parks, bars, lounges, pubs and public gardens.
  • Villas, luxury apartment buildings, office buildings, government buildings, salons, and spas.

Sustainable Landscaping Products

Another noteworthy benefit of the topiary balls is that these landscaping products are very sturdy and durable and thus long lasting. Investing in the topiary balls will be one of the best investments you will make towards your home or office décor. These fake plants will last for years and years on end without spoiling or deteriorating in quality. When not in use, you can likewise set away from the plants in a storeroom without having to worry about the plants getting ruined as these plants have an extremely long shelf life too.

Fire Retardant Topiary Balls For The Safety Of Your Loved Ones

You may have read tons of stories and articles about houses and villas going up in flames because of the faux plants installed there catching fire. This may make you apprehensive about installing the plants in your home especially if you have little children. In the case of the majestic topiary balls, you don't need to worry about endangering the lives of your loved ones. The raw materials of the ThermaLeaf® products are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that will prevent the plants from being susceptible to fires and simultaneously be giving your home that exotic and tropical vibe that you have always wanted it to have.

Unbelievably Lifelike And Realistic Topiary Balls

One more reason that the topiary balls are extremely majestic and beautiful is that these landscaping products have been manufactured to resemble the real plants identically. The precision and patience with which these landscaping products have been manufactured can fool even the most skilled eye into believing that they are genuine. From the leaf, down to the stem thorough research is done on the real plant before duplicating the same features and characteristics in the faux landscaping products. ThermaLeaf® has a team of skilled professional who will ensure that the color and shape of the artificial landscaping products is an absolute match to the real ones.

What are you waiting for? You have enough reasons to take the plunge and order your very own set of the majestic topiary balls for your home or office space. Place your order today, and ThermaLeaf® will guarantee timely and efficient delivery of the plants to your doorstep. The topiary balls are one of the best long-term investments you will make, as these plants will last for generations on end.

Adding A Dash Of Splendid Landscaping Beauty To Office Décor – With ThermaLeaf® Topiary Cones

Boxwood Topiary ConeThe ThermaLeaf® topiary cones are unique, visually pleasing and rejuvenating. These fake landscaping products when installed in the office can give a whole new life to the surroundings. Further, the lush green color of the plants pays a vital role in motivating and inspiring the staff members and the employees of the organization to work hard and think more creatively. Here's everything that you require to know about the topiary cones offered by ThermaLeaf®.

Simple to maintain And Provide Care To

One excellent functional benefit of the faux topiary cones by ThermaLeaf® is that these landscaping products require minimal or no maintenance. In the case of real topiary cones, one would have to spend hours on end in shaping, cutting, trimming and watering the plants regularly to ensure healthy growth. In the case of the artificial landscaping products, you don't need to hire a professional gardener for regular maintenance of the topiary cones. A simple spray of water in case the plants catch dust is enough to keep them looking fresh and new.

Fire Retardant Topiary Cones For The Safety Of Your Staff Members

If you have been on the look out for the perfect faux landscaping products for your office décor, you're probably well aware of the fact that faux plants are susceptible to catching fires and causing havoc in the surroundings that they are placed in. However, in the case of the ThermaLeaf® topiaries, you don't need to worry about endangering the lives of your staff members or your office going up in flames. The raw materials of the faux plants are injected with fire retardant chemicals that guarantee complete safety and prevention of fires.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

Another excellent feature of the topiary cones offered by ThermaLeaf® is that these artificial landscaping products will be delivered in a timely plus efficient way right to your doorstep. Further, for installation, you will be provided with a simple to understand installation manual that will be guaranteed make your landscape the talk of the town. For those individuals who prefer to have the installation done by a professional, ThermaLeaf® has a team of skilled professionals who will come and complete the entire set up for you. So, you don't need to run around in a tizzy looking out for a landscaping artist, ThermaLeaf® will do the job for you.

Strong, Durable And Long Lasting Landscaping Products

The ThermaLeaf® topiary cones have an added advantage because these landscaping products are long lasting, extremely durable and very strong. The topiary cones will last for years on end without deteriorating in quality. Often faux plants tend to spoil or lose their vibrancy within one year of installation. However, in the case of the topiary cones by ThermaLeaf® you don't need to have any such worries. Also when not in use, the topiary cones can be stored away in a storeroom for months on end without spoiling. The shelf life of these faux landscaping products is also very long.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Topiary Cones

The artificial topiary outdoor trees have been manufactured to tolerate all types of weather conditions. It doesn't matter whether you install these artificial landscaping products outdoors in your office parking lot or indoors in your office cabins, these breathtaking products can withstand almost all kinds of weather conditions. Unlike faux landscaping products from competing brands, the ThermaLeaf® topiary cones will not lose their color or fade when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these plants can tolerate snowfall, rainfall, and excessive humidity and remain immaculate and intact.

Can Be Installed In Various Other Set Ups Besides Your Office Space

Besides the office space, the topiary cones can be installed in a plethora of commercial and residential set ups. Here's a list of the spaces where these plants a popularly installed:

  • Restaurants, bars, lounges, coffee shops, cafes and other eateries are a great place to install the topiary cones.
  • Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, spas, salons, shopping malls and office buildings can also be decorated with the topiary cones.
  • Hospitals, psychiatric facilities, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, old age homes, museums, art galleries can be given a new vibe with these topiary cones.
  • Apartments, villas, resorts, water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, casinos and government buildings can be decorated with the landscaping products.

Cost Effective And Affordable Topiary Cones

Another excellent benefit of the topiary cones is that these faux landscaping products are very affordably priced. For those of you who have a massive office space and need to decorate the entire area with plants, the ThermaLeaf® cones will fall right into your budget. You can order large quantities of these plants without overshooting your budget. These cones are very cost effective and will prove to be an excellent long-term investment for your office décor.

Several Other Varieties Of Topiaries For You To Choose From

If you're on the hunt for something a little more artistic than the topiary cones, ThermaLeaf® offers a wide range of other topiaries for you to choose from. These include topiary balls, topiary spirals, ivy topiaries and boxwood topiaries. Depending on the kind of set up you have in the office, you can choose the topiary range that blends perfectly into the surroundings. While the topiary spirals are ideal for an office with a slightly creative vibe, the topiary cones and boxwood topiaries are perfect for more professional and corporate organizations.

So, don't waste another minute contemplating and place your order for the topiary cones today! Redecorate and style your office with this motivating, lush green and a rejuvenating new environment. Not only will your employees and staff members work more productively, but you will also find yourself more relaxed, calm and composed when dealing with stressful and exhausting work situations.

Choose ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals for Enhancing Your Building's Landscape

Spiral TopiaryGiving an outstanding dimension to any property whether on the inside or the outside is no child's play. Creating and further maintaining any photosynthetic landscape is high maintenance and seldom one finds that energy to invest in this kind of a ‘make-over' journey in an era like this. Nothing comes easy is what the modern world is all about, but when it comes to ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals, the saying gets neutralized altogether. The only solution which can help you get a refreshing landscape for your building for several commercial activities rests upon these artificial plants. Green, exotic yet hassle free answer has finally come into existence.

The Best

When it comes to giving a rejuvenating look to the interiors and exteriors of a restaurant, recreational parks, and hospitals, artificial outdoor plants is the best solution. One wants to define their territory with the best of solutions, and these ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals has unparalleled qualities. When it comes to talking about the benefits out of this artificial representation of nature, the count is just endless. Once you have these installed, encircling your sophisticated building, you can keep all your worries away. These faux topiaries have built-in UV protection keeping the harmful insolation off them.

Conquered the World

The expanse of interior and exterior designing, for decades, have relied upon the artificial landscaping without much doubt. Preferring the mimics of nature over the real ones surely exposes the charisma which these real looking non-living plants bear in themselves. The commercial outlook matters as the better it is, the more invitees it gains. To reinforce such commercial dimension, people do not have many options but go for the synthetic topiaries ruling over everything else.  The natural topiaries are beautiful, but such beauty comes with a lot of complications. They demand regular care and maintenance and will not provide the best of the results otherwise. When it comes to maintenance, most designers take a back seat and choose the artificial ones.

Natural, Not So Natural

Anything natural looks bright and beautiful, but utilizing them for designing any commercial landscape seems not so relishing. They can not naturally keep themselves healthy without proper care. Eventually, the natural topiaries tend to get out of shape and looks clumsy. Also, with the real ones, there come several problems like regular watering, an input of fertilizers, cutting them in shape and so many other things. They also have a chance of catching fire easily and aggravating the situation. Their liveliness also attracts insect manifestations which further spoils the plants as well as the entire environment. With outdoor artificial plants, all these problems somehow do not appear as they are built with refined technology. Although these imitating topiaries are non-natural, their outlook gives no such evidence. The expert botanists and technical personnel associated with their manufacturing take an efficient step to give every detail to them which are inherent of the real topiaries.

Spiral Styling

The ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals are an apt choice to give a classy and edgy finish to any landscape, both inside and on the outside. They not only look real, but they also let one venture into their ideas with many choices. These faux topiary spirals come in bright green hue which immediately attracts nature lovers. They are bound to stand out as they make their swirling rounds around the tall wooden support. With stunning details and astounding texture, no one can make any difference between them and the real ones. Their spiral design does give them an added taste of aristocracy. 

Uniquely Woven

ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals give the right affect without any burden on the shoulders of the users. These highly manicured detailing on the imitating topiary spirals are hands-down the best in the market which are uniquely designed to avoid any discomforting situation.

  • These faux topiaries are built-in with chemicals which make them prevent the fire from destroying them.
  • The surface of these synthetic creations have a smooth and fine texture preventing dust from sitting on them thus requires very less cleaning.
  • The color of these constructed topiaries will never wear off. One can use a washcloth to dust it off after long intervals.
  • Developed with synthetic and other raw materials, these artificial topiaries does not help build patterns on them, keeping them look fresh all throughout.

Keep It in Style

Available in varying outlooks, these natural looking synthetic topiary spirals need nothing extravagant to make others feel their presence. Their scintillating presence creates an intoxicating ambiance full of freshness and life. These are offered in different sizes to suit the purposes on indoor and outdoor landscaping. Although spirals in design, they are all markedly different in their appearances and customizations. Simple, sturdy and magnificent could be the adjectives one must use while working with this scientifically programmed foliages.

It Is Worth a Try!

When planning for a makeover or trying to re-construct a venue to make the ambiance more enticing, one of the brightest choices would be opting for the ThermaLeaf® Topiary Spirals. They are interestingly much simpler to use when compared with the real ones. Not only do they look gorgeous but their foliages are unbelievably real looking. Once installed, which is also quite easy, they can last for several years with hardly any maintenance. These decorative spiral pieces are not at all costly. Further, they bear no future cost as such. A periodic light cleaning is all that these artificial green beauties require standing elegantly for longer lives. A one-time investment rightly does justice and gives the user no headache at all!