Safe And Stylish Landscaping Choices From ThermaLeaf® – Check Them Out

PlantsThere are countless different brands in the market offering faux landscaping products. However, a large number of these artificial landscaping products prove to be unsafe because they are not fire retardant. In the case of the faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't have to worry about your office, restaurant or home getting burnt down. The raw materials are treated with a special technology called the ThermaLeaf® technology wherein special fire retardant solutions are used to ensure that the finished product is safe for installation anywhere. You can place these faux trees and artificial plants in your home without worrying about the safety of your children; you can also install them in your office without worrying about the safety of your staff members.

Maintenance And Hassle Free Plants For Your Landscape

You may be well aware of the fact that maintaining real plants can be a true hassle. Real plants require regular care regarding cutting, watering, pruning and trimming. If you have a hectic schedule, providing such care to your plants may become an arduous task. In such cases, installing artificial trees and plants is a much safer and more comfortable option. ThermaLeaf®'s broad range of faux landscaping products is just what you need for a hassle-free landscape. You can give your commercial or residential space that vibrancy with these breathtaking and realistic looking trees.

Install These Landscaping Products Almost Anywhere

Another excellent and noteworthy feature of the artificial trees, plants, and flowers offered by ThermaLeaf® is that they can be placed in all types of indoor as well as outdoors setups. Here are a few places you can consider installing these plants:

  • Apartments, bungalows, villas, hotel lobbies, hotel parking areas, hotel suites and rooms, spas, salons, meditation centers and restaurants are spaces that can be decorated with the faux landscaping products.
  • Offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, bars, pubs, lounges, malls, movie theatres, banquet halls, and resorts can also be given a whole new look with the ThermaLeaf® product range.
  • Boutiques, doctor's clinics, psychiatric facilities, nursing home, dentist's clinics and medical centers can be given a lively new vibe with the installation of these plants and trees.

Will Last For Years On End

While there are tons and tons of artificial landscaping products available on the market, not all the brands offer quality products that last for long periods of time. Most faux landscaping products begin to deteriorate within a few months of installation. The ThermaLeaf® faux plant's range will last for several years without losing their color or fading or even deteriorating in quality. As an investment, these products are ideal for those who are looking to decorate a space for a long period.

Climate Tolerant Plants For Those Unpredictable Climate Changes

Do you live in a city that has pouring rain one day and bright sunshine the next? Then the ThermaLeaf® faux plant's range is just what you need to install on your outdoor landscape. The plants and trees offered by this brand are entirely tolerant of all weather conditions. These landscaping products can be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, the pouring rain, heavy snowfall and even excessive humidity. The plants will not fade, spoil or even break when exposed to continually changing climatic conditions.

Sturdy, Durable And Ideal For Parties, Weddings, And Events

Are you a wedding planner or do you own an event management company? Then you probably require plants and trees on a regular basis to decorate the events you're managing. The ThermaLeaf® landscaping products range is extremely strong and very long lasting. These products can be used and re-used multiple times without any hassles. The long shelf life of these faux plants also makes them easy to store away when not in use. The landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf® are the perfect mix of beauty with strength and durability.

Remarkably Lifelike And Realistic Landscaping Options

You may feel a little uncertain about installing artificial plants and trees in your landscape as they look fake and spoil the show of your home or office. In the case of the products offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't need to worry about your landscape looking cheap and fake. The plants manufactured by this brand are made to look identical to their real counterparts. Every leaf, every stem, and every flower or fruit is in every way matching to shapes, colors, and sizes of the actual plants. Even skilled and professional gardeners and horticulturists are often fooled into believing that these faux landscaping products are real.

Affordably Priced Plants And Trees At Your Disposal

Another reason that the ThermaLeaf® landscaping products range is a real boon is due to its extremely affordable pricing. These products can be bought in massive numbers for humongous sized projects. You don't have to worry about finding a dent in your savings account when purchasing these faux plants and trees. The affordable pricing of ThermaLeaf® makes the products ideal for businesses of all sizes. You don't need to be the CEO of a multinational firm to be able to decorate your corporate space with these beautiful plants. Even a small-sized business or a regular suburban home will be able to install these gorgeous plants in their landscapes.

From safety to stylishness, ThermaLeaf® offers its patrons everything that they could require. If you have been waiting for that sign to purchase the perfect landscaping products, this is it! Place the order for your landscaping products today and have them delivered right to your doorstep. The installation process of these plants and trees is also very light to handle and requires no professional knowledge of landscaping.

Wondering What's So Great About ThermaLeaf® Artificial Plants? Read On

Artificial PlantsYou have probably heard the constant buzz about the greatness of ThermaLeaf®'s artificial plants, but haven't yet figured out the excellent features of these amazing landscaping products. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about ThermaLeaf®'s wide range of artificial plants:

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

One of the most useful characteristics of the ThermaLeaf® artificial plants is that as far as the maintenance is concerned, one can handle it with the utmost of ease and in a hassle free way. Opposite to real plants, the faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf® do not require everyday watering and frequent cutting, trimming or pruning. Often in the case of real plant landscapes, the homeowner or office owner is forced to get on board a paid and professional gardener to prevent the plants from growing wildly out of control. In the case of the ThermaLeaf® plants, you won't need to bare any such additional expenses to maintain the plants.

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants And Trees

People tend to show a certain amount of apprehension about installing artificial plants and trees in their office spaces and residences because faux landscaping products are known to be susceptible to fires. However, as far as the faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf® one need not worry about their landscape getting burnt to bits. A special technology called the ThermaLeaf® technology is used during the time of manufacturing of these landscaping products. Special fire resistant chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials to ensure that the final products are fire retardant and safe to install in any landscape.

Wide Range Of Products For You To Choose From

Another reason that the ThermaLeaf® products are so amazing is that of the wide range of plants and trees that patrons can choose from. ThermaLeaf® offers several types of interesting topiaries, plants, palms, foliage, flowers, and trees. Some of the available options include hanging plants, grasses, vines, flowering plants, Ivy plants, coconut palms, areca palms, fan palms, date palms and several other exotic, tropical and evergreen landscaping options.

Can Be Placed In Both Indoor And Outdoors Settings

The beauty of the ThermaLeaf® landscaping products range is that these plants and trees can be placed in all kinds of indoor and as well as outdoor settings. Here's are a few places where you can install the artificial landscaping products:

  1. Hotel entrances, hotel rooms, hotel banquet halls, hotel parking lots, restaurants and hotel reception areas are spaces where these plants are commonly installed.
  2. Cafes, coffee shops, bars, pubs, lounges, spas, salons and holiday resorts are also places where the artificial landscaping products can be installed.
  3. Doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, hospitals, museums, art galleries, movie theatres, conference rooms, trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions can also be decorated with the artificial landscaping products.

Completely Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant

Another noteworthy feature of the artificial landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf® is that these plants and trees are completely tolerant of all types of climates and weather conditions. These plants can withstand heavy rainfall as well as snowfall and will still not spoil. Further, special UV stabilizers are impregnated into the raw materials during the manufacturing process to ensure that the leaves and flowers don't fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. So it doesn't matter whether you survive in the Sahara Desert or the North Pole, you can display these lovely artificial landscaping products pretty much anywhere without having to worry about deterioration.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

The ThermaLeaf® plants and trees are extremely light in weight and very easy to install. Unlike real plants, the faux landscaping products do not require you to hire a huge team of laborers or professional landscaping artists to complete the landscape installation. One or two people are more than enough to move the plants around and install them. Professional knowledge on landscaping is not required for the ThermaLeaf® plants. Besides the fact that the plants are lightweight, another reason that they are easy to install is due to the simple instruction manual that is dispatched along with the goods. This instruction manual makes it possible for almost anyone to complete the installation process with ease.

Durable And Sturdy Plants And Trees

In the case of real plants, you need always to be concerned about causing damage to the pot as well as the plant when installing it in your landscape. The littlest bit of rough handling of the plants and trees can cause breakage. However, in the case of the ThermaLeaf® plants and trees, you don't need to stress and fret about such hassles. The artificial landscaping products are extremely long lasting, durable and sturdy. Rough handling will not cause any damage to these products. The products will last for years without spoiling or deteriorating.

Very Affordable And Cost Effective

Another feature that makes the plants so great is the fact that they are extremely affordable. You can purchase these faux landscaping products in large quantities for massive sized projects without having to bother about a hole being burnt through your pocket. The affordable prices of these landscaping products make them the perfect decorative items for any residential or commercial space.

Allows You To Create Themed Landscapes

With the ThermaLeaf® faux plants and trees, you can create all kinds of themed landscapes. If you wish to give your home or office space a tropical summer theme or an evergreen mountain theme, you will find all kinds of plants and trees that are suited for those specific themes. You can even give your hotel an entire rainforest-like atmosphere with the installation of the flowering and fruiting plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf®.

Experience Superlative Technology And Quality In Faux Products – Brought To You By ThermaLeaf®

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants and TreesIf you have been unsure about installing artificial landscaping products in your home or office space, or if the faux plants that you have already installed haven't lived up to your expectations and have only led to disappointments in the outcome, then the artificial landscaping products by ThermaLeaf® are just what you need to revamp your landscape. These superior quality products have been manufactured with sturdy, long-lasting and high-end raw materials. Here's the whole you need to know about the ThermaLeaf® faux plants and trees range:

Fire Retardant Artificial Landscaping Products For Your Safety

A special technology called the ThermaLeaf® technology is used at the time of manufacturing these artificial topiaries, custom artificial trees, and other faux landscaping products. Fire retardant chemicals are directly impregnated into the raw materials of these landscaping products. These fire retardant chemicals ensure that the finished products aren't susceptible to catching fires and keep the surroundings safe for your friends, family, guests, and others.

Climate Tolerant And Weather Proof Artificial Landscaping Products

Another excellent feature of the artificial landscaping products is that these plants and trees are completely weatherproof and climate tolerant. A special technology called PermaLeaf technology is used at the time that these faux trees and plants are manufactured. This technology makes the finished product tolerant to rainfall, snowfall, and even excessive sunlight. The leaves and stems of these faux plants will not fade when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these faux landscaping products can even be installed in premises that are air-conditioned without them getting spoiled or deteriorating in quality.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

There are several fake landscaping products available in the market that require special cleaning agents and chemicals to look fresh and new. However, in the case of the faux foliage offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't need to spend additional money on such cleaning agents. A simple spray of water is more than enough to keep these lifelike and realistic plants looking vibrant and fresh. Additionally, you will not need to hire professional landscape artists to keep these plants well maintained.

Broad Array Of Options For You To Choose From

While some companies that manufacture artificial landscaping products only give a limited variety of plants and trees for you to choose from, ThermaLeaf® has a wide and interesting range of plants for you to select. Some of the available products include beautiful palm trees, breathtaking flowering plants, hanging vines, topiaries of different styles and shapes, bonsai trees, tropical trees and plants and various other options. Every plant and tree that is offered by TheramaLeaf looks identical to its real counterpart. The shapes, sizes, colors and other detailing of the faux landscaping products match perfectly to the real ones.

Long Lasting, Durable And Sturdy

Another excellent feature of these artificial landscaping products is that they are long-lasting and durable. Unlike some available faux plants and trees, the ThermaLeaf® plants and trees can last for years and years on end without spoiling. These artificial landscaping products can withstand wear and tear, rough handling and harsh weather conditions and will still not get ruined or fade or even break. Individuals, who wish to install these plants for seasonal purposes, can store the plants in a storage unit when they are not in use as these plants have a very long shelf life too.

Light Weight and Easy To Install

The faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf® are extremely lightweight and very easy to install. These plants can be moved around and shifted with ease without requiring laborers to complete the job. One or two people are more than enough to complete the installation of the landscape. Further, the easy installation feature of these plants will prevent the hassle of you needing to hire a professional landscaping artist to complete the job for you. If you have basic knowledge about landscapes and have the creativity to set the plants appealingly, that's all you need to set up a head-turning landscape.

Top Quality Products That Can Be Installed In A Variety Of Indoors And Outdoors Spaces

These beautiful artificial landscaping products are made of such top quality raw materials and have such an excellent finish that they can pretty much be installed in all kinds of sophisticated and upscale indoors and outdoors settings. Here's a list of places where the artificial landscaping products are popularly installed:

  1. Hotel lobbies, hotel parking lots, hotel suites and rooms, spas, salons, cafes, and restaurants are places that these faux trees and plants can be installed in.
  2. Coffee shops, bars, lounges, pubs, museums, art galleries, public gardens, private schools, old age homes, doctor's clinics, hospitals, dentist's clinics and psychiatric facilities can also be decorated with the help of these high-end landscaping products.
  3. Conference rooms, meeting rooms, offices, trade shows, exhibitions, luxury boutiques and malls can also be given a whole new look with the installation of these faux landscaping products.

High End And Upscale But Affordable

The ThermaLeaf® landscaping products may be very upscale, classy and sophisticated but that doesn't make them expensive and unaffordable. On the contrary, these faux landscaping products are very affordably priced and can be purchased in large quantities without a hole being burnt through your pocket. These trees and plants are also available in wholesale lots for those individuals who are looking to install a massive landscape.

So, if you wish to give your residential or commercial space a beautiful, classy and upscale vibe, then these faux trees and plants are just what you need. Not only are these plants and trees long lasting and maintenance free but they will also be one of the biggest long-term investments you will make towards décor products. Place your order today and give your home or office that makeover you have always dreamed of.

What Makes ThermaLeaf® The One Stop Shop of All Your Faux Landscaping Needs?

PlantsThe rise of artificial landscaping has also give increase to the competition in this industry. There are several companies that offer a wide range of fake trees and claim their products to be one of the superiors. Among all such brands, ThermaLeaf® has been recognized to offer the most reliable and safe landscaping solutions to customers. ThermaLeaf® is a trademarked brand of faux foliage introduced by Commercial Silk Int'l that has been offering silk landscaping products for years. ThermaLeaf®'s line of products has been widely used by worldwide architects and designers for their varying commercial projects. The products are not just recognized as landscaping items but are also one of the wonderful solutions for interior decorations. ThermaLeaf® offers such amazing features through these products that make it the one-stop destination for landscaping solutions for people. Let's explore those features here.

Fire Retardant for Utmost Safety

This is the most innovative and unique feature of all the products of ThermaLeaf® that makes them the most reliable and safe solution for landscaping. Although other companies also claim their products to be fire retardant, there is a huge difference between their and ThermaLeaf®'s manufacturing procedure. Companies other than ThermaLeaf® just utilize fire retardant chemicals by dipping or spraying on the products. This kind of topical treatment is just an aftermarket application. This application degrades the quality of foliage and leaves the plant spotty and with colors that can fade away easily.

Instead of following this procedure, ThermaLeaf® manufactures artificial fire retardant plants by infusing fire retardant chemicals into the plants. The chemicals are blended in the fabric, PVC or plastic material while the material is poured into the mold. This whole procedure results in highly reliable and safest faux plants for landscape lovers.

Stands Qualified In Various Fire Retardant Tests

ThermaLeaf® does not claims of its own that all its products are fire retardant, but it also proves through various fire retardant tests that are recognized by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These tests are called Toxicity test methods. In all these tests, ThermaLeaf® products score a class A which itself defines the trustworthiness of ThermaLeaf® solutions. Each of the states has its fire codes, for example, Dallas fire code would be different from that of Florida. ThermaLeaf® manufactures products keeping in Mind individual fire codes of every state so that people can have safest solutions for their commercial or residential areas.

Wide Varieties Available for Domestic And Commercial Use

The good thing is that you can have every kind of plant, tree or grass variety with ThermaLeaf® only. It means you need not to scream around the market to find the best-suited product for your landscape. You just choose the plant variety as per your choice and get it designed as per your architectural specifications. Backed up with utmost safety and quality, you can have almost all kinds of foliage they exist in real world. The complete line of ThermaLeaf® foliage consists of artificial coconut palm trees, bonsai trees, ficus trees, fake coconut tree, pine trees, tropical trees, silk bamboo tree, all varieties of flower arrangements, artificial vines, hedges, faux moss sheets, mat rolls and numerous more. You can have almost all kinds of plants and trees for your landscape with ThermaLeaf®. The availability of all the solutions with such quality and security enables customers not to look for any other option for their varying artificial landscaping needs.

Weather Proof Foliage Assuring Durability

Do you fear about your artificial landscape in rainy season or during harsh sunny days? ThermaLeaf® eliminates all these worries from your mind by offering weatherproof foliage that can withstand all types of weather conditions without getting faded or lose color. These can tolerate heavy rains, winds, harsh UV sunlight and more without getting damages. This property of all ThermaLeaf® products enhances their lives thus letting them grace your space for years. ThermaLeaf® gives you complete peace of mind about your landscaping needs.

No to Dust Build Up

ThermaLeaf® manufactures plants and trees making their surface smooth. This prevents dust build up to larger extent thus eliminating the need of regular dusting. Also, dust particles diminish the looks and original charm of the plants; hence you can stay confident that with ThermaLeaf® plants, you won't have to showcase those dusty plants and trees around your space that make your place look ugly and untidy.

Forget About Maintenance and Upkeep

Since ThermaLeaf® products are made up of faux material like plastic, silk, and PVC, etc. therefore you need not worry about their maintenance needs. As they won't demand watering, pruning, fertilizing and more. You can comfortably use them for any of your commercial or residential areas or even hard to reach areas. Whatever plant you choose for your space, you don't need to invest even a penny for their upkeep.

Realistic Looking Grass That Can't be Figured Out

All types of artificial grass and foliage are just the replication of living plants. These have been designed and crafted in such a way that people can rarely figure out that they are faux plants. The silk leaves in all kinds of plants look just identical to those real leaves thus creating a realistic looking landscape for your space. You can use the plants in combination with other ThermaLeaf® foliage to create a wonderful blend of different varieties and colors.

Stay Free from Bugs and Insects

With these ThermaLeaf® plants, you can also have another big advantage that is you can keep your place free from bugs and pests. In case of real landscaping, this is the most common problem that becomes a headache when you use living plants for indoors. Pests get their food from fibers and water present in the living plants and therefore get attracted towards them. With ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage, you can rest assured that your space will be free from these bugs and pests. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, these can keep your space tidy, mesmerizing and safe effectively.

5 ThermaLeaf® Faux Plants That Will Redefine Your Corporate Spaces' Landscaping

SucculentsNo matter what is nature, all businesses involve continuous interaction with people. They include inquisitive visitors, prospecting clients, and the loyal customers. To make this happen, your commercial space must be able to draw people and make them continuously patronize your business. To do this, you need to have some twists and tweaks in your corporate landscape for making it standalone. Only then you can be sure that there will be enough buzz, and people will find folk around your business.

The urban people are somewhat melancholic, as they suffer from the monotony of the concrete jungle that surrounds them, and if they find a little bit of green somewhere, they have the feeling of reaching an oasis in the desert. Studies also indicate that when people are close to nature, they develop a positive frame of mind, and also do their jobs better. So, adding greens to the corporate landscape is a new pursuit, and everyone is after it in their way.

If decorating with live plants has struck you, there is nothing wrong. But, it may not be possible for the large commercial complexes like corporate buildings, government complexes, shopping malls, amusement parks, theme parks, hospitals and healthcare facilities, luxury hotels & restaurant decoration, top class resorts, airport lounges, exotic bars, casinos, sauna baths and other big retail spaces because of the associated maintenance hassles. In such cases, the ThermaLeaf® faux plants can be the most reasonable solution. This blog aims to let you know about these landscaping buddies in the following lines.

What a collection!

ThermaLeaf® has artificial plant collections for fulfilling a variety of corporate landscaping needs. You can use the standard artificial plants and trees indoor, and there are items for revamping commercial exteriors as well. If you have something particular in your mind, ThermaLeaf® can also deliver that through unique customization transforming your dreams into reality. The following five fake plants are great for commercial interiors and exteriors.

  • Faux hanging plants: When you use these for your commercial space, your customers and guests have an amazing view of hanging baskets full of plants with blooming flowers. Meticulously crafted to replicate the natural plants, these can offer vibrant and impressive landscape. You can use these for adorning the outer windows, patio or for reinventing the poolside. These are available in many varieties for meeting your landscaping needs.
  • Imitation vines: With their lush green and exotic look, these can embellish the commercial indoors and outdoors and deliver an opulent landscape. They are made botanically correct and durable. You can get there in many varieties like Ivy, Wandering Jew, Photos and Philodendron Vines. No matter where you place it, these will continue to grace the place with their amazing charm.
  • Fake flowering plants: When thinking about having a chick and cool environment in your professional space, ThermaLeaf® flowering plants and artificial garden plants flowers are the best to make your commercial space something to look at. These can make your reception desk, patio, welcoming area, conference halls exquisitely sophisticated. You have the option to choose from many varieties, and as the will bloom in all seasons, you will get a bright landscape throughout the year.
  • ThermaLeaf® cactus and succulents: No matter in which part of the world your commercial space is, you can always introduce a desert feeling by using the fake cactus and succulents. With their near-natural look and design, these can bring in a stunning burst of nature in your commercial settings. These are available in varieties like Aloe, Agave, Dracaena Dragon tree, etc. to deliver you a vibrant setting full of energy.
  • ThermaLeaf® bushes: You can get ThermaLeaf® bushes in a cluster of color, style, and size. Choose anything from Australian Laurel plant, Colorado Spruce plant, Ficus bush and many more for adding style to your professional space. Whether you want to lift up your reception area or the lobby or any other corner of your commercial space, you can combine these with artificial sheet moss and grass. The lifelike bushes can deliver a fascinating landscape and have the power to enliven the mundane spaces even.

Why go for artificial plants?

Without debating to compare real and artificial plants, it can be said that using artificial patio plants is a sensible decision for the large corporate spaces that demand perfect landscaping, at all times, without any maintenance. Here are some points for convincing you.

  • ThermaLeaf® uses silk material made of high-grade foliage, color, and resin and for this reason, the silk boxwood grass and artificial bonsai trees have a realistic look.
  • There are no upkeep hassles. These do not need watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc. Moreover, these do not create any mess by shedding leaves.
  • Being independent of seasonal variation the fake botanical products maintain same appearance year long, relieving you of seasonal worries.
  • No mold growth or insect attacks.
  • Offers easy installation and easy cleaning.
  • Extremely portable; shuffling between places is possible.

Provides a protective landscape

There are instances of fire breakout, where mimic trees and plants were one of the reasons of spreading fire and damaging life and property. Naturally, one can have apprehension in using the imitation greenery in the commercial setting. There is no such worry with ThermaLeaf® products as these are made fire retardant by impregnating special fire retardant chemical into the foliage through injection molding. These impart unique self-extinguishing property in ThermaLeaf® products. These pass all fire safety tests and also comply with the fire safety laws. Thus, you remain safe and legal when you revamp your commercial space with these products.

Saves time and money

Both time and money are precious for any business. Once you install these in your professional space, you can forget about them. They will continue to deliver their magical charm without any further cost involvement.