ThermaLeaf® Grasses – Affordable, Classy, Durable And Beautiful

Artificial GrassesWhen we look upon a grassy meadow, the site always proves to be visually pleasing and calming to the mind. However, growing real grass in your home or office space can be a real hassle. But don't let the hassles of growing grass prevent you from giving your residential or commercial space that lush green landscape that you have always dreamed of. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of beautiful, lifelike and exotic grasses for you to choose from. These artificial landscaping products will allow you to give your home the same rainy day field look that you see in the movies. Here's everything you require to know about the ThermaLeaf® grasses.

Very Affordably Priced And Cost Effective

The ThermaLeaf® grasses are very affordably priced and can prove to be extremely cost effective. It doesn't matter how large your home, office space or commercial space is; the ThermaLeaf® grass can be ordered in humongous quantities without it causing a dent in your bank account. Thus, the grass proves to be extremely cost effective for those individuals who are looking to decorate big offices or luxury villas or office buildings.

Easy To Take Care Of And Maintain

The classy and visually pleasing grass range by ThermaLeaf® is extremely beneficial for installation in landscaping projects because these landscaping products are very easy to take care of and maintain. Unlike real grass, the faux grass doesn't require regular cutting, trimming and watering. The purchaser does not need to hire a professional gardener to provide maintenance for healthy growth of the grass. Further, the faux grass can be cleaned with a simple water spray and can be installed in both outdoors and indoor locations without any worries.

Realistic Grass That Is Weather Proof And Can Withstand All Climates

Another excellent feature of the ThermaLeaf® grass range is that this landscaping product is unbelievably lifelike and realistic. The grass has been manufactured with top quality raw materials and can fool even the most trained eyes into believing that it is real. Further, the faux grass is absolutely weather proof. This landscaping product can be installed in all kinds of locations without the worry of harsh weather conditions. The grass will not fade or lose it color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Neither will the grass spoil or deteriorate when exposed to snowfall or rainfall.

Fire Retardant Grass Blades For Your Safety

People are often apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products in their homes, offices or projects due to their susceptibility to fires. However, in the case of the grass blades manufactured by ThermaLeaf®, you don't need to worry about your office or project going up in flames and endangering the lives of your staff members or loved ones. The raw materials used by ThermaLeaf® are impregnated with certain fire retardant chemicals that ensure safety and prevention of fires.

Can Be Installed In A Broad Range Of Residential And Commercial Spaces

These holiday office decorations can be installed in a wide range of different set ups and spaces. Here's a list of places where the grasses are popularly installed:

• Hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices, waiting areas of offices, hotel rooms, Jacuzzi areas, swimming pool areas are some places where the grasses are popularly installed.

• Villas, bungalows, mansions, libraries, pubs, bars, lounges, coffee shops are also spaces that often install the grasses for decorative purposes.

• Hospitals, public gardens, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics and other medical and commercial facilities are also great places for the installation of the grasses.

Strong, Durable And Long Lasting Landscaping Products 

Another excellent feature and benefit of the ThermaLeaf® grasses are that these landscaping products are extremely durable, sturdy and durable. These grasses can be installed in a landscape and will last for years on end without deteriorating or fading. Further, when not in use, the purchaser can store away the grasses in a warehouse or storage unit without having to worry about the grasses getting spoilt as these landscaping products have an excellent shelf life too.

No Hassles Of Dry And Unappealing Grass In Your Residential Or Commercial Spaces

As we all know it, with the arrival of summer grass tends to become dry, dull and lacks its green and vibrant feel. However, in the case of the faux grass range offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't have to worry about the grass ever becoming dry or unappealing. This evergreen and vibrant grass range are just what you need when living in a city that receives excessive sunlight and has unbearable summers.

Keeps The Bugs, Insects, And Ants Away

Another great benefit of installing the faux grass in your home or office space is that you don't have to deal with the problem of ants, insects, and mosquitoes. As we all know it, grass tends to attract red ants and when a red ant bites the itch can be terribly discomforting, and the bite itself can be very painful. However, because these grasses are faux, they do not end up bringing with them all kinds of bugs that will give your restless and sleepless nights. So, you can go right ahead and install the grass almost anywhere without any worries or inconveniences. You can also install these grasses in your home where there may be children without needing to worry about the children getting bitten or have allergic reactions to an insect bite.

Well, what are you waiting for? This is exactly the landscaping product you need for redecorating any space. So don't waste another minute and place the order for the grass today. ThermaLeaf® will ensure timely and efficient delivery of your order with the option of having their professional team completing the installation process for you. We guarantee that this will be an excellent long-term investment for you!

Why Choose ThermaLeaf® Hanging Plants For Your Corporate Makeovers?

Artificial Hanging PlantsHanging plants naturally give outa very quaint, exotic and unique vibe to the surroundings that they are installed in. However, often people avoid installing hanging plants in offices and corporate spaces because these landscaping products tend to create a mess in the surroundings. In the case of the faux hanging plants manufactured by ThermaLeaf®, you need not worry about a messy corporate space or office. These artificial landscaping products are just what you require to liven up the surroundings and add a new life to the office. Here is everything you demand to know about these realistic and breathtaking artificial hanging plants.

Requires Minimal Maintenance And Care

One excellent benefit of installing the holiday office decorations is that these landscaping products require zero or no maintenance. Unlike the real hanging plants, the fake plants do not need watering, pruning, and trimming. You don't need to hire a professional gardener to take care of the faux landscaping products for you. A simple duster or spray of water alone can do the trick of maintenance and care. Further, the synthetic landscaping products do not shed their leaves like the real ones and thereby prevent creating a mess in the surroundings.

Fire Retardant Hanging Plants For Your Safety

Another excellent benefit of the ThermaLeaf® hanging plants is that these landscaping products are fire retardant. Often architects, landscaping artists, and interior decorators are apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products projects. This is because some fake plants are trees are susceptible to catching fires. However, in the case of hanging plants offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't have to worry about your corporate space going up in flames. The raw materials used to manufacture the hanging plants are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that ensure the safety of your corporate space and your staff members.

Cost Effective And Affordable Landscaping Products

The hanging plants manufactured by ThermaLeaf® are very affordably priced and cost effective. Most corporate spaces are large and require large quantities of hanging plants for the purpose of decoration. You can order unlimited quantities of the hanging plants to cover up your office space without having to trouble about a hole being burnt through your pocket. The affordable prices of these landscaping products make them cost effective and give you the liberty of ordering them in large quantities.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Landscaping Products

The hanging plants manufactured and sold by ThermaLeaf® are absolutely weather proof and climate tolerant. It doesn't matter whether you live in a tropical climate or a rainy and windy climate, the hanging plants can tolerate all types of harsh elements of the weather. If your corporate space has a constant inflow of sunlight, you don't have to worry about the plants being exposed and losing their color or fading. These hanging plants can tolerate the harsh rays of the sun without spoiling for years on end. Further, if you're looking to install the hanging plants outdoors in your corporate space, you can go right ahead without worrying about snowfall or rainfall as these plants have been manufactured to remain immaculate in any climate.

Avoid Mosquito And Insect Related Illnesses

One major benefit of installing the artificial outdoor topiary plants and hanging plants is that these faux landscaping products protect you and your staff members from contracting mosquito and insect-related illnesses. Real topiary décor and real hanging plants tend to attract mosquitoes and insects. These bugs can spread lethal and deadly illnesses like malaria and other such ailments. However, in the case of the faux hanging plants, you don't need to worry about the plants attracting bugs and mosquitoes, thereby ensuring the safety of the health of your staff members and employees.

Durable And Sturdy

Another excellent functional benefit of the hanging plants offered by ThermaLeaf® is that these landscaping products can last for years on end and are extremely durable and sturdy. The plants will not spoil or wither or deteriorate in quality irrespective of what conditions they are used in. Further, when not in use these plants can be stored away for months on end due to their long and excellent shelf life. The hanging plants are a good long term investment for your interior décor.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

The fake landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf® will be delivered right to your doorstep. ThermaLeaf® has a team of skilled professionals that will ensure efficient and timely delivery of your order. Further, your order will be accompanied with a simple to understand installation manual that will make even a layman a landscaping artist. But for those of you who prefer to have professionals install the landscaping products, ThermaLeaf® will send out a team of qualified professionals who will install your indoor or outdoor landscape for you. Now you don't need to hire expensive professionals to get your landscape project done for you.

Various Commercial And Corporate Spaces Where The Hanging Plants Can Be Installed

Here's a list of commercial and corporate spaces where these gorgeous and lifelike hanging plants can be installed:

  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, exhibitions, some corporate spaces where the hanging plants are popularly installed.
  • Hotel rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies and restaurants are another space where the plants can be installed.
  • Office cabins, office waiting areas, office parking lots, and buildings are spots where the hanging plants are often installed.

So, if you're looking to redecorate your corporate space and leave a long lasting impression on your clients, customers, and visitors, the hanging plants are just what you need to do so. Don't waste another minute figuring out interior and exterior decorative products and place your order for these gorgeous, vibrant and visually pleasing hanging plants today. We guarantee this is one of the best investments you will ever make.

ThermaLeaf® Faux Trees for Sensational Interior Landscaping

Faux Tropical TreesThermaLeaf® is famous for its artificial foliage. It is a brand trademarked by Commercial Silk International. ThermaLeaf® products are considered as the safest artificial foliage in the industry as they infused the raw materials with the fire retardant chemicals while processing the manufacture. Their products include faux trees, artificial plants, fake topiaries, faux palms and artificial foliage.

Their faux trees are the best choice when you are dealing with interior landscaping or redesigning the indoor of a home, corporate office, government building, malls, big restaurants, etc.

Benefits of ThermaLeaf® Fake Trees in Interior Landscaping

There are many reasons to go for ThermaLeaf® faux trees as they have many benefits. Some of the benefits mentioned in details below:

  • Their artificial trees and plants are safe from fire. As mentioned before, their raw materials are infused with fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing procedure. There are many artificial plants of other brands available in the market which cannot withstand fire. But thanks to all the necessary steps taken by ThermaLeaf®, you need not worry about it.
  • Their artificial trees will never wash or wear off of their original colors. They are safe and secure, and hence last long.
  • These fake trees have smooth surfaces, which make it impossible for dust to built-in on them.
  • They are handcrafted, and the materials are of high quality.
  • You do not need maintenance for such fake trees, unlike natural trees.
  • They do not need trimming as they would never grow, unlike real life trees.
  • They do not need to be watered or fertilizers to make them grow strong. They are already created strong by ThermaLeaf®.
  • They are life-like trees and look so similar to real trees.
  • All their artificial trees and faux plants have passed many chemical test methods and are the safest to use.

Types of ThermaLeaf® Faux Trees

Apart from many products, ThermaLeaf® has five main artificial trees designed for use in interior and exterior landscapes. They are 

  • ThermaLeaf® Artificial Bonsai Tree 

ThermaLeaf® artificial bonsai trees are exceedingly beautiful to look at. When added in your interior decoration, they amplify elegance and harmony in the surrounding. They are the epitome for decorating your living room or office, adding attraction with their cooling colors.

  • ThermaLeaf® Faux Pine Tree

ThermaLeaf® has many artificial pine trees such as Limber Pine Tree, Long Needle Pine Tree, Scotch Pine Tree, Buddhist Pine Tree, Rocky Mountain Pine Tree and more. All these faux pine trees add solace and beauty in your interiors. Their trunks are realistic to look and feel when touched. They look spellbound and make you feel happy. 

  • ThermaLeaf® Tropical Trees

If you want to get the tropical feeling inside your homes and interiors, then ThermaLeaf® artificial Tropical Trees is the answer. They will make you appear like you are on holidays or a long vacation. They add freshness and warmth to your interiors.

  • ThermaLeaf® Artificial Large Trees

Sometimes you need to large trees for many reasons, such as covering a vast space or to create a beautiful outdoor landscape inside your interior, etc. ThermaLeaf® products include large artificial trees, which look as real as a large natural tree. They are light and easy to carry during the landscaping process.

  • ThermaLeaf® Custom Trees

Ok, not everyone has the same taste for designs or products. ThermaLeaf® has the solution for that too. You can send your customized trees designed according to your requirements, and they get delivered to you at your doorstep. This applies for both indoor and outdoor landscaping.

All the artificial trees mentioned above are fire resistant, toxic-free and safe for use, and will mesmerize your interiors and exteriors of your landscape.

Importance of Using ThermaLeaf® Products

Since they have varieties of products, which make it easy for you to decide while designing the landscape. 

You should be extra cautious and careful while selecting or buying artificial plants for your interior landscapes as they may be easy to catch fire, which may cause very dangerous to your life. There have been many incidents of fire outbreak inside malls, residences, theaters, etc. because of lack of good quality products of artificial trees, faux plants, etc. But thanks to ThermaLeaf®, the worry for the outbreak of such situation is a thing of the past. You can enjoy peacefully without giving second thoughts and have a good, calm and peaceful atmosphere.

All these below mentioned products are great ingredients eligible for both exterior and interior landscaping. It is a blessing for any landscaping enthusiast.

  • Faux Hanging Plants
  • Silk Topiary Balls 
  • Stems & Peaks
  • Faux Areca Palm
  • Fire Retardant Artificial Topiary Spirals
  • Fire Retardant Silk Flowers
  • Fire Retardant Artificial Bonsai Tree
  • Faux Vines
  • Fake Grass, Artificial Boxwood Mat
  • Silk Ivy Mat
  • Silk Ivy Topiary
  • Artificial preserved date palm trees
  • Artificial Custom Plants

ThermaLeaf® publishes a catalog that consists of their entire products ranging from faux trees and plants. You can request a free copy, and you will get it in 24hrs from the time you put up the request. That way, it is easy for you to see all the details of their products before placing an order. You can visit their website and request for the catalog.

At ThermaLeaf®, you can always contact and ask for help in designing your interiors and outdoors while using ThermaLeaf® faux trees and fake plants as their project teams are qualified landscape architects, designs, and horticulture.

You can buy ThermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants for business, wholesale, trade, etc. through their manufacturer, Commercial Silk International. 

All their products have gone through fire test methods as well as toxicity test methods and have passed in all of them. ThermaLeaf® is the safest brand when it comes to designing, landscaping your interiors and exteriors of your residence, office, malls, theme parks, etc.

ThermaLeaf® Pine Tree - A Stunning Spectacle of Landscaping Beauty

Artificial Pine for DecorationBig public buildings and commercial areas like shopping malls or restaurants have one thing in common. They have a different kind of approach to everything. Apart from the fact that they are visited a lot of people on a daily basis, they need to have everything in a top condition, and especially the landscaping décor of the whole area should be top class with the landscaping items having the minimum amount of drawback and quite economical to reduce the overall investment. Now, talking about stunning landscape designs at minimum cost, the artificial plants are ideal for such buildings.

Top landscaping item at commercial building and shopping malls

Artificial landscapes are the best for buildings which need a top notch landscaping idea with amazing products to welcome loads of people on a daily basis and build a good impression on them. Building an artificial landscape with amazing items like the artificial topiary trees and various kinds of tropical and flowering plants is also more economical than other landscaping ideas which make it perfect for commercial buildings and shopping malls. Let us take a look why more and more people are going for the artificial landscapes these days.

  • The stunning and glamorous look is unmatched to any other landscaping method, and the superb texture will look like any real plant all round the clock.
  • The hassle of using real plants will be eliminated like the wastes generated by leaf dropping and the pests attracted by real plants will be eliminated by artificial landscaping items.
  • They are completely customized to exactly fit the needs in your building. The landscaping items are made exactly according to requirements.
  • They require zero efforts on maintenance. This is unlike the real plants which need regular watering and pruning to stay in top condition.
  • There is a wide range of elegant and classy landscaping items for any landscape you want.

Apart from that, the topiary artificial trees and various kinds of tropical and flowering plants are also fit for use in harsh weather conditions which will be unsuitable for most of the other landscaping items. Using artificial landscapes, you can create such landscapes which will otherwise be impossible to grow naturally in the office as real plants don't grow outside their original habitat. You can also have the plant you want, at any location you need, which is unlike the real plants as most plants don't grow indoors and any other place which doesn't have adequate living conditions. 

Artificial pine tree- the irresistible beauty in landscapes

The Artificial pine trees have an incredible beauty as they have the real looking long and soft needles which resemble the pine needles on their real counterparts. They are also unique among the plant family because of its cones which are known as the primary feature of the pine tree. It will illuminate any landscape in your building with its uniqueness, and since pine trees may not grow in your office premises naturally, you can make it the center of attention as the visitors will adore the elegance of the artificial pine tree. 

The artificial pine tree types include the Limber pine tree, Buddhist pine tree, Long needle pine tree, Scotch pine tree, Rocky Mountain pine tree and so on.

Artificial pine tree- the best holiday office decorations

The Artificial pine tree is ideal for your dream holiday office decorations because of the incredible natural beauty paired with the uniqueness it brings which is almost unexpected at the corporate sectors which are known to be dull places visited only by workaholics. The extraordinary landscape will create a different environment at the office and give the visitors a good impression as well as boost the morale of the employees and encourage them to work more. The office will not be the same old place as it will get a transition with a beautiful landscape.

Artificial pine tree- enhance your restaurants and shopping malls

A lot of people visits restaurants and shopping malls on a daily basis and needs to be in top condition. The artificial pine tree will add the extra amount of sophistication to the landscape, and the unbeatable beauty is priceless. You can put it up at any place within the visitor's sight to create a good long lasting impression. 

The best part about using the artificial pine tree is its uniqueness and difference from other trees. The long green leaves give a majestic appearance in the landscape. To make it look like the real tree, the trunk is made of natural wood. It would give the visitors the experience of visiting a real pine tree in your landscape. 

ThermaLeaf®- an extra safety feature

In case, you are wondering that artificial pine trees are made of materials which may promote the spread of fire in your office or shopping mall in case of an accidental fire breakout, you will be amazed to know that the materials used in designing the artificial palm trees are impregnated with some special chemicals to make them inherently fire retardant. It's in contrast to the other topically applied landscaping items where fire retardant chemicals are sprayed on the surface, and they are most like to wash off from the surface on washing or after gradual contact with the environment. 

Where can you use the artificial palm trees

As they are durable enough to withstand the harsh nature, you can put them at locations where they are exposed to rain, snow or UV radiation from the sun. Any location where most visitors will be able to see it will be perfect. Among the indoor locations, anywhere the visitors will get a view of the amazing landscaping item will be best. It includes the reception, couch or even the conference rooms which host the long, dull business meetings. They are ideal for the theme parks, hospitals, clubs, casinos, etc. which get a huge turnout daily.

Need Reasons to Buy ThermaLeaf® Faux Bonsai? We'll Give You 8 of Them

Faux Bonsai PlantsFor a stylish and highly artistic decoration, Bonsai tree is considered the best option for homeowners as well as commercial landscapers. Because Bonsai tree reflects the natural art that has been created as a benchmark by nature. With the evolution of faux technology, the artificial Bonsai has also grabbed a huge amount of attention of landscape lovers. This is because of the beautiful aura of the Bonsai that has been put into the silk and plastic material by ThermaLeaf® to give exactly same elegance as that of real one. ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai carries superior technology that not only makes it beautiful but also helps it stay blooming and graceful for years. Here you will disclose all the amazing properties of faux Bonsai and the top reasons that make it a perfect plant to purchase for your landscape.

1. A Look Wise Exceptional Plant

When it comes to looks, ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai plant wins the competition with a significant margin. Among all kinds of plants, Bonsai is one of its kinds that has unique and therefore exceptional looks. With lush green silk leaves and thick branches, this can mesmerize the onlookers and grab all the attention effectively. It can suit indoor as well outdoor of your home, office, commercial building and all. It gives a blend of relaxing ambiance to your space and a pleasant feeling to the onlooker. You can choose it as a part of your artificial landscape or can also use it for your special event like holiday office decorations, birthdays parties, commercial outdoor Christmas decorations, etc.

2. No Maintenance Required

The most attention-grabbing property of ThermaLeaf® faux bonsai is that, unlike the real plant, it does not have any maintenance needs like watering, pruning, fertilizing and similar. It implies that you will neither have to arrange an irrigation system to your building nor you need a professional gardening staff to take care of these plants. With the faux Bonsai, along with saving efforts, you can also save your big bucks that you otherwise need on landscape maintenance. It will only need occasional dusting that can be accomplished by a regular cotton cloth. Even without any maintenance needs, it can last for years and keep giving an eye-catchy look to your place with its pleasing charm.

3. Add More Color with Customizations

Just like any other faux plant, ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai can also be customized as per your design requirements. You can choose from a wide variation of shapes and sizes that can perfectly suit the architectural aesthetics of your place. If you want to add shades to your Bonsai that is also possible. Real bonsai also have flowers, and therefore a blend of colors can be given to faux Bonsai if you want to do so. You can choose the ideal Bonsai plant with blooms to make your place colorful and much closer to nature. With a perfect Bonsai customization, you can get created awesome artificial outdoor topiary plants.

4. Centuries of Experience Carried by ThermaLeaf® Faux Bonsai

You might not have given a view to faux Bonsai plant, but once you see ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai's, you will appreciate the dedicated workmanship and beauty that has been utilized to create such an amazing plant. It's fascinating branches, leaves, trunk, and needles bring joy to people while giving a mind-blowing grace to your place. The art of Bonsai has been mastered by Japanese and Chinese and you can enjoy the same grace with ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai without even making anyone bother about its faux nature.

5. Enhanced Safety with Fire Retardant Nature

ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai gets the full score when it comes to the question that how safe these silk trees are. The ThermaLeaf® technology itself describes all about their safe nature as these are designed using fire retardant chemicals and components. All their trunks, branches and even leaves are fire retardant and can eliminate fire hazards. The attentive manufacturing process of ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai makes them perfectly safe and secure in any fire burst case.

6. Always Display Your Tree with Proud

The living Bonsai plant needs attentive care and maintenance, and if you have not been able to provide it the required care, it will show off its offensive side that will ruin the charm of your landscape. But with the ThermaLeaf® faux Bonsai, you can display your plant with grace and proud, as it will never have anything unworthy to hide. The artificial Bonsai plant is crafted using fire retardant, UV protected and water resistant raw material along with preserved leaves that add years to its life. Artificial Bonsai gives you just awesome little trees that look astonishing and can grace any of your indoor or outdoor area.

7. An Absolute Gifting Piece for Your Loved Ones

Finding it hard to decide on what gift to give to your loved one? Well, if you want to gift a thing that can make him/her remind you for years, then artificial Bonsai would be the best choice. If you think that recipient is a nature lover, a Bonsai plant will be an exceptional gift that you will ever give to anyone. This will not only add a perfect product in recipient's landscape but will also provide a feeling of happiness, calmness, and appreciation all the time. You can customize the Bonsai tree to form a particular shape, size or any artificial topiary tree.

8. Best Imitation of Nature

Artificial Bonsais come in a wide variety of styles and design like some has one trunk some has two or more that can imitate the natural Bonsai in the best way. The leaves of Bonsai are created with high-quality UV resistant, fire retardant, and water resistant silk. The silk leaves create an illusion of their realistic nature thus hardly making anyone to think that those are artificial. You can enjoy such a natural feel, look and ambiance without bothering about their care or maintenance that you otherwise need to give in the case of real plants. The preserved leaves of faux bonsai also smell just like real ones creating most close to nature environment ever.