5 ThermaLeaf® Faux Plants That Will Redefine Your Corporate Spaces' Landscaping

SucculentsNo matter what is nature, all businesses involve continuous interaction with people. They include inquisitive visitors, prospecting clients, and the loyal customers. To make this happen, your commercial space must be able to draw people and make them continuously patronize your business. To do this, you need to have some twists and tweaks in your corporate landscape for making it standalone. Only then you can be sure that there will be enough buzz, and people will find folk around your business.

The urban people are somewhat melancholic, as they suffer from the monotony of the concrete jungle that surrounds them, and if they find a little bit of green somewhere, they have the feeling of reaching an oasis in the desert. Studies also indicate that when people are close to nature, they develop a positive frame of mind, and also do their jobs better. So, adding greens to the corporate landscape is a new pursuit, and everyone is after it in their way.

If decorating with live plants has struck you, there is nothing wrong. But, it may not be possible for the large commercial complexes like corporate buildings, government complexes, shopping malls, amusement parks, theme parks, hospitals and healthcare facilities, luxury hotels & restaurant decoration, top class resorts, airport lounges, exotic bars, casinos, sauna baths and other big retail spaces because of the associated maintenance hassles. In such cases, the ThermaLeaf® faux plants can be the most reasonable solution. This blog aims to let you know about these landscaping buddies in the following lines.

What a collection!

ThermaLeaf® has artificial plant collections for fulfilling a variety of corporate landscaping needs. You can use the standard artificial plants and trees indoor, and there are items for revamping commercial exteriors as well. If you have something particular in your mind, ThermaLeaf® can also deliver that through unique customization transforming your dreams into reality. The following five fake plants are great for commercial interiors and exteriors.

  • Faux hanging plants: When you use these for your commercial space, your customers and guests have an amazing view of hanging baskets full of plants with blooming flowers. Meticulously crafted to replicate the natural plants, these can offer vibrant and impressive landscape. You can use these for adorning the outer windows, patio or for reinventing the poolside. These are available in many varieties for meeting your landscaping needs.
  • Imitation vines: With their lush green and exotic look, these can embellish the commercial indoors and outdoors and deliver an opulent landscape. They are made botanically correct and durable. You can get there in many varieties like Ivy, Wandering Jew, Photos and Philodendron Vines. No matter where you place it, these will continue to grace the place with their amazing charm.
  • Fake flowering plants: When thinking about having a chick and cool environment in your professional space, ThermaLeaf® flowering plants and artificial garden plants flowers are the best to make your commercial space something to look at. These can make your reception desk, patio, welcoming area, conference halls exquisitely sophisticated. You have the option to choose from many varieties, and as the will bloom in all seasons, you will get a bright landscape throughout the year.
  • ThermaLeaf® cactus and succulents: No matter in which part of the world your commercial space is, you can always introduce a desert feeling by using the fake cactus and succulents. With their near-natural look and design, these can bring in a stunning burst of nature in your commercial settings. These are available in varieties like Aloe, Agave, Dracaena Dragon tree, etc. to deliver you a vibrant setting full of energy.
  • ThermaLeaf® bushes: You can get ThermaLeaf® bushes in a cluster of color, style, and size. Choose anything from Australian Laurel plant, Colorado Spruce plant, Ficus bush and many more for adding style to your professional space. Whether you want to lift up your reception area or the lobby or any other corner of your commercial space, you can combine these with artificial sheet moss and grass. The lifelike bushes can deliver a fascinating landscape and have the power to enliven the mundane spaces even.

Why go for artificial plants?

Without debating to compare real and artificial plants, it can be said that using artificial patio plants is a sensible decision for the large corporate spaces that demand perfect landscaping, at all times, without any maintenance. Here are some points for convincing you.

  • ThermaLeaf® uses silk material made of high-grade foliage, color, and resin and for this reason, the silk boxwood grass and artificial bonsai trees have a realistic look.
  • There are no upkeep hassles. These do not need watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc. Moreover, these do not create any mess by shedding leaves.
  • Being independent of seasonal variation the fake botanical products maintain same appearance year long, relieving you of seasonal worries.
  • No mold growth or insect attacks.
  • Offers easy installation and easy cleaning.
  • Extremely portable; shuffling between places is possible.

Provides a protective landscape

There are instances of fire breakout, where mimic trees and plants were one of the reasons of spreading fire and damaging life and property. Naturally, one can have apprehension in using the imitation greenery in the commercial setting. There is no such worry with ThermaLeaf® products as these are made fire retardant by impregnating special fire retardant chemical into the foliage through injection molding. These impart unique self-extinguishing property in ThermaLeaf® products. These pass all fire safety tests and also comply with the fire safety laws. Thus, you remain safe and legal when you revamp your commercial space with these products.

Saves time and money

Both time and money are precious for any business. Once you install these in your professional space, you can forget about them. They will continue to deliver their magical charm without any further cost involvement.

Top 10 ThermaLeaf® Products Nobody Can Get Enough Of

Pine TreeWith a huge variety of available products it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose for specific landscaping needs, but over the years some artificial plants have remained favorites of landscape artists.

The growing demands of specific products

There are thousands of products available in Thermaleaf® with limitless options for customizations, and still, there are a few artificial plants that are worth mentioning because they are never out fashion for landscaping purposes. Irrespective of the fact that the commercial grade materials used for making the products and care taken to follow the intricate details of each of the elements to make the products look absolutely natural and indistinguishable from the real plants remains same for all the products, there are some faux botanical beauties that have made it to this list because of their increasing popularity and persistent demand over the years.

Here are the top 10 Thermaleaf® products that nobody can get enough of

1. Faux Hedges is a very common sight in restaurants, hotels, casino, hospitals, café's, etc. These can be beautifully and flawlessly molded to cover up any backbone shape. Faux Boxwood mats are mostly used for this purpose, and the popular shapes are dolphins, elephants and other animals in theme parks. These can also be used effectively as boundaries for separating private properties or simply creating a distinct space in the gardens. A lot of roadside café's also using artificial boxwood hedges to provide a sense of privacy and at the same time creating an atheistically soothing green environment for the customers.

2. Artificial pine trees look stunning in lifelike sizes and serve as great decorative for the festive seasons. Being absolutely fire retardant, these faux pine trees can be adorned with lightings to make them look really beautiful and festival ready. ThermaLeaf® products are made to suit national and international fire regulation standards and they also follow the strict Utah state fire code. Setting up natural pine trees in commercial provinces can be difficult as they take years to grow. These faux pine trees are hassle-free to set up with the added benefit that they can be moved around the workplace.

3. The demand for ThermaLeaf® vines just never seems to end because of their popularity among landscape artists for decorating summer houses and gardens. These are also cleverly used as interior decorations to hide any imperfection on walls or to hide outside view from the visitors. These vines bring an exotic feel to the environment and are sure to uplift the moods of visitors with their lush green leaves that look real. Moreover, using artificial vines will help you get rid of the potential problems associated with natural vines like causing damp in the walls, attracting pests, etc.

4. The splendor of lush green faux Areca palm trees is sure to bring an exotic tropical feel to commercial spaces like hotels, casinos, and malls. These are available in a variety of customizable sizes to fit any interior or exterior landscape. Their popularity resides in the fact that these are well suited for both formal occasions like decorating boarding rooms in office to prepare it for meetings and informal occasions like office parties etc.

5. Growing bamboo reeds in restricted air-conditioned environments are pretty much impossible, and thus faux bamboo plants from ThermaLeaf® make excellent decorative in such cases. These indoor or outdoor artificial bamboo plants look stunning when grouped in numbers. Manufactured with the best quality commercial grade materials, fake bamboo plants are very durable and lightweight so that the clients can move them across the workspace without any hassle.

6. Bushes and artificial topiary plants are well suited for Italian garden designs, and at the same time, they are popular for achieving contemporary settings for commercial spaces. Outdoor faux topiaries are gaining popularity over the years because of their versatile nature and limitless customization options. Various colorful natural bushes and topiary plants are increasingly becoming replaced by their artificial botanical counterparts due to their little or no requirements for maintenance.

7. Artificial Ficus trees bring a sense of tranquility to any interior or exterior setups and are thus preferred in several commercial spaces. The wholesale pricing rates at Themaleaf make these extremely affordable for the clients. Their lush green cover and ability to transform dull landscapes into soothing ones are the main reasons behind their demand.

8. Artificial mosses deliver a feeling of love and warmth in the surroundings and are sure to catch the attention of the visitors. Mosses are tough and almost impossible to grow naturally through human efforts as they need complete dormancy and lots of nutrients as well as humid weather conditions. Thus it is convenient to use fake mosses for decoration purposes.

9. Bonsai trees are very famous for decorations in restaurants, interior spaces, and vertical gardening. These look beautiful but it needs a lot of patience to restrict the growth of trees in pots, and thus fake bonsai trees make the perfect choice for both interior and exterior decorations. Crafted with care, these fake bonsai trees are made keeping in mind the very intricate details of natural bonsai trees to make them indistinguishable from the real ones. Cherry blossom, artificial Japanese maple, Cedar, and Podocarpus are few of the famous variants that are very popular among the landscape artists.

10. Artificial cactus and succulents are a great and unique way to jazz up both interior and exterior environments. These come in a range of forms and sizes that are customizable to suit the specific needs of the location. Fake cactus and succulents can be used effortlessly to decorate boundaries, and they will also help serve security purposes. These bring a very charming and yet rustic desert vibe to any location. Since all the products from ThermaLeaf® are fire retardant and are manufactured by blending chemicals which make them UV safe, they are perfect even for hot and dry climatic conditions.

ThermaLeaf® - Technologically Advanced and Aesthetically Superlative Landscaping Products

DecorWhen one considers choosing indoor and artificial outdoor plants and trees for one's landscape, the safety is the most common topic of worry, as the faux plants are made up of plastic or similar material and also are highly light weighted. Especially for commercial landscapes, products need to be chosen with utmost care and attention. When talking about reliability and innovation, ThermaLeaf® is the only choice among all artificial landscaping lovers. ThermaLeaf® is a brand that manufactures trademarked foliage under Commercial Silk Int'l, offering landscaping products for years.

ThermaLeaf® foliage has been known as a highly innovative, reliable and fire retardant faux landscaping products line. Although numerous brands in the market that also claim their products to be fire retardant but ThermaLeaf® has placed itself on the top of the lost due to its tested and trusted product line. Whether you need to purchase fake trees for outdoor, indoor, artificial hedge panels or anything, ThermaLeaf® backs up all the products with lifetime fire retardant properties. This special property possesses by their line makes them, highly innovative, reliable and safe solutions in the market.

How ThermaLeaf® Makes A Difference?

The brand other than ThermaLeaf® that claim to be offering fire retardant landscaping products usually treats their artificial foliage by dipping or spraying fire retardant chemical solutions. The fire retardant treatment is executed as an after-market application. This kind of treatment leaves a discolored a d spotty film over the products thus degrading the foliage and making their surface tacky that attracts dust. Instead of following this procedure, ThermaLeaf® creates its Inherently Fire Retardant foliage by following a manufacturing procedure in which, fire retardant chemicals are infused into the raw material. At the time when the material is injected into the mold, the chemicals are blended with Plastic or PVC parts, and the fabric thus resulting in the highly advanced and safest artificial plants and trees in the market. The procedure utilized by ThermaLeaf® makes a difference in their product quality as compared to others.

Realistic Looking Products

Lifelike and realistic looks are the identity of ThermaLeaf® products. The top quality raw material is utilized to manufacture ThermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees that replicate the looks of real foliage and can create an illusion of living landscape. The leaves of all products have been created using silk material while highest grade plastic or PVC is utilized to create trunks. The highly professional craftsmanship involved in the manufacture make these artificial plants almost realistic looking. These products can create a wonderful landscape for your interior as well as exterior.

Weather Proof Products That Live Long

Another innovative and major advantage incorporated into the complete line of ThermaLeaf® foliage is that they are weatherproof. Whether you place them outdoors or indoors, they can withstand all types environmental conditions effectively without losing their charm. No matter how much harsh weather they have to encounter, these will keep making your place look adorable for years. All type of ThermaLeaf® foliage does not lose color or fade when exposed to rain, snowfall, sunlight, UV radiation and even more. All these weatherproof features of faux landscaping products by ThermaLeaf® add years to their lives.

No Maintenance Requirements

When you think about landscaping, the only thing that will be surely disturbing you is the maintenance requirements. But unlike real landscaping, with all ThermaLeaf® products, you need not worry about their upkeep and maintenance. They don't demand to water, pruning, cutting, fertilizing and more. ThermaLeaf® artificial products are also manufactured giving soft and supple surface so that they can have negligible or no dust build up. It means you won't have to trouble about frequent dusting or cleaning. Once in a while dusting would be sufficient for ThermaLeaf® artificial solutions.

Where can ThermaLeaf® Products be Used?

All the ThermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees can be used in a wide variety of ways. From regular day to day workplace decor to special occasion decorations, these are ideal for everything. Some of the popular commercial places where these ThermaLeaf® products are installed include decorations for restaurants, hotels, offices, office waiting areas, receptions, swimming pool areas, theme parks, entertainment centers, Jacuzzi areas, lobbies and more. In addition to these, ThermaLeaf® products are also popular to be installed in villas, bungalows, coffee shops, lounges, pubs, bars and much more. Due to their strength and safety assurance, they have been used widely around various commercial and residential areas.

ThermaLeaf® Product Varieties

You can find all types of artificial landscaping products with ThermaLeaf® ranging from small to large trees, fake topiary plants, flowers, indoor plants, vines and more foliage.

Artificial Tree Varieties - The line of artificial fire retardant trees of ThermaLeaf® includes, artificial pine trees, imitation bonsai trees, tropical trees, palms, silk bamboo trees and much more.

Artificial Plants - Artificial hanging plants, custom plants, artificial vines, grasses. Within these ThermaLeaf® plant categories, there are numerous other options available that you can utilize for your day to day decor as well as special occasions.

Artificial Topiaries - Different forms of topiaries by ThermaLeaf® include, spirals, cones, balls and more. Besides these standard topiary plants, you can get custom topiaries created in the way you want. Whether you want your logo to be showcased, animal topiary or anything, you can achieve the desired topiary shapes with ThermaLeaf® products.

Artificial Flowers - The range of ThermaLeaf® flower products is also very huge. The flower line consists of dahlias, daisies, sunflowers, lotus, orchids, roses, lilies and much more. They all look just realistic and can make your space heaven.

ThermaLeaf® Silk Foliage – The vast selection of ThermaLeaf®'s fire retardant foliage consists of artificial bushes, silk topiaries, cactus and succulents, flowering, leaves and branches, artificial grass, garlands, hanging plants and similar greenery. All these products deliver you a great deal of money as well as quality amazingly.

Which ThermaLeaf® Faux Plants To Buy This Year?

Fire Retardant Artificial PlantsAre you looking to redecorate the indoor or outdoor surroundings of your office or home space? Installing artificial landscaping products can be a very convenient and smart way to change the face of the surroundings. Not only are the faux landscaping products very easy to maintain but also they are also available in a wide range of varieties for you to choose from. Here's everything you need to know to be able to decide what ThermaLeaf® faux plants you should consider buying this year:

Trees To Liven Up The Surroundings

Long, short, lush green and captivating trees are a great way to add life and beauty to almost any surroundings. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of breathtaking and gorgeous trees for you to choose from. You can create different types of themes in your commercial or residential space with the help of these trees. From amazing Oriental themes to the tropical forest like themes, there are various types of trees for every need and requirement. Some of the available trees include the following:

  • Bonsai Trees – The gorgeous bonsai trees tower tall above the ground and are beautifully shaped. These elegant plants are very artistic looking and are bound to make heads turn.
  • Pine Tree – Pine trees are trees that are loved by many. These gorgeous trees with lush green leaves can make head turns and give a beautiful mountain like feel to the surroundings of the place that they are installed in. Different types of pine trees are available for you to choose from. Rocky Mountain Pine Trees, Long Needle Pine Trees, Scotch Pine Trees and various others.
  • Tropical Trees – Looking to give your surroundings a pretty, summery and tropical vibe? Then the artificial tropical trees are just what you need to fulfill your desire. With these amazing and mesmerizing faux trees, you can give the surroundings an entire beach-like vibe.

Plants To Beautify Smaller Spaces

Individuals who have a space constraint may not be able to install full-sized artificial trees in their premises. For such individuals, a better decorative option would be the hanging silk plants, fake tropical plants, and other plant options. Here's a list of available plants that you can choose from to install a pretty landscape in your surroundings:

  • Hanging Plants – The hanging plants are a hot favorite landscaping product of many. These faux landscaping products give the surroundings a very mystical and quaint vibe. The hanging silk basket plants can add vibrancy and color to any dull and lackluster space.
  • Vines – The gorgeous ThermaLeaf® vines are real head turners. Their stylish personality can revamp the feel of any commercial or residential premises. Various types of vines are available for you to choose from including Pothos Hanging Vine, Wandering Jew, Curly Ivy and various others.
  • Grasses – The deep green and captivating grasses offered by ThermaLeaf® are ideal for both outdoors and indoors spaces. These grasses are lightweight and when placed in outdoors facilities sway gently with the wind, creating a very realistic vibe and feeling.
  • Flowering Plants – For those of you who want to add color and vibrancy to your surroundings, the artificial flowering plants are just what you need. The vivid and bright colors of the plants add life to any space. From pretty roses to hibiscuses and various other kinds of realistic looking flowers, there's something here for everyone.

Topiaries To Decorate Your Commercial Spaces

Artificial topiary trees outdoor and indoor options are ideal for festive decorations. A lot of people like to replace their regular landscapes during Christmas, Easter and other occasions with topiaries. The topiaries are also available in different shapes, sizes, and plants. Here's a list of available topiaries for you to choose from:

  • Topiary Cones – Ideal for malls, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and other eateries and public places, the topiary cones give the surroundings an upscale and classy vibe.
  • Topiary Balls – The topiary balls are extremely glamorous looking and can be used to decorate events such as parties, charity shows, weddings, concerts and other such public functions.
  • Topiary Spirals – The topiary spirals are extremely decorative and chic. These landscaping products can be used as Christmas decoration in homes, commercial spaces and even in offices.
  • Ivy And Boxwood Topiaries – The ivy and boxwood topiaries can be used for all kinds of indoors and outdoors decorations. They are popularly used in shopping complexes, art galleries, museums, and hotels.

Palm Trees For That Desert Or Summer Theme

Palm trees are the ultimate décor item for those living in cold climates and who wish to give the surroundings a summery feel. There are several different types of green and captivating palm trees for you to choose from. The available options of palm trees include the following:

  • Coconut Trees – For a beach like a vibe or a tropical island vibe the coconut trees are just what you need to install in your landscape.
  • Areca Palms – The areca palms look gorgeous in both office and residential spaces. Their beautiful leaves are truly mesmerizing and can liven up the surroundings that they are installed in.
  • Preserved Fans – The preserved fan palms are best suited for those looking for a value of money. Available in wholesale lots, these plants can be purchased in large quantities to decorate projects of massive sizes.
  • Preserved Date Palms – For those of you looking to give your surroundings a mystical and Middle Eastern vibe, the preserved date palms are ideal.
  • Kentia Palms – The kentia palms are beautiful decorative items for mansions, luxury villas, and large sized residential apartments.

Depending on the kind of theme you wish to incorporate in your surroundings, you can choose landscaping products that fit your requirements. From beautiful summer themes to a breathtaking mountain like feel, there is something here for every preference. Investing in these faux landscaping products will be one of the best long-term investments.

The Most Remarkable Features that Make ThermaLeaf®'s Products Special

PalmAre you considering artificial plants outdoor for your commercial or residential space? Upon exploration of various faux landscaping solutions, you will find a long list of providers everyone claiming the best foliage for your landscaping requirement. But among all such providers, a few are known for supplying reliable products. ThermaLeaf® is one of those reliable brands that one can trust while purchasing the artificial landscaping solutions. ThermaLeaf® is a trademark brand of artificial foliage by Commercial Silk Int'l that offers safest and highest standard products to landscape lovers around the country. If you are planning to establish a realistic and safe landscape at the same time, it is crucial for you to consider choosing various ThermaLeaf® landscaping products from their huge catalog.

An Introduction to ThermaLeaf® Foliage

The ThermaLeaf® foliage is designed through the procedure in which various fire retardant chemicals are infused during the manufacturing process into the material. These effective fire retardant chemicals are blended with PVC or plastic parts and the fabric when materials are injected into the mold. This whole manufacturing process creates the most secure, safest and fire retardant landscaping solutions than other plastic plants for garden available in the market.

Difference Between Other Fire Retardant Plants and ThermaLeaf®

The ordinary artificial plants available in the market that claim to be fire retardant usually follow the manufacturing procedure in which foliage is treated by dipping or spraying the fire retardant chemical solutions. It means that for all other plants, topical treatment of fire retarding is completed as an aftermarket application which is not much effective. As this procedure results in a discolored and spotty film that further degrades the foliage. This is not what ThermaLeaf® is known for. Instead of fire retarding as an aftermarket application, ThermaLeaf® injects the fire retardant chemicals into the material and mold so that quality of foliage does not get affected as well as these can be the most effective fire retardant products.

Fire Retardant Tests

ThermaLeaf® also carries out fire retardant test to ensure the quality of products and to stand along the claims that they make to their customers. As per the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) all the foliage need to undergo certain fire retardant test and should score a class "A" rating. The methods used to carry out a fire retardant test are called Toxicity Test Methods, and the result obtained need to be below the IDLH value of the gases listed in the NIOSH guide. All the range of ThermaLeaf® successfully meets all the fire retardant standards. All its products meet all the local, national and international fire codes thus offering highest quality products ever to the customers.

Best Solution for Commercial Applications

ThermaLeaf®'s proven and reliable fire safety solutions are highly suitable for all commercial applications. Since commercial environments are full of fire risks and dangers, hence such reliable solutions can enhance the overall safety of the premises. All the artificial plants and trees offered by Commercial Silk Int'l under the name ThermaLeaf® are back up with fire retardant properties. Whether you purchase artificial plants outdoor use, privacy greenery, artificial boxwood products, topiaries, artificial ivy walls or more, you can stay assured that all those completely fire safe.

Does not Wear or Wash Off

The most common problem with ordinary artificial plants is that they lose their shine and color soon they encounter frequent water, UV rays and all. This not only makes your landscape look ugly but also waste your investment that you do on artificial landscaping. But the innovative technology used in the manufacture of ThermaLeaf® foliage, make it stay fresh, elegant and realistic looking for years without washing or wearing off the colors. The material utilized also does not degrades in quality. All these products can offer you a wonderful looking and long lasting landscape for your residential as well as commercial space.

Smooth Surface Prevents Dust Build Up

All the ThermaLeaf® products consist of a smooth surface that prevents build up of dust thus making these solutions completely maintenance free. Dust build up is also one of the major problems that artificial landscape users have to come across. Frequent dust buildup also makes the plants look dull and boring. But with all the ThermaLeaf® foliage you can rest assured that your plants won't have to encounter much dust as they have been created with great care and affection giving a smooth surface on which dust particles can rarely be stable. No matter whatever product you are using quality offered is up to the highest standard for all the landscaping products.

What Products Can You Have From ThermaLeaf®?

There are a wide variety of plants, trees, flowers and other foliage that you can have for your space from ThermaLeaf®. All the product line comes with lifetime fire protection assurance. Below are major varieties that you can have.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Plants

The line of ThermaLeaf® artificial plants consists of a wide variety of products including handing plants, artificial vines, grasses, ThermaLeaf® cactus & succulents, bushes and more. Even among these major plants, you can have numerous more varieties.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Trees

The different kinds of artificial trees from ThermaLeaf® include ThermaLeaf® silk Bonsai tree, Pine, Tropical trees and more. The size of these trees may vary from smaller, medium to larger as per your particular requirements.

ThermaLeaf® Topiaries

You can have different types of topiaries including ThermaLeaf® topiary cones, balls, topiary spirals, ivy topiaries, artificial boxwood topiaries and more. In addition to these standard shapes, you can even get custom shaped and designed topiaries for your space with ThermaLeaf®.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Palms

ThermaLeaf®'s range of artificial palms consists of the preserved coconut palm, areca palm, preserved fan palm, date palm and kentia palm. You can choose from the sizes as per your specific preferences.

Artificial ThermaLeaf® Foliage

The line of artificial foliage from ThermaLeaf® consists of artificial moss, plastic plants for the garden, stems and picks, ThermaLeaf® flowers, Ivy mats, boxwood mats and much more.