Hospital Landscapes Need a Makeover - Practical and Inexpensive Methods

LandscapingMost of the hospitals have a depressing and sad aura. The emergency room, stretcher, and the dark walls tend to add to patients anxiety. However, with time things are changing and hospitals today ensure that there is comfortable to the onlookers. Most of the hospitals have realized the importance of good décor. A good décor greatly influences the mood of patients and helps them recover sooner. Traditionally the healthcare industry only focused on providing services to patients concerning medicines and other facilities. However, today many hospitals focus on their décor and design so that they provide a better atmosphere to patients. Price is the most important question that arises when décor and landscaping are discussed. There are many options available for decorating hospital exterior, but the price is the main concern. As far as cost is concerned, there are some price friendly décor options available in the form of thermal trees. Thermal trees are one of the reasonable and easily available décor options available in the market.

There can be no better option than trees to illuminate a hospitals décor as they tend to add a natural and fresh look. However, planting natural trees can be quite difficult. To solve this problem, there are some faux tree options available on the market. These faux trees are easy to install and look quite natural too. There are many thermal tree options available on the market. Following are some of the thermal tree options that you can buy for decorating your hospital exterior.

ThermaLeaf® Custom Trees-

In case you are looking out for unique landscaping for your exterior then these ThermaLeaf® custom trees are the best option for you. These silk trees are made of high-quality material with perfect detailing. The unique style and design give these trees an enchanting look. These trees are perfect for both indoor and outdoor setup. The ThermaLeaf® used in these trees is yet another distinguishing factor of this tree. Also, these trees are fire redundant as they are made using special chemicals to ensure the safety of premises in which these trees will be used. In case you are worried about the installation of these trees then you need not as the sellers provide complete assistance for installation of the trees.These trees are also easy on maintenance as they will retain the look for years to come by.

ThermaLeaf® Pine Tree

ThermaLeaf® Pine tree is an all-time favorite as they are known for their beautiful pine needles. This ThermaLeaf® can be used as a centerpiece for any commercial décor.  The enchanting view of this tree will enchant the onlookers. ThermaLeaf® pine trees are made using natural trunks of the tree which make them look natural and real. Some of the broad range of options available in this pine trees include rocky mountain pine tree, Limber pine tree, scotch pine tree. These trees are fireproof which makes them completely safe to be used for commercial and home landscaping. These trees undergo various tests to make them completely safe for use. Apart from meeting the safety standards, these trees will add a stunning look to your backdrop. They require minimum maintenance and are available at reasonable prices.

ThermaLeaf® Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a Japanese creation that has a royal and majestic look. This tree will prove to be a unique addition to your landscape as it is a timeless beauty. They have a pleasant look and aura which will grab the eyeballs of every onlooker. It has great foliage and is decorated using silk material and green leaves. These trees cater to all sort of safety requirements too which make them perfect for exterior landscaping in restaurants and hospital. These bonsai trees are best for using in compact spaces as they require minimum space. In case you want to use these bonsai trees for decorating particular space then you can go for customized trees too.

You do not need to prune these trees on a regular basis as they are low on maintenance. Japanese Maple Bonsai and Teal leaf Bonsai tree are some of the most widely used trees in this category. If you are looking out to add some oriental look to your décor, then bonsai tree is the best option.

ThermaLeaf® Large Tree

As the name suggests these trees are quite magnificent in size, and they are available as long as 35'. In case your exterior is quite spacious then these trees best suite your requirement. Palm trees, tropical trees, palm trees, etc. can be crafted in this category of faux landscaping. Apart from covering huge spaces, these trees are also free from the danger of fire. Hence, you need not worry about any hazard while you buy this tree. The size of these trees can put a question on its maintenance, but these trees are quite long lasting and do not require regular maintenance. They ensure all kind of safety and add stunning colors to your exterior.

Buying Thermal Trees-

The thermal trees are easily available in the market. In case you are a tech savvy person then you can buy these trees from online sites too. Numerous online sites sell these trees at various prices. The trees are available in various price ranges, so you need not worry about the budget. Hence, you need not worry about the availability of these trees. You can also ask for some sample materials before buying the actual product.

The Modern Office Is Changing Its Look and Feel - Here's How

HedgeYour office space is no more just a place for your employees to fulfill their duties and meet clients, it's so much more. The place you dedicate your time to every day should look and feel enough welcoming for clients, employees and yourself. This doesn't necessarily mean your office space needs to be decked with abstract word art, loud images, symbols with mod vibrant colored walls. Here's what you need to do, to keep up with the modern trend of office décor while keeping in line with your business motto.

Go back to the lab

First and foremost you need to figure out what your preconceived idea of your business or organization is. Is it an artistic space, that demands more creative visuals or a strict law firm? According to that, you can bring in new changes to modernize your office.

The idea behind open space

Once you have decided on what message your office space must send out you need to rethink the area before refurbishing anything at all. Open spaces are very much in trend these days for employees to connect better with their leaders. Now open space doesn't necessarily mean a huge hall with desks that look like a library. It can easily be bordered into various sections with the help of customized wall panels or stencils. These make sure that while the entire space is open, you can have a certain part dedicated to a private office to deal with employees or clients separately.

Using wall panels to create more room

Sounds contradictory, doesn't it? Continuing with the idea of open space and wall panels as mentioned above, you can create something way more relevant that suits introverts and extroverts. While your extrovert employees and clients can speak their mind and share ideas with the use of open space, it might be a huge turnoff for the introverts. To keep a certain boundary from where you can sit, observe, help out while being in an open space, wall panels are your friend. With the use of wall panels, you can create an individual space for you to mind your business in on the same floor like the others. This helps everybody to reach out to you whenever required without the overwhelming feeling of working with the boss around.

Let's go outside

What's the first thing that people see when they come to your office or commercial space? The big shiny firm tags, the fences, and office gardens. These are things that are a very common sight at every office. So how do you set yours apart? Let's talk about the tags first, as in the name of your venture or firm. You can now have faux plant tags that are completely customized, fire resistant and won't wear out easily. These look way modern than the random ones etched in shiny metal. If you are not that keen on hanging a green corporation sign, consider stonework. This is another way to add the modern zest to your corporation tag, that visitors and onlookers get a glimpse of, everytime they pass by.

Go green with the bordering

Every commercial space draws a line with concrete walls or something close to that. You can have our exterior setup completely revamped with hedges or concrete planters in case you wish to add in a little concrete while drawing the borders of your space. Hedges like boxwood work amazingly well when it comes to this. But wait? Wouldn't that cost you for maintenance for the sharp trimmed lines and fertilizing, a lot of effort right? No, when you get faux plants, this is one thing you need to check off your list. There is no maintenance cost, they won't grow or wear out, so you need not drop a sweat or penny over maintenance.

Garden Gnomes? No, Thank you!

When we say you need to loosen up and add a bit more funk to your office garden or relaxation area, we don't mean gnomes or a dove fountain. But what about the holiday seasons? Don't you need to dress it up for that? Once again faux plants are here, to your rescue. Companies like ThermaLeaf® produce tons of artificial plants like pine trees, white oaks and many other custom trees that look exactly like their real-life counterparts while costing you nothing over maintenance. These look extremely real and are treated with UV protection, fire retardant technology to avoid any damage whatsoever. When the holiday seasons are around just some fairy lights in and around these large green trees, would be the perfect setting you need.

Back to Stoneage

Stone and modern décor go hand in hand when it comes to exterior landscaping. Stoneworks like benches stand tables; chic fountains can completely revamp the look in your office gardens. You can have customized pieces installed to get that authentic look, which every modernized office deserves. Plus it is nice when employees and customers find themselves comfortable just by looking at a welcoming space for them to have a casual conversation. This would make your garden more like an alfresco relaxation lounge where your employees and visitors can wind down when tired.

No more dull lawns for you

Worn out lawns are extremely unappealing to look at. When you have clients and staff come over every day throughout the year to a place which lacks upkeep it is highly demotivating. Now you don't need gardeners to come in every week and work on the maintenance. All you need are faux garden mats to do the work for you. Go for Ivy mats or any other grass of your choice and watch your office garden space have a complete green makeover.

Want to Limit Deer Damage to Your Commercial Properties? Read This

TreesIn the recent past, there has been a vast expansion of human settlement encroaching upon the natural habitat of the deer, and they have also adapted to the change. Deer are not grazers, they require large quantities of food, and when they see commercial properties with planned gardens, orchards, ornamental plants and shrubs that become an easy source of food for them. Due to scarcities of food, they frequently invade the commercial properties for some easy meals and can cause severe damage to the exterior landscape of your commercial setting.

Exterior landscape involves investment in trees, plants, and flowers. Nothing could be worse than finding one fine morning that everything has been nipped off from the stems. Deer never bite off anything, they have the habit of uprooting the plants causing those to dry and eventually die. The problem is that commercial landscape is for delighting the customers, and not for the uninvited deer. So, you must take steps to limit deer damage. While trying to prevent deer damage, it should be kept in mind that they are part of wildlife and not to be eliminated for conflicting with the increasing use of lands by the humans.

Signs of deer damage

You will seldom see deer eating plants on your commercial setting. But, some signs confirm their visit. They go downwards starting to eat from the top and tear the plants with jerks. As a result, you will find a clean trimming of the green landscape up to six feet from the ground. When you see these signs, you have to take actions to stop their free lunch. Read on this to know how to prevent deer damage to commercial properties.

Conventional fencing

Fencing the commercial property is the most effective way for limiting deer damage.  Although deer can jump over even a 10 feet high fence, they do not prefer jumping without being sure what is there on the other side. Deer prefer to go crawling under the fence, or through the fence, rather than jumping over it, if not compelled to do so. In case it is not possible to create a 10 feet high fence, the height should be 8 feet at least. Moreover, the bottom of the fence should be as close as possible to the ground and in no case be more than 6 inches for the wire woven fences.

Electrical fencing

Other than the conventional fences, electrical fencing can also be constructed to keep the deer off the commercial landscape.  While the traditional fence provides a physical barrier, the electrical fences help to change their behavior and create some mental block. You can install the baited type or the poly-tape type for keeping the deer off from the commercial property. In the baited type peanut butter is attached to the fence. As the deer start sniffing the peanut butter for investigation, they receive a shock coming in contact with the fence and learn to avoid such places. They poly-tape type contains bright plastic tape with steel or aluminum wire. The deer get attracted to this, and as they touch the tape with their nose, they get a shock and retreat.

Use repellents

The sense of smell of the deer is very acute, and they rely on smell for spotting dangers.  Repellents are used to offend the senses of the deer so that they do not invade the commercial property for a free meal. Plenty of commercial products are available that can keep the deer away.  But these should be changed regularly so that the deer do not get accustomed to a single type of repellent and start ignoring it. Other than the chemical repellents, deer also do not like the scent of chives, dried blood, garlic, onion and, soap bar. These can also be used for repelling the deer. Having large ears, the deer have extremely sensitive sound perception. Using ultrasonic sounds is another way of scaring them away.

Planting unpalatable plants

While the eating habit of the deer depends on many factors like season and their hunger, they do not like to browse bitter, spicy and thorny plants. Having unpalatable plants in the periphery discourage the deer from invading the commercial setting. Plenty of plants are known to stop deer browsing. These include azaleas, bleeding heart, cleome, Common Dill, hyacinth, hemlock, juniper, pine, marigold, lavender, ostrich fern, sage, etc. But never mix these with plants with what they like. The deer will trample these and eat what they like.

Opt for faux landscape

Using artificial trees and plants for exterior landscapes is a great way to keep the deer away permanently. These are manufactured under supervisions of a team of botanists, engineers, architects, landscapers, and production people to make the fake plants 100% botanically correct. In fact, these resemble the live plants so closely that these evade the most experienced eyes. Being made from premium quality silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments, they adorn the commercial setting to everyone's delight like their live cousins. Being made from plastics, the fake plants do not attract the wildlife, and as the deer will not smell any food, they will not enter the commercial setting that has artificial trees and plants in the exterior.

There are many added benefits of using faux plants for exterior landscapes. These are not dependent on season and, therefore, your commercial setting will look equally charming in all seasons. Available in wide varieties, you can embellish the place as you like regardless of the location of the business setting. Since the artificial trees and plants are infused with UV blocking special chemicals, these never fade or get discolored even when exposed to the scorching rays of the sun and can withstand rain and snow. These are zero maintenance products and once installed, they continue to glam the setting for long.

How to Manage A Dangerously Poised Tree In Your Office Landscape?

PlantsA lush green landscape with ornamental plants and trees is a necessity of any commercial complex. The busy work life nowadays makes corporate owners create an engaging environment around to keep their employees energized and productive. But within your landscape, having a dangerous or poised tree can be a big risk for your commercial property. Such trees not only create a danger to your commercial building but also impose risks on the lives of your employees. So, if you have a landscape blooming around your commercial complex with a significant number of trees, it is important to take a look at it to identify such hazardous trees and get the right step taken before it becomes a problem for your property.

Let's have a look at some useful and tactical ways that will help you in managing a dangerously poised tree in your landscape.

Inspect Your Landscape First

It is necessary to take some time to walk through your landscape and inspect every single tree there. If it has been a long time that you have taken a look at the trees, it is the right time as winter season has just arrived. So, analyze the condition of the trees of your landscape before the strong storms hit them. Check every single face of the trees as damaged or dying trees can impose a threat to people and the property. If you find that the branches of the trees are covering electricity cables and power lines, it is better to get those branches cut appropriately.

Check Dead or Broken Branches

A broken branch can fall and injure people while also making significant damage to your property. There may be instanced when tree branches are broken but are firmly attached to the tree. Such branches also need to be identified and removed. There might be branched that have dried out. Heavy wind can strike those branches making them get broken easily. Before they break, it is better you identify them and get removed yourself.

Identify Cavities in the Branches

Cavities might be there within the branches of trees. The cavities take place due to a neglected injury of a tree. Due to the negligence, these injuries take the form of hollow or cavity. Due to the cavities, the heartwood of the trees is exposed which is more vulnerable to the infections. Thus these cavities make a tree unhealthy and internally very weak. If there are trees in your landscape with such cavities, these need to be either treated if possible or removed before they fall their own.

Understanding the Signs

There are certain signs of a dying or poised tree that you need to check for while analyzing a tree's health. Those signs might include:

Fungus or Rot Grown

The growth of rot or fungus-like mushroom, basal resin, etc. on the bark or root of a tree is a sign of serious root disease. If you find such a tree in your landscape, you can conclude that it is in the process of being fragile or dead. If left untreated root disease keeps spreading for years and ultimately can make a tree to fall. So, it is important first to identify the level of root disease your tree is suffering. If it is beyond cure, the tree will need to be removed.

Leaves Getting Pale

If you find that leaves of any tree in your landscape are getting yellow even in the friendly season, it also implies that tree might have a root disease.

Leaned Branches

You might find some trees in your landscape with branches leaned towards the surface. This might be the sign of a weaker tree as it can't bear the burden of its branches. The leaned branches may break or fall in heavy winds. Hence, get such trees identified and cut the burdensome branches on time.

Exposed Roots

Another sign of an ailing tree is the exposed roots. If you find any tree that has roots coming out of the surface, it means tree if losing its grip on the surface and may fall eventually. This may be due to lack of moisture in the soil or may be within the tree.

Give A Call to the Arbor

Once you have identified the problematic trees, it is time to give a call to a professional arbor and get the trees assesses thoroughly. An arbor uses professional equipment to prune the branches of the trees. In addition to cutting, an arbor can also determine the level of ailment within a tree with adequate equipment. This assessment of the tree will help you decide the next step to be taken to manage the poised tree. It is always a good idea to occasional call a professional arbor to keep an eye on the landscape while also get the shrubs and trees trimmed properly. A good type of care provided to the trees can help to reduce the risk of damages.

Prefer to Call Professional Tree Removal Providers

If your landscape managers find a tree's condition beyond cure and recommend you to remove the tree, it is critical that you take a professional tree removal service. Choose the service providers wisely that have expertise in getting this job done. Because removing a tree need to be done attentively preventing any damage to people, property, and other landscape elements as well. Professional tree removers have professional grade equipment with them with necessary expertise with which they remove trees quickly without creating any risk to properties.

Go for Artificial Landscaping

Getting through such situations in a corporate environment seems to be highly burdensome. If you want to prevent all this and stay stress-free without the need for landscape maintenance and all, you can choose artificial landscaping solutions for your area. Nowadays, most of the commercial buildings are using these products for interior and exterior landscaping. You can keep the desired size and style of the artificial plants and choose from countless varieties without the worry of regular upkeep or maintenance.

Must-Have Landscape Amenities for Every Corporate Building

LandscapeNumerous factors contribute to building a corporate complex a great workplace. Along with the latest design trends of the offices, there are certain other amenities and facilities office tenants look for while finding a suitable workplace. The availability of various amenities greatly contributes to the decision-making process. Ranging from rooftop patios, good parking facilities, appealing landscape, flexibility, adaptive work environment and more, the tenants consider all. These amenities not only attract more and more tenants but also help enhance the value of the commercial property in the market. So, let's explore different kinds of amenities your corporate space must have to offer your tenants.

An Energizing and Appealing Landscape

Imagine a lush green turf around your corporate space combines with a blend of colorful flowers and varieties of plants. Isn't such landscape making you feel energized and refreshed? That is why most of the offices consider setting up a work area around such environment that has a natural and soothing image to make employees feel fresh all the time. The corporate sector now understands the importance of greenery in boosting the energy levels of the employees who have to spend a considerable amount of time on their desks or boardrooms. Hence, it is a good idea to establish an appealing and lively interior and exterior landscape with some seating arrangement as well. You can also go for some artificial landscaping products also, as they are less expensive and are free from regular upkeep requirements. Every variety of plants can be found with the same looks and appeal as of their real counterparts. Most of the commercial buildings are now incorporating these solutions to have a stress free landscaping installed at budget-friendly rates.

Rooftop Patio or Terrace is A Plus

Rooftop patios or similar getaways in a commercial building can add a significant kind of amenity to the office. Such areas with appropriate seating arrangement can give employees to take their breaks and relax for a while with a cup of coffee or tea. These are considered important because such relaxation zones enhance collaboration among employees by giving rise to informal get together for a while. You can decorate the space well with the right type of plants, turf or visual appeal to offer engaging seating to the office tenants.

Parking Amenities Are A Must

Parking facility is the most important thing that any tenant would consider while analyzing the amenities of a commercial complex. People are obviously concerned about their vehicles and thus having a good parking system at the place with organized parking can be a big plus. Even if your corporate building doesn't have enough space to offer adequate parking, it is important you rent out nearby building or space for making regular and secure parking to your tenants during the day as well as night. If you already have parking lots, make sure to get them painted to make them look new. Allot sequence wise numbers or tokens to the tenants for parking.

Keep Your Complex Secure

Tight security is another important facility that is required to be at the place for making the tenants feel secure at your place. Whether it is about security from any fire hazard, theft or more, make sure that safety from all these kinds of risks is there. Setup proper alarm systems and also hire professional security guards to safeguard your complete complex.

Comfortable Seating Areas

In an office environment, where a large number of people will be there on a daily basis, not having appropriate seating arrangements doesn't make sense. There will be lunch breaks, tea breaks and all when employees will seek for a comfortable seating zone where they can relax and reenergize themselves for the rest of the day. For this, you can add benches, tables, and chair along with planters to offer comfort as well as interesting breaks to the people in your complex. In such outdoor areas, adding a water feature also becomes more engaging.

On-Site Food Facility

Adding an onsite food facility can also be a good addition to the list of amenities you are offering to your tenants. People love to enjoy light snacks and foods while their breaks and coffee time. So, adding a food corner can also be an attraction for the tenants. You can add the vending machine in such area to create an engaging environment. These things certainly make a great effect on the decisions of locating in such a building.

Reliable and Fast Elevators

If your commercial building has multiple floors, it is important that you install most reliable, secure, and fast elevators. This is an era of speed and technology, so waiting for more for elevators can offer a monotonous and dull experience to the tenants. Offer best lift systems to your tenants to offer the best experience. Also, make sure to hold an eye on the cleanliness of the elevators as well.

Fitness Center can also be Impactful.

The modern work life of the people making them sits stick to their systems for a considerable number of hours a day. This brings a kind of physical inactivity to everyone life. For overcoming this, the latest trend of commercial buildings is incorporating fitness centers inside the complex. You can invite tenants to subscribe to the fitness center and get involved in some physical activity during their breaks or free hours. Fitness centers are also helpful in enhancing the well-being of employees as well. Corporate owners can significantly enjoy reduced health costs on their employees by engaging their people in such fitness centers regularly.

Offer Convenient Working Zones

The latest work life offers too much of flexibility to the employees regarding the place where they want to work. Now the work of the employees is no longer limited to their work desks. So, it is important that you offer proper Wi-Fi accessibility throughout your building complex along with electric outlets so that your tenants can work flexibly anywhere.