ThermaLeaf® Vines - What's so Special About Them

ivy vinesIn the era where interior and exterior decorations are proved to be one of the best ways to make any place overwhelming, artificial plants are desired the most. There are different types of artificial plants which make your landscape look better than ever. However, one of the most used types of artificial plants is artificial vines. The faux vines are one of the best elements to make any landscape look just the way you want, simple yet gorgeous. Moreover, the vines are easily available on this site, making it very easy for you to reach for one of the best artificial plants for decorative purpose. Let's check out some of the important points about how artificial plants can bloom your world up, in a beautiful way.

What are artificial vines?

Artificial vines are one of the best well fabricated fake leaves which are designed in a beautiful way so that they look natural and brings a right amount of charm to the overall landscape. The artificial yet natural looking vines are available in different patterns and sizes which are designed keeping the various utilities in mind. The vines are available in different shades also, making the whole design, a bit more realistic. The faux vines are maintenance free which gives you the liberty to use them without the fear of untidiness.

How can artificial vines be used?

When it comes to interior and exterior decoration of the corporate world, faux vines are the key to make the best deal out of it. While using these foliages, one thing should be kept in mind that the overall approach towards designing should be minimalistic, helping your landscape to avoid clumsiness.  These types of artificial foliages can be used to make any office wall look fascinating. Some of the innovative ways how these artificial foliages can be used are:

  • These can be used to break the monotony of a simple shaded wall, by adding some natural charm.
  • These can be used as the interior decorating element to bloom up the beautification of the sitting arrangement of a restaurant.
  • These can be used to brighten up the aesthetic values of the reception or a hotel, making it the center of attraction. 
  • These can intensify the overall look of any banquet or hall if used to decorate the entrances or the walls.

Where can these faux vines be used?

One of the best things about artificial vines is that these suit any kind of official environment and makes a point to retain the natural and sophisticated look of that area. The designs, fabrics, and patterns associated with artificial vines maintain a high standard, making the whole point of designing go well with the official decorum. It helps to blend professionalism with creativity, making any serious atmosphere a bit calm and composed. These faux foliages can be used anywhere irrespective of the themes as, the vines add a natural look to the overall all landscape, intensifying the effect of the certain theme. However, some of the places where these artificial vines can be used are:

  • Corporate offices: to break the silence and the seriousness of a corporate office, artificial vines can be used to decorate a lonely wall, which makes the overall surrounding a bit more friendly. Moreover, while selecting a designing element for corporate offices, official decorum should be kept in mind, and vines are the best of its kind when it comes to blending creativeness with the line of work.
  • Retailer malls: malls nowadays are one of the most wanted places for casual hangouts and shopping purposes, attracting a large crowd. The multipurpose malls can use artificial vines to decorate their landscape to make the place a better place to associate with. The natural looking fabrics make it very easier for the coordinator to use them instead of natural plants, which is good news when it comes to the purpose of decoration.
  • Hospitals: one of the main thing to keep in mind while decorating a hospital is that the decorating element should not invite any insect or germs and should make the overall area, clean and hygienic. Artificial vines can be used to retain the natural aura of the hospitals, helping the visitors to relax and doctors to work in a better environment. Moreover, these artificial greeneries don't leave any residue to worry upon, making it the safest deal for the hospital to keep the surrounding clean.
  • Restaurants and hotels: the artificial vines can be used to enhance the visual appeal of any restaurant or hotel, making it easier for them to win the first impression. The receptions of any luxury hotels can be decorated to keep the attractive appearance while the sitting space or the pathway which combines the central meeting area to the of any restaurant can be decorated with pretty artificial, fabricated vines to make it useful for the guests to be in and help them savor the natural feel of it.

Maintenance free:  one of the main reason why artificial vines are preferred over the natural ones is that of the fact that these don't involve big steps regarding maintaining them on a regular basis. Once in a while, these fake foliages can be washed off to retain their natural beauty. Moreover, there is no need of trimming and shaping them, which makes them the ultimate designing element to keep the overall look intact.

Wallet-friendly: being available online and wallet friendly, the artificial vine proves to be one of the most searched artificial plants on the internet. The materials used to design them are of high quality which allows them to be intact for years, making it the ultimate deal for you.  One of the easiest ways to buy artificial vines is by surfing this site, which makes it easier for you to buy the appropriate one.

10 Reasons You Just Cannot Ignore ThermaLeaf® Faux Pines

10 reasons you just cannot ignore Thermaleaf faux pinesA good construction needs a good designing and architecture. It needs to be of durable quality and at the same time be good in designing.  However, by a design, we mean both by the interiors and the exteriors. The exteriors, of course, have to be strong and creative which will capture the onlooker’s attention immediately, but you need to pay attention to the interiors also. Of course there numerous ways in which you can make the interiors aesthetically appealing like using artifacts, wallpapers, any decorative items, an attractive piece of furniture, bright-colored curtains, etc.

However, there are other things which not only add a decorative outlook to your room or your any design space which you have chosen also have other tremendous environmental benefits. We are talking about artificial plants which are the current trends in décor and designing. Apart from various environmental benefits it also has a lot of psychological benefits.

They make the otherwise dull space look attractive, lively, and stylish. There are a lot of artificial plants available in the market. Some of them are artificial floral arrangements, coral flowers, and artificial cactus, to name a few. They look very good and can immediately add an aesthetic appeal to any room. However, the all-time favorite and the most popular among artificial tree decoration is the pine tree artificial foliage. Its’s very structure is very beautiful and alluring. It has an impressive design appeal with its long soft pine like needles. It looks highly extravagant, and the best part is it can be used anywhere in the interior or the exterior. It can be used as a centerpiece or a corner piece in your home or office or any other place which you want to use it.

However while selecting faux pine trees make sure that you know are aware if the texture and the shape of the needles while selecting a tree. Also, do research against which backdrop you are using the tree. The background should not be overly decorative, and your pine tree should stand out. You should use it cleverly to make it a stylish part of your decor.

We list down some of the uses of using an artificial faux pine and the many numbers of benefits -

1. One of the safest artificial décor - Fire resistant materials is infused in these artificial plants making them the safest option in artificial décor. During the molding process, fire resistant materials are injected into the leaves and branches which make them very resistant to fire.

2. Easy to clean - one of the main advantages and uses of pines is that they are easy to clean and they can be easily be wiped off. Not much effort goes in maintaining the faux pines. A normal cloth is what it takes to clean them. No maintenance is required.

3. Realistic and affordable - Faux pines are aesthetically crafted to suit the design needs. While using as a decorative item, they do not over the top and too decorative. They suit the design purpose of making the area look beautiful and stylish and are at the same time very affordable.

4. Of very high quality - The materials used for manufacturing of faux pines are of very high quality. These products are tested against various standardized methods to make sure they are made with finesse and at the same time very safe to use.

5. Add instant sophistication to any design space - Any kind of décor item should be classy and stylish and not gaudy and over the top. It spoils the very purpose of making clever use of the design space and damages the entire feel of the place altogether. Faux pines have a refreshingly green feel, in spite of being artificial trees and Add a mesmerizing touch to your design section.

6. Cost-Effective - Normally décor items are very costly for people to buy. However, with faux pines, they are comparatively cheaper making it one of the most popular purchases for décor.

7. Used for holiday décor business - Pine trees are also used for the holiday décor business especially during the Christmas the New Years’ time. They radiate warmth and comfort and make space look attractive.

8. Other uses - As mentioned above artificial pine trees are easier to maintain. They do not need watering of the plant time and again, which saves your time and energy big time. Also if you place a real pine tree, the needles will fall off with time and make a mess in your house. However, with artificial pines that are not the case. They will not fall off along with time and will save your time and energy. Fake pines will not be a problem for you if you are allergic to the smell of pine.

9. Easier to assemble - Faux pines are not much heavier and can be easily assembled and stored. It does not require much effort on the part of the person to erect the pine tree.

10. Life-long use - Since no disposing of is required you can keep it as long as you like. Also as the maintenance is pretty easy, you do not need to time and again keep looking at how to clean up the tree. Only cleaning it up once or twice will do the job.

Why ThermaLeaf® Faux Palms Are the Hottest Landscaping Picks These Days

faux palmsLandscaping is an essential activity if you want to make your indoor and outdoor spaces look beautiful and captivating. The latest trend amongst landscaping artists and designers is installing faux palms in their projects. These wonderful and lush green faux palms give an absolutely tropical and summery vibe to the surroundings. Another reason that these faux palms are considered for landscaping is because of their easy install and minimum maintenance features. So, if you’re looking to redecorate your home or redo the landscaping in your commercial space, you definitely want to consider installing these amazing palm trees that are super trendy and hot selling right now. 

Wide Variety Of Available Palms 

ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of different kinds of palms for its patrons. These include the preserved coconut trees, the areca palm, the preserved fan trees, the preserved date trees and the kentia palm. This wide range can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping. Designers who are looking to give the surroundings a summer or beach vibe should consider installing the realistic and lifelike coconut trees in the space that they are landscaping. Although the date palm and the areca palm can be used for both outdoor and indoor landscaping, they look best when installed in indoor residential spaces. Lastly, the preserved fan and the Kentia palm are popularly installed in commercial spaces. You can however install the palms as and how you like them in all kinds of spaces. 

ThermaLeaf®’s Fire Retardant Foliage Makes The Palms A Hot Pick For Landscaping 

Often landscaping artists and designers are apprehensive about installing faux palms or artificial trees in their projects. This is because faux plants are popularly known to catch fires and create destruction in the surroundings that they are installed in. In the case of ThermaLeaf®, the foliage is impregnated with certain fire retardant chemicals that ensure the leaves and the trees don’t go up in flames. This feature of the ThermaLeaf® palms makes them safe to install and leave both customers as well as designers worry free post installation. 

Various Places That The Artificial Palms Can Be Installed 

As we know, the ThermaLeaf® artificial palms can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping. Here’s a list of places that these palms are commonly installed in:

  • Movie theatres
  • Hotel lobbies, entrances, and rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and lounges
  • Water parks
  • Theme parks
  • Residential buildings and apartments
  • Residential building gardens, lobbies, and entrances
  • Commercial spaces
  • Boutiques and stores
  • Malls
  • Government buildings
  • Resorts
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Trade shows
  • Conference rooms
  • Exhibitions 

Besides the above-mentioned list, the faux palms can be installed pretty much any place that you wish to do an artificial landscaping on. 

Benefits Of Installing The Artificial Palms In Your Landscape 

Installing the artificial palms in your landscape is beneficial for several reasons. First and foremost these palms require minimum or no maintenance. The installer need not worry about watering, trimming or pruning the palms. Further, because these trees are artificial, they will not shed leaves creating a mess in the surroundings. Secondly, the palms are beneficial because they are extremely affordable and can be bought in large quantities for massive sized landscaping projects. Although the faux palms look extremely rich, lush and expensive, in reality, they are affordable and the user need not worry about investing exorbitant sums of money in them. Lastly, the ThermaLeaf® palms are manufactured to tolerate all kinds of extreme weather conditions. These palms are sturdy enough to tolerate excessive sunlight without loosing their color or fading away. These plants and trees can also tolerate snowfall and rainfall. 

The Perfect Decorative Pieces For Wedding And Event Planners

As a wedding planner or an event planner, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for new and innovative decorative pieces for the functions that you’re planning. The artificial palms are just what you need to change the vibe and brighten up the décor of an upcoming event. These plants will add vibrant color and life to the party. Further, a great benefit of these palms is that they can be stored away when not in use and you need not worry about them getting spoiled or damaged. The artificial palms have a very long shelf life and are also extremely sturdy and durable. Further, these palms can be used an re-used as per requirement and are also extremely long lasting. 

Easy Installation Process

The fake palm trees are extremely handy for artificial landscaping due to their easy installation feature. The installer does not need to hire professionals for a large fee to install the plants. The plants can be installed by pretty much anyone. They are also lightweight and can be lifted and transported with ease and without any hassles. Further, for those individuals who prefer to have a professional do the job, ThermaLeaf® can provide a team of skilled experts to do the installation for the customers.

The Perfect Landscape Product For Beach Resorts

The faux palms are the ultimate product for landscaping beach resorts. These summery looking trees can give a beach resort the ultimate Hawaiian feel. The landscape artist need not install real palms in the landscape of the beach resort and can simply install these faux ones. Not only will they give the resort the ultimate vacation vibe but they will also reduce the hassles of maintenance and care.

So, if you’re looking to redecorate your residential or commercial space and redo the landscaping of the surroundings, the artificial palms are the best bet for you. Not only are tremendously appreciated and super popular, they are also classy, long lasting and just what you need to liven up your surroundings. Don’t wait any longer contemplating whether or not to get your garden artificially landscaped, choose the palms that best fit your requirements, order them and install. We guarantee that you as well as your visitors and guests will be most impressed and captivated.

Safe and Stylish – ThermaLeaf® Faux Bonsai Trees

faux bonsaiBonsai is not just tray planting of trees; it is an art that needs lots of hard work and patience. Owning bonsais reflect the love for creativity, patience and can bring a unique feel to any office, hospitals, corporate buildings etc.

The art of growing Bonsai trees

Cultivating bonsai trees naturally needs not just persistence but also some complex time taking techniques that require green thumbs. Growing them naturally takes around 3 to 5 years to set up the plant in the pot and after that one has to also make sure that it does not grow any further, because that can spoil the whole look. The shape and size of bonsai trees that is accepted as standard and will look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes is also very difficult to achieve and it takes some practice to grow them. Dwarfing must not be confused with growing bonsai trees as this art does not depend upon using any genetically modified specimens.

Splendor of faux bonsai trees

Faux bonsai trees can obviously be purchased straight away and used for decorations to bring a unique charm to any indoor or outdoor landscape. Growing bonsai requires transferring them to different sized pots at different stages of their development and thus decorating corporate buildings, malls, restaurant or other commercial areas with many of them would propose the problem of time management, maintenance and most importantly, experts might have to be deployed to do the work. Artificial bonsai need no care at all and can be kept anywhere, irrespective of whether that place gets proper sunlight, fresh air or fulfills other such requirements that a naturally growing tree demands. Buying these will obviously save years of hard work that is needed to grow and train these trees to achieve their perfect shape and size.

Inexpensive and amazing

Forget all the care and labor that goes into growing bonsai trees with these artificial botanical beauties that look absolutely natural and needs no maintenance at all. These artificial bonsai trees are available in several different tree species and can also be ordered in any custom made specific variant. Their perfect shapes make them absolutely suitable for both interior and exterior landscaping. These are far less expensive than growing bonsai trees by hiring professionals and need just the set up time to transform a dull landscape into an amazing mood uplifting place. 

Flexible and customizable

The easiest way to beautify both indoor and outdoor landscapes with bonsai is to select from the wide range of magnificent varieties and install them in no time, with the help of instruction manuals available with them. These are fully customizable and one can select from the wide variety of species of trees, pots, flowers and fruits etc. Crafted carefully by professionals, these artificial landscaping products look absolutely realistic with the proper size and shapes of all the elements like branches and leaves. 

Easy to set up

Unlike naturally grown bonsai trees, these artificial ones do not require shifting them to differently sized pots from time to time. The set up is quite easy as these are often preferred in small sizes. One can readily shift them around the workspace with ease because of their lightweight, without worrying about causing any damage. Vertical gardening looks beautiful with bonsai trees in outdoor landscapes and placing them on office desks, receptions, corners of restaurants, government buildings, schools etc. are some of the great ideas to decorate interiors with bonsai trees. 

Perfect for every location

These faux bonsai trees are absolutely natural looking and can be used for interior as well as exterior location. They are available in customizable sizes which make them fit for any location. They are known to uplift moods and make the surrounding environment very pleasant. These artificial bonsai trees are made with special care to incorporate all the details that a natural tree of that species includes. The commercial grade materials used in making these faux trees ensure that they look indistinguishable from the natural ones. The exotic look of these carefully crafted artificial, yet natural looking bonsai trees will surely make a unique statement in any restaurants, parks, hotels, malls and other commercial areas. 

Why prefer ThermaLeaf® over any other?

Thousands of cases were reported in the past decade, where faux botanical beauties were the cause of spreading fire due to negligence. ThermaLeaf® uses advanced technology to ensure that the artificial plants and trees are completely UV stable and fire resistant, which makes them preferable for exterior as well as interior landscaping purposes. These faux trees are capable of persisting even in extremely harsh climatic conditions and high temperature. They abide by all the fire regulatory guidelines that the commercial buildings must follow, hence making them a great choice for landscape artists. 

Some other benefits of artificial bonsai trees

  • Growing natural bonsai can take approximately 3 years or more whereas these artificial bonsai trees can be set up readily without any hassle.
  • It is almost impossible to maintain and grow bonsai trees in closed air conditioned environments which most commercial buildings have, and thus artificial bonsai can be used to replace the natural ones.
  • These faux bonsai trees are gaining popularity because they require no patience and hard work in shifting them to different pots over different stages of their lifetime.
  • With these faux beauties around, there are absolutely no chances of spillage and any bad organic smell due to overwatering as no organic material is used.
  • Being made from durable synthetic materials, they need no maintenance at all and remain beautiful in the same way for years.
  • These are fire resistant and UV stable, making them perfect for both interior and exterior landscapes.

7 Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Day at Work

7 ways to unwind after a stressful day at workWork is something we cannot avoid but if work is stressful and hectic, and then you must have some ways to unwind for a kick start on the next day. Hectic schedules, meetings, projects, deadlines, etc. might leave you drained out of energy, and all you might think of is sleeping. However, if you unwind before calling off the day, it can help you getting the stress out and motivate you for the next day. If you do not let the stress out, it will pile up and will affect you both physically and mentally. For a productive mind, one needs to give the mind and body something to enjoy, be happy about and that takes you out of your 'work mode' completely. Here are seven simple ways that can help you unwind after a stressful day at work:

1. Long shower: Taking hot showers for little longer than usual after work does help you to relax. Compliment your hot shower with scented candles, soft lights, wax flowers and music to cleanse yourself inside out. This relaxing bath will give you ample of self-time and also will be a trigger for a comfortable sleep. Sleeping adequately help the body and mind to rejuvenate. Sleep deprived, and stressful mind can never be productive. Therefore, it is utmost important that you find ways to go to bed with a relaxed mind.

2. Music: Music acts as a therapy for getting all the stress out of your body. Listen to your favorite songs, make a playlist of all the songs that you love and would like to tune into when feeling super stressed. This deviation will help your mind to stop thinking about work. It will help in attaining a good night sleep. You can also go for a walk, fix running schedule or just sit in a park, listening to oldies, new and anything of your choice. This will help you lots in unwinding the day. 

3. Dance it out: If you like dancing, then getting stress free becomes easier. Reach home and just put on your dancing shoes to get all the stress out from your body. Play it loud, and dance like no one is watching. Dancing refuels your body as well as relaxes it completely. You will feel refreshed the next day, and your mind will be open to new ideas and creativity.  

4. Long drive: One can also choose the long drive to unwind. Hit the road with your wife, children or anyone who you are comfortable with and talk to them while driving. If you vent out all your stress by taking about it to your family or friends, then you feel light and stress-free. Share laughter along the way to let the stress go out the window. Sharing and offloading can help you immensely in thinking fresh. If you do not give your emotions a vent, they might trouble your emotional health in the long run and will affect your productivity and wellbeing. 

5. Read, write or watch: Pick anything that you like. Reading a book or magazine, writing poem, story or daily diary or go for a movie with friends and family to rejuvenate you after a hectic work.  When you give time for self, then it ultimately leads to a stress-free and relaxed mind. With this, you will get the energy to bounce back, be more creative and fresh for the next day. 

6. Wine: A glass of wine of your choice can help you to get the stress out. You can meet some friend to share your day's work over a drink and get offloaded. Drinking in limits can act as medicine for a good sleep and relaxed mind. Anything over can have negative repercussions such as hangover, headaches and unable to get up for work the next day. Therefore, stick to one or two glasses of wine with the objective to unwind.

7. Positive ambiance: It is very important that when you walk into your home after work, you must get the feeling of positivity. Therefore, surround yourself with things that evoke freshness and positive vibes. For instance, put a silk flower centerpieces around the home, have bright lights, a wind chime at the entrance door, etc. to create a positive ambiance. When you walk into a home that feels fresh, positive and has a soothing vibe, the body itself starts to heel.

These are few tips on how to unwind after a stressful day at work. You can also try things like joining a hobby class, a gym routine, spending time with kids, pets, and friends, indulging in cooking, talking to an old friend over phone, meeting someone you have not met for a long time and things like that which make you happy. The best way to unwind is to do things that drag your mind away from thinking about work constantly even after office hours. Things that make you happy give your emotions a vent and make you feel relaxed and offloaded. Anything as simple as going for a walk or as intensive as working out can help you relax. The key to relaxing is to find things that give you joy, your mind a deviation from work for some time and activities that motivate you for the next day.

Do not stick to one schedule for long, as this can also make the ways of unwinding boring. Keep trying new things. For instance switch between walking, dancing, reading and writing during weekends to avoid boredom.