Fire Retardant Landscaping

See why Architects and Designers worldwide specify Commercial Silk International’s trademarked ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage for their commercial projects.
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ThermaLeaf® by Commercial Silk Int'l is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage and the safest solution in the industry today.

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The benefits of ThermaLeaf® are many but none more important than it is the safest  artificial foliage on the market; meeting local, national and international fire codes.

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Use our ThermaLeaf® Specification Guide as a helpful tool for specifying Commercial Silk Int’l products that utilize ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage.

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Is ThermaLeaf® required?

Building codes specifically address the use of artificial foliage.

Understanding the fire code requirements for flame retardant artificial trees and silk plants can be a challenging and confusing process. Each State adopts its own fire code as well as every single municipality. In an effort to answer the question of whether fire retardant foliage is required, we have asked the Office of the State Fire Marshal in each State for the details of their fire code requirements. 

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ThermaLeaf® Fire Tests

ThermaLeaf® has been designed and engineered to be compliant with some of the most stringent fire test methods including NFPA, ASTM, UL, BS, EN

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  • ThermaLeaf® meets the flame propagation performance criteria of NFPA 701. 
  • ThermaLeaf® has a Class A Rating as tested according to ASTM E84 Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. 
  • ThermaLeaf® is a Registered Flame Resistant Product and meets the minimum requirements of flame resistance established by the California State Fire Marshal for products identified in Section 13115, California Health and Safety Code. 
  • ThermaLeaf® complies with the requirements for Class 0, as defined in paragraph A13(b) of Approved Document B, 'Fire Safety', to the Building Regulations 2000. 
  • ThermaLeaf® meets the flame propagation performance criteria of NFPA 705. 
  • ThermaLeaf® meets the after flame performance criteria for US Gov SIN 4722-06. 
  • ThermaLeaf® is below the IDLH Value of the listed gases in the NIOSH Guide for Analysis of Pyrolysis and Combustion Gases. 
  • ThermaLeaf® holds a Certificate of Conformity for PLS Class 2. 
  • ThermaLeaf® has a Class A rating as tested to ASTM E84 which is a comparable test procedure to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA 255, UBC 8-1. 
  • ThermaLeaf® has been tested for flammability with a view to ascertain the burning performance as defined in BS.5852. 
  • ThermaLeaf® has been tested as defined by BS.5438 for flammability when subjected to a small igniting flame applied to the face and bottom edge. 

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Commercial Silk Int'l publishes a complete ThermaLeaf® catalog featuring artificial trees, plants, topiaries, flowers, preserved palms and foliage manufactured exclusively for commercial projects.

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A ThermaLeaf® On Fire

See this amazing video of ThermaLeaf® foliage being set on fire and watch as the product self extinguishes and regular foliage continues to burn! 

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