10 Cafe Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting With

10 Cafe Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting WithCoffee shops are the new favorite hang out a spot for anyone. Be it teens or a gang of retirees, and if the city has a popular coffee joint, they are all in for a quality time. But to have a customer base keep coming back is no easy task.

The coffee may be the finest choice from around the world, and you might offer the best food, but the ambiance and the design features of the café are as important as the coffee itself. You can be set apart from your competitors by good design.

Here we present you with 10 fabulous ideas, which can help create a modern vibe to your café.

1.    Choose the best location for the café.

A café is a place, which can serve as a simple grab and place or a peaceful environment, to sit and relax with your pastry. Either way, it is not a restaurant, which takes up more than an hour for your food.

Try to keep the demographics of the customers and make sure the café is centrally located, so they don’t have to drive or walk a long distance for a coffee. People would prefer a bad coffee to the long drive for a good one.

A corner coffee shop on a downtown street is the best-preferred location. But if you are not able to get that spot, try to locate a place that is closer to where many people work, or pass-by during their commute. For commercial location, you could always try a space in a mall, where many people would like a to-go cup while shopping.

2.    Try to create a lively environment.

For a modern looking café, ambiance is very important. Dull and gloomy colors tend to keep customers away.

A coffee, for many of us, is associated with energizer or mood refresher. And when someone walks in to get one, they are expecting the place to lighten them up. Create a good ambiance with skillful colors and matching lighting. Acoustics also help in this case.

Once you decide on the theme, try to balance it with bright colors. Red and yellow are known to be diet stimulants. If you want a quick table turnover time, use them. If you want a longer turnover time, use a subtle and relaxing color that creates a balance with the customers.

3.    Lighting is crucial for any design.

We will be able to see different types of people in a café. People plugged in with a laptop, or someone who is lost in a book. A gang who is meeting after a long time or a professional team coming in for a coffee break. Or a person who just wants to sit and relax with their coffee.

Whatever is their case, a café should foster all of it. And the lighting can play a key role in this. It should be bright and breezy for a good feel, but should also equalize the ambiance.

There should be a mix of different light fixtures to cater to all these different types of coffee people. Pendant lights which spread light for a relaxed look. A table lamp near the corner sofa for book readers. The options are numerous. Make sure there are options to choose from for the customers.

4.    And so is the seating arrangement.

A modern café should be diverse. The layout should be pleasing and welcoming everyone. Seating can have a significant impact on how you want your business to run. Whether it’s a fast-paced joint or would you like your customers to enjoy a good, relaxed time at your café, seating alone can make the difference.

Cafes usually have low-level tables and chairs in contrast to the regular dining tables and chairs. This gives a chic feeling and also lets the customers relax for sometime and get going about their day. Cafes also feature the beanbags or sofas for even a cozier feel. For a trendy vibe, a mixed seating plan can do the trick.

Try investing in some quality low-level tables and chairs, and also some sofas especially for the corners. This way your café can be a one-stop solution for coffee lovers. Make sure the spacing between each table is adequate with the customer’s privacy in mind, but not so aloof, so they feel isolated.

5.    Make a statement with your service area.

A café can be both giving and picking orders by self or servers waiting tables. A serving area should be planned according to your café. You can choose between large blackboards with menu items, handwritten or painted or digital menu board with images of the food item being ordered. This is entirely based on your customer’s choice.

The serving area should not be blocking the way for waiters serving the tables; neither should the on-going traffic be directed towards seated customers. A good design should keep the traffic moving and also accommodate customers who want to spend more time at the café.

And if you have a drive-thru option, that should not be in seated customers view. They should be able to have a good view and not of the ongoing vehicle rally outside.

6.    Outdoor décor is as important as the indoor.

The exterior look and feel of any café is equally important and draws the crowd accordingly. Especially if the streets have a beautiful, charming sight of the architectural buildings of the area, nothing beats a refreshing feeling of having a coffee whilst enjoying that view.

According to the weather and location, create an aesthetic setting for your customers to enjoy their time outside the café. Be it tables and chairs with an umbrella or be it benches facing away from the traffic, these seating will give an added reason for customers to enjoy their visit.

7.    Make a connection with nature by creating an indoor or outdoor garden.

Any type of greenery makes us feel more connected with nature. And this automatically gives a boost to our energy. Try to create a garden if you have enough outdoor space. Or you could always invest in a gazebo for a more durable and long-lasting structure. This not only helps to connect with nature, but the serene setting will keep the customers coming back for it.

You can also create unique indoor gardens with glass façades. These not only give out positive vibes but also will help calmness prevail, to an otherwise busy coffee house.

8.    Use artificial greenery to achieve the decoration style you missed having natural plants.

Artificial plants and trees are easy to maintain and can be altered to our exact décor need. For a busy café, maintaining natural plants might be an added expense. Try to opt for artificial greenery arrangements. This is cost-effective and can change the vibe altogether.

Artificial green wall designs are catching up and help to give a jungle effect. If you have tables and chairs placed outside the café, you could create a garden fence with an artificial boxwood hedge.

If there is a space crunch, you could opt for artificial greenery in pots or artificial flowers.

9.    Use unusual color combinations.

A contemporary style can use any combination boldly. And to have that vibe in your café, go for skillful color combination choices. Like you can opt for all wooden interior finish and choose bright yellow or red color fabrics for sofas and decorative pillows.

Or you can also try to bring in dark furniture with bright lightings around. The contrasting feature should be visually pleasing and give a comfortable feeling.

10.     Accessorize.

Any decoration can be topped with certain accessories. Abstract paintings, for example, tend to give a stylish look. Combined with a shelf full of books or a wall full of collections, also add up to the décor.

Background music tends to be an advantage in most cases. But you have to be careful about the choice of music and group dynamics of the café. By knowing customer interests, you could also have a small stage set up for musicians to perform. This not only improves the café look but also gives a community feeling.


Whatever the case be, it is you who has to find out about your customers and how you can help achieve your goal in keeping them and bringing them back.

Try these ideas and implement some of your own, to get the contemporary vibe missing in your café.