10 Essential Things You Need To Know About Decorating A Shopping Mall

1Essential Things You Need To Know About Decorating A Shopping MallLarge scale operation often is intimidating and challenging, to say the very least. However, if ample dedication and hard work are put into the said operation, the process becomes enjoyable and the hard work, natural. Decorating and designing a mall is an intimidating task, especially if one is new to such a project, but like anything we undertake in our lives, we have to start somewhere. Let this article be a guiding light for you to understand mall decoration and design through ten tips and tricks.

Decide a Theme and Stick To It

One of the essentials of any design and decor is the surrounding theme to it. Once you have decided on decorating and designing a mall, make sure you choose on a theme from the very start. The theme can be elaborate or simple. If a theme is not decided upon, no further design can save the mall from being a humongous mess with a mixture of multiple themes that don't divulge into harmony. You can go with an elaborate theme if you choose to; however,even simple themes can go a long way. Simple themes can revolve around unique ideas, such as a theme that takes into account European decor.

2. Add Magical and Unique Factors

One complaint that is sensed and seen in shoppers and consumers is that every mall these days look the same and have the same design. While decorating a mall, this grievance should be kept in mind. To make a mall stand out, you cannot rely on designs and decorations that have been used countless time. You need to make your decoration unique. Upon selecting a theme, add elements of the theme to the mall that have not been incorporated by just any mall in the city. For example, if your theme is tropical, add artificial outdoor tropical plants and trees outside of the mall to draw consumers, or, if you were to go with European decor, you could use artificial ivy vines to line up the wall outdoor.

3. Don't Forget Common Spaces and Sitting Areas

When decorating a mall, it should be kept in mind that common spaces and sitting areas are a big part of the entire mall experience. Keep a larger space for common areas where people can relax, unwind and socialize. This helps boost morale and helps the shoppers rest themselves after a tiring day of walking around the mall. To make the experience complete, decorate the common spaces using beautiful and straightforward elements such as fountains and artificial outdoor landscaping. The latter is easy to maintain and due to its nature, is economical.

4. Remember That Malls Don't Have to Be Entirely For Shopping

While malls were created with the primary purpose of drawing shoppers, a new story emerges today. Malls don't entirely have to be about shopping. Create and design co-working spaces so that people can come and work in an area of the mall and are charged hourly. This activity generates a new set of consumers and individuals who step into the mall.

5. Adhere to Changing Trends

Remember that old plans and to-do lists for decorating and designing malls might not be relevant in the year you are decorating and designing the mall. When designing, make sure you inculcate elements into it that are relevant to the year and age you're designing the mall. Do not consult outdated information; rather, understand the recent trends and go with your instinct.

6. Pay Heed To Seasons

The best part about decorating mall roots in the fact that you can change and innovate designs with passing seasons having a different one. With new seasons, you can change up the entire look of the mall to draw people in. If it is winter and the time for holidays, festive colors, patterns and designs can be chosen to decorate the mall. In autumn, signifying the shedding leaves, artificial plants and trees with brown leaves can be placed indoors. For spring and summer, artificial tropical plants can be used.

7. No Isolated Corners

When decorating a mall, make sure that no isolated corner is present, awkwardly trying to ruin the decoration and look of the mall in its entirety. Isolated corners can be used as empty spaces for unlimited creativity. Place festive banners, artificial flowers and shrubs to liven up the space to help the mall get a more beautiful look.

8. Do Not Forget The Gates

It is essential that when you are decorating a mall, make sure you do not ignore or neglect the entrance of the establishment. The entrance is the first impression that the shopper gets when entering the mall. Use the entrance has a mini canvas and place small artificial trees and plants, and small souvenirs to create a better impression with the consumers.

9. The Center is Where The Eye Reaches

Upon entering the mall, the first thing a customer sees is the center of the mall. Make sure that the center of the mall is well decorated and appealing to the collective eye. The centerpiece along with entrance creates a duality in the first impression, and positive and spectacular use of the said space can make a huge difference in the perception of the person entering the mall.

10. Outdoors Should Not be Neglected

Just because everything is inside the mall, it does not mean that the outdoor area of the mall should be boring or bland. Make sure you use your resources and knowledge to brighten up the outside area of the mall. Doing so is not only appealing to shoppers but also to passersby who might become potential shoppers. Intelligently use the outdoor space by decorating it by using simple yet beautiful things, for example, employing large artificial outdoor trees to give a natural and elegant look to the entire establishment.

Decorating and designing a mall can be a difficult task, however, if you consider the recent trends and understand and follow the ten points thoroughly, you will do more than just fine in the decoration aspect.