10 Reasons To Choose Artificial Greenery For Commercial Settings

Reasons To Choose Artificial Greenery For Commercial SettingsEvery human being has an innate tendency to go back to nature. It's not just biophilia that depicts this well; nature keeps calling us back to itself. Go to anyone sitting in a cubicle, and we're pretty sure you will get the same answer. And it's the similarity in the philosophy of these people that we have carved out ten solid reasons to opt for fake plants in the office atmosphere. 

Even if you're a person who would always choose any commercial setting over a natural atmosphere, I bet you can't go long without a minimal touch of nature. So let us jump quickly to the causes behind choosing artificial plants for a technical setting. 

1. Well the first thing which is known to each one of us is that, you can keep artificial plants anywhere you like. Even at places which do not receive any sunshine, or in low light areas these plants will grow happily and will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Besides who would want to spend a whole day in a cubicle? Incumbents get their recess when they like to relax entirely far from the working atmosphere. 

Well, such an ambiance can be created in a significant way even inside a commercial setting. Arrange a few fake Palm trees for the pool area and look at how the makeover changes. Artificial trees assure greater durability and minor maintenance.

2. Since plants are such an absolute look-alike of their real varieties that you might get confused at a glance. Such is the sophistication of the craft that it often becomes hard to notice the difference. The precision of the craftsmen together with their years of experience help them create the most realistic artificial outdoor plants. Not only the office indoors but the outdoor landscape can be set perfectly with an intelligent utilization of artificial foliage. 

 One sure shot advantage of these artificial plants is that they do not attract insects. 

You will feel relieved to know that since these plants do not photosynthesize, they do not flower. And this makes one apparent reason that they do not attract insects, mites or pests. 

3. Flies and ants only get attracted to real plants owing to the smell they give out. No insects and pests will feed on the fake plants you put. This directly implies that you save a lot of money from buying those expensive pesticides and insecticides. Also, you don't need to care about the harm they can cause to the real plants. 

Yes, you would rarely need some artificial spray to keep off the dust and to keep the nearly natural outdoor plants looking healthy and shiny. But this investment is much less than investing in those expensive chemical products. 

4. Artificial plants and trees with solar lights are considered a beast savor in terms of energy. Being artificial in the first place, they require almost no maintenance. Also due to the presence of solar lights on them, the cut down a whole lot of your expenses on electrical energy too.

 Keep these plants under the sun, and people will happily mistake them for real ones. And when the sun begins to sink at the horizon, the solar lights on them light up automatically creating a Paradise on its own. What can be more amazing and beautiful than this? 

5. Most of the insects and bees that real plants attract do not possess harm. But with the change in the seasons, the same attract different kinds of insects some of which cause allergic reactions. 

But if you are an allergic person, you can install artificial plants without any worries. Artificial plants promote an allergy free environment. 

6. From putting them in a well-lit area to watering them, trimming them at regular intervals and clearing out weeds calls in for too much care and work. You as a super busy person can crave for some fresh looking plants around you, but it's very obvious that real plants demand a lot of care and maintenance. 

The only smart alternative here is fake plants. 

7. Artificial hanging plants with flowers and LED lights can be a safe option for the indoors. Even when the monsoon comes, you won't have to fear for the damage. Install them indoors and fresh, blooming flowers will greet you no matter whether it's spring, summer or winter. 

These plants might lack life, but they don't lack vibrancy. The bright colors of the flowers they bear promises to remain intact over the years. Lasting power is indefinite as these plants do not grow. This means you can put them in any environment you want.

8. Readers who already have pets in their house will be able to relate to my pain. My doggy has a high affinity to my real plants. And almost every other day I wake up to discover some mishap with my plants. 

This common story led me to replace my real plants with the artificial variety of their look-alikes. Now I am relieved because both my doggo and my plants greet me happily as I wake up. Moral of the story, artificial plants do not attract pets! 

9. You can forget about the water damage because practically you don't get any. You can wash artificial plants with water without causing any damage to them. 

Make sure to dust these plants once in a fortnight and wash them once a year to enhance their longevity. Needless to say that molds or any other bacterial growth are impossible on artificial foliage. 

10. Artificial plants are available in a wide variety. Options available are much higher than their original counterparts.


Once you get yourself a silk plant, you would never think of buying real plants for commercial settings. You can follow your own choice or even consult an interior designer for the kind of foliage that would look good in your surroundings.