10 Unsolved Christmastime Mysteries That Baffle Even Today

10 Unsolved Christmastime Mysteries That Baffle Even TodayThe holidays and festivals are supposed to mean for enjoying time and fun together with family, forgetting all the worries and busy schedule we follow. However, after reading about these ten unsolved mysteries, you would feel that for criminals, even a Christmastime does not matter at all.

For most people like us, festivals and holidays, especially end of the year time give a reason to be gentle and kind to each other forgetting all the harder time, with a promise to start a healthy relationship. However, this time becomes so stressful and lonely to some people that they may even act quite the opposite to what is expected. Their loneliness sometimes may even give rise to an outburst of any physical violence.

As we move ahead with beautiful Christmas arrangements, decorative trees, colorful lights and more to ask Santa to fulfill our dreams, let's not forget some of such true incidents of Christmastime that now have become mysteries.

1. Kidnapped Women Burnt on Church Steps

Tracy Mertens, a 31 years old women, had just moved to Rochdale, England with her boyfriend, Joey Kavanagh. Just two days before the Christmas in 1994, she moved to her former residence to pick more of her belongings. As she was busy in packing, her doorbell rang and as soon as she responded, the two black men ran into her house asking her “Where's Joey?” Both of them picked her from there and drove to Eton. They dropped her off on the steps of the church and poured gasoline all over her body. They lightened her on fire. She was taken to hospital where she told the whole story to the police just before death.

During the investigation it was found that Joey had a drug addiction and owned money to people. However, this fact was denied by him, and the actual criminals could not be found.

2. Teenagers Missing and Parents Burned to Death

Danny and Kathy Freeman were celebrating the 16th birthday of her daughter Ashley, four days after Christmas. Ashley's boyfriend Jeremy and best friend Lauria Bible were also invited to the party.

Jeremy left Ashley's home at 9.30PM, and when everyone was sleeping in the night, a neighbor noticed fire lightened in his or her home. The neighbor called the police, and when the fire was put out, police found the remains of Kathy Freeman. The next day body of Danny was also found, and both of them were shot in the head before putting them on fire. Ashley and Lauria were not found anywhere, and there is not even a single clue of both of them till this time.

3. Women Shot To Death While Driving

Rhonda Hinson, a 19-year-old adult girl was enjoying her office Christmas party on December 22nd, but later she was found dead in her car just a mile away from her home. Police found that she was shot by a shotgun in the heart and bullet pierced through driver’s seat before hurting her. According to her mother, she was in a relationship with a married man. Some of the witnesses who has been around her car that day said that they saw a man standing behind her car. However, no proof of the man was found ever. This case has been a mystery yet.

4. Girlfriend Killed with Boyfriend and His Son Missing

Chance was a nine years old boy who decided to celebrate Christmas with his father Lee Dub Wackerhagen and his father's girlfriend Latricia White. Latricia's father was a little bit worried about her, so he decided to visit her home on 27th December 1994 where he found Latricia shot dead. Dub and Chance were missing from the site. At first, police thought that Dub murdered her girlfriend, but a few days later they found his abandoned truck with Dub's checkbook, wallet and presents covered in blood. Also, Dub's mother told police that she received a call from a child who was shouting "help me." However, no one still has any clue about both of them.

5. Man's Body Found in a Septic Tank

Between 1978-1985, Camilla Lyman transformed from female to male with a new identity and name that was Cam. He was one of the renowned breeders of Clumber spaniels. Cam hired George O'Neil to show and feed his dogs.

During 1987 Christmastime, a family of Cam became worried as they did not receive any Christmas card. O'Neil told later to the family that Cam and he had some arguments about his dogs, and after that, he did not see Cam ever. As soon after Cam's death, O’Neil took charge of Cam's dog breeding company. Later in the investigation, Cam's remains were found in a septic tank. O’Neil was the prime suspect in this case but had never been charged for anything.

6. 5 Years Old Missed from a Crowded Party

Tammy Brannen and her five-year-old daughter Melissa hosted a Christmas party on December 3, 1989. As both of them were leaving for the party, Melissa ran inside the house to get some potato chips with her and never came back. All the volunteers started to search Melissa, but no clue was found. Caleb Hughes, the groundskeeper, was suspected as women present in the party complained that he was passing sexual comments and was paying too much attention to kids. The wife of Hughes also specified that he was late from work to home as compared to the usual routine. Later the fabric found in his vehicle also matched with the clothes of Melissa. Hughes then charges and convicted for kidnapping with 50 years of imprisonment. But Melissa was never found.

7. Suicide of Jane Doe

A 60-year-old woman Jane Doe was found dead at the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Cemetery in Annandale, Virginia. She was found dead on 18 December 1996. Although her body was with a suicide note in which she wrote "“Deceased by own hand… prefer no autopsy." The note also enclosed $100 with it for all the cremation expenses. Despite the suicide note, the death seemed to be surrounded with deep mystery. As she was laying on a plastic sheet and a plastic bag was taped around the head. The place where she attempted suicide was surrounded with attractive Christmas decoration including a Christmas fake tree placed next to her. Her death is still a mystery.

8. Death of Sodder Children

On the Christmas Eve in 1945, the Sodder family home in Fayetteville, West Virginia was kept on fire, and 5 of their ten children were trapped in it. The remains of all the five children were found in the form of charred rubble. Their parents believed that their children were escaped and alive. Before the fire, two men supposed to be insurance salesmen visited Sodder house and suggested that it would be dangerous if something wrong happened to children and if their house burnt. The mother of children, Jennie received a photo of a boy that was supposed to be one of her five children, but nobody knew the reality even today.

9. The Mystery of Missing Patty Vaughan

In 1996, Patty Vaughan disappeared from her home in Texas on the Christmas day. The next day, her van was found 15 miles away with traces on blood inside. Before a few days of her disappearance, she had an argument with her husband with whom she had been separated for two months. They shared three children and just before her disappearance her former husband filed for divorce. He also took the custody of children. Patty's husband was the suspect, but when police carried out DNA test on the items and blood samples found in the van, all those did not even belong to Patty.

10. Unsolved Murder of Beauty Queen JonBenét Ramsey

This is one of the most baffling cases in the history that had just become a mystery. Just the day after Christmas in 1996, the parents of JonBenét Ramsey, John, and Patsy Ramsey filed a report that their six-year-old daughter had been kidnapped. They also found a note demanding $118000 for release. However, a few hours later, they recovered her dead body from the basement of their home. According to the theories that people believed, either her brother or her parents killed her. In 2006, John Mark Karr confessed killing of the young beauty queen However his DNA did not match with the ones at the crime scene. Hence no report ever filed against anyone and therefore her death is still a mystery.