11 Ways to Decorate a Mall in a Showy and Upscale Way

11 Ways To Decorate A Mall In A Showy And Upscale WayPeople never go to shopping malls for shopping only. They want something more than a plain shopping experience. This induces them to repeat visit on another weekend. Right decoration can make your mall attractive and establish a strong connection with the customers. Only such condition can ensure the success of the business. This blog tells you 11 ways to make that possible. Glide through the blog to know how!

1. Make the mall visible

We all live in a visual world. This makes signage very vital. A well-conceived glow-sign is sure to make your mall visible from a distance. You can also opt for a digital display. Arrange to display the glow-sign at a height so that there is no distraction.

Fill it up with essential details and few lines about what customers can expect. These help to engage the customers and make it a destination.

2. Take care of Parking lot

Shopping malls are gaining popularity because of their convenience. Parking facility is one of them. Relaxing shopping is only possible when customers can park cars conveniently. This is because you would not definitely like if the authorities tow your customer’s car.

Install meaningful signage to guide the customers to the parking area. You may go for perpendicular or angular parking depending on the space availability. You must keep it clean and well-illuminated for easy parking.

3. Create lush green plantscape with fake trees and plants

Like the interior, the exterior is also important in mall decoration. Install large artificial outdoor trees surrounding the mall. This will create a green peripheral boundary and make it an oasis in the concrete jungle. The artificial plants and flowers are hygienic and fire-safe. Moreover, they do not fade.

Plenty of varieties of these near-natural trees and plants are available. You can get them as a plethora of trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. Coming in standard bases and pots, you can install them without any problem.

The artificial plants with pots add to the beauty. It also builds a psychological connection with customers. Sometimes, you may need to create a tropical vibe. The small fake tropical trees and plants are great for this. Being independent of seasonal variations, they maintain their shine around the year.

4. Define the zones and ways

Your mall contains many shops of varied items. It is vital that you define the zones and guide the shoppers. Display a list of the shops, along with the brand, on each floor. Thus, customers will be able to reach their destination without any trouble. Such a unique experience goes a long way to build credibility.

5.  Include a fountain

Fountains are great to build a soothing environment. In fact, the non-threatening sound of flowing water relaxes one’s mind. This is why fountains have become a vital decor element in shopping malls.  It makes the mall a sanctuary to loiter away from the alluring stores.

Include one in the main lobby and illuminated with colored lighting. You can also arrange for soft music to play with the dancing water. This will make your mall a customer’s favorite.

6. Create seating areas

You cannot expect that the customers will be loitering through the mall all the time. Give them a place to rest and think about the products they have seen. So, create some seating arrangement on every floor of the shopping mall.

Get some cute benches where they can sit and rest for a while. The chances are that a little talk will help them decide about shopping more. This will make you your mall a shoppers’ paradise.

7. Lighting is vital

Lighting helps to enhance the curb appeal of the shopping mall. Use it for up-scaling the exterior. Illuminate the plants and trees outside with colored laps. This will create a festive vibe and attract potential shoppers.

Also, illuminate the interior of the shopping mall with cool lighting. Place them such so that there is no shadow. The lamps should also complement the architecture. This will enhance the decor of the shopping mall.

8. Build a kid’s play zone

Kids, especially the toddlers can create much distraction in your shopping spree. Sometimes, they became so disturbing that the parents have to leave the place. Including a kid’s play zone can remedy such situations.

Start a kid’s playing zone in the shopping mall and divide it age group wise.  Include electronic gaming and inflated toys. Also, keep some storybooks. Make it free. Both parent and kids will fall for this.

9. Balloon decoration lifts up the ambiance

Among the various ways of decorating a shopping mall, the balloons make it most delightful. You can hang colored balloons in a cluster from the ceiling. Combine them with Chinese lamps. They will give the mall a whimsical appearance.

When you opt for such decoration, it will attract more people to the mall. Your revenue generation will also increase with increased visits.

10. Create a smoking corner

You can never expect that all customers will be non-smokers. Shopping in malls takes time, and it is quite natural that the smokers will feel the craving.  So, you must build a smoking corner in the shopping mall.

This should be away from the main shopping area to prevent passive smoking.  You can build it in a corner. Provide some chairs so that they can smoke in comfort. Also, provide butt trays and keep the area clean for a beautiful look.

11. Organize the lawn

Organize chairs and tables in the lawn for the shoppers to take a break and enjoy the view. Install garden umbrellas over the tables. This will improve the look and feel of the mall. It will also protect your customers from scorching sunrays and keep them comfortable.


You have to take care of aesthetics and facilities to make your mall attractive. The above simple ideas are great to achieve that. These are easy to adapt and do not need breaking the bank. So, what you are waiting for? Apply those in your mall for a roaring business.