11 Workspace Design Trends Everyone’s Loving

Artificial Outdoor PlantsAs an entrepreneur, you would always like to see your office in a professional yet cozy decor. The decor of your office reflects its work atmosphere and hence influences the moods of anyone entering it. Well, here are 11 design trends for your office Workspace that your employees would love working in, and you would love coming to. Whether you are building a new workplace or just renovating it, you will find these guides handy.   

1. Make the Office Entrance Inviting:

The entrance to your workspace should look like a peaceful abode, which can have an instant calming effect. Greenery is a good choice. Use artificial grass carpets and artificial moss foot mats which are widely available online, some of them even fire-resistant. If you have a customer lounge area, use cozy leather couches with low center tables. You can use potted artificial bonsai plants to decorate these tables or artificial flowers too. How about a large logo of your brand mounted high on a wall at the reception? Use bright overhead lights for that extra shine and gleam.

2. Chalk out Specific Colors of your Brand:

Your brand must have its own unique color scheme. Play with the colors on the walls, do some simple mix and match. Use pastel or light colors for a bright vibe and also to make other decorations stand out. Insert your missions and tag lines on walls where they are easily visible.

3. Make the Floor Stand Out:

In a world of wooden or tiled floors, why not do something unique and amazing! The recent rage is the linoleum floor, also called resilient flooring. Feels like wood, but is actually made from biodegradable materials like cork dust and waste ply. Available in both tile and sheet shapes, this awesome material is known for it's low-maintenance and longevity. If you really want to go for tiles, choose ones which have a rough surface, making them less slippery and therefore, less prone to accidents.

4. Pair Accent Walls with Accessories:

Plan for accent walls wisely for your office. Your conference room can have one, along with one in the main hall, or one in the corridor. How about some organizing bins/ racks mounted on one of these accent walls to avoid clutter? You could always color-code them. The accent wall in the conference room can showcase a big clock at the top to make it look oh-so-classy. You could also use silk leaves to adorn these walls.

5. Motivate your Employees with Photos and Certificates:

Do you have a photo of the founder of your firm? Why not put up a framed copy of it high on a wall for inspiration? Also, if you have certain certificates, memoirs or awards achieved by your company or its employees, put them up for other employees to get motivated. You could actually dedicate a certain wall or corner for these framed glories.

6. Use Decorative Pinboards in Office Cubicles:

These days pinboards are an extremely necessary accessory in any office. Your office must have dividers and cubicles for different employees and departments - go on and cover them with decorative pinboards. Cover them with darker shades of felt or colored paper, in sync or contrast with the dominant color of the walls and dividers. Don’t forget to get fun push-pins too! You can even DIY them. Simply put a blob of hot glue on a non-stick surface and stick the blunt of the push-pin on it. Color with your favorite nail polish.

7. Mini Planters go a long way:

The hot trend of the season is to get the green on the table. It’s the age of succulents in cute little designer pots to decorate your workspace. But what about the prickles of the cacti? Avoid them by using artificial cactus plants and other succulents. They don’t give you the jab but are cute as babies. These small artificial decorative cacti can be shopped online, easy-peasy. You can also use mini artificial bamboo plants in pots for good luck charm.

8. Use Furniture Wisely:

Revolving office chairs with soft and adjustable bases are the most comfortable when you have to spend long hours in front of the desktop and are hence the most popular. For tables and cubicles, wood is good but you could go for more cost-effective and lasting materials like thick fibre, ply and sunmica or Korean fibre. They mostly come in solid colors like stark black and white, sometimes in wood polish too. Incorporate as much storage space as possible in your furniture.

9. Add Trashcans that Speak Class:

Simple perforated steel dustbins are classy and useful for paper wastes. For wet or degradable wastes, use standard plastic bins but keep them out of general view to eliminating that ‘eww’ factor. Don’t forget those garbage bags! You don’t want your dustbins to smell. Invest in room fresheners.

10. Get that ‘Boss’ feeling in the Washrooms: 

You would certainly want better washrooms for your workspace. Get that extra oomph by using fake moss mats at its door. Invest in a bathroom deodorizing machine, and you can cover them up with silk leaves or artificial ivy. Use a wide mirror for your bathroom sink, it is an instant attraction and a selfie point for many. Make sure you purchase good quality cistern systems for the toilets. Add press-to-open trash bins. Choose tiles which don’t look very dirty and aren’t slippery.

11. Corridor and Free Space Decor:

Do you have a free corner in your office but don’t know what to do about it? Place an artificial tropical plant like the Chinese fan palm in there. Artificial plants are the best for indoors because they don’t require regular caring. You could also place small artificial tropical palms at regular intervals in the office corridor, where you can match it up with glass walls. They are easily found online and are quite in vogue.

Now that you are armed with tips and tricks for decorating your office and workspace, go on and customize your own! You will love it. Your workspace will feel like it has a touch of yourself. Never stop experimenting!