12 Faux Green Elements That Can Make A Commercial Setting Awesome

12 Faux Green ElementsThe chances are that as a designer or a business owner you are done with real plants. There is nothing wrong and uncommon in this. They need much investment, and you have to get a new one when they die.

So, faux plants become the obvious alternative. However, what to use? This blog tells you 12 faux trees and plants that can make your commercial setting awesome.

1. Artificial Coconut Palm Tree

Longing to create your commercial environment look tropical?  This is the right product. You can install it anywhere near the front door, pool, periphery, or in a dead space. It brings in a rich and soothing vibe into the business premises.

These are very strong and durable due to the use of top-notch quality raw materials. They are also safe to fire hazards and wash proof.  You can enjoy a joyous ambiance for many years by including them.

2. Fake fan palms

This is one of the most attractive palms for decoration. The fake fan palm trees are perfect for creating a dramatic ambiance with their serene look. Coming with lush green regal fronds and artistic branches, these can infuse a beautiful pattern in any commercial setting.

These are available in different sizes to suit various decor needs. As these contain fire retardant chemicals, these make the commercial place safe from fire hazards.

3. Artificial bamboo plants

Bamboo reeds can deliver a delicate ambiance. Growing them in an air-conditioned environment is next to impossible.  The fake bamboo plants can let you enjoy a bamboo shrub in the setting.

These are available in various heights for placing in a corner or the lobby. With multiple trunks and realistic leaves, they deliver a majestic environment.  You can install them in bunches to jazz up the decor to the next level.

4. Cactus and succulents

They are plenty of variants available. You pick anything from Aloe Vera, Dracaena Dragon, Jade Plant, and many more. These eye-catching faux green elements can let you have a desert theme in your commercial space.

These are also great for creating a cultural moment. No matter if it is a compact or large space, they add an exciting charm to your landscape.  Available in decorative pots, these deliver a whimsical look.

5. Preserved bonsai tree

Bonsai trees enjoy reverence all over the world for their ability to foster peace and tranquility. This faux version of the Japanese miniature art contains all details. Coming with graceful leaves and artistic trunks, they cast an everlasting impression.

No matter what the commercial setting is, it makes the place captivating and refreshing. This maintenance free and durable option builds up an excellent focal point and lifts the decoration.

6. Areca Palm trees

Areca Palms are best known for their ability to create a focal point. The faux version comes with slender fronds and majestic branches they are like the mirror image of the live plants. Place them anywhere in the setting, and they can spark life into a dull corner.

These are fire-retardant and also do not fade. This makes them perfect for using in commercial decoration.  While these artificial plants with pots are available in standard heights, you can get them to exact specification.

7. Fake fiddle leaf fig tree

These are perfect for adding depth and drama to any interior. They come with thin trunks and broad leaves that can make the place look gorgeous.  Since keeping the real plants alive is hard, the fake versions are much popular.

Available as 6 feet high and 26 inches wide. Coming in decorative pots, these are easy to install. The great thing about this is that it contains anti-fading and fire retardant chemicals.

8. Artificial topiary

Plenty of varieties are the essence of this fake decorating element. There are all sorts like balls, cones, spirals to match different decor needs. Other than shapes, you can also get them in Ivy and other foliage options.

The best part of these is that there is no need to trim. Being fire-safe and weather- tolerant, you can place them in the indoor and outdoor.

9. Artificial vines with flowers

When you want a stylish and exotic landscape, the fake vine is the answer. Coming with colorful flowers they are full of life and can enliven a commercial complex.  You can get them in a variety of foliage options to blend with any decor theme.

These lifelike vines are adorable and can add a distinctive touch to commercial settings. Being fire-safe, you can use them anywhere and any way you like.

10. Ivy privacy screen

Privacy is utmost important on the poolside. The faux privacy screen is great to create a cozy corner in spas, resorts, and theme parks. These also offer a brilliant solution to hide the ugly corners that are almost natural to business places.

Made from unique faux ivy foliage they make the place appealing. Bend or cut them to suit your setting. They will continue to adorn the place without maintenance.

11. Hanging baskets

When you want to give a shot to your decoration, the hanging baskets are the right thing. Containing vibrant foliage and colorful blooms these can enliven a space in a moment.

Containing fire retardant chemicals, this takes care of the safety issue. Install them on the windowsills or hang them in the patios, they will make the place burst with colors.

12. Artificial garlands

Full of life and color, these are great to infuse a festive spirit in any commercial complex. Coming in a wide range of variants these can enliven any space.

You can also add a nice touch to the walls using these. Requiring no maintenance, they will make the place glam for many years. Being weather tolerant and fireproof, these form an exclusive decorative element.