3 Ideas for a Calm and Safe Living Room

Living room is the most important part of your lifestyle. This is where you welcome your guests as well as spend the most time of your day. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to get the style and charisma of your living room right, as it will portray your lifestyle and showcase your tastes and personality. In this busy lifestyle, quaint living rooms are a rarity but quite necessary. You need a place which will drain away all your stress after a busy day and provide you some rejuvenation. Here are a few tips for a calm and safe living room decoration. 

Start with considering the paint of your living room. Pick a color that’s earthy and not too dark. This is extremely crucial as you need to strike a perfect balance between not being too loud yet making sure that the walls aren’t too dull either. A muted olive green paint color or muted lavender is ideal to create a calming ambiance.

Bring home a refreshing tropical feel with the introduction of artificial Bamboo tree in your living room. Refined and pleasant faux Bamboo tree are known for their calm demeanor and are also believed to bring some good luck with them. You may even consider artificial Palm trees which are majestic and tranquil. Just make sure that the trees your install in your living room are made from fire resistant chemicals. Fire retardant artificial trees make sure that your space as well as people around it are safe in case of a fire hazard.

A slipcovered sofa is always a great investment when it comes to designing your living room. Lighten up your sofa with decorative pillows that match the pattern of your curtains. Again, go with delicate patterns or subdued colors which will provide just enough comfy feel to the entire setting. 

These were just a few tips to get you inspired. Go ahead and create a tranquil living room worthy of breathing life into you.