3 Tips to Ensure a Beautiful Entryway

Your home’s entrance-way is the first peek into your home and still it is one of the most neglected spaces. A lot of emphasis is placed when decorating living room or the bedroom, but many people just don’t consider entrance-way as a space to embellish, with beautiful accessories. It is considered as just a small space which leads you to your home, but entryway is where you can stun people by bringing in delightful decoration which will impress people right away. 

  • Organize the space – Entrance-way is mostly treated as a space where you can dump almost everything. Right from your keys to shoes, bags to accessories, entranceway is full of eyesores. Start with organizing the space. De-clutter the space and only then you can make it visually attractive. This is the area which greets you and your guests and you just cannot put all your junk there. 
  • Artificial Plants – Artificial plants are the best accessories which will bring in color as well as lend a charming personality to your entrance-way. There are tons of options available when it comes to silk plants, right from artificial Palm trees to artificial Fruit trees, from adorable silk flower arrangements to shelf plants. Each one has its persona and charm, so choose the most stylish and refreshing faux plant which will go well with your furnishing as well as taste. Make sure that the artificial plant you opt for consists of fire-resistant chemicals. Fire-retardant artificial plants lend your interiors safety in case of a fire outbreak.
  • Accessories – As mentioned before, no one wants to be greeted with shoes and bags when they enter your home. Make sure you bring home a shoe storage solution as well as a small storage space which will incorporate your shoes and bags. Get a mirror and hang it near the entranceway if possible. This makes your space look bigger and serves as the last spot to check out yourself. 

Go ahead and give your entryway a real character and personality by practicing these easy tips.