5 Artificial Plants for an Adorable Kids Room

Decorating a kids room can be extremely tricky. You may have the best intentions to make it look like a fairy tale setting, a magical world full of colors and life but there are chances that your kid may not like it. And you just can’t leave it at beauty aspect. You have to strike a balance between beauty, creativity and practicality which can get extremely difficult. But with many colorful and adorable silk flowers available you can get spot on with what will appeal to your children.

  1. Peonies – Sweet colors and big adorable blooms, artificial Peonies will bring a fresh feel to the room. Best suited for the shelf, Peonies are pretty and stay fresh till times to come.
  2. Roses – One of the all-time favorite flowers, artificial Roses will be the bright spot in the entire room. Place a pink rose arrangement in a little girl’s room and it will bring a sophisticated and delightful look.
  3. Pompon Mum Spray – Pompon Mum sprays with their delightfully small blooms are really cute and adorable. Try the blue one in your little boy’s room and it will bring a soothing feel to the setting.
  4. Gerbera Daisies – These blooms look gorgeous on their own or grouped together with other colored Daisies. They are stunning and can add a splash of color to any dull setting.
  5. Sunflowers – Sunflowers will bring the bright sunshine in your darling’s room. The yellow accents of artificial sunflowers will fill your kids room with warmth and joy.

Just make sure that your silk flowers are crafted from fire retardant chemicals. These fire retardant silk flowers and plants do not contribute to spread of fire and will keep your little one’s room safe.

These artificial floral arrangements will transform your kids room and will spark creativity and joy in the ambiance. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create an eye-catching display.