5 ThermaLeaf® Faux Plants That Will Redefine Your Corporate Spaces' Landscaping

SucculentsNo matter what is nature, all businesses involve continuous interaction with people. They include inquisitive visitors, prospecting clients, and the loyal customers. To make this happen, your commercial space must be able to draw people and make them continuously patronize your business. To do this, you need to have some twists and tweaks in your corporate landscape for making it standalone. Only then you can be sure that there will be enough buzz, and people will find folk around your business.

The urban people are somewhat melancholic, as they suffer from the monotony of the concrete jungle that surrounds them, and if they find a little bit of green somewhere, they have the feeling of reaching an oasis in the desert. Studies also indicate that when people are close to nature, they develop a positive frame of mind, and also do their jobs better. So, adding greens to the corporate landscape is a new pursuit, and everyone is after it in their way.

If decorating with live plants has struck you, there is nothing wrong. But, it may not be possible for the large commercial complexes like corporate buildings, government complexes, shopping malls, amusement parks, theme parks, hospitals and healthcare facilities, luxury hotels & restaurant decoration, top class resorts, airport lounges, exotic bars, casinos, sauna baths and other big retail spaces because of the associated maintenance hassles. In such cases, the ThermaLeaf® faux plants can be the most reasonable solution. This blog aims to let you know about these landscaping buddies in the following lines.

What a collection!

ThermaLeaf® has artificial plant collections for fulfilling a variety of corporate landscaping needs. You can use the standard artificial plants and trees indoor, and there are items for revamping commercial exteriors as well. If you have something particular in your mind, ThermaLeaf® can also deliver that through unique customization transforming your dreams into reality. The following five fake plants are great for commercial interiors and exteriors.

  • Faux hanging plants: When you use these for your commercial space, your customers and guests have an amazing view of hanging baskets full of plants with blooming flowers. Meticulously crafted to replicate the natural plants, these can offer vibrant and impressive landscape. You can use these for adorning the outer windows, patio or for reinventing the poolside. These are available in many varieties for meeting your landscaping needs.
  • Imitation vines: With their lush green and exotic look, these can embellish the commercial indoors and outdoors and deliver an opulent landscape. They are made botanically correct and durable. You can get there in many varieties like Ivy, Wandering Jew, Photos and Philodendron Vines. No matter where you place it, these will continue to grace the place with their amazing charm.
  • Fake flowering plants: When thinking about having a chick and cool environment in your professional space, ThermaLeaf® flowering plants and artificial garden plants flowers are the best to make your commercial space something to look at. These can make your reception desk, patio, welcoming area, conference halls exquisitely sophisticated. You have the option to choose from many varieties, and as the will bloom in all seasons, you will get a bright landscape throughout the year.
  • ThermaLeaf® cactus and succulents: No matter in which part of the world your commercial space is, you can always introduce a desert feeling by using the fake cactus and succulents. With their near-natural look and design, these can bring in a stunning burst of nature in your commercial settings. These are available in varieties like Aloe, Agave, Dracaena Dragon tree, etc. to deliver you a vibrant setting full of energy.
  • ThermaLeaf® bushes: You can get ThermaLeaf® bushes in a cluster of color, style, and size. Choose anything from Australian Laurel plant, Colorado Spruce plant, Ficus bush and many more for adding style to your professional space. Whether you want to lift up your reception area or the lobby or any other corner of your commercial space, you can combine these with artificial sheet moss and grass. The lifelike bushes can deliver a fascinating landscape and have the power to enliven the mundane spaces even.

Why go for artificial plants?

Without debating to compare real and artificial plants, it can be said that using artificial patio plants is a sensible decision for the large corporate spaces that demand perfect landscaping, at all times, without any maintenance. Here are some points for convincing you.

  • ThermaLeaf® uses silk material made of high-grade foliage, color, and resin and for this reason, the silk boxwood grass and artificial bonsai trees have a realistic look.
  • There are no upkeep hassles. These do not need watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc. Moreover, these do not create any mess by shedding leaves.
  • Being independent of seasonal variation the fake botanical products maintain same appearance year long, relieving you of seasonal worries.
  • No mold growth or insect attacks.
  • Offers easy installation and easy cleaning.
  • Extremely portable; shuffling between places is possible.

Provides a protective landscape

There are instances of fire breakout, where mimic trees and plants were one of the reasons of spreading fire and damaging life and property. Naturally, one can have apprehension in using the imitation greenery in the commercial setting. There is no such worry with ThermaLeaf® products as these are made fire retardant by impregnating special fire retardant chemical into the foliage through injection molding. These impart unique self-extinguishing property in ThermaLeaf® products. These pass all fire safety tests and also comply with the fire safety laws. Thus, you remain safe and legal when you revamp your commercial space with these products.

Saves time and money

Both time and money are precious for any business. Once you install these in your professional space, you can forget about them. They will continue to deliver their magical charm without any further cost involvement.