5 Tips to Decorate your Kitchen with Artificial Plants

Decorating kitchen space is tricky. There are not many visually appealing elements in the kitchen, hence many people are unsure about what accessories to introduce here which would compete for their attention. Decorating kitchen with artificial plants is a relatively easy and an amazing way to add refreshing color and a charming touch. Modern kitchen décor is sophisticated and minimal and today’s lifelike silk flowers and plants will complement to the theme perfectly. 

  1. If your kitchen space has a bright background, then opt for green plants such as artificial Philodendrons or artificial Diffenbachia. The amazingly refreshing greens of these plants will stand out from the white, light yellow or brown walls or cabinets of your kitchen. 
  2. If you have ample space in the corners, then opt for tall artificial plants or trees. Tall green plants or trees such as Palm trees or Bamboo trees look good in spacious kitchen interiors. 
  3. There are certain kitchens which make use of a single color across walls, cabinets and windows, which may get boring. To lighten up such monochromatic setting, bring artificial flowers in the kitchen. Silk flowers with attractive blooms such as Orchids, Tulips or Gerbera Daisies look extremely stylish and adorable and will spread a riot of colors in the setting. 
  4. The size of the plants is extremely crucial when it comes to kitchen decoration. For instance, small plants look less impressive in a big kitchen and big narrow trees make small kitchens look smaller. Thus, make sure that you get it right when it comes to size of plants.
  5. Ensure that the artificial plants and trees you are using consist of fire retardant chemicals in the leaves and stems of the plant. These fire retardant artificial plants and trees do not assist the spread of fire in case of a breakout. 

Faux plants and flowers add charm and create interest in a kitchen. So, go ahead and create a pleasant setting in your kitchen area.