7 Practical Tips to Manage a Office Makeover on a Budget

7 Practical Tips To Manage A Office Makeover On A Budget.1Can you imagine your office making you sulk with its dull environment?  If it is so, you would immediately decide about improving the office décor. With this in mind, you start net surfing and find that most of the ideas are expensive. Well, don’t get depressed. Here are 7 inspiring ideas that you can implement on a budget.

1. Make a plan & fix the priorities

Before you start decorating the office, you should list your preferences and make a plan. Think about if you need to buy new furniture, or you will showcase what you have. Remember that an office makeover means making it look unique, and not rejecting the existing things. In case you need to change something, decide what design to have.

Asking such questions will help you make a concrete plan. You should also try to think out-of-the-box. Some of the big organizations use slides for employees’ movement to a lower floor. Decide if you need the reception area or any other section. Your office improvement thoughts should consider how to increase efficiency and productivity.

You should also prepare a budget and stick to that while buying things. This will let you have control over the expenses.

2. Essentials first; is the key

Office improvements have many requirements from cute window curtains to ergonomic furniture. But, you must buy the essentials first. When you do this spending wisely, you will be more relieved. There will be enough fund to purchase something extra like adorable clips and other display items.

Make intensive searches on the net for the best price available. Opting for some cheap versions also help to stay in budget. Buy the things that are needed. You may also give a new look to the furniture by repainting and use them.

3. Rearranging makes a place unique

Rearranging the office is also a fabulous way to improve the look and feel. You may take the opinion of the employees on this project. This is a low-cost initiative and has other benefits as well. It fosters more teamwork and collaboration ultimately increasing productivity.

You may opt for task-based seating arrangements. This allows having a choice of settings for different activities. No cubicles or private offices are involved in such themes. The employees can work from places where it is easy to complete the job.

This adds more flexibility to the open office layout. Such arrangements make the people more dynamic and productive as well. This also reduces cost, as no partition is involved.

4. Accent with quirky things

Remove all so-called inspirational posters and quotations from the office. These create no impact on the employees except casting a dull look. Instead, decorate the office space with something quirky. This will give you a cut above the others.

Think of the things you can do. To start with, you can place the company logo on a wall. This does not involve much cost but uplifts the office ambiance.  If you ditched the reception area, put appropriate signage to guide the visitors to the destination.

Other than this, you may include some local arts, art pieces made from recycled wood & plastic.  If possible, contain something of your creation. This will add a new dimension to the office ambiance.

5. Clean and paint

De-cluttering the office is a brilliant way to upgrade the place within a budget. Do not keep the desks piled up with files etc. Store these in compact storage, and you will have a brilliant view. Furniture, that is not-in-use, consumes a sizeable amount of the floor space in most of the offices. Remove all these to have more open space for free movement.

Colors can create a significant impact on the office environment. It makes an office look new. These are also a great mood influencing substance. For boosting up clear thinking and creativity, you can paint your office in shades of blue and yellow.  Green is an excellent option for creating a calm and quiet ambiance.

6. Improve with lighting

Lighting has a striking effect on the office environment. Try to harvest as much natural light as you can. This will increase productivity, make the place energy efficient, and saves on energy costs.

Maybe it is not possible for your office. In that case, you have to opt for artificial lighting. Remember that, besides decoration, lights are also an ergonomic requirement. Too much of bright or dim light is sure to reduce productivity.

While you opt for indirect lighting to create a soothing environment, equip the desks with task lighting. This will deliver you an aesthetically pleasing and functional office.

7. Go green with trees and plants

Bringing in a piece of nature uplifts the office ambiance. Studies reveal that the trees and plants are great mood enhancers. They make a positive contribution towards making the employees happy and more productive. You can include some live plants in the office for creating a near-nature feeling.

Decorating the office with live trees and plants has many associated pitfalls. They need regular care and are tough to tough to maintain in offices. The fake trees for office provide an excellent alternative.  Available as trees, plants, palms, and foliage, they offer varieties of décor options.

The artificial silk trees come in standard pots and bases. You can install them anywhere you like, and can also relocate them easily. Made from premium quality foliage, color pigment, and plastic material; these look like the live plants.

Another great thing about the artificial foliage is that these are durable and never fade. These fire retardant trees have self-extinguishing properties.  This makes them a safe decorating option.  Using fake greens lifts up the atmosphere to the next level.


Office improvement is essential as it tells who you are and what you are. This needs more creativity than money. Spending a fortune in office makeover limits further improvement possibilities. These tips will deliver you an attractive office without a hole in the pocket.