7 Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Day at Work

7 ways to unwind after a stressful day at workWork is something we cannot avoid but if work is stressful and hectic, and then you must have some ways to unwind for a kick start on the next day. Hectic schedules, meetings, projects, deadlines, etc. might leave you drained out of energy, and all you might think of is sleeping. However, if you unwind before calling off the day, it can help you getting the stress out and motivate you for the next day. If you do not let the stress out, it will pile up and will affect you both physically and mentally. For a productive mind, one needs to give the mind and body something to enjoy, be happy about and that takes you out of your 'work mode' completely. Here are seven simple ways that can help you unwind after a stressful day at work:

1. Long shower: Taking hot showers for little longer than usual after work does help you to relax. Compliment your hot shower with scented candles, soft lights, wax flowers and music to cleanse yourself inside out. This relaxing bath will give you ample of self-time and also will be a trigger for a comfortable sleep. Sleeping adequately help the body and mind to rejuvenate. Sleep deprived, and stressful mind can never be productive. Therefore, it is utmost important that you find ways to go to bed with a relaxed mind.

2. Music: Music acts as a therapy for getting all the stress out of your body. Listen to your favorite songs, make a playlist of all the songs that you love and would like to tune into when feeling super stressed. This deviation will help your mind to stop thinking about work. It will help in attaining a good night sleep. You can also go for a walk, fix running schedule or just sit in a park, listening to oldies, new and anything of your choice. This will help you lots in unwinding the day. 

3. Dance it out: If you like dancing, then getting stress free becomes easier. Reach home and just put on your dancing shoes to get all the stress out from your body. Play it loud, and dance like no one is watching. Dancing refuels your body as well as relaxes it completely. You will feel refreshed the next day, and your mind will be open to new ideas and creativity.  

4. Long drive: One can also choose the long drive to unwind. Hit the road with your wife, children or anyone who you are comfortable with and talk to them while driving. If you vent out all your stress by taking about it to your family or friends, then you feel light and stress-free. Share laughter along the way to let the stress go out the window. Sharing and offloading can help you immensely in thinking fresh. If you do not give your emotions a vent, they might trouble your emotional health in the long run and will affect your productivity and wellbeing. 

5. Read, write or watch: Pick anything that you like. Reading a book or magazine, writing poem, story or daily diary or go for a movie with friends and family to rejuvenate you after a hectic work.  When you give time for self, then it ultimately leads to a stress-free and relaxed mind. With this, you will get the energy to bounce back, be more creative and fresh for the next day. 

6. Wine: A glass of wine of your choice can help you to get the stress out. You can meet some friend to share your day's work over a drink and get offloaded. Drinking in limits can act as medicine for a good sleep and relaxed mind. Anything over can have negative repercussions such as hangover, headaches and unable to get up for work the next day. Therefore, stick to one or two glasses of wine with the objective to unwind.

7. Positive ambiance: It is very important that when you walk into your home after work, you must get the feeling of positivity. Therefore, surround yourself with things that evoke freshness and positive vibes. For instance, put a silk flower centerpieces around the home, have bright lights, a wind chime at the entrance door, etc. to create a positive ambiance. When you walk into a home that feels fresh, positive and has a soothing vibe, the body itself starts to heel.

These are few tips on how to unwind after a stressful day at work. You can also try things like joining a hobby class, a gym routine, spending time with kids, pets, and friends, indulging in cooking, talking to an old friend over phone, meeting someone you have not met for a long time and things like that which make you happy. The best way to unwind is to do things that drag your mind away from thinking about work constantly even after office hours. Things that make you happy give your emotions a vent and make you feel relaxed and offloaded. Anything as simple as going for a walk or as intensive as working out can help you relax. The key to relaxing is to find things that give you joy, your mind a deviation from work for some time and activities that motivate you for the next day.

Do not stick to one schedule for long, as this can also make the ways of unwinding boring. Keep trying new things. For instance switch between walking, dancing, reading and writing during weekends to avoid boredom.