8 Ways to Convert Your Basement into the Perfect Reading Room or Book Lovers Den

Silk Floor PlantsBooks are man’s best friends. Pleasure and tranquility derived from reading a book in a quiet place are indescribable. A beautifully decorated, space dedicated for reading will be a cherry on top. Not everyone can have the luxury of owning a home library. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve one or can’t have one. For those who enjoy reading but tend to get easily distracted by noise and chatter, help is here. Design your den or a perfect room in your basement exclusively for reading. Make it your Zen Zone. An ideal getaway from the humdrum of daily chores and hectic work-life balancing affliction.

How to convert your private den or basement into a pleasurable reading room? They these tips:

1 Comfortable seating

One of the most vital elements for leisure reading is ‘comfort.’ Add plush, comfortable seating with an adjustable neck rest. Readers who enjoy reading for long hours at a stretch tend to ignore their necks. The ergonomic imbalance results in neck and back problems. Invest in soft but firm sofa seats. Be sure to choose an erect style which will not let you slump. This will give your body the much needed back and neck support to enjoy reading for hours at a stretch.

2. Begin with a bookshelf

No reading den can be complete without a bookshelf. Choose an appropriate bookshelf to fit the proportion of your reading zone. A carefully arranged bookshelf is delightful to look at. It looks like a readers paradise. Books strewn all over will clutter the space. The disharmony will impede your reading pleasure. Arrange your bookshelf with your favorite books and interesting knick-knacks. Add a side table and place a Silk flower centerpiece to create interest. If space permits, add a small writing desk. It can come in handy for taking notes or jotting interesting details from your books.

3. Insulated the floors

A reading space must be warm and inviting. A basement is the coolest part of a home. Wooden flooring is popular in cold countries. They help to trap indoor heat and insulate from the cold floor. Instead of installing ceramic tiles, go for Oak or Cherry wooden floors. Complete the look with an area rug. Your basement will instantly transform into an appealing reading zone.

4. The decoration is incomplete without plants

Plants enliven the place by adding charm and character. Most basements are under ground-level and are hence cold and bereft of sunlight. It may not be possible to grow healthy plants here. But don’t worry! You can go for artificial plants. They look bright and fresh all around the year and are maintenance-free. Live plants also attract insects. No hassle of watering, taking out in the sun or pruning. Decorate your basement with silk palm trees. These come in fascinating shades of green. Add life with colorful silk flower arrangements for a fabulous appeal. The best part of having fake trees around is, they are fire-resistant, durable, weather and moisture resistant.

5. Use curtains to enclose

Curtains not only help in blocking the sunlight, but they serve other purposes too. Curtains define spaces, bring in warmth and speak volumes about your taste. Choose curtains for an enclosed cozy feel. If you don’t have windows, you can install wallpaper with windows. This will visually help in opening up a smaller space. Hang curtains over them with decorative rods to complete the winsome look.

6. Good lighting is a must

Basements can get dark as they are usually below ground level. Installing large windows may not be a viable option. Ensure your reading space is well-lit. Reading in insufficient light can cause eye muscle strain, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Your eyes need ample light to read comfortably. Don’t worry if you do not have large windows in your basement. Add a charming chandelier or several wall-mounted light scones. This will allow you to read without straining your eyes. Lighting is an important aspect of interior decoration. It creates an alluring appeal bringing a delightful harmony in the ambiance. Today, light is synonymous with functionality and style.

7. Personalize your pet space

Accessorize it with your favorite trinkets. An impractically designed area is useless irrespective of how persuasive it is. Keep a pen holder on a side table stacked with pens, markers, and highlighters. You may want to mark your favorite lines or quotes. Keep a bottle of water handy. It wouldn’t be practical to run upstairs for a sip of water. If it is not possible to have to have a charging port installed, keep a power bank handy. It will save you a trip to charge your mobile devices. Enjoy uninterrupted reading in your personal paradise. Add a picture frame of inspiring personalities or motivational quotes. This will make your reading room inspirational. Balance the effect a welcoming faux flower arrangement.

8. Express yourself with colors

Colors play a vital role in defining spaces. They set the mood and stoke the spirit. Bright colored rooms energize people. Earthy tones like brown, grey, purple, blue and green bring tranquility and free spirit. These tones are commonly used for designing rooms that inspire creativity. They make great art, music, writing and reading spaces. Color coordinate your reading den. We don’t mean to say you make a ‘Del Boka Vista’ out of it. Mix and match colors and shades in a complementing scheme to bring harmony. Use curtains with large floral designs blended with tones of blue, green and deep purple. Paint the walls with a neutral beige or sage green. Add olive green or grey sofas to go with the curtains. Blend with a deep colored area rug to complete the look. Your marvelous basement library is ready for use.

Public libraries are great. They offer a variety of books to choose from. But, a home library has a charm of its own. A tranquil getaway that is open 24x7. No due dates and no late fees. You can read at your own pace. Don’t have to worry about the rain or snow. You can read in the comfort of your pajamas. How cool is that!