9 Amazing Decor Hacks to Give Your Stairway a Whole New Charm

9 Amazing Decor Hacks To Give Your Stairway A Whole New CharmWe decorate our house with so many things so as to make it look adorable more than livable. Though most of the entities in our homes are meant for the functional purpose, we do concentrate on affording a good number of things to make it fashionable too.

Some acquaintances that are a must in most of the households are artificial flowers, artificial plants, trendy furniture, catchy carpets, artificial flower arrangements, artificial succulents, etc., so as to add a classy look and feel to our home. But where exactly they are to be placed so that they would serve the purpose of exceptional home décor is a million dollar question. Here comes all our creativity and expertise in putting these décor items so aptly that they look trendy yet handy at all times.

When we talk about home decor, there is one place at all homes that are least neglected to get attention, yet has a lot of scopes to transform an ordinary home into an ecstatic accommodation. Yes, it is our stairway; most of us think it as a unit that shifts us from the lower part of the house to the upper portion. Rather, for some of us, it shows off as a threat to safety, for all of us have had bad experiences falling from stairways when we are young.

But, truly speaking, stairways have ample scope for interior decoration, and if appropriately mediated, they would look both elegant and useful without any doubt. Let us see a few ways in which we could decorate our home stairs here.

Decorating the wall on the side of the stairs:

The walls along the sides of the stairways are the most neglected part of any household to inject a dose of style into it. The stairway walls could be put to great use to hang photo frames, work of art by children or even simple frames with crafts using flowers and leaves. They would look great when arranged in a symmetrical fashion and would add vigor and color to the otherwise dull walls.

Contemporary style to the stair walls:

In olden times, people use to put in pictures and charts of natural sceneries that include trees and animal on these walls. We would have seen some country houses where people portray heads of animals such as deer, wild buffalos, etc. on these walls to portray the raw beauty of countrysides. The same pattern can be copied to include artificial animal heads along stairway walls to an old taste to the house.

Storage along the wall:

For houses where space is a constraint, one best idea would be to have a build in storage rack at the stair landing. They look very elegant along the stairway and could be put to best use in racking books and photo frames on its shelves. Antiques, ceramic bowls, and jars, baskets made of contemporary material such as jute could be placed in these shelves, so as to add a sense of style on the stairway walls and also to make the best use of additional storage space.

Adding Green gesture along the stair walls:

Stair landings are one best place to pump in green gesture into the house. Just by having a small build in the rack at the top of the stairway, we could keep a number of plants in custom build pots and bring in natural beauty into the house. Ornamental plants such as ivy, cactus, etc., can be placed so that they require minimal care and maintenance.

Plants that emit natural scents such as Indian Basil, Rosemary, etc., would help in building natural aroma inside the house. Use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm.

Creating a wall of green plants:

Making use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm. Placing creepers such as money plants in these places would creep down along the wall and give fresh green entry into the top floors. When they bloom, their colorful flowers would pump in natural fragrance into the house.

Running Scripts along the steps:

Most of the schools in modern days make the best use of the steps in their buildings to encrypt motivational slogans and quotes and even math tables for the children. The idea is to incorporate these quotes strongly into the minds of the kids, as they read through them every day.

The same idea can be incorporated at home stairs as well, and the quotes could be replaced with soothing slogans that value family goals such as home sweet home, welcome home, etc. These words would not only be thought to provoke but also avoids stairs from throwing blank spaces inside the house.

Lining the walls with mirrors:

Be it a single long mirror or a number of small mirrors in different size and shape, lining the wall of a stairway with antique or new mirrors would be an excellent way to add a unique charm to it. A little caution is also needed while choosing this stairway décor, to handle the mirror with care and caution.

Decorating the space under the stairway:

There is ample space under the stair where we could fit in a seating arrangement with a small book rack so as to get some quality and undisturbed time with the books. Other ways to decorate this space is to have flower vases on antique corner tables, artificial foliage, and plants, etc., so as to not neglect this engaging space. A storage cabinet topped with lovely bowls and antiques would also be a great idea to be kept under the stairway on the ground floor.

Decorating the stair railings:

Enough has been discussed in decorating the staircases in different thoughtful ways, but what about the railings, we invest a lot of money in making these railings strong and durable for years to come. Railings can be decorated using artificial plants and foliage so that they stand green and fresh for many days. It looks beautiful with minimal maintenance, and at festival times it would be a great idea to line the side railings with stars, lights and fresh flowers.


As it is rightly said, imagination is the mother of innovation, and there are some innovative décor ideas to give our home stairway an entirely different charm and look. Though these are mostly neglected spaces in most households, they have ample scope for interior décor when mended appropriately. It does not require including a costly chandelier on to the ceiling of stairs to give it a luxurious feel, and the above said small yet thoughtful ways would help in adding a style statement to the house interiors.