9 Décor Hacks to Make Your Office Spacious and Roomy

9 Decor Hacks To Make Your Office Spacious And RoomyModern office spaces are all about functionality and dynamism. With startups showing up extensively, cool and trendy offices have not only become a norm, but they also contribute to employee productivity and customer retention.

Sometimes small offices can be little confining and uncomfortable. But certain design concepts trick the eye and make it seem more spacious and roomy than they are.

Here we present you with some creative décor hacks, to make your office room, look more spacious and roomy. Hope these space-expanding tricks inspire you to incorporate changes according to your needs.

1.    Lighter colored walls can make the room feel bigger.

It is a well-known fact that color is associated with moods. Bright colors are associated with happiness, light moderate ones with calmness and dark colors with gloomy and dull feelings.

Choose light colored walls for your office. This way, it reflects the natural light and makes the room look brighter and roomier.

You can also choose contrasting décor elements like carpets or wall hangings that accentuate the space.

2.    Use space saving furniture to allow more room.

Choosing and arranging furniture is one of the essential things to do for any office setup. You have to be careful and observant of the needs of the employees, and try to avoid excessive furniture.

To make the room look more spacious, you could opt for transparent chairs, which even though takes the same space as regular chairs, would fool the eye into feeling lesser space taken for it.

3.    Improve the office traffic flow to make the room look more spacious.

The movement of employees or customers should make sense. People should not be walking all over the office to reach a destination, say for the restroom or any other room.

The flow should be smooth, and the paths should be nice and wide. This gives a roomier feel.

Make sure to keep the pathways clutter free. If the place seems to be crowded with people, excusing each other for a way or to reach beyond one another, it creates a claustrophobic feel.

4.    Bring in tall plants.

Ceiling-high plants, yes – that’s the idea. If there is room above the plant, the illusion of altitude makes the room look more spacious.

If you do not have a green thumb, artificial plants and trees can help you beautify your office area. Faux Areca Palm trees or Faux Topiary Spirals are some of the best examples for tall yet green choices for office décor.

It brings a tropical effect with no much effort and blends in with any environment.

5.    Lighting is a key element in office décor.

If you want your office room to look larger, you have to work your way with the lighting. Either recess lighting or chandelier, you will be amazed at how this small addition makes a big difference in your décor.

Spread the light around, with multiple sources around the room to open it up. Try using long pendant hanging from the ceiling.

6.    A clutter-free room is a way to efficiency.

It’s true to any type of room. And everyone should have access to a safe and nice workplace. If you want to give your room a spacious look, avoid any and all types of clutter. Organize those cables and wires wherever possible.

Designate a place for employee belongings, so they don’t have to store their stuff under their desk or chair. Keep the paperwork sorted and make sure to assign designated space for daily, weekly and monthly work. This not only enhances performance, it manages the area better making it look large.

7.    Emphasize the vertical or horizontal and not both.

If you can coordinate everything in the room to look either vertical or horizontal, it would automatically give an illusion of larger space. Tall file cabinets or shelves along the wall are some examples for vertical elements. Not only do they help in keeping the office organized, but they can also accommodate larger storage of materials than the regular storage solutions.

Pendant lamps or anything ceiling height will give you the vertical focal point. You can create a horizontal focal point by using wider furniture or horizontal lines along the walls. This not only gives an official look, but it also makes the room feel larger.

Do not mix horizontal and vertical patterns to overlap; else it will create an illusion of clutter.

8.    Sign up Cloud Storage

With digitalization of almost everything, offices now prefer to go paperless. This means, lesser paper clutter to deal with and more space for the room.

Try cloud storage, and you can access all the documents online instead of dealing with the paper mass. And once there is lesser paper, it adds to the office space.

9.    Try for minimalist decoration.

Decorations should be like a jewel or icing. It should speak for itself, rather than steal the show. Always go for minimalistic decoration for office space.

An office should be as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If overdone, the décor will feel cramped and consequently cluttered. Go easy on the décor, and get the spacious ambiance.

You could use mirrors as a decorating component. This not only brightens the room but also makes the room appear bigger since it reflects light.


Employees spend a lot of time in the workspace. The environment should be more visually pleasing and functionally suitable for their needs. A happy workplace always gets the best out of anyone.

Do not let a cramped office affect your efficiency. Whether you go for classy artificial plants or any of the other décor ideas discussed above, you will see and feel the difference right away. Follow these hacks to make the most out of limited space.