9 Effective Décor Hacks to Childproof your Home

9 Effective Decor Hacks To Childproof Your HomeYou love your home and take good care of it by maintaining and decorating it according to your style. But when a child comes into your life, you love the baby so much that you would go above and beyond to keep the baby safe and healthy.

And from decorating your primary need changes to protecting and safeguarding your kid. You lose all the toxic items in the vicinity or make sure there are no small items, which pose choking hazard.

But childproofing is not always about a set of locks and fastening heavy furniture to the wall. Here we are giving you some affordable and effective hacks to decorate your home, which can be dazzling, trendy and Sippy-cup friendly.

1.    Choose your fabric smartly.

Messy chocolate-dipped fingers or accidental juice spills, kids can destroy anything in less than a minute. Make sure your fabrics will sustain all these. It should be stain-resistant. Fabric like denim twill or leather will be an excellent choice for couches or dining table chairs.

Classic leather or the faux leather can be wiped down without much damage to the couch. Added points if you could remove the cushion covers and throw it in the washing machine. This will make sure that you don’t have to stick with your stained couch for a long time.

2.    Kid-friendly paints are a must for the walls.

Kids tend to be creative with each passing day. And we should try to help them grow that imagination and not hinder them in any way. But it does not mean, we have to keep our walls with the crayon or color-pencil drawings.

An eggshell finish or semi-gloss and satin are good choices for paint. The wall can be wiped down with a sponge to keep it clean. Matte finish paints, tend to get dirtier soon and there will be grime build up over time due to all cute experiments on the wall by the tiny tots.

3.    Invest in cordless blinds or cleats for cords in regular blinds.

Window blinds are an essential part of any home. Even though many prefer curtains, the usability of blinds always takes over. And if you are a fan of blinds, make sure to secure the cords.

Cleats can be installed at a certain height, and the blinds can be tied to it, so the kids don’t play with it. Or cordless blinds are a great option if you worry about kids reaching for the cords, behind your back. There are varied colors and materials available for the cordless blinds, to match your décor.

4.    Ditch the classic coffee table design for a more sophisticated and stylish look.

The traditional coffee table tends to be heavy with sharp corners. And even when we make sure to secure the corners, chances are kids keep bumping into them or climbing on them, keeping our blood pressures in check.

Instead try an elegant, circular or oval alternative. Cloth storage bench or upholstered ottomans are also some of the better options with kids around.

5.    Artificial plants will be an added embellishment, which can also be a kid-approved design.

You need not to sacrifice your love for greenery when you have kids around. Especially with real plants, there is always a fear of kids playing with the dirt and ultimately spoiling the plant. Try to introduce faux plants according to your style.

Hanging plants or wall plants, they are so much sophisticated and add up to your décor. There are also fake plants available that are fire resistant and makes your choice best suited for your home. These decorations don’t require constant upkeep and are long-lasting.

6.    Choose a darker color rug.

Rugs in the family room or kids playroom take the heaviest traffic throughout the day. And hence they also take a lot of dirt, spills, crayon or marker ink so on and so forth. Invest in some dark color rugs that do not highlight any stains and can be easily vacuumed of any accidental spills.

A light color rug tends to age sooner making it look dull. A dark color rug with patterns would endure all the adorable attacks by the kids and would last longer. We are hence saving you some money.

7.    Try the fancy hanging lights instead of the traditional floor or table lamps.

You can make a style statement for yourself with hanging lights. They range from regular to star-studded lights making the room brimming with liveliness. The floor lamps are a hazard to kids, which can pose a risk of falling over them.

Even better are the ceiling lights, which are way out their reach or their way. Make sure to secure the wires along the wall and to plug safely in the outlet. Use the childproof outlet covers wherever needed, if not stick duct tape to avoid tiny fingers reaching them.

8.    Replace your fancy looking glassware to plastic cups that look similar.

If you have your friends coming over for a party or if you plan for a family dinner, you automatically wait to hear the glass shattering sound before the night. With this hack, you can avoid that. There are fancy looking plastic or fiber cutleries that you can use for the evening. They look exactly like the glassware minus all the hassle if it falls.

Make sure to place all the glass or ceramic decorations above the kids reach, probably on a wall shelf. You need not change your décor completely, but instead do some tweaks to make your home immune to their cute assaults.

9.    Go for colorful childproofing products.

The conventional childproofing products are all white. Try to buy some colorful products for childproofing, which not only serve its purpose but also add color to your décor. Like cookie cutters can be used for kitchen cabinet door locks.

The outlet protectors are coming in all shapes and colors. Try them to spice up your living room. Pool noodles come in handy, as bumpers or doorstoppers. Try the bright colored ones to give them a good look.


Decorating a house might be optional but childproofing is a must. So why not combine both, throw in your imagination and make an excellent place for the whole family.