11 Workspace Design Trends Everyone’s Loving

Artificial Outdoor PlantsAs an entrepreneur, you would always like to see your office in a professional yet cozy decor. The decor of your office reflects its work atmosphere and hence influences the moods of anyone entering it. Well, here are 11 design trends for your office Workspace that your employees would love working in, and you would love coming to. Whether you are building a new workplace or just renovating it, you will find these guides handy.   

1. Make the Office Entrance Inviting:

The entrance to your workspace should look like a peaceful abode, which can have an instant calming effect. Greenery is a good choice. Use artificial grass carpets and artificial moss foot mats which are widely available online, some of them even fire-resistant. If you have a customer lounge area, use cozy leather couches with low center tables. You can use potted artificial bonsai plants to decorate these tables or artificial flowers too. How about a large logo of your brand mounted high on a wall at the reception? Use bright overhead lights for that extra shine and gleam.

2. Chalk out Specific Colors of your Brand:

Your brand must have its own unique color scheme. Play with the colors on the walls, do some simple mix and match. Use pastel or light colors for a bright vibe and also to make other decorations stand out. Insert your missions and tag lines on walls where they are easily visible.

3. Make the Floor Stand Out:

In a world of wooden or tiled floors, why not do something unique and amazing! The recent rage is the linoleum floor, also called resilient flooring. Feels like wood, but is actually made from biodegradable materials like cork dust and waste ply. Available in both tile and sheet shapes, this awesome material is known for it's low-maintenance and longevity. If you really want to go for tiles, choose ones which have a rough surface, making them less slippery and therefore, less prone to accidents.

4. Pair Accent Walls with Accessories:

Plan for accent walls wisely for your office. Your conference room can have one, along with one in the main hall, or one in the corridor. How about some organizing bins/ racks mounted on one of these accent walls to avoid clutter? You could always color-code them. The accent wall in the conference room can showcase a big clock at the top to make it look oh-so-classy. You could also use silk leaves to adorn these walls.

5. Motivate your Employees with Photos and Certificates:

Do you have a photo of the founder of your firm? Why not put up a framed copy of it high on a wall for inspiration? Also, if you have certain certificates, memoirs or awards achieved by your company or its employees, put them up for other employees to get motivated. You could actually dedicate a certain wall or corner for these framed glories.

6. Use Decorative Pinboards in Office Cubicles:

These days pinboards are an extremely necessary accessory in any office. Your office must have dividers and cubicles for different employees and departments - go on and cover them with decorative pinboards. Cover them with darker shades of felt or colored paper, in sync or contrast with the dominant color of the walls and dividers. Don’t forget to get fun push-pins too! You can even DIY them. Simply put a blob of hot glue on a non-stick surface and stick the blunt of the push-pin on it. Color with your favorite nail polish.

7. Mini Planters go a long way:

The hot trend of the season is to get the green on the table. It’s the age of succulents in cute little designer pots to decorate your workspace. But what about the prickles of the cacti? Avoid them by using artificial cactus plants and other succulents. They don’t give you the jab but are cute as babies. These small artificial decorative cacti can be shopped online, easy-peasy. You can also use mini artificial bamboo plants in pots for good luck charm.

8. Use Furniture Wisely:

Revolving office chairs with soft and adjustable bases are the most comfortable when you have to spend long hours in front of the desktop and are hence the most popular. For tables and cubicles, wood is good but you could go for more cost-effective and lasting materials like thick fibre, ply and sunmica or Korean fibre. They mostly come in solid colors like stark black and white, sometimes in wood polish too. Incorporate as much storage space as possible in your furniture.

9. Add Trashcans that Speak Class:

Simple perforated steel dustbins are classy and useful for paper wastes. For wet or degradable wastes, use standard plastic bins but keep them out of general view to eliminating that ‘eww’ factor. Don’t forget those garbage bags! You don’t want your dustbins to smell. Invest in room fresheners.

10. Get that ‘Boss’ feeling in the Washrooms: 

You would certainly want better washrooms for your workspace. Get that extra oomph by using fake moss mats at its door. Invest in a bathroom deodorizing machine, and you can cover them up with silk leaves or artificial ivy. Use a wide mirror for your bathroom sink, it is an instant attraction and a selfie point for many. Make sure you purchase good quality cistern systems for the toilets. Add press-to-open trash bins. Choose tiles which don’t look very dirty and aren’t slippery.

11. Corridor and Free Space Decor:

Do you have a free corner in your office but don’t know what to do about it? Place an artificial tropical plant like the Chinese fan palm in there. Artificial plants are the best for indoors because they don’t require regular caring. You could also place small artificial tropical palms at regular intervals in the office corridor, where you can match it up with glass walls. They are easily found online and are quite in vogue.

Now that you are armed with tips and tricks for decorating your office and workspace, go on and customize your own! You will love it. Your workspace will feel like it has a touch of yourself. Never stop experimenting!

All You Need To Know About Decorating With Fake Plants

Fake GreenThere is a lot of talk on bringing in nature in the business places. Yes. Wherever you go, you will find commercial places adorned with lush greens. But there is a crux. Not all of them are real! 

The designers are increasingly using fake plants for commercial decoration. But why it is so? Maybe, this is also pinching you! Scroll down to know everything about fake plants.

The non-living greens harbor the same beauty

Creating a perfect ambiance to attract potential clients is important for every business. The faux greens are very good at that. They can make any dull setting live and refreshing in a moment. Whether it is the interior or exterior, they bring in life with their lush green appearance.

These are manufactured using high-quality raw materials under expert supervision. Thus, they replicate their live cousins in all respects.  You can never feel the difference without touching.

A green peripheral can make your shopping mall or hospital a cut above others. It becomes easy when you use large artificial outdoor trees, especially the palms. With their majestic trunk and the lush green frond, they provide a nice visual comfort.

The best part of the fake greens is that you can shape them as you like. Bending of branches, stems, and petals can make them look like reaching natural light. So, your decoration becomes quite convincing.

Decoration becomes easy!

The downside of live plants is that they have serious caring and styling demands. They need watering, fertilizing, spraying insecticides to keep them healthy. You also need to trim them from time to time to keep them in shape. This makes them expensive and challenging to use.

But the fake plants have no such issues. Place them anywhere indoor or outdoor; they will continue to adorn the place without professional care. Clean them if you notice dust accumulation and they will be as fresh as new.

An amazing plethora of varieties!

Think of anything from trees, palms, topiaries, foliage, and you will get them in all possible varieties. There is also no dearth of variants in each type to suit all settings and decor themes. If you happen to own a luxury hotel, you can infuse a Mediterranean vibe to the pool area using artificial outdoor tropical plants.

In case you want to make your corporate reception warm and inviting, a bunch of artificial flowering plants is the right thing. With their ever blooming appeal, they make the place alluring to the clients. The great thing about the near-natural plants is that you can have them as per your choices. So, there is no need to compromise!

Provides ideal solution for commercial applications

Be it anything from a hotel to a hospital, playing with safety for aesthetics is dangerous. There have been a lot of fire hazards costing huge damages to life and property. These pseudo-natural decor elements relieve you from such accidents.

These contain impregnation of special fire retardant chemicals. Thus, they acquire self-extinguishing properties. So, you can stay assured that your business will be safe from fire hazards.

Fading and discoloration is out of the question

Losing shine after some time is a common problem for ordinary fake plants. This makes the landscape ugly and turns to waste of investment. You do not have such risks with these fake botanical products.

These contain a dose of UV blocking materials. It makes them inert to sunrays. Use of premium quality foliage and color pigments also makes them weather tolerant. Install them anywhere in the commercial complex; they will keep their shine and deliver a long-lasting landscape.

Great to avoid allergies

All sorts of people crowd a commercial establishment. Chances are that some of them will be prone to allergies. Live plants could be dangerous to them, especially to the kids, due to the use of fertilizers, insecticides, and mold growth. Even real flowers could cause pollen allergies.

Using fake varieties let them stay away from such c infections. This a great plus point of using faux plants and flowers in commercial establishments.

Delivers insects free environment

When you decorate with natural plants, they attract mosquitoes and other pests. This becomes quite annoying to the clients and guests. Using artificial outdoor shrubs and bushes can relive you from such worry.

Since these do not have real leaves, they do not act as food sources to the pests. Thus, landscaping with them makes your places clean and safe.

They do not make your wallet thin!

Cost is a pretty big issue for decorating commercial complexes. You can make your decoration visual candy with live plants. Some of the live plants may even live for a few years! But, it is sure that they will die one day. And, you have to replace them then.

When you use fake greeneries, you do not encounter such issues. They are strong and durable. Once installed in the setting, they continue to adorn the place for many years to come. As there is no cost of replacement costs, investment becomes small.

Another great thing about the faux trees and plants is that they do not need any waiting period. Unlike the live plants, they deliver immediate embellishment to the place. You can also pack and store them when not in use. So changing the landscape becomes cost-effective.

Installation is easy

The faux trees and plants come in standard bases or pots. These are also light in weight. As a result, you can install them without any hassles. Further, you can interchange them between places at ease. This gives you enough flexibility to change decoration without cost involvement.

Cause no pet damage

Damage of live plants by the pets is a common issue in commercial complexes. But, the pets feel no attraction about the fake plants. So, your place will be relieved from chewing of pets.

Why Designers Favor Artificial Topiaries For Commercial Decoration? The Secret Revealed

SpiralThe commercial decoration is all about innovation every single day. The more innovative styles and ways you can bring to your clients, the more will your business flourish. To keep up with the demand of the clients is a great factor in commercial sectors. And you know that to keep somebody's attention and attraction at top notch, you need to groom yourself too.

Artificial topiaries which are a special form of artificial plants are one of the best ways to make your work setting look posh and sophisticated. Artificial spiral topiary trees are one of the best kind of topiaries commonly seen at workplaces. Let us have a quick discussion about some of the amazing designs of topiaries we often see.

Artificial topiaries are taking the lead when it comes to commercial decoration. The fact that the former can be molded into innovative ways creates an amazing array of creative designs that prove to be a deal breaker in the most pompous setting even.

1. The first comes to the classic topiary balls made from artificial faux plants of course. These plants are handcrafted, as they are blended with extreme care air quality. Their bold yet lively presence enhance the ambiance of any setting. Consider these firm and perfect topiary balls among the most realistic artificial outdoor plants as you put them anywhere from the entrance to your lobby.

The striking appearance of these never fails to mesmerize your guests and clients, be it at the reception area, the conference room or the hall. These topiaries are extremely glam to look at. They are lush, chic and refreshing which is bound to uplift the persona of your environment. The adorable warmth it imparts, create a comfortable and fresh landscape.

2. The spiral topiaries will remain the top class of all times. It takes great precision and experience to carve out such perfect spiral designs. No wonder they stand out with pride in small interior decorations to large commercial spaces. They serve as mesmerizing display materials with elegance and sophistication dripping from every inch of it.

Nowadays you even get artificial topiaries trees with lights that just add to the bewitching beauty of these artificial plants. These are marked as bold style statements as they never fail to make the most unique decorative. As you order you get the most refreshing varieties with a lustrous lifelike texture which is nothing but delightful.

The plants are so crafted that you can literally count on their minute details which make them identical to the real plants. It's easily implied that the craftsmen involved in the making, have a stunning sense of art. Couple small artificial topiary trees with other similar variants if you want to incorporate innovation in your surroundings. The diversity in the spirals, the serenity of the greenery drags in creativity and energy together with vibrancy and glee in the atmosphere.

This variety of spirals can be specially ordered, depending on your customization requests. And the best part is, even if you already have some pre-installed theme or a preexisting special landscape, the expert craftsmen can manufacturers spirals in such a way to match your furnishings and surroundings perfectly.

More new varieties of such artificial topiaries are gradually coming up. They are manufactured with fire retardant chemicals so that they do not get damaged in case a fire outbreaks. A complete resistant in case of an accidental fire outbreak is bound to provide you with an absolute peace of mind.

3. The next most common style when it comes to topiaries is the cone version. The artificial topiary cones have their own charm and aura of rejuvenation. The classic look not only brings in pure elegance but also locks in a sense of warmth to the visitors.

Christmas topiary balls with lights together with these conical versions make the most amazing festive makeover ever. On special requests, the conical shapes can be customized into any shape demanded on behalf of the client. Be it the entrance to the front door or the waiting room, get ready to surprise your guests with these beautiful pieces of faux plants.

4. Boxwood artificial topiary is one of the oldest kind. But it is no doubt the most evergreen version of the list. Bring an artificial box for topiary today and watch how it sprinkles sparkle in your ambiance. These topiaries are extremely versatile. And they can be ideally placed in almost any kind of surrounding ranging from hotels, office lobbies, restaurants, conference rooms, entrance ways, etc.

Due to the artificial nature the demand zero care and maintenance. The realistic appearance of this artificial foliage will make your decoration look ever so lively, gorgeous and innovative.

These are made from premium quality material. Therefore the durability of these remains unquestioned. Install one such today and become the talk of the town overnight, in terms of styling your interiors in such a modern fashion.

5. Almost all faux plants are getting their fire retardant variants. The ivy topiary is no exception. If you are thinking of current trends in revamping your office or home setting, don't look further than an artificial ivy topiary.

The grace of these faux plants is such that they even outgrow the sophistication of their real varieties. Plus in today's busy world, artificial varieties give us so many more advantages over the real plants.

No matter where you keep these ivy topiaries, it is bound to catch attention and definitely be the talk of the gathering. Also, you can put this in both contemporary as well as conventional settings. The wholesale pricing of these varieties is very light on pockets. Although distributing the most powerful combination of versatility and elegance.

Attract More Crowd To Your Stores with These 7 Incredible Decor Hacks

Artificial Outdoor PlantsEstablishing and opening a business venture is challenging, especially when it comes to revenue generation. There are times when stores do not get people to even enter the store, let alone buy anything. A huge part of the above scenario is that these store owners pay little to no attention to the decor, dismissing it as irrelevant and unimportant. Decor, however, is a crucial aspect of revenue generation and getting people to enter your store and look around your wonderful collection. If you are looking to have more crowd at your store, these 7 tips are for you.

1. The Center Should Have Your Focus

Upon entering the store, the first thing that catches the eyes of a customer is the center of the store. Make sure you place your best products and deals on the table located at the center. Not only does this attract actual customers, but also tempts potential customers to come in and take a look at your collection. For example, if you are a store that sells clothing, make sure the rack or table you but in the center carries some of your best pieces available.

While you are putting together the center, make sure you make it attractive to the eye so that immediately catches the attention on people. Decorate it using simple decorative materials and small artificial trees such as an artificial bonsai tree.

2. Create Diversions in The Path

While it is crucial for you to create clear and wide paths for the customers to move around, utilize their attention by creating small diversions, urging them to buy more. Place baskets of small products on racks spread around the entire store. This strategy is bound to make the customer stop and look into the product and even buying it. For example, if you are a beauty shop, fill in those baskets with small soaps and bath bombs that happen to be the best in your store.

3. Use The Entrance To Your Advantage

To draw in more traffic of customers, make sure you do not leave the entrance hanging and bland. Make sure you use some amount of decoration to spark a positive reaction among potential customers. A pop of color is the best way of creating a positive image, and the same can be done through the usage of artificial outdoor plants.

4. Make Technology Your Best Friend

In the era of digital usage and technological advancement, do not shy away from using technology. It is not common for people to be in a rush when passing by your store. They might be interested in your products but they might not have the time to actually step in and look at the products, and they might want to when they are free. Post your QR code in the window of your shop so that people in a rush can scan it quickly and visit your website on the move. This can generate more customers and traffic on your shop's website, resulting in more sales.

5. Create a Sign

Make sure you design and create an attractive sign about your shop and post it right in front of your shop. Make sure this sign is clear and simple so that potential customers have a comfortable visual adjustment to it and are warmed up to the idea of entering and shopping at your store. When placing the sign, make sure that the sign is accompanied by a few fake outdoor plants around it. This creates a psychological effect on people, making them comfortable with the idea of entering your store.

6. Use Your Window To Signify Your Meaning

No matter what you sell, utilize your window to the fullest. Use the space to not just load up on your best selling and attractive products but also make window displays that catch the eye of the public. These signs need to carry a certain amount of meaning to the shop and its purpose. Make sure these signs are designed in a way that people understand what you are selling and make sure that these signs have a tone of happiness and joy in them, urging people to step in. For example, if you're selling jewelry, your sign should suggest a happy person wearing your designs, or if you are selling artificial plants and trees make sure your sign suggests the same.

7. Be Season Cautious

Being a business means going along with trends and changing seasons and times. When decorating the front and interior of the store, make sure you abide by the passing seasons and change decor frequently to attract more people. Going along with seasonal trends in your products is not enough; you have to make sure that you let potential customers know that you are carrying seasonal products. When it is winter time with the holiday season, festive decor should be used. During autumn, mini artificial outdoor trees with brown leaves can be used. For spring and summer, colorful artificial outdoor shrubs and bushes can be used at the entrance.

Generating revenue and having a constant customer flow is one of the most crucial concerns of a business and store owner. Often times, it becomes difficult to locate the important aspects that bring customers in. Decor, as we have learned today, plays an important role in bringing in more customers. If you follow the aforementioned seven points with dedication, you are sure to improve the flow of customers in your store.

12 Faux Green Elements That Can Make A Commercial Setting Awesome

12 Faux Green ElementsThe chances are that as a designer or a business owner you are done with real plants. There is nothing wrong and uncommon in this. They need much investment, and you have to get a new one when they die.

So, faux plants become the obvious alternative. However, what to use? This blog tells you 12 faux trees and plants that can make your commercial setting awesome.

1. Artificial Coconut Palm Tree

Longing to create your commercial environment look tropical?  This is the right product. You can install it anywhere near the front door, pool, periphery, or in a dead space. It brings in a rich and soothing vibe into the business premises.

These are very strong and durable due to the use of top-notch quality raw materials. They are also safe to fire hazards and wash proof.  You can enjoy a joyous ambiance for many years by including them.

2. Fake fan palms

This is one of the most attractive palms for decoration. The fake fan palm trees are perfect for creating a dramatic ambiance with their serene look. Coming with lush green regal fronds and artistic branches, these can infuse a beautiful pattern in any commercial setting.

These are available in different sizes to suit various decor needs. As these contain fire retardant chemicals, these make the commercial place safe from fire hazards.

3. Artificial bamboo plants

Bamboo reeds can deliver a delicate ambiance. Growing them in an air-conditioned environment is next to impossible.  The fake bamboo plants can let you enjoy a bamboo shrub in the setting.

These are available in various heights for placing in a corner or the lobby. With multiple trunks and realistic leaves, they deliver a majestic environment.  You can install them in bunches to jazz up the decor to the next level.

4. Cactus and succulents

They are plenty of variants available. You pick anything from Aloe Vera, Dracaena Dragon, Jade Plant, and many more. These eye-catching faux green elements can let you have a desert theme in your commercial space.

These are also great for creating a cultural moment. No matter if it is a compact or large space, they add an exciting charm to your landscape.  Available in decorative pots, these deliver a whimsical look.

5. Preserved bonsai tree

Bonsai trees enjoy reverence all over the world for their ability to foster peace and tranquility. This faux version of the Japanese miniature art contains all details. Coming with graceful leaves and artistic trunks, they cast an everlasting impression.

No matter what the commercial setting is, it makes the place captivating and refreshing. This maintenance free and durable option builds up an excellent focal point and lifts the decoration.

6. Areca Palm trees

Areca Palms are best known for their ability to create a focal point. The faux version comes with slender fronds and majestic branches they are like the mirror image of the live plants. Place them anywhere in the setting, and they can spark life into a dull corner.

These are fire-retardant and also do not fade. This makes them perfect for using in commercial decoration.  While these artificial plants with pots are available in standard heights, you can get them to exact specification.

7. Fake fiddle leaf fig tree

These are perfect for adding depth and drama to any interior. They come with thin trunks and broad leaves that can make the place look gorgeous.  Since keeping the real plants alive is hard, the fake versions are much popular.

Available as 6 feet high and 26 inches wide. Coming in decorative pots, these are easy to install. The great thing about this is that it contains anti-fading and fire retardant chemicals.

8. Artificial topiary

Plenty of varieties are the essence of this fake decorating element. There are all sorts like balls, cones, spirals to match different decor needs. Other than shapes, you can also get them in Ivy and other foliage options.

The best part of these is that there is no need to trim. Being fire-safe and weather- tolerant, you can place them in the indoor and outdoor.

9. Artificial vines with flowers

When you want a stylish and exotic landscape, the fake vine is the answer. Coming with colorful flowers they are full of life and can enliven a commercial complex.  You can get them in a variety of foliage options to blend with any decor theme.

These lifelike vines are adorable and can add a distinctive touch to commercial settings. Being fire-safe, you can use them anywhere and any way you like.

10. Ivy privacy screen

Privacy is utmost important on the poolside. The faux privacy screen is great to create a cozy corner in spas, resorts, and theme parks. These also offer a brilliant solution to hide the ugly corners that are almost natural to business places.

Made from unique faux ivy foliage they make the place appealing. Bend or cut them to suit your setting. They will continue to adorn the place without maintenance.

11. Hanging baskets

When you want to give a shot to your decoration, the hanging baskets are the right thing. Containing vibrant foliage and colorful blooms these can enliven a space in a moment.

Containing fire retardant chemicals, this takes care of the safety issue. Install them on the windowsills or hang them in the patios, they will make the place burst with colors.

12. Artificial garlands

Full of life and color, these are great to infuse a festive spirit in any commercial complex. Coming in a wide range of variants these can enliven any space.

You can also add a nice touch to the walls using these. Requiring no maintenance, they will make the place glam for many years. Being weather tolerant and fireproof, these form an exclusive decorative element.