Attract More Crowd To Your Stores with These 7 Incredible Decor Hacks

Artificial Outdoor PlantsEstablishing and opening a business venture is challenging, especially when it comes to revenue generation. There are times when stores do not get people to even enter the store, let alone buy anything. A huge part of the above scenario is that these store owners pay little to no attention to the decor, dismissing it as irrelevant and unimportant. Decor, however, is a crucial aspect of revenue generation and getting people to enter your store and look around your wonderful collection. If you are looking to have more crowd at your store, these 7 tips are for you.

1. The Center Should Have Your Focus

Upon entering the store, the first thing that catches the eyes of a customer is the center of the store. Make sure you place your best products and deals on the table located at the center. Not only does this attract actual customers, but also tempts potential customers to come in and take a look at your collection. For example, if you are a store that sells clothing, make sure the rack or table you but in the center carries some of your best pieces available.

While you are putting together the center, make sure you make it attractive to the eye so that immediately catches the attention on people. Decorate it using simple decorative materials and small artificial trees such as an artificial bonsai tree.

2. Create Diversions in The Path

While it is crucial for you to create clear and wide paths for the customers to move around, utilize their attention by creating small diversions, urging them to buy more. Place baskets of small products on racks spread around the entire store. This strategy is bound to make the customer stop and look into the product and even buying it. For example, if you are a beauty shop, fill in those baskets with small soaps and bath bombs that happen to be the best in your store.

3. Use The Entrance To Your Advantage

To draw in more traffic of customers, make sure you do not leave the entrance hanging and bland. Make sure you use some amount of decoration to spark a positive reaction among potential customers. A pop of color is the best way of creating a positive image, and the same can be done through the usage of artificial outdoor plants.

4. Make Technology Your Best Friend

In the era of digital usage and technological advancement, do not shy away from using technology. It is not common for people to be in a rush when passing by your store. They might be interested in your products but they might not have the time to actually step in and look at the products, and they might want to when they are free. Post your QR code in the window of your shop so that people in a rush can scan it quickly and visit your website on the move. This can generate more customers and traffic on your shop's website, resulting in more sales.

5. Create a Sign

Make sure you design and create an attractive sign about your shop and post it right in front of your shop. Make sure this sign is clear and simple so that potential customers have a comfortable visual adjustment to it and are warmed up to the idea of entering and shopping at your store. When placing the sign, make sure that the sign is accompanied by a few fake outdoor plants around it. This creates a psychological effect on people, making them comfortable with the idea of entering your store.

6. Use Your Window To Signify Your Meaning

No matter what you sell, utilize your window to the fullest. Use the space to not just load up on your best selling and attractive products but also make window displays that catch the eye of the public. These signs need to carry a certain amount of meaning to the shop and its purpose. Make sure these signs are designed in a way that people understand what you are selling and make sure that these signs have a tone of happiness and joy in them, urging people to step in. For example, if you're selling jewelry, your sign should suggest a happy person wearing your designs, or if you are selling artificial plants and trees make sure your sign suggests the same.

7. Be Season Cautious

Being a business means going along with trends and changing seasons and times. When decorating the front and interior of the store, make sure you abide by the passing seasons and change decor frequently to attract more people. Going along with seasonal trends in your products is not enough; you have to make sure that you let potential customers know that you are carrying seasonal products. When it is winter time with the holiday season, festive decor should be used. During autumn, mini artificial outdoor trees with brown leaves can be used. For spring and summer, colorful artificial outdoor shrubs and bushes can be used at the entrance.

Generating revenue and having a constant customer flow is one of the most crucial concerns of a business and store owner. Often times, it becomes difficult to locate the important aspects that bring customers in. Decor, as we have learned today, plays an important role in bringing in more customers. If you follow the aforementioned seven points with dedication, you are sure to improve the flow of customers in your store.

12 Faux Green Elements That Can Make A Commercial Setting Awesome

12 Faux Green ElementsThe chances are that as a designer or a business owner you are done with real plants. There is nothing wrong and uncommon in this. They need much investment, and you have to get a new one when they die.

So, faux plants become the obvious alternative. However, what to use? This blog tells you 12 faux trees and plants that can make your commercial setting awesome.

1. Artificial Coconut Palm Tree

Longing to create your commercial environment look tropical?  This is the right product. You can install it anywhere near the front door, pool, periphery, or in a dead space. It brings in a rich and soothing vibe into the business premises.

These are very strong and durable due to the use of top-notch quality raw materials. They are also safe to fire hazards and wash proof.  You can enjoy a joyous ambiance for many years by including them.

2. Fake fan palms

This is one of the most attractive palms for decoration. The fake fan palm trees are perfect for creating a dramatic ambiance with their serene look. Coming with lush green regal fronds and artistic branches, these can infuse a beautiful pattern in any commercial setting.

These are available in different sizes to suit various decor needs. As these contain fire retardant chemicals, these make the commercial place safe from fire hazards.

3. Artificial bamboo plants

Bamboo reeds can deliver a delicate ambiance. Growing them in an air-conditioned environment is next to impossible.  The fake bamboo plants can let you enjoy a bamboo shrub in the setting.

These are available in various heights for placing in a corner or the lobby. With multiple trunks and realistic leaves, they deliver a majestic environment.  You can install them in bunches to jazz up the decor to the next level.

4. Cactus and succulents

They are plenty of variants available. You pick anything from Aloe Vera, Dracaena Dragon, Jade Plant, and many more. These eye-catching faux green elements can let you have a desert theme in your commercial space.

These are also great for creating a cultural moment. No matter if it is a compact or large space, they add an exciting charm to your landscape.  Available in decorative pots, these deliver a whimsical look.

5. Preserved bonsai tree

Bonsai trees enjoy reverence all over the world for their ability to foster peace and tranquility. This faux version of the Japanese miniature art contains all details. Coming with graceful leaves and artistic trunks, they cast an everlasting impression.

No matter what the commercial setting is, it makes the place captivating and refreshing. This maintenance free and durable option builds up an excellent focal point and lifts the decoration.

6. Areca Palm trees

Areca Palms are best known for their ability to create a focal point. The faux version comes with slender fronds and majestic branches they are like the mirror image of the live plants. Place them anywhere in the setting, and they can spark life into a dull corner.

These are fire-retardant and also do not fade. This makes them perfect for using in commercial decoration.  While these artificial plants with pots are available in standard heights, you can get them to exact specification.

7. Fake fiddle leaf fig tree

These are perfect for adding depth and drama to any interior. They come with thin trunks and broad leaves that can make the place look gorgeous.  Since keeping the real plants alive is hard, the fake versions are much popular.

Available as 6 feet high and 26 inches wide. Coming in decorative pots, these are easy to install. The great thing about this is that it contains anti-fading and fire retardant chemicals.

8. Artificial topiary

Plenty of varieties are the essence of this fake decorating element. There are all sorts like balls, cones, spirals to match different decor needs. Other than shapes, you can also get them in Ivy and other foliage options.

The best part of these is that there is no need to trim. Being fire-safe and weather- tolerant, you can place them in the indoor and outdoor.

9. Artificial vines with flowers

When you want a stylish and exotic landscape, the fake vine is the answer. Coming with colorful flowers they are full of life and can enliven a commercial complex.  You can get them in a variety of foliage options to blend with any decor theme.

These lifelike vines are adorable and can add a distinctive touch to commercial settings. Being fire-safe, you can use them anywhere and any way you like.

10. Ivy privacy screen

Privacy is utmost important on the poolside. The faux privacy screen is great to create a cozy corner in spas, resorts, and theme parks. These also offer a brilliant solution to hide the ugly corners that are almost natural to business places.

Made from unique faux ivy foliage they make the place appealing. Bend or cut them to suit your setting. They will continue to adorn the place without maintenance.

11. Hanging baskets

When you want to give a shot to your decoration, the hanging baskets are the right thing. Containing vibrant foliage and colorful blooms these can enliven a space in a moment.

Containing fire retardant chemicals, this takes care of the safety issue. Install them on the windowsills or hang them in the patios, they will make the place burst with colors.

12. Artificial garlands

Full of life and color, these are great to infuse a festive spirit in any commercial complex. Coming in a wide range of variants these can enliven any space.

You can also add a nice touch to the walls using these. Requiring no maintenance, they will make the place glam for many years. Being weather tolerant and fireproof, these form an exclusive decorative element.

10 Reasons To Choose Artificial Greenery For Commercial Settings

Reasons To Choose Artificial Greenery For Commercial SettingsEvery human being has an innate tendency to go back to nature. It's not just biophilia that depicts this well; nature keeps calling us back to itself. Go to anyone sitting in a cubicle, and we're pretty sure you will get the same answer. And it's the similarity in the philosophy of these people that we have carved out ten solid reasons to opt for fake plants in the office atmosphere. 

Even if you're a person who would always choose any commercial setting over a natural atmosphere, I bet you can't go long without a minimal touch of nature. So let us jump quickly to the causes behind choosing artificial plants for a technical setting. 

1. Well the first thing which is known to each one of us is that, you can keep artificial plants anywhere you like. Even at places which do not receive any sunshine, or in low light areas these plants will grow happily and will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Besides who would want to spend a whole day in a cubicle? Incumbents get their recess when they like to relax entirely far from the working atmosphere. 

Well, such an ambiance can be created in a significant way even inside a commercial setting. Arrange a few fake Palm trees for the pool area and look at how the makeover changes. Artificial trees assure greater durability and minor maintenance.

2. Since plants are such an absolute look-alike of their real varieties that you might get confused at a glance. Such is the sophistication of the craft that it often becomes hard to notice the difference. The precision of the craftsmen together with their years of experience help them create the most realistic artificial outdoor plants. Not only the office indoors but the outdoor landscape can be set perfectly with an intelligent utilization of artificial foliage. 

 One sure shot advantage of these artificial plants is that they do not attract insects. 

You will feel relieved to know that since these plants do not photosynthesize, they do not flower. And this makes one apparent reason that they do not attract insects, mites or pests. 

3. Flies and ants only get attracted to real plants owing to the smell they give out. No insects and pests will feed on the fake plants you put. This directly implies that you save a lot of money from buying those expensive pesticides and insecticides. Also, you don't need to care about the harm they can cause to the real plants. 

Yes, you would rarely need some artificial spray to keep off the dust and to keep the nearly natural outdoor plants looking healthy and shiny. But this investment is much less than investing in those expensive chemical products. 

4. Artificial plants and trees with solar lights are considered a beast savor in terms of energy. Being artificial in the first place, they require almost no maintenance. Also due to the presence of solar lights on them, the cut down a whole lot of your expenses on electrical energy too.

 Keep these plants under the sun, and people will happily mistake them for real ones. And when the sun begins to sink at the horizon, the solar lights on them light up automatically creating a Paradise on its own. What can be more amazing and beautiful than this? 

5. Most of the insects and bees that real plants attract do not possess harm. But with the change in the seasons, the same attract different kinds of insects some of which cause allergic reactions. 

But if you are an allergic person, you can install artificial plants without any worries. Artificial plants promote an allergy free environment. 

6. From putting them in a well-lit area to watering them, trimming them at regular intervals and clearing out weeds calls in for too much care and work. You as a super busy person can crave for some fresh looking plants around you, but it's very obvious that real plants demand a lot of care and maintenance. 

The only smart alternative here is fake plants. 

7. Artificial hanging plants with flowers and LED lights can be a safe option for the indoors. Even when the monsoon comes, you won't have to fear for the damage. Install them indoors and fresh, blooming flowers will greet you no matter whether it's spring, summer or winter. 

These plants might lack life, but they don't lack vibrancy. The bright colors of the flowers they bear promises to remain intact over the years. Lasting power is indefinite as these plants do not grow. This means you can put them in any environment you want.

8. Readers who already have pets in their house will be able to relate to my pain. My doggy has a high affinity to my real plants. And almost every other day I wake up to discover some mishap with my plants. 

This common story led me to replace my real plants with the artificial variety of their look-alikes. Now I am relieved because both my doggo and my plants greet me happily as I wake up. Moral of the story, artificial plants do not attract pets! 

9. You can forget about the water damage because practically you don't get any. You can wash artificial plants with water without causing any damage to them. 

Make sure to dust these plants once in a fortnight and wash them once a year to enhance their longevity. Needless to say that molds or any other bacterial growth are impossible on artificial foliage. 

10. Artificial plants are available in a wide variety. Options available are much higher than their original counterparts.


Once you get yourself a silk plant, you would never think of buying real plants for commercial settings. You can follow your own choice or even consult an interior designer for the kind of foliage that would look good in your surroundings.

10 Essential Things You Need To Know About Decorating A Shopping Mall

1Essential Things You Need To Know About Decorating A Shopping MallLarge scale operation often is intimidating and challenging, to say the very least. However, if ample dedication and hard work are put into the said operation, the process becomes enjoyable and the hard work, natural. Decorating and designing a mall is an intimidating task, especially if one is new to such a project, but like anything we undertake in our lives, we have to start somewhere. Let this article be a guiding light for you to understand mall decoration and design through ten tips and tricks.

Decide a Theme and Stick To It

One of the essentials of any design and decor is the surrounding theme to it. Once you have decided on decorating and designing a mall, make sure you choose on a theme from the very start. The theme can be elaborate or simple. If a theme is not decided upon, no further design can save the mall from being a humongous mess with a mixture of multiple themes that don't divulge into harmony. You can go with an elaborate theme if you choose to; however,even simple themes can go a long way. Simple themes can revolve around unique ideas, such as a theme that takes into account European decor.

2. Add Magical and Unique Factors

One complaint that is sensed and seen in shoppers and consumers is that every mall these days look the same and have the same design. While decorating a mall, this grievance should be kept in mind. To make a mall stand out, you cannot rely on designs and decorations that have been used countless time. You need to make your decoration unique. Upon selecting a theme, add elements of the theme to the mall that have not been incorporated by just any mall in the city. For example, if your theme is tropical, add artificial outdoor tropical plants and trees outside of the mall to draw consumers, or, if you were to go with European decor, you could use artificial ivy vines to line up the wall outdoor.

3. Don't Forget Common Spaces and Sitting Areas

When decorating a mall, it should be kept in mind that common spaces and sitting areas are a big part of the entire mall experience. Keep a larger space for common areas where people can relax, unwind and socialize. This helps boost morale and helps the shoppers rest themselves after a tiring day of walking around the mall. To make the experience complete, decorate the common spaces using beautiful and straightforward elements such as fountains and artificial outdoor landscaping. The latter is easy to maintain and due to its nature, is economical.

4. Remember That Malls Don't Have to Be Entirely For Shopping

While malls were created with the primary purpose of drawing shoppers, a new story emerges today. Malls don't entirely have to be about shopping. Create and design co-working spaces so that people can come and work in an area of the mall and are charged hourly. This activity generates a new set of consumers and individuals who step into the mall.

5. Adhere to Changing Trends

Remember that old plans and to-do lists for decorating and designing malls might not be relevant in the year you are decorating and designing the mall. When designing, make sure you inculcate elements into it that are relevant to the year and age you're designing the mall. Do not consult outdated information; rather, understand the recent trends and go with your instinct.

6. Pay Heed To Seasons

The best part about decorating mall roots in the fact that you can change and innovate designs with passing seasons having a different one. With new seasons, you can change up the entire look of the mall to draw people in. If it is winter and the time for holidays, festive colors, patterns and designs can be chosen to decorate the mall. In autumn, signifying the shedding leaves, artificial plants and trees with brown leaves can be placed indoors. For spring and summer, artificial tropical plants can be used.

7. No Isolated Corners

When decorating a mall, make sure that no isolated corner is present, awkwardly trying to ruin the decoration and look of the mall in its entirety. Isolated corners can be used as empty spaces for unlimited creativity. Place festive banners, artificial flowers and shrubs to liven up the space to help the mall get a more beautiful look.

8. Do Not Forget The Gates

It is essential that when you are decorating a mall, make sure you do not ignore or neglect the entrance of the establishment. The entrance is the first impression that the shopper gets when entering the mall. Use the entrance has a mini canvas and place small artificial trees and plants, and small souvenirs to create a better impression with the consumers.

9. The Center is Where The Eye Reaches

Upon entering the mall, the first thing a customer sees is the center of the mall. Make sure that the center of the mall is well decorated and appealing to the collective eye. The centerpiece along with entrance creates a duality in the first impression, and positive and spectacular use of the said space can make a huge difference in the perception of the person entering the mall.

10. Outdoors Should Not be Neglected

Just because everything is inside the mall, it does not mean that the outdoor area of the mall should be boring or bland. Make sure you use your resources and knowledge to brighten up the outside area of the mall. Doing so is not only appealing to shoppers but also to passersby who might become potential shoppers. Intelligently use the outdoor space by decorating it by using simple yet beautiful things, for example, employing large artificial outdoor trees to give a natural and elegant look to the entire establishment.

Decorating and designing a mall can be a difficult task, however, if you consider the recent trends and understand and follow the ten points thoroughly, you will do more than just fine in the decoration aspect.

10 Ideas to Improve Conference Halls

10 Ideas To Improve Conference HallsAgainst the popular belief that it is the content that matters in a conference, there needs to be some decorum as to where the people will be spending their entire day. No one likes a gloomy conference filled with boredom. That is where the sleepy faces come by.

So what can be done to have perfect conference halls for business, academia, workshop and alike?

Organize with tables

Having an organized set of tables is a sign that you are prepared for every gathering or meeting that will take place in the conference hall. Keeping a little space at every fourth or fifth row for walking is advisable.

You can always use plain steel tables which are easily available. But if you wish to enhance the whole look, wooden tables which are all in a uniform color, preferably a lighter varnished one, gives the very structure a formal attire.

Do have glasses of water or juice along with some packed snacks on every table for greater engagement.

Chic lights but bright lights

A conference room needs to highlight every corner of the room. The whole expanse of activities is so broad that every action needs its own associated lighting.

Proper ceiling lights give the whole conference hall a bright feel. If you want to have slight variation and focus on specific areas, then wall washers should be in the checklist.

For a perfect presentation, you need to have a good control panel that can be managed by the crew without specialized training.

A broad screen

It is the age of digital display. How long has it been that someone came with placards in a conference? Would be a rather funny act, won’t it?

Projectors that are meant for business display is an expense you want to incur. Your screens must have the ability to show bright and clear images and writing fonts. At the same time, the screen size should match the conference hall.

You might consider having integrated screens on two or four sides on the hall so that f4rom every nook the presentations are visible.

A high platform for performance

For all the special performances and talks of the day, you will need to have a higher platform which separates the ones listening from the ones projecting.

There are many multi-purpose stages available in the market today which can be altered according to the theme, motive, and purpose of the event being held.

Ever considered around stage than a boring square one? Works perfectly!

A room for food

Conferences tend to be fairly long hours matter. You cannot keep your delegates or attendees empty stomach for that long. No sooner you will have angry kids around or else.

Having a restaurant inside the conference hall is something that you gain your appreciation and also save you the trouble of having people assigned to go to every table and meet the food demands of the people.

You do not need to have a fully equipped kitchen. Just basic heating devices and ready to eat food would do the trick.

Food may be just simple but do meet the standards of elegant drinks. A small cellar would be such a warm touch to the in house restaurant.

A pleasure to sit

So with your classic wooden tables, you may not want plastic chairs. That would be kind of a disaster. We need something equally posh to match with the whole set.

Have single sofas are perfect if the event is very formal. People want to maintain their singularity on such days. Go for black, with wooden tables they match right away.

Personal cabinets for special times

For those special conferences that may not have many delegates but has great matter value, you need to give a little extra to the people.

Having personal cabinets for the conference time would make the delegates feel safer. There will be a lot of files, gadgets that they would want to be kept safe. A tiny cabinet by each table will bring in that assurance.

The overall wall panel

The wall panels need to cover the entire wall.

It is very easy to have presentations and displays if there is an acoustic panel. There are options for having ready to install panels which will give you the flexibility to change them once a while.

For more permanent wall panels, you can choose a light base color that will accent all the other elements of the décor.

Also, remember there is a vast ceiling just left to be decorated. There should be a panel that does not let the echoing of sounds. That is why Acoustic panels!

A green show

There is no magic that little plants cannot do. Grow sweet peas in mud containers and place them on each table top. These buddies grow really fast.

You can also have the sweet peas while they are flowering all hanging from the ceiling in jute containers. This will bring in a refreshing look to the whole formal atmosphere.

If smaller plants are too much then having tall plants sporadically at random areas or on the middle pathway will also enhance the décor.

A warm welcome for the guests

A sweet smile is surely enough for a welcome but having a front desk will help in managing the people entering and exiting. You can have a display of seating at a screen right behind the desk, so everyone has a clear idea as to where they are sitting.

This is the place where you can invite some colors. Graphic design on the desk or at the backdrop will be bright and embracing.

Amidst all the planning, visitors list, content developing forgetting the décor is not unusual. It is true that a conference hall is an expensive task to build, but if you already have a hall, all you really need to do is fit in the ideas.

Mindfully devote in the hall now, and you do not have to look back for resetting ever again. It is one-time investment.