Tips to Set Up A Zen Zone in Your Home

Decorative PlantsAfter a very tiring day at work, every individual wants a place to calm down and get back their strength. Sadly, individuals who stay with their flatmates or family knows how difficult it can be to spend some time on your own in the room watching a favorite TV show or reading a book. Thus, it is of utmost importance to create a unique space where a person can run away to and make their mind stress free from time to time. In case you like this, then go through the below-mentioned tips to understand how to build up a Zen zone in no time.

Choose a private space

The primary step of the procedure is to choose the ideal and most private area in your home. Keep in mind that no matter how small your house is, you can at all times find a part of the room and devote it wholly to your requirements. But, while the size of the space does not matter, you require ensuring that you choose a quiet part of the house, if possible not adjacent to the kids’ room or the jam-packed main street. For instance, a corner of the bedroom can be an ideal place to begin. On the other hand, if you want this space to be entirely cut off, but you do not have an additional room in your home, think about renovating the attic. So, just with a bit of trial, you can get your own retreat of peace where you can arrive and run away from the chaos of your daily life routine.

Include elements of nature into space

The ideal way to preserve a strong connection with the natural world is to bring nature inside. You can add traditional plants such as silk bonsai tree and bamboo, into your home as this will give a cultural touch to the Zen zone. You can add any sort of deep greenery and still attain a similar style such as fake tropical plants. Apart from this, you can also think of adding sleek plants such as fake palm trees for inside to your home. Keeping plants all through the Zen zone offers a huge amount of benefits. For example, they help to clear the air of pollutants to improve the air quality inside and add a pop of natural coloring to lighten up space.  However, it is vital that whatever artificial topiaries you choose, keep it easy, green and natural. By choosing artificial plants, you can actually live stress-free as it involves less care and maintenance.

Decide on the color scheme

Look for earthy tones when selecting what color scheme you want in your Zen sanctuary as they endorse feelings of recreation and serenity. In case you want to add a touch of tint, choose your preferred muted color to harmonize with the other chosen tones of the room. Remember that colors can have a strong influence on the mind and soul. Instead of choosing yellow or orange you can opt for blue and green shades as they evoke a feeling of serenity and peace. However, you should not stick to a single color only as a combination of two different shades will reflect your personality in a better manner and add a touch of liveliness to the room.

Keep the Zen zone clutter free

Once you are done decorating your little Zen area, you need to ensure that it is kept free from mess. Therefore, it is vital that you get rid of all the items that are of no use here. Also, keep the home accessories to the least amount so as to avoid feeling choked and thus not capable to wind down all the buildup anxiety. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to think clearly and be at peace if you are surrounded by mess continuously.

Allow the light to enter

Dazzling fluorescent lights tend to be too strong to encourage serenity and peace.  Remember that soft light angles coming from the floor make a more calming environment than those coming down from the ceiling. You can also think about selecting a light that can brighten or dim so you can set the lighting to your liking and mood. During the daytime do not forget to open the curtains and let the sunshine in. If your windows are too tiny and you want to invest in glass panels as a substitute, then look for the best home improvement options available.

Remove all electronics

Getting rid of all electronic gadgets is the most vital steps to making the Zen Zone. The electronic gadgets can affect you negatively and can also distract you from exploring into complete tranquility and disconnecting from your usual everyday tasks. However, you can use your phone to fill your Zen zone with sounds or music. If you do so make sure that the phone is used for that purpose only. This can be done by setting it on airplane mode so no one can disrupt you during your time at this Zen zone.

Add simple furniture pieces to the place

When deciding on the type of furniture for the Zen zone choose simple furniture pieces. In addition, make sure to keep the furniture colors serene, subdued and not disturbing. In case you do not want any type of furniture you can simply place your yoga mat. Along with the yoga mat, you can also invest in a meditation pillow.


As you can see, creating the personal Zen Zone does not have to be that difficult at all. You just need to find out what suits your senses and taste the best and go for it. Keep in mind that being at ease and feeling good is your main priority, so you should never dither to pamper yourself a little. In case you find creating a Zen zone to be a complicated thing you can at any point of the time seek the assistance of the professionals.

How to Amplify the 'Work' Vibe of Your Home Office?

How To Amplify The Work Vibe Of Your Home OfficeA Home Office is a good investment for people with creative genius, provided their homes have modern facilities for communication. But, a home office may often make a person feel too relaxed or as if dropping in confidence. It is necessary to consider elements that make the business owner and staff feel motivated. A home office design makeover needs careful consideration of factors like spatial constraints and total employees. Secondly, functional factors like light and sound contribute a lot to the conducive creative atmosphere for work. Next, consider office landscaping as an essential aspect of decorum. Artificial landscaping is a growing business trend.

If you own an office, you have aspirations. Stay true to your goals. The building of positive work vibes will encourage your staff to work with devotion. If you learn to amplify these vibes,  you can transform your business dreams into reality. Take a look at some beauty tips.

1. Articulate the space with beautiful colors: Colour stimulates focus and concentration. To create a colorful setting with pictures, sculptures, caricatures, and flowers. The presence of artificial foliage imparts colorful vibrancy to space, which stays blooming with minimal maintenance. The observer feels absorbed by the beauty. Silk foliage is soft and has a realistic appearance. The best aspect of artificial flowering is that it stays blooming forever. You can order custom specific varieties according to the office layout. You can get beautifully handcrafted foliage which looks best against your office settings. Before purchasing, check for properties like fade resistance and stability against ultraviolet radiation. You can have artificial plants at various points in your setting like entrance, reception counter, etc.

2. Focus on lighting factor: Lighting is an essential aspect of office room design. A properly illuminated office motivates employees. The room must have ample windows and ventilators to maximize entry and circulation of natural light. Natural light boosts employee morale and reduces utility bills. Install energy efficient incandescent lights for use in the post-sunset hours. You can have fluorescent green tube lights.

3. Acoustics: Acoustic efficiency promotes better interaction among office staff. More effective communication builds better rapport with the client. You can enhance the acoustics of your room with the help of acoustic wall panels. Alternately, you can have acoustic window curtains. If your office has a seminar hall, acoustics plays a significant role in training programs too.

4. Highlight your unique factor: A home office must represent your personality to the observer. If you own a business, you can showcase any rewards or laurels you have achieved. Take the opportunity to display the uniqueness of your business in a very innovative style. This is an important step to raise your brand image. The client can trust you better.

5. Smart furniture: Have furniture with multipurpose functions. For instance, a table can have a rack to keep your belongings underneath. Have a mix of modern designs with archaic patterns. Furniture placement is a key contributor to office decorum.

6. Technology readiness: If you look forward to earning a reputation, you must equip your office with the latest and most innovative technologies. Have the best infrastructure without being a spendthrift. Take calculative decisions regarding the purchase of new devices. Have revolving chairs and closets at strategic locations in your home office. Your office must have enough computing sets and wifi installation setups. If the office has a seminar hall, it must have modern amenities like LCD screen and projectors. You can also invest in sustainability ideas for your office like photoelectric installation on your home rooftop.

7. Wall décor: An Office wall must be of light colors to reflect light. It gives a formal layout to a room. Use your walls as a business signature. For instance, if you have an architectural office, you can have a perspective view on your walls. You can articulate your office walls with grass signage. You can have inspirational quotes on your walls.

8. Garden touch: A garden outside a home office provides a cute, feel-good factor. You can embellish your garden with a fountain.

If space is limited, you can create a mini garden look with the help of boxwood mats on the floor. The color green stimulates concentration. You can also have outdoor artificial hanging ferns in your home office. Choose your favorite item by screening from an array of exciting foliage varieties.

9. Theme: You can have an interesting topic in your home office to impress the visitor. If you want to set up a tropical beach setting, you can decorate your office with large artificial palm leaves on the periphery. The presence of silk palm instills a calming or soothing feel in an otherwise busy setting. Be careful about the safety aspect. Ensure that the foliage has inbuilt fire retardant chemicals.

10. Maintenance: A home office needs to look beautiful and to inspire every day. So, it must be cleaned regularly. Artificial foliage must be dusted off with brushes or cleanser liquids. Else, they will lose shine and appear dull. Get the floors cleaned every day to retain their bright look. If walls are carpeted, carpets must be washed frequently. You can have fake grass mats outside entry points for usage during rainy seasons.

11. Felicitations on special days: Motivation is the driving force to earn prosperity. An owner must learn to appreciate employee contributions and reward them on special events like foundation day. This is a very effective way to enhance work vibes in an office. It helps in Human Resource development and propelling business expansion.

A home office provides you with the opportunity of transforming your real mission into real figures. But to realize your goal, it is necessary to let the work vibes flow and gradually get amplified each day. You can create a garden like an ambiance in your office with landscaping elements like boxwood mats on the floor or faux hedges on the periphery. You can paint your room with patterns of artificial foliage. Work on simple design basics like lighting and acoustics to add functionality and stimulate an inspirational feeling. You can create a theme in your office with creative landscaping inputs. Your office design must represent your statement. Have smart furnishings and stay abreast with technology. Motivate your employees by rewarding them for their unique contributions on festive days.

7 Ways You Can Use That Dead Hallway Space for Some Saucy Décor

7 Ways You Can Use That Dead Hallway Space For Some Saucy DecorHallways leading to office cabins often make you feel bored. You can also find those at points leading to your dining hall or adjacent institute library. Often, people traverse through long hallways complaining about their boredom. Even candidates aspiring to qualify interviews or exams feel so. As a feeling of boredom is detrimental to learning, it becomes essential to use such dull spaces intelligently to connect to the viewer.

A blank space is an open canvas for a designer. A designer must consider it a nice creative challenge. If you own a commercial enterprise think how an interesting hallway can influence viewer experiences. Designing a hallway is quite a time intensive. But once you are done, you can experience the pleasure. Before you commence on the project, consider factors like the width of the hallway, ambient light, wall color, ceiling height, etc. With some design tips, you can magically turn them into catchy points.

1. Have a book rack

There are lots of books you read previously and don't read now. But, those books can be meaningful to others. One can place a bookshelf with motivational books in the hallways. Display those books with their front covers towards you. Books are not only for avid readers but any person who likes to observe. Keep in an ordered manner. Keep kid’s books separate from journals. You can even keep newspapers or periodicals on your shelf. You can ornament the tops of shelves with handicrafts, antique items, brassware, and artificial topiaries.

2. Create points of focus

Select corners or interim positions to create strong points. Articulate those points with potted artificial foliage, placed on a small table or closet. Artificial flowers are available in varying shades and colors. Choose colors that contrast against your wall color. You can choose among ethnic and modern floral templates. Select vase and flower colors to compare against the wall color. It keeps shining and blooming every day without fading. It needs the only a little bit of care to impress the observer with its beauty. Silk foliage has the soft texture and is captivating for the eye. With the interplay of fake foliage, you can miraculously transform a boring hallway into an attractive spot.

You can mine your selection from thousands of floral collections. In case, your requirement is out of the list; you can post your unique demands. Soon you can get customized solutions, that match your settings best. Besides aesthetics, you need to focus on the safety aspect as well. Ensure that the foliage is fade resistant and resilient to fire, before purchasing it.

3. Give a voice to your walls 

Express your thoughts on your walls. Decorate the walls of the hallway with beautiful portraits, paintings on themes like wildlife, hydrosphere, etc. If your hall is vast, you can fill the space with many classic paintings or photographs. Choose photographs based on where the hallway is located. If your hallway leads to an office, you can have pictures of leading personalities or company’s achievements on the hallways. Through such images, the walls can highlight may untold stories and achievements to the observer. So, the silent walls become a narrative of the success story of the business enterprise. You can even exhibit your paintings on your walls if you are an artist yourself.

You can create a theme with your design initiative. You can create a rock-like a wall background using rock theme tiles or wallpaper. Dress the side walls with outdoor artificial hanging ferns. You can arrange faux bushes at varying elevations and angles to create a mountain like look. Feel absorbed in the depth of the scenery of your wall background.

4. Have rugs on the floor

Cover the floor of the hallway with rugs or grass mats to capture the visitor's gaze. You can either cover the floor area entirely or partially with a fabric. You can use carpets or green mats covering the floor. Check that they are washed or cleaned every day to retain their color.

5. Add some charm with lighting

Lighting influences the observer’s energy and mood. A hallway that receives daylight looks bright. A hallway with dim lighting has a dull look. If possible, try to incorporate windows in the halls. Else try to replace concrete walls with glass walls. Else, decorate the ceiling with a pair of fancy lights at uniform distances. Decorative lights can add brilliance to a boring and dull space.

6. Create a green background

The color green has a relaxing effect. Think about the shades of green. You can build a light leafy

green background with silk boxwood. If space has a sofa or seating space, you have green cushions to match the green background. You can also have faux hedges parallel to your walls. So you can play with different shades of green in your hallway.

7. Have inbuilt cabinets in hallway spaces

One of the much ways to add functionality to a hallway is by having inbuilt cabinets or cupboards inside the side walls. This decision is mostly taken in the pre-construction stage. But you can accommodate shelves even later as mountings on walls. You can place some of your belongings like glassware or sculptures in those cabinets. Else you can keep family photographs inside the cabinets. You can also keep dresses or apparel on those shelves.


If you think a hallway is the most boring part of a building, you need to rethink. With design tips, the so-called dull spaces can be amazingly turned into points. You will love to get a glimpse of. Merge your creative ideas with innovative designs to get the best possible design. You can decorate peripheral locations with fake foliage. Silk foliage is soft and quite realistic to look at. You can add dimension to your walls with theme paintings or photographs. The flat space can be illuminated with the help of fanciful or ornate lighting installations. You can add a touch of greenery with fake landscaping items like silk boxwood. The floor can be covered with soft fabric like fake grass. By placing artificial foliage at turning points, you can create focal points that capture viewers’ gaze.

Can Office Décor Improve Productivity?

Can Office Decor Improve ProductivityCreativity is the most extensive form of thinking, and it’s the best way to boost productivity. And a creative mind works well in a well done up ambiance. So, in case you want to enhance the goods, services, and productivity of your office, you have to build an environment which is conducive to it.

Your office is the long-term home to your employees who spend the major part of the day boosting and managing your business. have to build an environment which is conducive to them. Decorate your office right, and you will find that employees work harder, and happily, for you.

1.    Place items correctly

Follow the eastern or the Western philosophies of placing items in the office. This does not ask for breaking down walls and other structures of the building. , look for East, West, North, and South directions while placing various things. For example, the telephone in the West brings in luck; plants, like the fake bamboo plants, are best kept in the East, etc. Try these simple tips at the office. Set up faux-hedges and arrange for a small or large water fountain in the North of the office. It will increase the inflow of money. Place an aquarium there too. Swimming fish reduce stress.

Create a contemporary look in the office by arranging several small pieces of modern art, floral designs, birds, geometric patterns, butterflies, bells, lights, etc. Each one of these will be pleasing to the eye and make the employees look forward to being there for a significant part of his day. Hang a wind chime in the West. The pleasant sounds will remove negativity and stress from the office.

2.    Use colors to enhance productivity

The science of using colors correctly, or chronology, advocates using colors to improve productivity at work. If used successfully in the décor, colors can make employees happy and stress-free. And this is the best way to boost sales and services from them. For example,

  • Green gives hope and energizes: place plenty of artificial trees and plants in the office.
  • Yellow enhances memory and intelligence: hang an image of a giant sunflower or rising sun on the East wall.
  • Orange gives confidence, enthusiasm, and eagerness: place vases or bins. Put orange blinds on the windows.
  • Violet improves collaboration and tolerance: Pretty violet flowers in a vase at one corner will do wonders. Use in blinds or curtains as well.
  • Blue makes them optimistic and positive towards work: paint one wall in a pastel or light blue shade.
  • White gives peace and shows a clean office: have most of the walls in shades of white.

3.    Have functional equipment

Broken, unusable, or unserviceable office equipment is a real put off and very frustrating for the employees. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish by putting off repairs or placing standard office equipment. Take care of the printers, the projection, computers, paper shredders, etc. Have them serviced from time to time. Organize the items neatly. Place a vase or two with small artificial bonsai trees near the printer or the coffee vending machine etc. Make sure that the telephones and the internet services are excellent. 

4.    Provide adequate Lighting

Employees face monitors, projection screens, and other such surfaces through the day. Poor lighting can harm the eyes, give disturbed vision, and cause eye fatigue. Have adequate lights in the office through:

  • Maximum natural sunlight
  • Focused or directional lights on work tables
  • Soft or diffused overhead lighting to avoid harsh glares
  • Custom light fixtures at strategic points

5.    Seat them well

Nowadays offices have a collaborative system of functioning. Save space and increase efficiency by having everyone seated in a big hall. Mark off individual cubicles or workstations with potted plants or decorative panels. This gives them some privacy as well as closes the gap between the employees. Let them place some personal items and decorate their tables on their own. Discussions and decisions happen faster with everyone around. People respect their colleagues and their work better.

Nobody likes to work in dark, dingy, stuffy, and uncomfortable workstations. Provide comfortable desks and chairs to the employees to work. Use a soothing light shade of beige on the desks top counters. Fix contrasting knobs and handles on drawers and cupboards.

6.    Bring in nature

Since employees have to sit in the office for long hours, they hardly get to enjoy the beauties of nature. So, place lots of plants inside the office so cheer them up and energize them. If you are concerned about the person-hours and hard work needed to maintain the plants, then you have the best solution is going in for faux foliage like:

  • Fake ficus
  • Silk bamboo trees
  • Fake palm trees for inside
  • Artificial silk trees

There are hundreds of varieties available these days. You can get them in all sizes and shapes. Choose the flowers or plants that you love, and you want to have to wait for their season to grow or flower. Only pick them from the store and do away with hours of maintaining, watering, and weeding them. They won’t grow out of shape and eat up space inside the office. Use them generously around the office.

Try some landscaping too. It makes the office look beautiful and also creates a great impression on all visitors and clients. You could have fountains, rockeries, topiaries, terrariums, reading corners, etc. You could also develop corners to show your collaboration with other cities or nations depending upon your work. The employees too feel proud of the environment and show it off well to outsiders. In the bargain, they will work harder.

7.    Have courteous support staff

Backend support like office assistants, machine operators, guards, kitchen help, etc should be groomed to be courteous and efficient. Let them wear neat and clean uniforms and also know the office procedures well. Make their area too clean and organized.

Decorate the office with innovation and aplomb. See the sales soar!

Décor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

Decor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger 2With a growing population and reducing resources, smaller houses are a reality. Another reason for this is the decaying of the institution of joint families and the growth of nuclear families. Therefore, you find smaller houses with smaller spaces springing up everywhere.

If you live in such a house, you need to read on for décor tricks that will make small rooms appear larger.

Space and Design

With little choice to make structural changes to small rooms, you have to find other means of making them look larger. Look at the floor plan and map out a design for spaciousness. Enhance the space by making horizontal designs on the floors.

Fix horizontal tiles

or tiles with horizontal lines on the floor. The same effect will be through making large stripes on the floor. This makes it look larger. Horizontal rugs also do the same trick. They give length to an otherwise shorter room.

Colors and Hues

Dark shades and hues eat up space in the rooms. Use lighter shades and hues of paint and other colored objects. Fix dark colored tiles as skirting on the top near the ceiling to give an illusion of height. You can also place some decorations like artificial foliage on the top end for the same purpose. Lighter shades of tiles on the floor also add space.

Similarly, use lighter hues on the walls. Paint one deep wall with a darker shade to give length to the room. Use shades of white in the kitchen for your cupboards, drawers, countertop, and other furniture.

Use shades of blue, green, and off-white to make the rooms look more prominent. Try not to contrast too many colors as they break the depth of the room. Go in for shiny or glossy paints to add brightness to the room. Make a large motif or pattern on the ceiling to make the room look larger. It adds volume to space.


Proper lighting and ventilation make a massive difference to the spaciousness of rooms. Dark and dingy rooms appear even smaller than their actual size. So, ventilate and light up the rooms. You may not have open areas on all sides of your house, but wherever possible, keep the windows open. Allow as much as possible for natural sunlight to filter in.

Fix pretty lights inside storage cabinets to make that area too look larger. Place some ceramic pots with fake bamboo plants or artificial bonsai trees. Highlight those corners with lights to give volume. Fix ceiling lights rather than side wall lights. They provide a brighter appearance to the room, consequently adding illusions of space.

Gadgets and appliances

Smaller and sleeker devices in the kitchen and other devices in the house take up less space, and you can preserve the volumes of the room. Larger and bulky items like fridges, washing machines, ovens, etc. make the kitchen look smaller than what it is. Buy these gadgets in lighter shades or even transparent frames. Keep kitchen appliances inside cupboards and cabinets to save space. Instead, place some faux foliage on the shelves for the beauty.

Storage Spaces

You can’t do without enough storage spaces, whether your house is big or small. But do them up smartly. Use lighter shades of panels. Use a combination of open and closed shelves. Fix glass panels rather than dark ones. Have light-colored kitchen countertops and other cabinet tops as well. If you go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or cupboards, leave a little space on the top or skirt it with another shade for the height.

Furniture Items

Similarly, you will need lots of furniture items in your house to suit all your needs. Remember again to keep light polishes and varnishes on them. Dark and bulky furniture will eat up a lot of space. Try and buy chars, sofas and other cabinets which have their legs peeping out from the bottom. Furniture bases touching the floor of the rooms looks bulkier and thereby the room much smaller. Keep only the items you need and not the ones because they are on sale or with the neighbors. Folding tables, taken out when needed, are a great buy too. Just wrap them and put them away. Place furniture items away from the walls rather than against hem always.


Plants always brighten up the rooms. There is still enough space for them. Hang some hanging silk plants or some artificial vines from the ceilings and highlight them with led lights. Place miniature versions of fake palm trees for inside, silk bamboo trees or other fake topiary plants. These plants look realistic, are fire retardant, and come in all sizes and hues. It’s easy to clean them, and they don’t make the room messy as well.


Don’t keep a monotonous pattern and design in all the furnishings and drapes. The rooms look tiny with such uniformity and design. Have a variety of designs and patterns in your curtains, seating, cushions, sofa furnishings, rugs, etc. Use stripes, geometrical shapes, floral, dots, polkas, plains, jacquards, etc. Break the monotony of the furnishing. It works! Create a focal point with a large item to draw all attention to. This also creates an illusion of a bigger room.

Clear the Clutter

Remove all unwanted and unnecessary things from the house. Keep only what is useful or beautiful. It’s your home, not a shop or a museum to display items and curious. These include old papers, books, furniture, utensils, crockery, shoes, clothing, linen, etc. The moment clutter disappears from your house; it will look larger!

Decorative items

Akin to above, hang smaller paintings and other wall art in proportion to the room. A little wall clock, smaller photo frames, etc. are a better option.  Keep the floor area also clearer. Create the space to walk around freely in the rooms and also have them look bigger. Hang mirrors smartly to enlarge the area. Place smaller carpets and rugs rather than ones covering larger floor areas.

Try these simple decor trips and see space being created in the house. Enjoy the feeling freedom it gives you.