Top 10 Artificial Plants and Flowers to Upgrade Your Restaurant

Top 10 Artificial Plants And Flowers To Upgrade Your RestaurantWhy should anyone come to your restaurant than someone else’s? The Menu? Seating? Smiles on the faces of people serving the food? Well, these are factors that most restaurants carefully choose nowadays. It is an age of restaurant hunting.

So let us give restaurants a feature that stands apart from anything the visitors have seen more often. Let us bring them closer to nature while they enjoy your lovely dishes.

Here are 10 carefully chalked out plants and flowers which although artificial can bring about a lot of changes in your entire décor.

The age of plastic flowers

Well, they may not have the same fragrance and exact color coating as the real flowers in a garden, when you can have artificial flowers all around your restaurant, why not incorporate them?

Put an aquarium in your restaurant, some classic fishes and put in a range of sea plastic flowers and weeds in it. Spend on the fishes and let the plastic plants make them and your customers happy.

If fish keepers can get away with them, so can you. The aquarium can be your choice and so can the sea plants. Plus who is to know what lies within the water.

The smoothness of silk                                                         

We all know what palm trees make us feel like. The mere name brings about assign of coolness, probably from the best of the beach trips we have had.

Get a similar feeling for your restaurant too. Along with fantastic seafood dishes on your menu Silk palm trees are a fantastic addition to the vibe. Some aboriginal palm trees like a golden cane or even areca are widely found in the market.

Because these trees are pretty tall, they are perfect for the entrance of your restaurant.  

A little green by Eucalyptus wreath

Invite a tinge of greenery through the Eucalyptus Wreath. If you can grab Neptune at the handwoven ones what better. There is a story to tell about art and craft along with the beauty of these cute roundels.

The best part about this artificial plant is its light weight which is super easy to hang anywhere you wish to. Ever imagined a light hanging from a fake plant? Well, now, you have it.

This wreath will usher a feeling of togetherness and bonding, the cycle of life.

The not-so-scary snake plant

While you may not have a large audience enjoy a snake in your restaurant, a snake plant will definitely bring the alter emotion. With minimalistic upkeep, you have these small plants on ceramic pots and place them at the center table.

Add some pebbles for that fresh look, and these plants will be just as alluring as real. Often it comes in a bi-color of green and yellow which makes it so different from the other plants.

You also get them in green and white- perfect if you plan to have a small reading section in your restaurant. These are pure bookshelf or reading table materials.

The fountain of fern

Empty window panes? Curtains will surely add depth to it but adding some Boston ferns is the best way to bring in lush greenery into your restaurant.

If you have an open restaurant, then you can put some wooden tables which are not for people to sit but a small display of garden with mini plants like Boston fern.

Even in close commercial restaurant ferns are perfect as side table centerpieces. The cost is much lesser than any centerpiece, but the class is up to the mark.

Rosemary-The companion to a chef show

With the age of scrutiny, many restaurants have an open display of their culinary arts. If you are in the same race, then having an artificial rosemary or herb plant should be your first pick. Its fragrance will reach the audience without its real existence.

Its stark realism will not even make your to-be learner/visitors wonder about its reality. It is just a worthy addition to your pride in showing how the true magic of cooking is created.

Pocket size powerhouse succulent plant

Succulent plants may not be standing high, but their small size is what makes them a winner of a small restaurant. Clear up all your tables and just put one of these plants with a good table cloth. You need nothing more now but a nicely cooked warm dish.

A botanical experience is what waits for your restaurant customers because of the sheer variety of succulent.  To make this best fake plant real, add some earthy pot to it, which comes in super affordable cost.

The magic of flower stems

Wall panels and graphics are the best sellers. Ever thought of having ‘A wall of artificial flower stems’ in your wall décor? The joy of spring is what it will bring to your restaurant. Beautiful white flower petals with jade stems are a sign of peace.

They have no fear of fading way and represent health and heart forever.

Artificial Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are so famous, but they have a bad temperament. Keeping them alive is an everyday tension.

Did you know that there are so many Bonsai fake plants in Walmart? They look so authentic that hardly you can differentiate fake from real.  Now you know how to fill all the indoor spaces of your restaurant.

A rare orchid

So many movie themes were based on the elegance of orchids that it needs no special mentioning. You do not have to cross oceans to get hold of these rare species of flowers.  

Artificial orchids and their pretty white blossoms will give an instant urbanity to your décor.

These carefully chosen flowers and plants are so realistic in touch and feel that would pass the test of authenticity in the first attempt. They do not need, sunlight, water or any absolute natural factors to behold their beauty and durability.

All you have to do is some subtle maintenance like dusting once in a while as per your time and convenience. Is there anything easier to bring nature to your doors of profit?

Want to Make Your Office More Productive? These 10 Decor Ideas Can Help You Out

Want To Make Your Office More Productive These 10 Decor Ideas Can Help You OutNo matter how much you love your job or workplace, there’s always a point when you don’t feel the productive energy traveling through you. Your limbs, your mind, and your vision get tired, making hard work a lot harder. It is common for people to say that a change of scenery always helps in rejuvenating your mind, but the luxury of changing an office is a rare one. Rather, how about decorating your office to make it look different and help your productivity? Here are ten decor ideas to make your office more productive.

1.    Declutter

While working, it is common for us to overcrowd our desks and create a physical mess in front of us. Sometimes even misplacing items due to our mindlessness. Decluttering is probably an activity you have heard about and scoffed upon because you think no way will actually give you peace of mind. Despise to break your understanding but decluttering not just clears physical messes but also mental messes. Having a cleaner desk allows for your view and perception to have a clearer understanding of the procedure, giving you mental peace and helping your productivity.

2. Improve Lighting

Working under low or dim light creates a strain on your eye lowering your productivity and making you feel tired in the middle of the day. Low light might even cause your eyes to burn. Make sure your lighting is good so that you do not have to worry about the above happening. Rested eyes allow for more productivity due to more energy.

3. Incorporate Colours

Work life can get especially uninspiring if you work in an office that is completely whitewashed. While white is not an inherently bad color, vast and regular doses o the same makes you feel bored and tired. Add pops of color around your workplace to keep the morale high. You can hang colorful paintings or place artificial plants around your office.

4. Do Not Neglect Your Sense of Smell

With monotonous views also come monotony of smell. Sometimes, the smell of printers and paper overwhelms you. Keep a few scented candles around to not only decorate your desk but also to create a change in smell so that your mind remains engaged and does not become easily bored.

5. Spruce Up Your Office With Some Greenery

We discussed the incorporation of color earlier and plants could be used for that. However, having indoor artificial plants and small trees also helps trick your mind into believing that you are closer to nature. The reason you should invest in fake plants lies in the fact that you might be a busy person and real flora is hard to maintain. Artificial plants are the next best thing because not only do they trick your brain but also are very low maintenance.

Of course, having an artificial palm tree is not a rational option, but you can have small fake indoor trees like bonsai.

6. Do Not Be Wired Down

If you are in an office in this day and age, there is a good chance your office is technologically sound, and that means there are wires everywhere in your workplace. Here is a trick, next time you go to your office, make sure you are carrying colorful clips. Any long wires you come across your work area, clip it to make it as short as you can. Having long wires around is not only a physical hazard but is also very frustrating to have around and keep tripping on. This trick will not only save you from harm but will also keep you from being stressed out and frustrated.

7. Get a Soft Board and a To-Do List

Studies suggest that creating a to-do list the first thing upon reaching your work keeps you focused and productive. If you don’t already have one, get a soft board and place it near your desk, create a to-do list everyday and pin it on the board. Having set goals to accomplish in the day makes your brain focus and stops it from procrastinating which results in you being more productive and ready to seize the day. The list also helps you from overworking yourself to the point of burnout and exhaustion.

8. Keep Photos and Memorabilia

Working, often times is exhausting and requires a lot of your time. Your personal time during these days is close to nonexistent. Keep pictures of your loved ones on your desk and decorate your soft board with memorabilia that reminds you of cozier days. While you might not be around your loved ones and might not be living those cozier days, the memories of the same spark joy in you and help you focus on your work, therefore, increasing productivity.

9. Do Not Let Your Ideas Go To Waste

When at work, due to the high level of concentration and usage of maximum brain power, your mind produces some great ideas for work or even personal projects. Keep a colorful notepad on your desk paired with a pen. Anytime you get an idea, write it down. This not only ensures that you are active at work but also that you are productive when it comes to personal projects. Additionally, a colorful notepad makes your desk look more attractive.

10. Keep Your Desk Storage Clean

Just like the top of your desk, make sure that the storage area of the same is clear and clean at all times. Having a cluttered storage area makes storage near impossible and results in you misplacing essential documents and things; additionally, it is frustrating going through layers of disarranged things. So, help your mental health and productivity and make sure you have clean desk storage.

Keeping productivity and morale high in your workplace is an important task. Mental well being is an important aspect of achieving productivity. Follow the above tips and tricks and you are assured a more productive and mentally healthy workplace.

Top 10 Décor Tips to Make Your Restaurant Swanky

Top 10 Decor Tips To Make Your Restaurant SwankyIt is most of us who fall into the category of entering a restaurant for its décor as much for the food it serves. The menu matters for sure, but the eye meets the walls first then the dishes on the plate.

There are many ways to style your own restaurant keeping in mind your target audience. At times the magnitude of options is what confuses us. Unlike a café, a restaurant has a lot more elements incorporated.

Scroll through to give yourself the best décor tips and make your restaurant as elegant as Chesterfield.

A uniform style of color

Having a uniform color on all four sides of the wall is the cheapest way to bring in some class to your restaurant. A wall is a vast space you can cover that up by having lighter and darker grid lines of the same color.

Imagine a grey base coat with black grid lines on them. You can also go pink and red. Just ensure that the base color is lighter. You do not want everything else to seem dull just because of over-bright wall distemper.

Remember there is a floor too. That is a huge space to cover up. How about some well-known checks on the floor? With a homogenous color on the wall, the floor will be the one to speak colors!

Go slow on the light

A restaurant is a place where people want to spend some quality time, probably with close ones. Give them this privacy.

Small table lamps on each table, right at the center emits just enough light to see what is on the plate and the face sitting opposite.

Who does not fantasize candlelight dinner? Have some candles or just one big scented candle on each table as the sun sets down and the romantic moon rises.

A trip to the Victorian era

Your seating arrangement will determine a large lot of your décor. There can go nothing wrong with a Victorian style of seating arrangement. Arrange your tables and chairs in perfectly straight lines. You can choose cubicles too.

Having tall chairs and wooden tables will take your customers to another era of dining. Add some velvet cushions to your chairs, probably bright colored crimson ones.

There are lots of Victorian-era inspired crockery sets available. Top up your table with them for a complete look.

Drink it away

No restaurant is complete without an excellent wine cellar. Although you always have the option of bringing the drink with the food, the display of age-old wine all in a classic cellar is just a must-have.

You do not have to spend a lot to have a cellar on the corner can have varnished wooden planks fitted onto the wall. Show off the collection of wine you have. Let your visitors see that you know your taste.

The breeze from greens

Since you are sorted with table lamps, you have your ceiling empty for some silk flower arrangements. It is a very graceful touch to overall décor. Spend some cash on high-quality silk flowers hanging at the rim of your entrance.

This will still cost a lot lesser than getting real plants. Even though they are fake, silk flowers look very real.

The tropical touch

It is strange that shells, something we all pick up on the beach are hardly used as a décor constituent. Shells come for real cheap but add such poise to the whole ambiance.

You can choose to paint your shells in bright colors and have wall hangings, wall accent elements or decorate every table stand with them. Or, shells by themselves have such soothing color that you can use them right from the seashore.

Plus you can have some silk flower bouquets to support the shells.

The chic of wooden foundations

Throw in a variety of wooden structure in your restaurant to make it look swanky. You can have cabinets right on the central dining space. You do not need to hide your storage items. The cabinets will be well appreciated.

You can also have wooden frames all along the wall panel.  In fact, why not have a wall dedicated to woods? If your seating is black and white, which many prefer, this is near perfect pick.

The melody mood

Don’t we all have a T.V or a music system on while we eat at home? Why? Because some audio or visual addition is an excellent companion to food.

You can have a stage where live music performance can happen every evening. What is beauty without culture? Some cultural songs mixed with modern numbers will make your eaters dancers.

Do have a good light on the stage, people need to see who is playing up there.

The drape culture

Curtains are not just for covering the glass panes of windows. They can add some real charm to your restaurant.

An ethnic fabric which talks about the tribes or village life of the geography is a story in itself. You can also have floral printed fabrics or even net curtains.

This can go not just on windows and doors, but they can be used as dividers for your separate sections in the restaurant.

Say “Cheese” board

Over a table of supper so much can happen; A proposal, a fight, a make-up, a birthday, an anniversary or just a time out. Capture all these moments so that people come to your place again and again. Make this their “special” destination.

A big frame where all pictures of your customers go up is a way of silently telling them they are always welcomed at your restaurant. Watch the smiles on their faces when they see the images, a memory brush.

You can also have a small photo booth where they can click their own pictures and put them up.

You can now have a grand opening to your newly created grand restaurant. No one needs to know how easy it was to make the changes around, and they can spend their worthy time appreciating the décor and having your mouth watering dish.

So yes, all the décor once taken care of, have a Menu card that looks appealing. Maybe carved out the menu on wooden planks would just be another reason to pull those diggers of classy food places.

7 Incredible Yet Subtle Ways to Decorate an Art Gallery

7 Incredible Yet Subtle Ways To Decorate An Art GalleryPutting up an art gallery is a challenge. You might have faced a lot of ordeals in sourcing potential art collectors or picking up artwork which resonates with your vision. The collection is surely the main focal point of your art gallery, and its visual appeal is also important.

The way an art gallery is designed not only affects how customers navigate and perceive it visually, but also affects its commercial success in many ways. A greater number of visitors also means the chances of a sale go up

Therefore, it is essential to decorate your gallery in a way which does not overpower the art pieces but manages to make the viewing experience more wholesome. Here are 7 incredible yet subtle ways to decorate an art gallery.

1.    Use lighting to add dimension

Well executed lighting is the key to enhance the ambiance of the establishment. Understand that light is more than just a necessity and when utilized in the right manner, can add an extra dimension to the room. Add bright spotlights and floodlights to illuminate the artwork and dim lights to improve the esthetic of the space.

Use vintage ceiling- fixture lights to make the room edgier and less boring. You can also use dim lights with a retro look to give the place a character. Small accent lamps or floor lamps with an upward glow are also a great option to add a charm to the complex.

2.    Bring the greenery in

Add real or faux greenery to bring the outside in, no matter what season. When adding real plants in the gallery, make sure they are subtle and resilient to the indoor environment. Succulents are a good option as they are long-lasting and easy to care for. You can also bring in small palm trees and other indoor-suited plants.

Faux greenery can also be used if you are looking for a low maintenance option without losing the visual appeal. You can find artificial plants and flowers online. Some of the options to consider for your gallery are artificial bamboo plants, miniature artificial bonsai, fake vines with flowers and small artificial topiary trees.

3.    Add edgy furniture to the complex

Choosing the furniture can make or break your gallery; therefore it is crucial that you pick the right one. Well-chosen furniture can add weight, style, and charm to the establishment. Find pieces that look like an intricate part of your interiors and at the same time add a new dimension of esthetic to the gallery.

Dark wooden pieces or furniture with a mixture of modern design and basic elements made of wood, iron, and concrete can be used to make the room look more put-together and edgy. Find pieces with timeless elements like wood which has a pop of something unexpected like a bright color or an unusual shape to it.

4.    Use wallpaper and wall decals

Add wall decals or wallpaper on a few walls to make the interiors more interesting. Take care that the wall decals or wallpaper do not overpower the artwork and look misplaced. A wallpapered feature wall is a great way to enhance an already existing focal point. Add wallpaper in subdued color to make the artwork stand out.

Use minimal wall decals to frame the artwork and enhance the appearance of the complex. Go for small graphic designs which do not steal the focus from the artwork. Decals comprising of basic color palettes and clean geometrical lines are the most favorable for an art gallery. You can find customizable wall decals online to fit the design and size needed for the walls.

5.    Use color to your advantage

White walls can seem like a standard practice of all art galleries, but colored walls have a much greater effect in enhancing the visual appeal of the gallery and the artwork. Make an informed decision when choosing the color scheme and keep the artwork in mind.

Choose the colors based on what you want the audience to feel when they look at the artwork. Deep, dark colors can be very helpful when you want the artwork to hold the stage, and light backgrounds work when you want the audience to perceive the art as they may.

6.    Add glass elements to the complex

Glass reflects light beautifully and when added to ample space, can illuminate the area with natural light. You can underplay or overplay glass elements in the space, depending on the atmosphere you are looking to create.

Add a section of glass floors to certain parts of the complex to the make the gallery look more ambient. Glass floors instantly draw attention and give your gallery a dramatic yet contemporary look. Glass planters and Celestial Glass lights are also good options if you want to underplay glass elements and can easily be integrated with the other decor elements.

7.    Utilize the ceiling

Understand that Ceilings are a crucial design element and when utilized correctly, can add dramatic visual impact in any room. Add decorative ceiling fixtures to add texture to the establishment. Ceilings paneled in walnut or any other wood variety are also a great option to add drama to the complex.

Use chandeliers to decorate the gallery and make sure to coordinate its design with the hues and materials in the room. Uniform ceiling beams or high-gloss ceiling that complements the walls can quickly add up to the decor of the gallery.

Parting thoughts

As long as you are able to utilize the essential elements and not overwhelm the space with unnecessary add-ons, the decor will work in favor of the gallery. Try not to overcrowd the complex and do not use textures and elements without any prior understanding of the art and what the artist is trying to portray. At no point should the decor of the gallery be more overpowering than the artwork. In fact, it should look like an integral part of the art itself.

10 Cafe Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting With

10 Cafe Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting WithCoffee shops are the new favorite hang out a spot for anyone. Be it teens or a gang of retirees, and if the city has a popular coffee joint, they are all in for a quality time. But to have a customer base keep coming back is no easy task.

The coffee may be the finest choice from around the world, and you might offer the best food, but the ambiance and the design features of the café are as important as the coffee itself. You can be set apart from your competitors by good design.

Here we present you with 10 fabulous ideas, which can help create a modern vibe to your café.

1.    Choose the best location for the café.

A café is a place, which can serve as a simple grab and place or a peaceful environment, to sit and relax with your pastry. Either way, it is not a restaurant, which takes up more than an hour for your food.

Try to keep the demographics of the customers and make sure the café is centrally located, so they don’t have to drive or walk a long distance for a coffee. People would prefer a bad coffee to the long drive for a good one.

A corner coffee shop on a downtown street is the best-preferred location. But if you are not able to get that spot, try to locate a place that is closer to where many people work, or pass-by during their commute. For commercial location, you could always try a space in a mall, where many people would like a to-go cup while shopping.

2.    Try to create a lively environment.

For a modern looking café, ambiance is very important. Dull and gloomy colors tend to keep customers away.

A coffee, for many of us, is associated with energizer or mood refresher. And when someone walks in to get one, they are expecting the place to lighten them up. Create a good ambiance with skillful colors and matching lighting. Acoustics also help in this case.

Once you decide on the theme, try to balance it with bright colors. Red and yellow are known to be diet stimulants. If you want a quick table turnover time, use them. If you want a longer turnover time, use a subtle and relaxing color that creates a balance with the customers.

3.    Lighting is crucial for any design.

We will be able to see different types of people in a café. People plugged in with a laptop, or someone who is lost in a book. A gang who is meeting after a long time or a professional team coming in for a coffee break. Or a person who just wants to sit and relax with their coffee.

Whatever is their case, a café should foster all of it. And the lighting can play a key role in this. It should be bright and breezy for a good feel, but should also equalize the ambiance.

There should be a mix of different light fixtures to cater to all these different types of coffee people. Pendant lights which spread light for a relaxed look. A table lamp near the corner sofa for book readers. The options are numerous. Make sure there are options to choose from for the customers.

4.    And so is the seating arrangement.

A modern café should be diverse. The layout should be pleasing and welcoming everyone. Seating can have a significant impact on how you want your business to run. Whether it’s a fast-paced joint or would you like your customers to enjoy a good, relaxed time at your café, seating alone can make the difference.

Cafes usually have low-level tables and chairs in contrast to the regular dining tables and chairs. This gives a chic feeling and also lets the customers relax for sometime and get going about their day. Cafes also feature the beanbags or sofas for even a cozier feel. For a trendy vibe, a mixed seating plan can do the trick.

Try investing in some quality low-level tables and chairs, and also some sofas especially for the corners. This way your café can be a one-stop solution for coffee lovers. Make sure the spacing between each table is adequate with the customer’s privacy in mind, but not so aloof, so they feel isolated.

5.    Make a statement with your service area.

A café can be both giving and picking orders by self or servers waiting tables. A serving area should be planned according to your café. You can choose between large blackboards with menu items, handwritten or painted or digital menu board with images of the food item being ordered. This is entirely based on your customer’s choice.

The serving area should not be blocking the way for waiters serving the tables; neither should the on-going traffic be directed towards seated customers. A good design should keep the traffic moving and also accommodate customers who want to spend more time at the café.

And if you have a drive-thru option, that should not be in seated customers view. They should be able to have a good view and not of the ongoing vehicle rally outside.

6.    Outdoor décor is as important as the indoor.

The exterior look and feel of any café is equally important and draws the crowd accordingly. Especially if the streets have a beautiful, charming sight of the architectural buildings of the area, nothing beats a refreshing feeling of having a coffee whilst enjoying that view.

According to the weather and location, create an aesthetic setting for your customers to enjoy their time outside the café. Be it tables and chairs with an umbrella or be it benches facing away from the traffic, these seating will give an added reason for customers to enjoy their visit.

7.    Make a connection with nature by creating an indoor or outdoor garden.

Any type of greenery makes us feel more connected with nature. And this automatically gives a boost to our energy. Try to create a garden if you have enough outdoor space. Or you could always invest in a gazebo for a more durable and long-lasting structure. This not only helps to connect with nature, but the serene setting will keep the customers coming back for it.

You can also create unique indoor gardens with glass façades. These not only give out positive vibes but also will help calmness prevail, to an otherwise busy coffee house.

8.    Use artificial greenery to achieve the decoration style you missed having natural plants.

Artificial plants and trees are easy to maintain and can be altered to our exact décor need. For a busy café, maintaining natural plants might be an added expense. Try to opt for artificial greenery arrangements. This is cost-effective and can change the vibe altogether.

Artificial green wall designs are catching up and help to give a jungle effect. If you have tables and chairs placed outside the café, you could create a garden fence with an artificial boxwood hedge.

If there is a space crunch, you could opt for artificial greenery in pots or artificial flowers.

9.    Use unusual color combinations.

A contemporary style can use any combination boldly. And to have that vibe in your café, go for skillful color combination choices. Like you can opt for all wooden interior finish and choose bright yellow or red color fabrics for sofas and decorative pillows.

Or you can also try to bring in dark furniture with bright lightings around. The contrasting feature should be visually pleasing and give a comfortable feeling.

10.     Accessorize.

Any decoration can be topped with certain accessories. Abstract paintings, for example, tend to give a stylish look. Combined with a shelf full of books or a wall full of collections, also add up to the décor.

Background music tends to be an advantage in most cases. But you have to be careful about the choice of music and group dynamics of the café. By knowing customer interests, you could also have a small stage set up for musicians to perform. This not only improves the café look but also gives a community feeling.


Whatever the case be, it is you who has to find out about your customers and how you can help achieve your goal in keeping them and bringing them back.

Try these ideas and implement some of your own, to get the contemporary vibe missing in your café.