Planters Are For All Seasons

Planters-Are-For-All-SeasonsOne of the main reasons why artificial plants are preferred over real ones is the availability of a particular variety throughout the year. Same thing applies with your planters, containers and urns, where in you can use them to decorate the interior or the exterior portion of your home or commercial outlet. Time and again, it has been proven that when artificial plants are matched and put up with the right kind of planter can create magic in any type surrounding and uplift the whole area.  

Today, if you want to convey your message across to people in the most fluent way, there are many mediums to do so. Same way, if you want to get positive vibes from the surroundings at your home or workplace, there are many creative accessories that can get you the positive energy. Planters are containers when perfectly matched with your choice of artificial plant can create wonders in the entire area.

There are strong reasons why planters can be a lot more beneficial than your real garden. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Containers can be rested anywhere - Planters can be easily placed inside and outside of apartments, buildings, homes or businesses. This is due to the fact that they occupy minimal space when placed on a customized platform and on the ground as well. You can recreate your dream theme anywhere, by simply mixing and matching different set of planters, coupled with charming artificial foliage. There is no space or a place where you cannot use this decorative accessory. In home planters can be used to define your living space, whether it’s on a patio, front porch, on the center table or while going up a staircase.
  • Variety of Containers - Make an instant impression for family and friends using different styles of planter/containers. The plants containers can be used numerous times and hold many different varieties of plants that change with the gardener’s personality. For your information glazed ceramic pots hold water well, whereas wooden containers are great because it will be able to store warmness, no matter where the planter is located. Metal planters can also be incorporated into your decorating theme, but the only problem is they heat up rapidly and can damage the outlook of fake plants also. However, clay pots are the most popular, among all the containers, if you are planting natural trees and plants in them, as they let air into the soil, allow water to drain, and let carbon dioxide   pass to and from the root system.
  • Containers look best with Artificial Foliage - A lot of times it is observed that plants look better in planters instead of a garden. This is because some varieties of flowers and plants that you intend to use in your garden may require less sunlight than what is given. So, the best substitute in such a scenario will be the elegant and safer variety of fake plants. Now that artificial plants are universally accepted as a major source of decorative accessory, not only at homes, but it is used in abundance to revamp a commercial complex, an office plaza and also public places. With minimal maintenance, and no hazards attached make your planter to stand with medium sized palm tree, an areca palm tree or the entertaining artificial ivy topiary and boxwood topiary. And what can be called as an insurance cover, all these artificial trees and plants are fire retardant artificial plants, so no worry of a fire hazard as well. 


Unusual Ways to Display Your Silk Flowers

Unusual Ways to Display Your Silk FlowersWhenever you take up a DIY project to remodel your home or commercial space with artificial flowers, it’s not necessary that you follow the traditional decorative guidelines. In fact, there are many unusual or out of the box themes, which you can very aptly implement in your surroundings. 

Silk flowers are as beautiful as they are lifelike. The large balls of delicate artificial flowers can quickly fill a vase or container to create a stunning accent for any room in your home.

If you are tired of looking at the same setting of flowers over and over throughout your home every day, try out these unexpected ideas.

Fill up the wall mounted television space

Wall mounted television sets are great because your TV is up and tucked out of the way. But what will you do with that odd space between the bottom of the television, and the top of the entertainment box? 

For this you can line up a nice range of artificial flowers and plants under the television. This will not only hide those unwanted cords, but will bring a soft, feminine touch to an otherwise hard, utilitarian area that is most of the times overlooked by many. An unusual decorative way, to embellish a gloomy area of your abode.

Outfit those Glass Jars

Glass jars are present in every home and most of time, knowingly or unknowingly we totally miss out to make an efficient use of them after they are used. Instead of throwing away those glass jars, breathe new life into them with some charming silk plants, flowers and stems. For this DIY project, you can leave the inside part clear or can paint it with acrylic craft paint. And as fake flowers don’t require any watering, your possibilities of using this unusual place to decorate your home are endless. Use glass beads, buttons, wine corks or any other material that can fill the jars, and then, top it off with the filling of artificial flower.

Make a mouthwatering Centerpiece

Your dining room is a place where family and friends gather to have food or make it. Create a gazing table centerpiece using your favorite treat with the help of large mouth vase or bowl, and a bunch of silk flowers and stems. Remember that lemons, apples, limes, and candies make great vase filler for the kitchen or dining room. And if you feel hungry, just take one out and have a delicious snack, but do not eat the fake flowers.

A Safe Decorative Solution

Apart from giving your décor a timeless beauty and everlasting freshness, artificial flowers from ThermaLeaf also brings in a wealth of safety with itself. Keep in mind that each of our flower arrangement is made from flame resistant material, which makes the flowers absolutely safe in case of fire hazards.

A relaxing and soothing piece of decoration in every sense, our fire retardant flowers make for a great coffee table, centerpiece or a meeting room decoration at the office. Today, the craze and use of artificial flowers are just not limited for homes, but it is used in abundance at hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and commercial spaces. You name it and we have the perfect and the most sophisticated range of fire retardant artificial floral arrangements to blend with any space.

Artificial Topiaries: They are Trendy & Versatile

Artificial Topiaries: They are Trendy & VersatileIf there is one variety among the long list of artificial plants and trees displayed by ThermaLeaf, which would make any type surroundings come alive, it is for sure the amazing variety of artificial topiary cones, topiary balls, Ivy topiary and topiary spirals. The reason people are falling in love with this variety of artificial plant is because it’s strong, long lasting, attractive, durable, UV rays protected, fire retardant, and most of all, it’s beautiful. 

Artificial topiaries are an on-trend material in design because it is so versatile and this makes it a perfect choice of décor, for your home as well as commercial establishments. It can be used with everything right from your home furniture, to your office flooring. Whether you are revamping the indoors of your home, or looking to add some extra plants to your outdoor landscape or office building, this elegantly designed plant suits every surrounding.

Topiary Cones

Our artistic range of artificial topiary cones will give a creative accent to your undistinguished décor and spread a joyous feeling in your surroundings. If you think that the size and shape of the topiaries does not suit your décor, don’t worry, as we also provide you with custom made artificial topiaries, just the way you want it.

Topiary cones are a wonderful addition to the entryway or can be aptly used in the waiting room as well. Apart from remodeling your home and office, and making it look good and graceful, they are also very safe to use, considering the fire retardant chemicals used in the making of the plant.

Topiary Balls

If you want to make a style statement with your décor, then our collection of fire retardant artificial topiary balls is something you should vouch for. They will enhance any setting with the bold and lively touch. Handcrafted with utmost perfection, care and quality, our range of faux topiary balls are one of the most striking decorations you will ever see, which will glorify every space of your home or commercial outlet, right from the entrance ways to lobbies, reception area to the hall. 

Crafted with high quality material that doesn’t wither or fade, our faux topiary balls are extremely robust and offer great value for money.

Topiary Spirals

Many times it happens that even if you decorate your interiors or outdoors to the fullest using many embellishing accessories, it still lacks the creativity and energy. Well, if that’s the scenario, then our artificial topiary spirals are an ideal decorative accessory for you. These spirals of greenery will bring in a wealth of charm, vigor and cheer to your setting, which will fill the entire ambiance with energy and freshness.

And with no pruning and water requirements, they are a completely hassle free decorative accessory. As they don’t require constant upkeep, it will still continue to spread warmth and cheer in your décor till times to come. 

Ivy Topiary

This variety of artificial plant is perfect for both, contemporary as well as traditional settings. Ivy topiary is a nimble decoration, which will add life to the entire space. While other plants and decorations available in the market are susceptible to fire hazard, artificial foliage of our faux Ivy topiary is completely safe, and is a fire retardant plant.

Royal and extremely sophisticated, complete your decoration of the most special place, with the help of our faux Ivy topiary.

Redevelop Your Business With Some Aesthetic

WayfindingTo redevelop or remodel a business is never too early or never too late. One can never guess what your potential customers, clients or business partners would like to have at your business establishment. It all comes down to your choice of design and decoration that will eventually transform your commercial space into an exciting and a happening place, where everybody feels welcomed.  

Bring in some vibrancy with eye catching colors and aesthetically placed decorative accessories in your workplace that will redevelop your business to churn out a good amount of productivity and profits. 

Here are some quick and affordable ways to revitalize your commercial space:

Make a gazing Signage: If you wish to educate visitors at your commercial outlet without talking with them and vice versa, then bracket business signs are the perfect accessory to find what they’re looking for. They can add new customers and bring instant elegance to businesses. You can easily find your choice of designer signage anywhere online or a store near you. 

Choose anything from brackets, sign blanks, hardware and banner systems in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes and materials. They are affordable and made out of durable materials such as wrought iron, aluminum coated as fake iron and PVC wood look-alike material.

The Lights should Talk: A commercial space should never be operated with a dim source of light. Nobody would even enter a place that looks dull and without any brightness. Illuminate your commercial space for a brighter and safer business. For diverting attention of the customers to the signage, banners and awnings use gooseneck lighting for the perfect impression. Today, everyone from office buildings to large scale industrial parks, use fluorescent flood lights for every exterior project.

Put up a Wayfinding: Now some of you will argue, as to what can a wayfinding to do with your business. Well, this can become an efficient retro kind of accessory that will eventually land up people at the different departments in a store or a shopping mall, or even an office plaza. Even when we are dwelling in the world of smartphone apps and maps, people can still get easily lost and disoriented. 

Though you do not want to place it at your commercial space, wayfinding is helpful for tourists, commuters, residents and people looking out for your business on a particular street. Remember that signs throughout popular areas will aide in self-navigation and make it easier to explore new spots, routes and your business.

Never forget the Blooms: With the numerous varieties of artificial foliage, plants, trees and flowers available, create radiance and add some charm by using our aesthetically designed fire retardant artificial plants. Keeping decorative planters coupled with mesmerizing silk plants at the entries and exteriors of restaurants, businesses and campuses, will only add to your existing surroundings. They are not real but look more beautiful and lifelike than most of natural plants. Applying them in your business aesthetically gives you the advantage of having the most presentable accessory, which is affordable, durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Girdle Your Pool into a Tropical Island

tropical palmsDo you recall those moments when you wanted to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones and go to a tropical island, enjoy the beach, soak in the sun, and yes, drink coconut water. Well, if such destinations are becoming your inaccessible dream, considering the daily ethos of life, then its time you bring that favorite tropical atmosphere you loved right into your backyard. 

Having a pool in your back yard is always a luxury for family and friends to relax, and chill out; they are a fun addition to a backyard. However, when you think of making it more natural with the addition of plants and trees, its beauty and vibe doubles up. Surrounding the pool with real plants and trees can also be a tedious job and difficult to keep clean. 

If you want to save some valuable time from hours of skimming the surface of the pool with a net to collect leaves, petals, and flowers, replace them with the fake version or the perfect replica, which is our forte the artificial palm trees and the numerous varieties of tropical plants, flowers and trees.                  

With the advancement in technology, one thing has surely upgraded and that is the quality of products. Today, we at ThermLeaf manufacture and design a whole range of artificial trees that are specifically designed for outdoor use only. The designs are so superb that they breathe life into any surrounding and look just like the real thing. The feature of UV coating helps the artificial foliage, to protect the synthetic leaves from fading or toning down in the sunlight. 

But the biggest plus that everyone who shops from us the elegant artificial palm tree, date tree or any other variety gets is the flame protection. Yes, silk plants from ThermaLeaf are fire retardant plants and trees and do not catch fire. This is the main reason we are also widely recommended at not just home décor plants, but large scale artificial outdoor landscaping or drought tolerant landscaping is also our forte.       

Now, speaking about decorating your pool with artificial tropical plants has its own benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • With natural plants comes the natural waste that needs to be cleaned every day. If you have someone to look after that mess, then it's good, but if your life is busy as all others, then for sure have some ethnic varieties of Preserved coconut palm, Date palm or the Areca Palm.
  • Your construction is always safe when using artificial plants, trees and flowers in and around your surroundings and don’t have to worry about the roots as they won’t compromise the integrity of the concrete surrounding your pool.
  • The water is precious, save it. And yes, by the use of fake greenery around your pool, you are certainly saving a lot of this vital resource. You don’t need to worry about irrigation because they don’t need to be watered. Just some dusting and minimal cleaning, and they shine as new and fresh again.
  • Using artificial tropical plants and trees to surround your pool mean you won’t have pests, and insects living in there.
  • Every season is a native season when decorating your pool side with faux plants. You aren’t just limited to trees that are native to your area, but you can incorporate much more than that. Keep in mind that fire retardant artificial plants are your best bet in today’s ever changing sense for fashion, design and decor, both indoors and outdoors.