3 Artificial Floral Arrangements for your Coffee Table

Coffee table is the space which should refresh you. Bring in creativity and exclusivity by installing artificial floral arrangements which will introduce colors and attractive patterns. Whether you want to bring in a pop of color or some sophistication, charm or rejuvenation, here are some silk flower arrangements which will add fun and refreshment to your coffee table.

  • Artificial Tropical flower arrangements – If you’re looking for some modern and colorful accessory, then consider artificial tropical floral arrangements. These faux flowers will add that extra touch of flair and a whole lot of beauty into the space.
  • Artificial Tulips – Tulips are one of the most elegant flowers and no matter what look you want to try on your coffee table, Tulip floral arrangements will deliver. Try the extremely calming white Tulips or the sophisticated yellow ones, green ones for the rejuvenating factor or those bright ones for the pop of color you’re looking for. Tulips have a classic look and will make your coffee table fun and vibrant.
  • Artificial Fall Flower arrangements – If you love the colors Fall season brings with itself, then faux fall flowers are just for you. The yellow and rust colored flowers are unique and lovely and totally out of the box for a coffee table. It will surprise yet mesmerize all the onlookers.

No matter which one you opt for, they all look lovely and will transform the look of your coffee table. Just make sure that you opt for fire retardant artificial floral arrangements. Crafted using fire retardant chemicals, these faux plants and flowers are absolutely safe during fire hazards. They’re not just eye-catching but ensure complete safety of your loved ones. Make clever use of your coffee table and enhance its beauty by adorning it with some beautiful silk flowers.

3 Ways to Bring Blue in Your Home Interiors

Blue is almost always related to dullness or sadness. Felling Blue? Or Monday morning blues? This aspect apart, the color is one of the most soothing and stylish and has been capturing the attention and imagination of interior decorators all over. From the calm baby blue to the vibrant and dramatic dark blue, there’s a lot to play around with this color which will give you the most versatile interior décor. If you are one of those who have been captivated by blue, here are a few ways to bring it in your interiors.

When it comes to fashion, denims have and always will be in vogue. Extending the popularity of denims, this spring, it is making an appearance in home décor as well. Right from dip-dyed baskets to wall treatments, there are multiple accessories available in your favorite denim blue. And just like your pair of jeans, these denim blue accessories go well with any pattern or furnishing or color.

Blue is one of the most energetic colors when it comes to floral arrangements. From artificial Hydrangeas to Gerbera Daisies to Orchids, there are some stunning faux flower arrangements available in blue which will make your space stand out. Make sure that the flowers you opt for are crafted from fire retardant chemicals. These fire retardant artificial flowers and plants do not assist the spread of fire and as such they will keep your blue space safe.

Textured ceramics never go out of style. And spring has brought some of the best textured ceramics, many in blue. Right from blue ceramic vases to candle holders to lamp bases, there are multiple options available in blue patterns and hues to attract eyeballs.

There are plenty of other ways you can introduce blue in your living room. Bring home blue and you will bring some inspiration and creativity with it.


3 Tips for an Inspiring Home Office Setup

Work from home is one of the best things to happen to an employee. There’s nothing better that getting up a bit late and working in your night wear without having to brush or get up all day. However, this can get extremely monotonous and sad if done a regular basis. If you work from a dedicated desk in the corner of your home everyday, it may get dour and drab. Creating a home office space that blends in perfectly with your interiors and is welcoming and inspirational is easy. Here’s how to make your home office setup enjoyable.

  • Home office is usually a small space somewhere in the corner of the home. It’s not a separate room but just a few elements such as a desk, book cases or file cabinets tucked together. This monotonous setting needs to have an inspiration. Consider hanging your favorite piece of art on the walls or add a few decorative items on the desk.
  • Home office space usually lacks color and substance. Consider placing artificial floral arrangements or bonsai plants on the desk which will lend an element of freshness to your space. Also, make sure that the artificial flowers and plants are crafted from fire resistance chemicals. These fire retardant plants and flowers do not help the spread of fire in case of a breakout, thus making your home office setup safe.
  • As the space for keeping your work stuff is limited, do not cram your desk with skyscrapers of files and paperwork. Make your space clutter free by using walls to store your essentials. Mount cubbies to the wall or mount small storage cabinets on the walls which will add functionality as well as keep your small space clean.

These make-over tips are quite easy and budget-friendly. So, try them and even incorporate your personal style in your home office setup.

3 Ideas for a Calm and Safe Living Room

Living room is the most important part of your lifestyle. This is where you welcome your guests as well as spend the most time of your day. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to get the style and charisma of your living room right, as it will portray your lifestyle and showcase your tastes and personality. In this busy lifestyle, quaint living rooms are a rarity but quite necessary. You need a place which will drain away all your stress after a busy day and provide you some rejuvenation. Here are a few tips for a calm and safe living room decoration. 

Start with considering the paint of your living room. Pick a color that’s earthy and not too dark. This is extremely crucial as you need to strike a perfect balance between not being too loud yet making sure that the walls aren’t too dull either. A muted olive green paint color or muted lavender is ideal to create a calming ambiance.

Bring home a refreshing tropical feel with the introduction of artificial Bamboo tree in your living room. Refined and pleasant faux Bamboo tree are known for their calm demeanor and are also believed to bring some good luck with them. You may even consider artificial Palm trees which are majestic and tranquil. Just make sure that the trees your install in your living room are made from fire resistant chemicals. Fire retardant artificial trees make sure that your space as well as people around it are safe in case of a fire hazard.

A slipcovered sofa is always a great investment when it comes to designing your living room. Lighten up your sofa with decorative pillows that match the pattern of your curtains. Again, go with delicate patterns or subdued colors which will provide just enough comfy feel to the entire setting. 

These were just a few tips to get you inspired. Go ahead and create a tranquil living room worthy of breathing life into you. 

3 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard

A warm and sunny late afternoon in the backyard with gentle breeze blowing across is all you need to rejuvenate you during the weekend. Backyard is the perfect place to just sit back and unwind yourself amidst the colors and serenity of the nature. No matter how messed up your backyard is, there is no better place to rest and catch up with some much needed tranquility offered by nature. Inspite of this there are a few fixes that you can do to spark life and inspiration in your backyard. 

  • If backyard is your favorite hangout spot during weekends and this is where most of your friends too spend a great deal of the time, why not install some comfortable small seating arrangement for all? Instead of cramming up that small sofa or the beanbag, bring in an inexpensive seating arrangement (for at least 5-6) that would spark those nostalgic conversations.
  • You already have a lot of nature around you. Birds, trees, water, air etc. How about bringing in some exclusivity and safety as well? Bring in some artificial flowers which would spread a riot of color in your backyard. However, make sure that these artificial plants and trees are blended with fire retardant chemicals. These fire-retardant plants and trees will be absolutely safe in case of a fire outbreak, making your backyard a safe haven.
  • Build a shelter or get an umbrella which will give some shelter. This will make your book reading, meal eating or just the good old lazing, more luxurious. 

Having a good backyard with a view is one of the best pleasures of life. What else can offer you calmness than a comfortable seating in your backyard and the million dollar view of the sunset after a long day?