Make your Décor More Convincing: Using Artificial Plants

fire retardant artificial treesNothing is more soothing that getting yourself surrounded by some mesmerizing greenery that keeps you happy and fresh all day long. Artificial plants and trees just do the same thing for you and that too with minimum fuss, which is generally attached to real plants. Today, many homes and offices are observing the call of a green earth and are looking to reduce their carbon footprints. In such a scenario, using charming and elegant artificial flowers, plants and trees, is not a bad option at all as many prefer artificial decorative accessories than the natural ones. Due to numerous benefits, there is a growing popularity for faux plants in homes and offices alike.

Cost Effective and Value for Money

An artificial flower is one decorative accessory which is liked very much by today’s designers. Nowadays, people prefer artificial flower arrangements over shag carpeting, pea green armchairs or the wood paneling. Remember that skillfully chosen silk flowers can positively impact your modern office and also won’t cost you a fortune, a perfect business investment. For small businesses also, it can impact a client’s perspective for them when they enter a nicely decked up office.    

Your business can express itself in a more promising way, if you consider using these fake beauties to add the much required dash of vibrancy in your commercial outlet. This can also be perceived as a positive sign, from people and clients whom you deal with on a regular basis.   

It’s an Addition Not a Distraction

Involving silk flowers and plants in your workplace does no harm at all. In fact, recent studies have shown that when vivid colors are used throughout a commercial building, it shows a drop in the office productivity and also generates overall negativity in office staff as well as customers. Whereas, incorporating artificial foliage with perfect color tone adds up a positive vibrancy and for a long time has been determined to increase office productivity. At ThermaLeaf you have the choice to pick from numerous varieties of artificial topiaries, palm trees, artificial grass and hanging bush and much more. 

Change your designs according to the seasons

The freedom of creative design is immense when you use artificial plants to revamp your surroundings. There are no limits to creating themes and color combination at your workplace, and this is where artificial decorative accessory such as silk plants plays a vital role. Keep in mind that no one color or combination of artificial flowers or design is perfect for everyone. Each office has its own taste, atmosphere and is unique; however, experimenting with varied color combinations in your overall office design can make your commercial property stand out from the rest.   

If you are bored at looking at the same plant each and every day, you have the option to change and chop your setting whenever you want via artificial plants. Lightweight and durable, what more can you ask from this charming accessory. 

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants and Trees

Considering the rising issues surrounding decorative accessories, we at ThermaLeaf only sell fire retardant artificial plants and trees that comply with all the fire safety guidelines of various parameters. Understanding the fire code requirements for flame retardant artificial plants and artificial trees can be confusing and challenging as well. In order to prevent that we take all the information regarding the residence address or commercial address and only then make and design plants that comply with those state guidelines.  Remember that most fire retardant plants available are plants made using inherently fire retardant foliage, where fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the leaves and branches during the injection molding process, thus giving you a safe decorative accessory to be used indoors and outdoes alike. 


Trending Accessories 2015 - Artificial Plants and Trees

artificial plantsPlants and trees are a great decorative accessory to have around and contribute greatly to any home or commercial décor. But a big problem that always looms on your head is their maintenance. With good decorative skills and choosing decision you can perfectly incorporate artificial plants, trees and flowers in your home decorations. Artificial plants these days are available for both commercial and home decor. If you want to set the right mood any room, use the different varieties of these artificial beauties that are more charming than the natural ones. 

Today, the most widely used enhancing accessory of any home is artificial plants. Many people are switching from natural plants to fake ones for various reasons.

  • The artificial plants and trees designed today look more realistic than their real counterpart, and people often are deceived by its resemblance. Its life like feeling is something that is much more eye catching than anything else. 
  • If you are still disagreeing that that nothing can replace the charm of a fresh flower or plant, then the next time you go to a mall or restaurants, do not forget to check the flowers and plants displayed over there. You will be amazed to see that most of the flowers and plants decorated there are artificial ones. And, even still if you find them real, try touching it, all your doubts would be cleared. 
  • They can easily fit in any empty space in your home and at office as well. For this you just need to take simple measurement of the open area to ensure you don’t order a larger plant that doesn’t fit. Faux plants are perfect for bringing a touch of life to your living room, plus they are virtually maintenance free. Just look for that perfect open space in your home or office and place beautiful artificial foliage to lighten up the room.
  • If look at any home décor magazine or blogs regarding decorative accessory, artificial option was the most preferred everywhere.  Be it the weddings, events, corporate meeting, commercial landscaping, public places and homes, all these spaces heavily equipped artificial greenery in and around them this year, thus making it the trending decorative accessory for 2015.  
  • Artificial plants and trees have also one very important reason to get incorporated into your home and commercial establishment, and this reason is fire retardant artificial plants and trees. We, at ThermaLeaf proudly endorse these factors and only manufacture and design fire retardant artificial plants, complying with all the safety hazards. Artificial plants have damaged many homes and people residing in them. But not now as each and every variety of our artificial foliage, flowers, plants and trees is tested, before sold to you.
  • There are still some individuals who call artificial arrangements a cheap imitation of the real ones and associate artificial plants as plastic looking. However, be rest assured now as artificial plant making and design techniques have come a long way in terms of their production. Much advancement has been made in the way a silk or artificial plant is manufactured. We as a registered and a trademark company utilize designers who pay special attention to every minute detail so your plants never look fake, and have an everlasting lifelike feel to it.

Fire Retardant Trees and Plants: A Safe Play Ground

fire retardant artificial treesIt has happened many times before and will happen in future as well that time and again you have to prove people that artificial trees and plants made and designed today, especially by ThermaLeaf®, which is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage and is the safest and the most valuable solution in the industry today. A hazard from wildfire is a reality that many people have to deal with, so creating a defensible space in and around your home and property is crucial to prevent fire damage. Along with this the choice of plant or tree also plays an important part, as some plants you buy, may not have the same fire retardant feature that you get with artificial foliage from ThermaLeaf®.

Why Choose ThermaLeaf®?

You as a homeowner or as a person taking care of the landscaping area would never imagine the plants and flowers brought to decorate your home and property to cause any havoc. In the past, we all have seen major accidents caused due to silk plants and its damages caused to people and property. To avoid such a dangerous scenario, ThermaLeaf® by Commercial Silk Int'l, which is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage, makes the fire retardant chemical that is impregnated into the raw materials during the manufacturing process, thereby creating the safest decorative solution in the industry today.

How will it benefit you?

Impeccable Designs – Silk plants, flowers or trees, believe it or not are more appealing, charming and wanting than the real ones. The design and manufacturing techniques have undergone such a drastic change that you will be confused, as to which is real and which is fake? The flawless designs and the vibrancy of colors present in each piece of artificial fire retardant plants makes you have them in your surrounding with an instant.

Longevity Factor - So, how long will a fresh plant stay shining in your centerpiece or how many days a beautiful red rose bouquet given to you by someone special keep looking pretty? No real plants and flowers will provide you the same sheen when you first saw it, but with a nicely decorated artificial centerpiece can still provide you the same vibrancy till you get bored with looking at it. Remember, silk plants look good for almost 10-12 years, given you take good care of it that just includes dusting and cleaning. No more fuss.

Design Whatever You want – With the variety of artificial fire retardant artificial plants and trees available with us, you are sure to end up in a problem of plenty while selecting the perfect match for your home and office. When using outdoors, artificial hanging plants or even the fire retardant custom plants, can light up your commercial property and you can design any number of themes to match your business with our variety of plants and flowers.

Most cost effective – Not everybody can afford to deck up their home or commercial property with natural flowers and plants, considering the economic part of it. If you have set a budget to spend hundreds of dollars every week, to keep your place beautiful and charming, then it’s fine.

However, if you can’t spend that much to deck up your ambiance, then fire retardant artificial plants and flowers is your best and safest bet and accessory to invest into.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping is the trend of the season – Now that it’s hot and glossy in most parts of the country, this also is the perfect time to revamp your home and surrounding or commercial establishment like malls, hotels, public places' theme parks and much more with drought tolerant as well as fire retardant plants and trees. Convert them into a sustainable living atmosphere using drought tolerant landscaping.

Your Floors Could Use a Change - Embrace Silk flowers

fire retardant artificial plantsDisplaying something pleasant or beautiful to the eyes is an art form, but now with some handy tips and tricks, coupled with some research, decorating and designing has become a little easier. Artificial flower arrangements are such a handy accessory to have around, and it can be displayed virtually anywhere. Be it your walls, tables, hall, entryways, offices, outdoors, living rooms, covered patios, backyard and the list is endless. However, two perfect places to showcase your artificial flower arrangements, is on side tables and floors.

For a main feature in a hallway, a side table can be the perfect choice to display your small and medium-sized artificial topiaries. When commencing to design your home, remember that there are added accessories that help to make your artificial foliage more presentable, and one such accessory is the container, planter or an urn. They are the stand out quotient or aide the plant to stand stable. Remember that the container holding the silk flower arrangements should match your surroundings, such as walls and complement well with the rest of the room. 

As an expert advice, keep in mind that a well-designed fake flower arrangement, when displayed with appropriate surroundings, can stand out, to be the focal point for an entire room or area.

Color combinations play a major role in displaying your designs in the most unique way possible. It is important to blend your artificial décor with the texture on the walls and other decorative accessories. Wall hangers, paintings, portraits and photograph can be very well mixed into your desired design.

Silk plants have their own uniqueness. They can glam up even the dullest of places, and this is also one of the reasons they are in such high demand and use. While displaying artificial flowers and plants on the floor, it’s always wise to go for large flowers which will mesh well with the surrounding environment. Tropical plants and topiaries are mostly preferred when selecting decorative floor plants. 

To complement the flower arrangements, mix and match them with your furniture units. Missionary style furniture serves best when placed with charming silk floor plants and brighten up your entire room floor.

Handy Tips For select the right designer accessory are:

1. Artificial Floor flower arrangements should be dramatic, or should be able to create a dramatic experience when you use them. Even interior decoration expert like to create a dramatic atmosphere when they want to decorate a home flooring arrangement. For example, a Calla lily plant will throw the boredom and dullness out of the window with its pop of color arrangement. The fresh appeal and realistic nature of these artificial beauties will help you in creating a stunning space. You can assemble so many fine designs with floor plants, and yet they won’t be imposing; colorful and not too loud.

2. To decorate a side table, the artificial flower arrangements should blend with the surroundings like walls, pictures, ceiling and the theme of the room/house, while adding to the ambiance and without looking out of place. While performing the designing task, you may get stuck between choices or ideas. But remember, when in doubt, use your own judgment. Sometimes it is better to have the problem of plenty while looking for decorative accessories, it means that you can rotate your designs as and when you want.

If you have taken the task of designing your home with artificial plants, without an expert, make sure to select the flowers that you want to include and combine them in a vase, container or planter. The safety factor is also covered now, as fire retardant artificial plants and trees are available in abundance, to save you from unwanted hazards and keep your home indoors charming and beautiful.


Make the most of Spring: Incoporate Artificial Foliage

fire retardant artificial foliage
fire retardant artificial foliage

Now that the spring season is at its peak, most of you must have enjoyed the warmth of bright sunshine and greenery all around. You must be also glad to know that this is also the season to decorate and design things in and around your place. This means to revamp your interiors and get yourself equipped with some trending decorative accessories.

Your home is the place to relax yourself and feel easy, whereas office is the place where nowadays, you spend more time than your home. So, while you spend most of your time at these two places, why not make them or renovate them with some greenery of artificial plants and flowers. Well, for one having them around will, not only make you feel better, but it will also be a pleasant site for the people who come to meet you there.

The use of artificial plants has been there for ages, but earlier people were reluctant to use them, due to ‘tacky’ tag attached to the accessory. This was also true, as the manufacturing and designing techniques were not highly developed as they are today, or from the last decade. Due to evolution in technology silk plants have also evolved and material used in the making is durable, stable, protected, light weight and fire retardant.

Not only indoors, but outdoor landscaping with artificial plants is also very popular, especially among corporate establishments. Landscape designers are heavily promoting the use of artificial trees and plants in their designs as well, and explaining clients the benefits of using them. 

Before you decide to have some of this artificial foliage to deck up your place, indoors or outdoors, there some points you need to know. Let’s have a look.    

  • Always keep an eye open for the construction of the plant. Check every detail and look for designs and cuts, and compare if they were same as shown on the website. Checking out the fine details, lessens the hassles after paying for it, and not getting good service in return. 
  • Quality check is a must. Now this should not be told, but many of you miss on the fine details. Remember that the cost, size, color, quality and realism level of the leaves, stems or trunks also have significance. A quality plant will be true to nature's colors, not too flashy and not too strong, a perfect replica.
  • Color combination and the use of colors is the most important aspect to look into while choosing an artificial plant.  Make sure the leaves, stems, foliage is UV rays protected and don’t fade from one color to another. This can make the look of the plants flat, and dull.
  • Design is what attracts a lot of eyeballs. The design should be pleasing, be it simple  silk flower topiary or a 12’ artificial palm tree, a replica image is what you need to look out for. Also, the look should not change with turning the angles of the plants; this can instantly get back the ‘tacky’ tag attached to it. Keep in mind shape of the plants be it real or fake, must be unique. Turn the plant around to inspect it from all sides.
  • As with humans, even with fake plants and trees, size does matter. You don’t want your beautiful Hydrangeas centerpiece, to look bigger than your table. Get only those accessories that fit in perfectly in your desired space. 

The above mentioned factors determine the value of the fire retardant artificial plants, quality and durability. Don't choose your plants based on the cost of product, look for quality. It won’t hamper you, to spend a few more bucks on investment that will last longer than your lifetime.