Reasons Why You Need Artificial Decor This Spring

After a long lasting winter chill, it’s that time of the year again when the sun's warmth makes you feel to go out in the lap of nature to experience its beauty and grace. Spring season also urges people to revamp and remodel their home indoors and outdoors as spring is commonly associated with bright and vibrant colors and themes, which adds balance to the look of your home decor. Use it as a center piece or as an accent, artificial foliage and plants surely make living spaces cozy and rustic.
Read on to know the reason to use silk plants in your home decor this spring.

It presents a relaxing and comforting atmosphere

Your home is your natural reserve that can be turned into an artificial and lifelike forest using the vast variety of these artificial floral beauties. Artificial reserve palms, hanging bushes and faux greenery when mixed and matched together can create an awesome design for your abode to live in. By adding a few silk plant varieties, you can make it even more relaxing. Keep in mind to integrate earthy colors and natural textures as they present a sense of a calmness that complements traditional spring hues.

Upscale your current designs

Nobody likes to sit or live in the same surrounding all year long. It can make people dull and upset their mood as well. It’s always a better call to chop and change your home interiors and outdoors at least once a year, to give you a fresh and renewed feeling. The old wooden décor in the house can be used to complement the design of the silk plants arrangements and you can repaint the old furniture units, doors, chairs and blend them into your spring look of the season. For outdoor décor transform an old wooden chair into your backyard swing or a wooden piece into a bench for your front porch.

Remember the country side

The fast paced life that we all survive in is mostly lost in the huge surrounding of cement structures all over the city. Even your home looks the same to others, if you won’t add a dash of artificial greenery to it this spring. Strategic use of artificial plants, trees and flowers evokes the charm of a country cabin. You can literally transform your home outdoor in a country side setting by collaborating fake palm trees and date trees, stems and artificial garlands in the front yard or near the pool side (if there is one). Remember that wooden stools or racks make beautiful accent pieces; include them in your floral arrangement as well.

A Safer Decorative option

Fire retardant artificial foliage and plants are in high demand as families and corporate alike are adhering to include no-fire retardant plants to be in their surroundings. The dangers with silk plants are many and topping the list is the fire hazard. But with improved manufacturing techniques and use of fabric in the making of these silk beauties, you are rest assured they are now completely safe to use at home or office, indoors and outdoors.

Economically better option

There is no way you can keep on growing your favorite flowers and plants once the season perishes. On the other hand the cost and time to look after natural plants is a bigger task that is heavy on your pockets as well. Artificial plants are your one time investment is decking up your corporate establishment or even a small home, keeping in mind the durability factor of them. Maintenance is very low and just a bit of dusting and spraying is enough to make them shiny and charming all year long.

Artificial Foliage and Greenery: Your Perfect Springtime Accessory

It’s Springtime Folks! The season of warmth has finally settled in most parts of the country after a long winter season, and people are getting busy to deck up their home interiors with greenery and decorative accessories. The winter blues did not give you a chance to grow your favorite orchids or calla lilies, but spring would certainly not hinder it. The spring of 2015 though, demands you to implement artificial greenery in your home and office, to stay in touch with the current decorative trends and also have a low maintenance accessory implemented in your surroundings.

Artificial Foliage’s and fake grass can lighten up your home front porch, patio and the adjoining garden area with its beauty and charm, and no one could even come to know that they are fake and not real. This should also be attributed to the high manufacturing standards that have been used today to make these artificial plants, flowers or trees. Spring is the time when you want to decorate your homes with many attractive accessories, but the most important on everybody’s list are the trees. But, the time and high maintenance cost that one has to pay for natural ones, is putting many plant lovers to shift to artificial beauties.

If you are planning to revamp or beautify your home or offices using plants this spring, then artificial plants are your best choice, they require low to nil maintenance and have largely improved in, production, designing and safety issue over the past decades. Cheap or tacky designed artificial plants are the thing of the past now, and high quality making techniques ensures that they are a world class product, which gives the buyer complete satisfaction in all three departments, that are looks, feel and the cost. Not to forget the longevity factor in them. Keep in mind that artificial foliage plants or outdoor silk plants can weather any condition and spread its sheen for years and years to come.

The doubt that persisted in everybody’s mind of silk plants not being a safe option for decorating and designing is also a thing of the past and today plants are manufactured keeping mind the fire safety options laid down by the NFPA, ASTM and more. After thorough tests and a complete safety measurement check, the product is allowed to be sold in the market. Fire retardant artificial plants and flowers is the need of the hour, considering the amount of dangers associated with them. No one would like to see their place get burnt down or any mishaps happening to family and loved ones from these faux plants.

The only difference between a real and a fake plant is the air purification process that natural plats do, consuming all the CO2 and the charming scent fresh flowers spread in the air. However, all these points are also taken into consideration now, and get artificial plants that are not only fire retardant plants, but are lifelike and present you a real touch. Artificial palm trees, date plants, the lanky bamboo tress have all evolved to be artificially real, and one that could easily be fitted in your home front yard this spring. Artificial moss, stems and picks and boxwood mat can light up any event, party or an official get together, and blend in the atmosphere to provide you and the others lovely designs and colors to look and fall onto. Do not forget to clean them or dust them at least once a month to keep them looking and bright and charming all-round the year.


Why Artificial Plants are Central to your Home Interiors?

Plants are central to any home decoration. They bring a much needed charm and piece of nature in a cement surrounded space. But, plants have their own drawbacks as well. They require timely care and continued maintenance and you can’t have your favorites all year long. Due to this, artificial plants have become more widespread and have gained prominence in home décor. Faux plants and flowers are spotted in almost every household due to their lifelike feel, maintenance free aspect and the fact that they can adorn your décor season after season. Here’s why every home decoration should feature silk plants or flowers.

No matter how dull or un-inspiring your home décor is, silk flowers with their riot of colors and amazingly lifelike blooms breathe life into any space. They help in recreating the natural environment with their soothing and beautiful appearance.

Compact and minimal, faux plants and flowers blend in with any sort of interiors or furnishing. Is your coffee table looking ordinary? Or is the entrance to your home extremely uninteresting? No matter what room or space, artificial plants are inexpensive, easy to move and are the perfect decorations to upgrade your space anytime.

Besides being contemporary and edgy, artificial trees also add safety to your space. There have been many instances where real plants have contributed to the spread of fire in homes and commercial spaces. Faux trees by ThermaLeaf are crafted from fire retardant chemicals which make them absolutely safe in case of fire breakout. These fire resistant artificial plants do not contribute to the spread of fire, keeping your space and your loved ones harmless. 

In fact, silk plants and flowers are more than just decorations. These are the accents which turn your room into an inspiring living space without requiring any of the care and time. 

How to Select your Bedside Plants

Decorating your own home is extremely fun. It is also quite convenient and apt as you are the person who will be living around it day in and day out and you are the best person to know your taste and personality and bring everything accordingly. However, decorating your own home can be tricky too as you have to consider a lot of things from color to furniture, accessories to lights. 

Bedside is an essential part of your lifestyle and should be decorated with a lot of thought. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and hence, bringing in silk plants and flowers which would delight you and lighten up your bedroom is crucial. There are plenty of options, inexpensive yet stunning, and parameters to consider when looking for a perfect floral arrangement for your bedside table.

Consider safety as the first parameter while selecting your decorating accessory. ThermaLeaf plants and flowers are crafted with with fire retardant chemicals making them the safest fire retardant trees available in the market. Safeguard your loved ones from fire hazards by decorating your bedside with fire retardant plants and flowers which ensure safety and durability of the highest order.

Do not clutter the space by bringing in big floral arrangements. Keep it compact and minimal and ensure that there is space available for other things as well. If you’re a big fan of colors then opt for silk floral arrangements which will spread a riot of colors in your space. If you want your space to be tranquil or rejuvenating, go for white silk flowers or select one from small plants such as Ivy, Philodendron or Snake plant.  

Now for some superstitions. Bonsai plants or small Bamboo accents are yet another options. These are edgy as well as quite stylish and adorable and are believed to bring good fortune with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a feeling of warmth and coziness in your bedroom by bringing in artificial plants and flowers on your bedside table.

How to Lighten up your Home this Spring

The most colorful and rejuvenating time of the year has arrived. Spring is here and it brings a whole lot of joy and fun with itself. To welcome spring in your home shake off the dust, open the windows and let the bright sunlight shine through your home bringing in rejuvenation and energy. Nature is doing its part to bring vibrancy in your home, so why can’t you carry forward the mantle. Here are a few tips that will lighten up your home this spring. 

As mentioned before, throw open those windows and let the bright sun come in. Pull back the curtains and enjoy the extra sunlight and the longer days. You can get really creative with the tie-backs. Either you can opt for the basic hooks which will do the utility job but not the beautifying part. There are many DIY tie-backs which you can fashion out of fabric and tassels. 

If you have a small space, bring home mirrors which will make your space look bigger. Designer mirrors would fit in perfectly with the spring theme and will also help in reflecting the natural light which will make your room bright and beautiful. 

Add a splash of color to your home interiors with the help of artificial flower arrangements. Silk flowers will not just add beauty and vibrancy to your space but they won’t take your time as they don’t require any maintenance. From Roses to Ranunculus, Tulips to Orchids, bring your favorites and soak up in the joy they provide. Just make sure that your faux flowers are blended with fire retardant chemicals. Fire retardant artificial plants and flowers will ensure safety of your home interiors in case of fire hazards. 

Designer pillows with floral patterns or multiple colors are in trend right now and will spark life in your interiors. 

Follow these tips and you’re all set for a delightful spring.