Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome Hacks

Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome HacksThe attic is the most beautiful yet neglected portion of any house. Most people see it as a secret space inside the house and concentrate less on utilizing it. But it indeed has a lot of scope for additional space inside the house and could get transformed into anything more than a storage space, such as into a cozy bedroom, office room, home theatre, home library, etc.

Of all the advantages of having a home attic, transforming it into a comfortable bedroom is both interesting and beneficial. This secret space has a lot of scopes to get transformed into a private bedroom with fresh air flushing in and with an excellent scenic view of the sky. It could be topped up with artificial plants and trees, fresh or artificial floral arrangements, to add a naturally elegant look to the attic. Let us discuss how to build a comfortable attic bedroom with the following hacks.

Concentrating on the room ceiling

Though attic spaces are good enough to hold comfortable beds, their ceilings are not always appealing and could through in a spooky appearance at nights. It is thus vital to transforming the ceiling into something appealing and creative. One good idea is to paint the ceiling with stars and moon to resemble the night sky. The dark surrounding would also sleep provoking and kids would love to stare at the night sky before they sleep. The walls of the room could be painted in contrast colors with subtle light lights on the walls.

Coloring the walls

The walls of the attic do not have a uniform surface, and its dimensions are not always perfect squares. To hide this deformity, it is important to paint them right with some appealing pictures made hung on the walls. Wallpapers with natural scenery and animals or cartoon characters would hold well if the bedroom is meant for kids. Painting and craft work by kids may also be made to décor the attic walls topped with antique lanterns that emit soothing light at all times. It is important to make provision for windows on the walls to offer refreshing images of the morning sky right on the bedroom.

Lighting and ventilation

As attics are places that are just below the roof of the house, they could be dark and gloomy with very less lighting. It is important to make sure that attic walls have windows and ventilators so as to lush in fresh and cold air into the room. Though these windows could render natural lighting in the day time, they could look spooky at nights. It is therefore important to have enough lighting with the help of a hard wired light fixture or pull string fixtures or hanging lanterns, wall lamps, etc.

Room for Green space in the attic

If there is enough space for a bed in the attic, then there should be space for some indoor plants as well. They would glow in all their glory when the morning sun shines through the windows directly on to the greens. Some plants such as aloe-vera, snake plant, Gerbera Daisy are real oxygen bombs, capable of pumping in fresh oxygen into the attic bedroom. They would also render an elegant and fresh look to the attic bedroom and could be placed on the window sills or on the corner table in the room or even kept hanging from the ceiling in the room.

Including Fireplace

It would be a great idea to include a fireplace in the attic bedroom with additional cushions, so as to have quality family time with everybody in the house. The fireplace would add on to the elegance of the room and would render warmness and comfort during winter months. It is thoughtful to place the bed opposite the window and keep the fireplace close to the window to maximize the results.

Including a mini library and home theatre

The attic bedroom is not only cozy and comfortable but also provide room for enough private space. One could make the best use of this alone time reading some interesting books.  With a simple book storage shelf and a table set up the attic bedroom is also convertible into a private mini library.

Attic spaces are different in different houses, but in most of the homes, the length of the attic is the same as that of the floor space. Thus, the attic is lengthy, and there is enough room for more than just a bed. It is possible to include a mini home theatre set up in the attic to enjoy all of the time either alone or with friends and family.

Furnishing the attic

Accessorizing the attic bedroom is equally important as though with other parts of the house. But fitting in furniture in the attic is a difficult task, keeping in mind the space constraints and unequal dimensions of the attic. It is challenging to transport furniture at the top of the house considering the constraint in the roof to floor dimension. Nevertheless, including types of furniture such as book rack, bedside tables, center tables, and seating arrangement are not to be neglected and are to be custom made to fit into the room space.

Including the bathing unit

It would be a wise idea to include a bathing unit in the attic so as to give a private hotel room experience right on top of the house. Though the plumbing works demand extensive craftsmanship, the effort is worth the experience. Kids would love the experience to stay at the attic if only they get all that they want within their reach.

Attic bedrooms render extreme privacy, and one feels as though they are isolated from the entire house and world during their stay here. No matter whether a person is in a melancholic or ecstatic mood, the attic bedrooms give excellent companionship at all moods and should be a must try at all homes. It is possible to convert a boring attic into a comfortable bedroom by incorporating the above-said ideas.

9 Amazing Decor Hacks to Give Your Stairway a Whole New Charm

9 Amazing Decor Hacks To Give Your Stairway A Whole New CharmWe decorate our house with so many things so as to make it look adorable more than livable. Though most of the entities in our homes are meant for the functional purpose, we do concentrate on affording a good number of things to make it fashionable too.

Some acquaintances that are a must in most of the households are artificial flowers, artificial plants, trendy furniture, catchy carpets, artificial flower arrangements, artificial succulents, etc., so as to add a classy look and feel to our home. But where exactly they are to be placed so that they would serve the purpose of exceptional home décor is a million dollar question. Here comes all our creativity and expertise in putting these décor items so aptly that they look trendy yet handy at all times.

When we talk about home decor, there is one place at all homes that are least neglected to get attention, yet has a lot of scopes to transform an ordinary home into an ecstatic accommodation. Yes, it is our stairway; most of us think it as a unit that shifts us from the lower part of the house to the upper portion. Rather, for some of us, it shows off as a threat to safety, for all of us have had bad experiences falling from stairways when we are young.

But, truly speaking, stairways have ample scope for interior decoration, and if appropriately mediated, they would look both elegant and useful without any doubt. Let us see a few ways in which we could decorate our home stairs here.

Decorating the wall on the side of the stairs:

The walls along the sides of the stairways are the most neglected part of any household to inject a dose of style into it. The stairway walls could be put to great use to hang photo frames, work of art by children or even simple frames with crafts using flowers and leaves. They would look great when arranged in a symmetrical fashion and would add vigor and color to the otherwise dull walls.

Contemporary style to the stair walls:

In olden times, people use to put in pictures and charts of natural sceneries that include trees and animal on these walls. We would have seen some country houses where people portray heads of animals such as deer, wild buffalos, etc. on these walls to portray the raw beauty of countrysides. The same pattern can be copied to include artificial animal heads along stairway walls to an old taste to the house.

Storage along the wall:

For houses where space is a constraint, one best idea would be to have a build in storage rack at the stair landing. They look very elegant along the stairway and could be put to best use in racking books and photo frames on its shelves. Antiques, ceramic bowls, and jars, baskets made of contemporary material such as jute could be placed in these shelves, so as to add a sense of style on the stairway walls and also to make the best use of additional storage space.

Adding Green gesture along the stair walls:

Stair landings are one best place to pump in green gesture into the house. Just by having a small build in the rack at the top of the stairway, we could keep a number of plants in custom build pots and bring in natural beauty into the house. Ornamental plants such as ivy, cactus, etc., can be placed so that they require minimal care and maintenance.

Plants that emit natural scents such as Indian Basil, Rosemary, etc., would help in building natural aroma inside the house. Use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm.

Creating a wall of green plants:

Making use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm. Placing creepers such as money plants in these places would creep down along the wall and give fresh green entry into the top floors. When they bloom, their colorful flowers would pump in natural fragrance into the house.

Running Scripts along the steps:

Most of the schools in modern days make the best use of the steps in their buildings to encrypt motivational slogans and quotes and even math tables for the children. The idea is to incorporate these quotes strongly into the minds of the kids, as they read through them every day.

The same idea can be incorporated at home stairs as well, and the quotes could be replaced with soothing slogans that value family goals such as home sweet home, welcome home, etc. These words would not only be thought to provoke but also avoids stairs from throwing blank spaces inside the house.

Lining the walls with mirrors:

Be it a single long mirror or a number of small mirrors in different size and shape, lining the wall of a stairway with antique or new mirrors would be an excellent way to add a unique charm to it. A little caution is also needed while choosing this stairway décor, to handle the mirror with care and caution.

Decorating the space under the stairway:

There is ample space under the stair where we could fit in a seating arrangement with a small book rack so as to get some quality and undisturbed time with the books. Other ways to decorate this space is to have flower vases on antique corner tables, artificial foliage, and plants, etc., so as to not neglect this engaging space. A storage cabinet topped with lovely bowls and antiques would also be a great idea to be kept under the stairway on the ground floor.

Decorating the stair railings:

Enough has been discussed in decorating the staircases in different thoughtful ways, but what about the railings, we invest a lot of money in making these railings strong and durable for years to come. Railings can be decorated using artificial plants and foliage so that they stand green and fresh for many days. It looks beautiful with minimal maintenance, and at festival times it would be a great idea to line the side railings with stars, lights and fresh flowers.


As it is rightly said, imagination is the mother of innovation, and there are some innovative décor ideas to give our home stairway an entirely different charm and look. Though these are mostly neglected spaces in most households, they have ample scope for interior décor when mended appropriately. It does not require including a costly chandelier on to the ceiling of stairs to give it a luxurious feel, and the above said small yet thoughtful ways would help in adding a style statement to the house interiors.

8 Ways to Convert Your Basement into the Perfect Reading Room or Book Lovers Den

Silk Floor PlantsBooks are man’s best friends. Pleasure and tranquility derived from reading a book in a quiet place are indescribable. A beautifully decorated, space dedicated for reading will be a cherry on top. Not everyone can have the luxury of owning a home library. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve one or can’t have one. For those who enjoy reading but tend to get easily distracted by noise and chatter, help is here. Design your den or a perfect room in your basement exclusively for reading. Make it your Zen Zone. An ideal getaway from the humdrum of daily chores and hectic work-life balancing affliction.

How to convert your private den or basement into a pleasurable reading room? They these tips:

1 Comfortable seating

One of the most vital elements for leisure reading is ‘comfort.’ Add plush, comfortable seating with an adjustable neck rest. Readers who enjoy reading for long hours at a stretch tend to ignore their necks. The ergonomic imbalance results in neck and back problems. Invest in soft but firm sofa seats. Be sure to choose an erect style which will not let you slump. This will give your body the much needed back and neck support to enjoy reading for hours at a stretch.

2. Begin with a bookshelf

No reading den can be complete without a bookshelf. Choose an appropriate bookshelf to fit the proportion of your reading zone. A carefully arranged bookshelf is delightful to look at. It looks like a readers paradise. Books strewn all over will clutter the space. The disharmony will impede your reading pleasure. Arrange your bookshelf with your favorite books and interesting knick-knacks. Add a side table and place a Silk flower centerpiece to create interest. If space permits, add a small writing desk. It can come in handy for taking notes or jotting interesting details from your books.

3. Insulated the floors

A reading space must be warm and inviting. A basement is the coolest part of a home. Wooden flooring is popular in cold countries. They help to trap indoor heat and insulate from the cold floor. Instead of installing ceramic tiles, go for Oak or Cherry wooden floors. Complete the look with an area rug. Your basement will instantly transform into an appealing reading zone.

4. The decoration is incomplete without plants

Plants enliven the place by adding charm and character. Most basements are under ground-level and are hence cold and bereft of sunlight. It may not be possible to grow healthy plants here. But don’t worry! You can go for artificial plants. They look bright and fresh all around the year and are maintenance-free. Live plants also attract insects. No hassle of watering, taking out in the sun or pruning. Decorate your basement with silk palm trees. These come in fascinating shades of green. Add life with colorful silk flower arrangements for a fabulous appeal. The best part of having fake trees around is, they are fire-resistant, durable, weather and moisture resistant.

5. Use curtains to enclose

Curtains not only help in blocking the sunlight, but they serve other purposes too. Curtains define spaces, bring in warmth and speak volumes about your taste. Choose curtains for an enclosed cozy feel. If you don’t have windows, you can install wallpaper with windows. This will visually help in opening up a smaller space. Hang curtains over them with decorative rods to complete the winsome look.

6. Good lighting is a must

Basements can get dark as they are usually below ground level. Installing large windows may not be a viable option. Ensure your reading space is well-lit. Reading in insufficient light can cause eye muscle strain, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Your eyes need ample light to read comfortably. Don’t worry if you do not have large windows in your basement. Add a charming chandelier or several wall-mounted light scones. This will allow you to read without straining your eyes. Lighting is an important aspect of interior decoration. It creates an alluring appeal bringing a delightful harmony in the ambiance. Today, light is synonymous with functionality and style.

7. Personalize your pet space

Accessorize it with your favorite trinkets. An impractically designed area is useless irrespective of how persuasive it is. Keep a pen holder on a side table stacked with pens, markers, and highlighters. You may want to mark your favorite lines or quotes. Keep a bottle of water handy. It wouldn’t be practical to run upstairs for a sip of water. If it is not possible to have to have a charging port installed, keep a power bank handy. It will save you a trip to charge your mobile devices. Enjoy uninterrupted reading in your personal paradise. Add a picture frame of inspiring personalities or motivational quotes. This will make your reading room inspirational. Balance the effect a welcoming faux flower arrangement.

8. Express yourself with colors

Colors play a vital role in defining spaces. They set the mood and stoke the spirit. Bright colored rooms energize people. Earthy tones like brown, grey, purple, blue and green bring tranquility and free spirit. These tones are commonly used for designing rooms that inspire creativity. They make great art, music, writing and reading spaces. Color coordinate your reading den. We don’t mean to say you make a ‘Del Boka Vista’ out of it. Mix and match colors and shades in a complementing scheme to bring harmony. Use curtains with large floral designs blended with tones of blue, green and deep purple. Paint the walls with a neutral beige or sage green. Add olive green or grey sofas to go with the curtains. Blend with a deep colored area rug to complete the look. Your marvelous basement library is ready for use.

Public libraries are great. They offer a variety of books to choose from. But, a home library has a charm of its own. A tranquil getaway that is open 24x7. No due dates and no late fees. You can read at your own pace. Don’t have to worry about the rain or snow. You can read in the comfort of your pajamas. How cool is that!

9 Fun Ways to Give Your Home Decor a Bohemian Chic Vibe

9 Fun Ways To Give Your Home Decor A Bohemian Chic VibeInterior design has become one of the inevitable factors in present home decoration. There are several themes to select from for your most loved home. When most of the people go with simple and regular designs, people with extra guts and gears look for bohemian style interiors. This style of interior design makes you feel a coolness, certain vibe, and a pleasant ambiance that is rich with patterns, colors, and textures. The psyche of the populace is looking for something different that requires expression. There is no doubt that bohemianism is the best way to release the real feeling to the home. Here are some of the fantastic ways to give the home décor a chic bohemian vibe.

Make the natural light to enter

Natural light can do the trick for your home décor. Make use of large glass windows that promotes the entry of natural light to the rooms. It is also a good idea to add natural light wood, bamboo or artificial plants to reflect the natural light and to magnify the bohemian effect and energy in the room. Keep the windows opened if it doesn't promote the entry of dust and mud. Natural light has the ability to give a pleasant look to the home and make you feel relaxed.

Watercolored accent wall

Since walls occupy a good part of the room and home, gift it with a stunning look. A watercolored accent wall can bring success to your decoration. Even though any colors can bring the vibe, colors like intense green, deep purple, lapis-lazuli blue can bring magical changes. Don't down the color too much and keep a perfect balance to bring the real bohemian effect that you dreamt for.

Glamour in the kitchen

Give a mysterious and romantic look to the kitchen. Overhead lighting stands against the bohemian concept. Hanging lights in the kitchen can make it look exotic. The dark walls and glints can add a plus to your effort in decorating the home. Now there are several wall paneling materials to get the best mood for the wall and the entire home. Make it look different from others with their own style statement. Place some fake palm tree with unusual style in the kitchen corners to bring the difference.

Floor covering

Make use of accent rugs to cover the floors. Give a different look and feel to the floors. Throw some different patterns with rich shades together to the floors instead of using a single color. It is your idea and creativity that help you bring the real wonders on the floors. The present market provides an excellent selection of carpets in stunning color combinations to shower the bohemian beauty in its most. Make everyone amazed with the stunning color combinations that weave beautiful romantic and royal stories of the past.

Seating on the floor

Arrange some soft pillows and sit on the floor to relax. It gives extraordinary comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. A low coffee table in the middle of pillows to place small oddities give an extraordinary look for the room. You can arrange the seating either in the center or any of the comfortable places in the room as you like. Keep some interesting artwork on the floors to set the best bohemian effect on the home. Select the pillows in appropriate size and colors that add a plus to the bohemian touch.

Tabletop collection

Get and set the table top that takes you back to hundreds of years. You can get classic tabletop items in silver and other shady collections to beautify the tabletop that can release the real bohemian touch. You can place beautiful stones and other natural components in ceramic ware trays.  It is good to put silk tulips on the tabletop to mix some sort of romance with extraordinary bohemian effect.

Keep candles together

Candle stand is a must to have a factor to create a bohemian style. Give home the look of luxury rooms of old palaces. You can get good collections of candle stands that come in different shapes including to that of a standing lamp. Broad bottom, beautiful stem, and large round shaped and fenced plate to hold candles make it look perfect for the room. Keep candles together in different shapes, heights, and scents. Don't forget to use incense.

Go classic

Keep a classic touch in anything from everything you use for the decoration. Keep something different in furniture, artificial floral arrangements, floors, and more. Floral wallpaper, tenebrous wood, lamps, and multi-hued curtains can bring bohemian look when you make use of the right textures and patterns of colors. Mixing of the color is the important attraction of bohemian theme homes. There are several online stores to provide you with wall frames, curtains, floor mats, and several other accessories in extraordinary color combinations to give a classic touch to create a captivating bohemian theme.

Decorations with artificial plants, trees, and flowers

There is no doubt that most of the present homes make use of artificial trees and flowers for decorating purpose. There are reputed online stores to provide fantastic collections of trees and flowers. They make you free from mud, water, and light. Moreover, the artificial arrangements assure beauty for a good period without the problem of shedding. You can find extraordinary collections in artificial succulents to spread the bohemian fragrance for all of the rooms and the entire home.

Home! It is the home where you spend private times and celebrate special moments. Set a unique theme for the house to make it entirely different from others. Set the beauty that was inspired by the kings, queens, and artists of golden periods. Yes, gift the home with bohemian beauty to make everyone gets indulged in an exotic atmosphere and ambiance with a difference.

Now start with your process. Make a note of the things that you need to put a systematic start. Use your creativity to make the home to look like an ancient art gallery packed with a variety of variants to bring bohemian chic. Let life get its real thrill, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

How to Maximize the Output of Your Design and Decor Budget?

Large Artificial TreesNo doubt one always looks for inexpensive ideas and designs to décor the precious premises. Be it is office, home or commercial space; one needs a maximum output from the design well within the budget. Incorporating artificial flowers, silk trees, and plants, and fake orchids are some of the best options available for the present day scenario where one looks for affordable interior or exterior furnishing solutions at affordable cost. One can find premier synthetic greenery to install in their spaces, and they are available from various manufacturers of fake décor elements.

Design and budgeting ideas for the décor

One should ponder and carry out sufficient homework required in the designing phase itself to achieve the best décor for the establishment. One may plan the budget needed for interior as well as exterior landscaping for the premises. Depending on the nature of business one can allocate the budget exclusively for decorating internal and outdoor spaces. The opinion of experts in designing the decorative essentials helps to a maximum extent in deciding the kind of décor required. These experts can also provide the blueprint of various projects that they have already executed. These blueprints are true guidelines for the investors to prepare the budget.

Rewards of decorating the landscapes and interior using artificial greenery

The outdoor silk plants look so realistic that they mimic natural plants. They are built with fade resistant materials such that they do not lose their colors when exposed to rain or sunshine. They are available in plenty of categories which help the industry to choose according to their needs. They are easy to relocate, and hence the establishers can often change them to various spaces in their location. They are available in various sizes and shade to accommodate the budgetary requirements of the investor. They are absolutely pest free and very least maintenance required to safeguard the artificial greenery.

Planning, drafting and prioritizing required for the interior décor

One can sketch meticulously the décor elements that are needed for each space available on the premises so that one can get an idea about the budget. Prioritizing for decoration elements can cut the investment cost to a large extent. It also helps to know the effect of the innovative designs that are suggested by the architects. Designing and decorating the space should be continuously reviewed and one can make necessary changes as and when required. Hence budgeting for the décor elements should be kept at the minimum so that one can experiment with new décor designs. Executing decorative designs in a phased manner is an easy and effective way.

Faux plants varieties for dazzling effect at the right budget

Silk plants and trees are one variety which can be used for the location to optimize and enhance the effectiveness of the space. They are available at affordable cost and are durable too. Tropical artificial flower arrangements and artificial outdoor flowers are the varieties which assist in providing a stunning effect for the landscapes or indoors too. Topiary variety like artificial boxwood, screens, mats is some of the innovative designs to make space illuminate at a reasonable budget. Exclusive varieties for beautifying homes and elegant design varieties are available for commercial spaces as well.

Arranging decorative items for the festive season

Manufactures of fake plants and fake flowers offer special varieties on the eve of festive season like Christmas or New Year. They also come with hefty discounted prices to attract the establishments who purchase in bulk quantity. Hence buying these artificial elements during this period is an excellent thought and the budgetary element is also satisfied. Enhancing one’s premises with festive season collections can delight the spaces and not the wallet. Festive season decoration can quickly elevate the moods of the guests to commercial places. They also make the children delight when implemented at home too.

Exclusive floral arrangements for a special occasion

Floral arrangements for various occasions like wedding, birthday and for welcoming special guests are a few specific ideas. Dazzling bouquets, orchids and vase flowers are some of the varieties one can indulge to attract the guests. Since these floral materials are made of high-grade artificial foliage one can be assured about their hygiene. This artificial greenery imitates natural vegetation and can surprise the gathering on a special occasion. They come with fire-resistant materials and thereby are highly secure to decorate for the exclusive events. They are available with blends of colors and shades which help in making spectacular arrangements.

Some additional ideas for décor designing and budgeting

Many manufacturers offer wholesale discount for the establishers who opt for sign up of their website. Investors can utilize this facility to minimize the budget. Manufactures of silk elements come with exclusive catalogs which assist in making the selection process smooth and hassle-free. They also offer a waiver of delivery charges for bulk purchasers. They also build or manufacture décor arrangements to suit one’s specifications which can lend a hand to decide on best design within one’s financial resources. Business establishments like hotels, hospitals, and theme parks can make the best use of commercial grade trees and plants manufactured under the guidance of highly efficient architects. Manufactures provide case studies and real projects to the customers to get an idea about the design. This co-operation from the manufactures helps a lot to the investors in enchanting their spaces.


Every establishment and investor looks for an affordable solution to enhance their premises with innovative designs. They are also cautious with the investments that are required for incorporating these designs. One can effortlessly improve the outlook of home or establishments by adopting various ideas, and one such initiative is the use of silk plants and faux trees. Manufactures of these artificial plants have a team of experts who can visit the places and offer the best solutions in terms of design and budget as well. The establishments should opt for simple and exclusive designs that are cost efficient as well as durable. Investors should also think about the safety of these designs before making the venture.