9 Effective Décor Hacks to Childproof your Home

9 Effective Decor Hacks To Childproof Your HomeYou love your home and take good care of it by maintaining and decorating it according to your style. But when a child comes into your life, you love the baby so much that you would go above and beyond to keep the baby safe and healthy.

And from decorating your primary need changes to protecting and safeguarding your kid. You lose all the toxic items in the vicinity or make sure there are no small items, which pose choking hazard.

But childproofing is not always about a set of locks and fastening heavy furniture to the wall. Here we are giving you some affordable and effective hacks to decorate your home, which can be dazzling, trendy and Sippy-cup friendly.

1.    Choose your fabric smartly.

Messy chocolate-dipped fingers or accidental juice spills, kids can destroy anything in less than a minute. Make sure your fabrics will sustain all these. It should be stain-resistant. Fabric like denim twill or leather will be an excellent choice for couches or dining table chairs.

Classic leather or the faux leather can be wiped down without much damage to the couch. Added points if you could remove the cushion covers and throw it in the washing machine. This will make sure that you don’t have to stick with your stained couch for a long time.

2.    Kid-friendly paints are a must for the walls.

Kids tend to be creative with each passing day. And we should try to help them grow that imagination and not hinder them in any way. But it does not mean, we have to keep our walls with the crayon or color-pencil drawings.

An eggshell finish or semi-gloss and satin are good choices for paint. The wall can be wiped down with a sponge to keep it clean. Matte finish paints, tend to get dirtier soon and there will be grime build up over time due to all cute experiments on the wall by the tiny tots.

3.    Invest in cordless blinds or cleats for cords in regular blinds.

Window blinds are an essential part of any home. Even though many prefer curtains, the usability of blinds always takes over. And if you are a fan of blinds, make sure to secure the cords.

Cleats can be installed at a certain height, and the blinds can be tied to it, so the kids don’t play with it. Or cordless blinds are a great option if you worry about kids reaching for the cords, behind your back. There are varied colors and materials available for the cordless blinds, to match your décor.

4.    Ditch the classic coffee table design for a more sophisticated and stylish look.

The traditional coffee table tends to be heavy with sharp corners. And even when we make sure to secure the corners, chances are kids keep bumping into them or climbing on them, keeping our blood pressures in check.

Instead try an elegant, circular or oval alternative. Cloth storage bench or upholstered ottomans are also some of the better options with kids around.

5.    Artificial plants will be an added embellishment, which can also be a kid-approved design.

You need not to sacrifice your love for greenery when you have kids around. Especially with real plants, there is always a fear of kids playing with the dirt and ultimately spoiling the plant. Try to introduce faux plants according to your style.

Hanging plants or wall plants, they are so much sophisticated and add up to your décor. There are also fake plants available that are fire resistant and makes your choice best suited for your home. These decorations don’t require constant upkeep and are long-lasting.

6.    Choose a darker color rug.

Rugs in the family room or kids playroom take the heaviest traffic throughout the day. And hence they also take a lot of dirt, spills, crayon or marker ink so on and so forth. Invest in some dark color rugs that do not highlight any stains and can be easily vacuumed of any accidental spills.

A light color rug tends to age sooner making it look dull. A dark color rug with patterns would endure all the adorable attacks by the kids and would last longer. We are hence saving you some money.

7.    Try the fancy hanging lights instead of the traditional floor or table lamps.

You can make a style statement for yourself with hanging lights. They range from regular to star-studded lights making the room brimming with liveliness. The floor lamps are a hazard to kids, which can pose a risk of falling over them.

Even better are the ceiling lights, which are way out their reach or their way. Make sure to secure the wires along the wall and to plug safely in the outlet. Use the childproof outlet covers wherever needed, if not stick duct tape to avoid tiny fingers reaching them.

8.    Replace your fancy looking glassware to plastic cups that look similar.

If you have your friends coming over for a party or if you plan for a family dinner, you automatically wait to hear the glass shattering sound before the night. With this hack, you can avoid that. There are fancy looking plastic or fiber cutleries that you can use for the evening. They look exactly like the glassware minus all the hassle if it falls.

Make sure to place all the glass or ceramic decorations above the kids reach, probably on a wall shelf. You need not change your décor completely, but instead do some tweaks to make your home immune to their cute assaults.

9.    Go for colorful childproofing products.

The conventional childproofing products are all white. Try to buy some colorful products for childproofing, which not only serve its purpose but also add color to your décor. Like cookie cutters can be used for kitchen cabinet door locks.

The outlet protectors are coming in all shapes and colors. Try them to spice up your living room. Pool noodles come in handy, as bumpers or doorstoppers. Try the bright colored ones to give them a good look.


Decorating a house might be optional but childproofing is a must. So why not combine both, throw in your imagination and make an excellent place for the whole family.

9 Décor Hacks to Make Your Office Spacious and Roomy

9 Decor Hacks To Make Your Office Spacious And RoomyModern office spaces are all about functionality and dynamism. With startups showing up extensively, cool and trendy offices have not only become a norm, but they also contribute to employee productivity and customer retention.

Sometimes small offices can be little confining and uncomfortable. But certain design concepts trick the eye and make it seem more spacious and roomy than they are.

Here we present you with some creative décor hacks, to make your office room, look more spacious and roomy. Hope these space-expanding tricks inspire you to incorporate changes according to your needs.

1.    Lighter colored walls can make the room feel bigger.

It is a well-known fact that color is associated with moods. Bright colors are associated with happiness, light moderate ones with calmness and dark colors with gloomy and dull feelings.

Choose light colored walls for your office. This way, it reflects the natural light and makes the room look brighter and roomier.

You can also choose contrasting décor elements like carpets or wall hangings that accentuate the space.

2.    Use space saving furniture to allow more room.

Choosing and arranging furniture is one of the essential things to do for any office setup. You have to be careful and observant of the needs of the employees, and try to avoid excessive furniture.

To make the room look more spacious, you could opt for transparent chairs, which even though takes the same space as regular chairs, would fool the eye into feeling lesser space taken for it.

3.    Improve the office traffic flow to make the room look more spacious.

The movement of employees or customers should make sense. People should not be walking all over the office to reach a destination, say for the restroom or any other room.

The flow should be smooth, and the paths should be nice and wide. This gives a roomier feel.

Make sure to keep the pathways clutter free. If the place seems to be crowded with people, excusing each other for a way or to reach beyond one another, it creates a claustrophobic feel.

4.    Bring in tall plants.

Ceiling-high plants, yes – that’s the idea. If there is room above the plant, the illusion of altitude makes the room look more spacious.

If you do not have a green thumb, artificial plants and trees can help you beautify your office area. Faux Areca Palm trees or Faux Topiary Spirals are some of the best examples for tall yet green choices for office décor.

It brings a tropical effect with no much effort and blends in with any environment.

5.    Lighting is a key element in office décor.

If you want your office room to look larger, you have to work your way with the lighting. Either recess lighting or chandelier, you will be amazed at how this small addition makes a big difference in your décor.

Spread the light around, with multiple sources around the room to open it up. Try using long pendant hanging from the ceiling.

6.    A clutter-free room is a way to efficiency.

It’s true to any type of room. And everyone should have access to a safe and nice workplace. If you want to give your room a spacious look, avoid any and all types of clutter. Organize those cables and wires wherever possible.

Designate a place for employee belongings, so they don’t have to store their stuff under their desk or chair. Keep the paperwork sorted and make sure to assign designated space for daily, weekly and monthly work. This not only enhances performance, it manages the area better making it look large.

7.    Emphasize the vertical or horizontal and not both.

If you can coordinate everything in the room to look either vertical or horizontal, it would automatically give an illusion of larger space. Tall file cabinets or shelves along the wall are some examples for vertical elements. Not only do they help in keeping the office organized, but they can also accommodate larger storage of materials than the regular storage solutions.

Pendant lamps or anything ceiling height will give you the vertical focal point. You can create a horizontal focal point by using wider furniture or horizontal lines along the walls. This not only gives an official look, but it also makes the room feel larger.

Do not mix horizontal and vertical patterns to overlap; else it will create an illusion of clutter.

8.    Sign up Cloud Storage

With digitalization of almost everything, offices now prefer to go paperless. This means, lesser paper clutter to deal with and more space for the room.

Try cloud storage, and you can access all the documents online instead of dealing with the paper mass. And once there is lesser paper, it adds to the office space.

9.    Try for minimalist decoration.

Decorations should be like a jewel or icing. It should speak for itself, rather than steal the show. Always go for minimalistic decoration for office space.

An office should be as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If overdone, the décor will feel cramped and consequently cluttered. Go easy on the décor, and get the spacious ambiance.

You could use mirrors as a decorating component. This not only brightens the room but also makes the room appear bigger since it reflects light.


Employees spend a lot of time in the workspace. The environment should be more visually pleasing and functionally suitable for their needs. A happy workplace always gets the best out of anyone.

Do not let a cramped office affect your efficiency. Whether you go for classy artificial plants or any of the other décor ideas discussed above, you will see and feel the difference right away. Follow these hacks to make the most out of limited space.

Give Your Guesthouse a Classy and Quaint Vibe with These 8 Incredible Decor Hacks

Give Your Guesthouse A Classy And Quaint Vibe With These 8 Incredible Decor HacksDecorating a guesthouse has many challenges. The guests may take an overnight halt or may opt for an extended stay. No matter how long they stay, you have to offer them an inviting, comfortable and relaxing ambiance.  Maybe you want to make your guesthouse chick and classy. Here are 8 incredible decor hacks that make the guesthouse memorable to the visitors.  Longing for the details? Scroll down to the last!

1. Offer a cozy and comfy bed

Everyone longs for a good night’s rest. So, consider revamping the bed first. Make sure that the springs are okay and the mattress is soft and supple. Cover it first with a mattress cover and then with a premium quality bed sheet. Use cotton sheets in the colder months and linen sheets in the warmer months.

Provide a large headboard and number of soft pillows. The guests would be able to do their work leaning on the headboard. If budget permits, make it padded. This will make the bed more comfortable.

Better stick to white color sheets. All-white bedding evokes a spick and span feeling in the guests’ minds. Also, keep an extra set of linen ready for meeting any exigencies.  Perception of thermal comfort varies from person to person. Keep a soft and plush blanket for providing extra warmth if necessary. You can also add a faux skin throw blanket. This will add a luxurious touch.

2. Pop up with paint

Now that you have taken care of the bed, you must consider the wall color. Mind, whatever you do, you have to make the guesthouse house a relaxing retreat. Different people show different reactions to the same color scheme. As such, it is wise to choose a neutral color scheme.

The best part of using a monochromatic color scheme is that you can create it with any color. You may use green, blue, gray, and any other neutral color for this. Ensure that you use both lighter and darker shades of the main color. When you use

Paint the walls in darker shades and use lighter shades for the ceiling. This will give a feeling of a higher ceiling and enhance the decor. In case you want to impose a vibrant look, you may add accent colors for styling it up.

3. Liven up with artificial plants and flowers

The faux plants and flowers can freshen up any space without compromising aesthetics. Unlike the live plants, the fake plants and trees indoor need no maintenance. Periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining.  This makes them ideal for use in the guesthouses.

These are available in varieties of trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. They can also be customized to suit any decor need. Maybe you want to create a desert vibe in the guesthouse. You can use artificial barrel cactus for the same.  The small fake tropical plants are the best when you want to have a tropical vibe.

Including green topiary balls is also a brilliant way to enhance the decor. They do not attract insects and are fire retardant. Thus, your guests get a safe and hygienic stay.

4. Ensure soft landing

The floor is the first thing that your guest touches in the morning. A hard feeling under the feet is sure to spoil the mood. This makes the floor an important element in guest house decoration. Cover the floor with a soft carpet. This will let the feet sink, and the plush feeling will lift up the mood.

Carpets are also good for noise sound dampening. These are available in many colors and textures. Get one that matches with the rest of the room. It will make your guesthouse warm and cozy.

5. Layer the lights

Layered lighting is the key to the best guesthouse decoration. Combine aesthetics with functionalities. This will create the right ambiance in the guesthouse.  Arrange for ambient, task and accent lightings. It will fulfill the different needs of the guests.

You may use pendants or lamp shades depending on your decor theme. Poke holes in a dark lampshade to create a unique design. This will create a whimsical environment when switched on.  There should also be bedside lamps for reading. Provide dimmer arrangements for controlling the illumination. This will lift up the decoration to the next level.

6. Consider the curtains and draperies

You know that the tree outside blocks the view. But your guests do not. So must ensure privacy with curtains and drapes. Hang those high from near to the ceiling and almost touching the floor. This will lift up the room visually.

Cotton is the most versatile curtain option. Layer it with heavy fabrics like velvet. Choose a color that compliments the decor of the guesthouse. This will also help to block out the outside light, and your guests will enjoy a nice sleep.

7. Include comfortable seating

None of your guests will be sleeping all the time. They would expect a cozy seating arrangement in the guest house for relaxing and reading. Include a comfortable sofa or a lounge chair in the guest room and try to place it near the window.

You can also use a bin chair instead. If the room does not have a wall-to-wall carpet, provide a soft area rug to define the zone. This will let your guests catch their breath.

8.  Provide some entertainment

Great hospitality means attending to every detail. Include a TV in the room with Netflix connection. The guest will be able to watch anything according to their choice. You can also make arrangements to play soft music. Also, keep some reading materials in the room. This can include newspapers, magazines, and light novels. Your guests would love this for passing quality time and will make repeated visits.


The above are the 8 exciting ideas that can make your guest house unique. These are simple but effective. You can implement them at ease without spending a fortune. Try these for your guest house to offer a cozy and comfortable stay.

Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome Hacks

Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome HacksThe attic is the most beautiful yet neglected portion of any house. Most people see it as a secret space inside the house and concentrate less on utilizing it. But it indeed has a lot of scope for additional space inside the house and could get transformed into anything more than a storage space, such as into a cozy bedroom, office room, home theatre, home library, etc.

Of all the advantages of having a home attic, transforming it into a comfortable bedroom is both interesting and beneficial. This secret space has a lot of scopes to get transformed into a private bedroom with fresh air flushing in and with an excellent scenic view of the sky. It could be topped up with artificial plants and trees, fresh or artificial floral arrangements, to add a naturally elegant look to the attic. Let us discuss how to build a comfortable attic bedroom with the following hacks.

Concentrating on the room ceiling

Though attic spaces are good enough to hold comfortable beds, their ceilings are not always appealing and could through in a spooky appearance at nights. It is thus vital to transforming the ceiling into something appealing and creative. One good idea is to paint the ceiling with stars and moon to resemble the night sky. The dark surrounding would also sleep provoking and kids would love to stare at the night sky before they sleep. The walls of the room could be painted in contrast colors with subtle light lights on the walls.

Coloring the walls

The walls of the attic do not have a uniform surface, and its dimensions are not always perfect squares. To hide this deformity, it is important to paint them right with some appealing pictures made hung on the walls. Wallpapers with natural scenery and animals or cartoon characters would hold well if the bedroom is meant for kids. Painting and craft work by kids may also be made to décor the attic walls topped with antique lanterns that emit soothing light at all times. It is important to make provision for windows on the walls to offer refreshing images of the morning sky right on the bedroom.

Lighting and ventilation

As attics are places that are just below the roof of the house, they could be dark and gloomy with very less lighting. It is important to make sure that attic walls have windows and ventilators so as to lush in fresh and cold air into the room. Though these windows could render natural lighting in the day time, they could look spooky at nights. It is therefore important to have enough lighting with the help of a hard wired light fixture or pull string fixtures or hanging lanterns, wall lamps, etc.

Room for Green space in the attic

If there is enough space for a bed in the attic, then there should be space for some indoor plants as well. They would glow in all their glory when the morning sun shines through the windows directly on to the greens. Some plants such as aloe-vera, snake plant, Gerbera Daisy are real oxygen bombs, capable of pumping in fresh oxygen into the attic bedroom. They would also render an elegant and fresh look to the attic bedroom and could be placed on the window sills or on the corner table in the room or even kept hanging from the ceiling in the room.

Including Fireplace

It would be a great idea to include a fireplace in the attic bedroom with additional cushions, so as to have quality family time with everybody in the house. The fireplace would add on to the elegance of the room and would render warmness and comfort during winter months. It is thoughtful to place the bed opposite the window and keep the fireplace close to the window to maximize the results.

Including a mini library and home theatre

The attic bedroom is not only cozy and comfortable but also provide room for enough private space. One could make the best use of this alone time reading some interesting books.  With a simple book storage shelf and a table set up the attic bedroom is also convertible into a private mini library.

Attic spaces are different in different houses, but in most of the homes, the length of the attic is the same as that of the floor space. Thus, the attic is lengthy, and there is enough room for more than just a bed. It is possible to include a mini home theatre set up in the attic to enjoy all of the time either alone or with friends and family.

Furnishing the attic

Accessorizing the attic bedroom is equally important as though with other parts of the house. But fitting in furniture in the attic is a difficult task, keeping in mind the space constraints and unequal dimensions of the attic. It is challenging to transport furniture at the top of the house considering the constraint in the roof to floor dimension. Nevertheless, including types of furniture such as book rack, bedside tables, center tables, and seating arrangement are not to be neglected and are to be custom made to fit into the room space.

Including the bathing unit

It would be a wise idea to include a bathing unit in the attic so as to give a private hotel room experience right on top of the house. Though the plumbing works demand extensive craftsmanship, the effort is worth the experience. Kids would love the experience to stay at the attic if only they get all that they want within their reach.

Attic bedrooms render extreme privacy, and one feels as though they are isolated from the entire house and world during their stay here. No matter whether a person is in a melancholic or ecstatic mood, the attic bedrooms give excellent companionship at all moods and should be a must try at all homes. It is possible to convert a boring attic into a comfortable bedroom by incorporating the above-said ideas.

9 Amazing Decor Hacks to Give Your Stairway a Whole New Charm

9 Amazing Decor Hacks To Give Your Stairway A Whole New CharmWe decorate our house with so many things so as to make it look adorable more than livable. Though most of the entities in our homes are meant for the functional purpose, we do concentrate on affording a good number of things to make it fashionable too.

Some acquaintances that are a must in most of the households are artificial flowers, artificial plants, trendy furniture, catchy carpets, artificial flower arrangements, artificial succulents, etc., so as to add a classy look and feel to our home. But where exactly they are to be placed so that they would serve the purpose of exceptional home décor is a million dollar question. Here comes all our creativity and expertise in putting these décor items so aptly that they look trendy yet handy at all times.

When we talk about home decor, there is one place at all homes that are least neglected to get attention, yet has a lot of scopes to transform an ordinary home into an ecstatic accommodation. Yes, it is our stairway; most of us think it as a unit that shifts us from the lower part of the house to the upper portion. Rather, for some of us, it shows off as a threat to safety, for all of us have had bad experiences falling from stairways when we are young.

But, truly speaking, stairways have ample scope for interior decoration, and if appropriately mediated, they would look both elegant and useful without any doubt. Let us see a few ways in which we could decorate our home stairs here.

Decorating the wall on the side of the stairs:

The walls along the sides of the stairways are the most neglected part of any household to inject a dose of style into it. The stairway walls could be put to great use to hang photo frames, work of art by children or even simple frames with crafts using flowers and leaves. They would look great when arranged in a symmetrical fashion and would add vigor and color to the otherwise dull walls.

Contemporary style to the stair walls:

In olden times, people use to put in pictures and charts of natural sceneries that include trees and animal on these walls. We would have seen some country houses where people portray heads of animals such as deer, wild buffalos, etc. on these walls to portray the raw beauty of countrysides. The same pattern can be copied to include artificial animal heads along stairway walls to an old taste to the house.

Storage along the wall:

For houses where space is a constraint, one best idea would be to have a build in storage rack at the stair landing. They look very elegant along the stairway and could be put to best use in racking books and photo frames on its shelves. Antiques, ceramic bowls, and jars, baskets made of contemporary material such as jute could be placed in these shelves, so as to add a sense of style on the stairway walls and also to make the best use of additional storage space.

Adding Green gesture along the stair walls:

Stair landings are one best place to pump in green gesture into the house. Just by having a small build in the rack at the top of the stairway, we could keep a number of plants in custom build pots and bring in natural beauty into the house. Ornamental plants such as ivy, cactus, etc., can be placed so that they require minimal care and maintenance.

Plants that emit natural scents such as Indian Basil, Rosemary, etc., would help in building natural aroma inside the house. Use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm.

Creating a wall of green plants:

Making use of stairway landings to grow plants would be a thoughtful and elegant way to give this space a great charm. Placing creepers such as money plants in these places would creep down along the wall and give fresh green entry into the top floors. When they bloom, their colorful flowers would pump in natural fragrance into the house.

Running Scripts along the steps:

Most of the schools in modern days make the best use of the steps in their buildings to encrypt motivational slogans and quotes and even math tables for the children. The idea is to incorporate these quotes strongly into the minds of the kids, as they read through them every day.

The same idea can be incorporated at home stairs as well, and the quotes could be replaced with soothing slogans that value family goals such as home sweet home, welcome home, etc. These words would not only be thought to provoke but also avoids stairs from throwing blank spaces inside the house.

Lining the walls with mirrors:

Be it a single long mirror or a number of small mirrors in different size and shape, lining the wall of a stairway with antique or new mirrors would be an excellent way to add a unique charm to it. A little caution is also needed while choosing this stairway décor, to handle the mirror with care and caution.

Decorating the space under the stairway:

There is ample space under the stair where we could fit in a seating arrangement with a small book rack so as to get some quality and undisturbed time with the books. Other ways to decorate this space is to have flower vases on antique corner tables, artificial foliage, and plants, etc., so as to not neglect this engaging space. A storage cabinet topped with lovely bowls and antiques would also be a great idea to be kept under the stairway on the ground floor.

Decorating the stair railings:

Enough has been discussed in decorating the staircases in different thoughtful ways, but what about the railings, we invest a lot of money in making these railings strong and durable for years to come. Railings can be decorated using artificial plants and foliage so that they stand green and fresh for many days. It looks beautiful with minimal maintenance, and at festival times it would be a great idea to line the side railings with stars, lights and fresh flowers.


As it is rightly said, imagination is the mother of innovation, and there are some innovative décor ideas to give our home stairway an entirely different charm and look. Though these are mostly neglected spaces in most households, they have ample scope for interior décor when mended appropriately. It does not require including a costly chandelier on to the ceiling of stairs to give it a luxurious feel, and the above said small yet thoughtful ways would help in adding a style statement to the house interiors.