3 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard

A warm and sunny late afternoon in the backyard with gentle breeze blowing across is all you need to rejuvenate you during the weekend. Backyard is the perfect place to just sit back and unwind yourself amidst the colors and serenity of the nature. No matter how messed up your backyard is, there is no better place to rest and catch up with some much needed tranquility offered by nature. Inspite of this there are a few fixes that you can do to spark life and inspiration in your backyard. 

  • If backyard is your favorite hangout spot during weekends and this is where most of your friends too spend a great deal of the time, why not install some comfortable small seating arrangement for all? Instead of cramming up that small sofa or the beanbag, bring in an inexpensive seating arrangement (for at least 5-6) that would spark those nostalgic conversations.
  • You already have a lot of nature around you. Birds, trees, water, air etc. How about bringing in some exclusivity and safety as well? Bring in some artificial flowers which would spread a riot of color in your backyard. However, make sure that these artificial plants and trees are blended with fire retardant chemicals. These fire-retardant plants and trees will be absolutely safe in case of a fire outbreak, making your backyard a safe haven.
  • Build a shelter or get an umbrella which will give some shelter. This will make your book reading, meal eating or just the good old lazing, more luxurious. 

Having a good backyard with a view is one of the best pleasures of life. What else can offer you calmness than a comfortable seating in your backyard and the million dollar view of the sunset after a long day?

5 Great Ideas to Decorate your Patio

Whether you have a big patio or a small one, sprucing up the area with perfect accessories is always a challenge. No matter if you’re looking to upgrade your patio as a serene space or a vibrant area, there are plenty of inspirational things you can try to redo the space.

  • Make it Safe – Start off by bringing in artificial plants and trees which are blended with fire retardant chemicals. These fire-retardant plants and trees will be absolutely safe in case of a fire outbreak. Once you have completed decorating your patio, it is most likely that there will be children playing in there or it will most probably become your favorite rejuvenating space. Hence, you may want to eliminate the risk of fire hazards by bringing in fire-retardant silk plants and trees.
  • Make use of water – Water always brings a sense of tranquility with itself. Hence, you may want to install a fountain or a patio-size water garden which will introduce calmness and relaxation in the ambiance.
  • Create a tropical ambiance – There’s nothing more soothing than a tropical ambiance and the sense that you’re on a beach holiday. Bring a large artificial Palm tree in the fray which will add to the tropical feel as well as a good amount of shade in your patio. Along with the Palm tree, consider some compact shade plants such as host as which will add to the cool and refreshing retreat.
  • Privacy – Whether its your neighborhood or a crowded public place, creeps are everywhere. And you cannot relax in your patio with some of them hovering around. Hence, bring some more tall artificial trees in your patio or go for Boxwood mats which offer great looks as well privacy to your space.
  • Decorate with Lights – Illuminate your patio at night by installing some lights which will add to the charisma of your space. Don’t opt for extreme fancy ones, low-voltage, energy-efficient ones will do. 

These are some of the most cost-effective as well as efficient ways to add charm to your favorite seating area. Start your patio project now!

3 Ways in Which Artificial Plants Define Home Interiors

Home Interiors and how we embellish it has undergone major changes in the past few decades. As our living spaces, personalities and even tastes have changed, so has our home interior design. No matter how vividly and dramatically home interiors have changed; the challenge of designing it to our personality has always remained. Artificial plants too have undergone major change in the past few days. Gone are the days when artificial roses or silk tulips were the only faux flowers available. These days there are hundreds of silk flowers and thousands of silk floral arrangements are available to add a dash of color and charm to your décor. Faux plants are the best way to fill a space and here’s how they define your home interior.

Artificial plants add interest and color to even the dourest space. Be it your junk-filled entranceway or your living room, untidy book shelf or your bedroom, silk flowers make sure that your home interiors are interesting. With lifelike colors and amazing patterns, faux plants rejuvenate your home interiors and make you get rid of all the stress and anxiety after a long day.

There have been many instances reported in news of fire outbreaks that occur from plants. This has made many people skeptical of bringing in real plants or even artificial plants made of plastic. However, there are certain high quality plants available in market which makes use of fire-resistant chemicals in their stems and leaves. This material makes them fire-retardant which make these plants absolutely safe in case of fire outbreak. Thus, fire-retardant silk plants offer safety and peace of mind while decorating home interiors. 

Artificial floral arrangements help in highlighting open spaces. Home décor, these days, boast of minimalistic approach which highlights flooring or furniture, but can also come across as bland. Silk flower arrangements bring a dash of energy and much needed warmth which will enhance the entire setting. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring home some much needed vibrancy with some adorable faux plants. 

3 Tips to Ensure a Beautiful Entryway

Your home’s entrance-way is the first peek into your home and still it is one of the most neglected spaces. A lot of emphasis is placed when decorating living room or the bedroom, but many people just don’t consider entrance-way as a space to embellish, with beautiful accessories. It is considered as just a small space which leads you to your home, but entryway is where you can stun people by bringing in delightful decoration which will impress people right away. 

  • Organize the space – Entrance-way is mostly treated as a space where you can dump almost everything. Right from your keys to shoes, bags to accessories, entranceway is full of eyesores. Start with organizing the space. De-clutter the space and only then you can make it visually attractive. This is the area which greets you and your guests and you just cannot put all your junk there. 
  • Artificial Plants – Artificial plants are the best accessories which will bring in color as well as lend a charming personality to your entrance-way. There are tons of options available when it comes to silk plants, right from artificial Palm trees to artificial Fruit trees, from adorable silk flower arrangements to shelf plants. Each one has its persona and charm, so choose the most stylish and refreshing faux plant which will go well with your furnishing as well as taste. Make sure that the artificial plant you opt for consists of fire-resistant chemicals. Fire-retardant artificial plants lend your interiors safety in case of a fire outbreak.
  • Accessories – As mentioned before, no one wants to be greeted with shoes and bags when they enter your home. Make sure you bring home a shoe storage solution as well as a small storage space which will incorporate your shoes and bags. Get a mirror and hang it near the entranceway if possible. This makes your space look bigger and serves as the last spot to check out yourself. 

Go ahead and give your entryway a real character and personality by practicing these easy tips. 

How to Create an Attractive Fire-Resistant Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are the first things which are noticed in your patio or the yard and are extremely mesmerizing when done right. Hanging bushes are fun, strikingly beautiful and add a lot of color and interest to your dull stunning. Here are some examples on how to create an attractive yet safe hanging basket for your windowsills or porch.

  • Select Fire-Resistant Plants – One of the biggest challenges of creating a perfect hanging basket is the safety aspect. Hence, be sure to make use of artificial hanging plants which are crafted from fire-resistant chemicals, which make them absolutely safe in case of fire breakout. ThermaLeaf offers a wide range of lifelike yet fire-resistant hanging bushes which will add uniqueness as well as the much needed safety aspect to your home landscaping. 


  • Create a riot of colors – Bright colors create a stunning impact whether its pool or windowsill. Right from bright red to blue, golden yellow to bold flame, it’s great to introduce vivacious colored blooms in your hanging basket to catch the eye of every onlooker from a distance. You can also mix blooms of various sizes and colors to create a more impactful visual.


  • Go with a theme – It’s always a good idea to think of a theme and then create the desired aesthetic rather than throwing in random flowers of multiple colors. How about a royal theme, consisting of sophisticated golden-yellow Petunias with the purple colored Clematis? Or maybe a patriotic theme with red, white and blue flowers. Take your pick and proceed. 


  • Add details – Lot of people bring home hanging baskets with artificial flowers and think they’re good to go. Of course, it looks good but you need to add those minute details and create a combination which will stand out. Add some small foliage or grass to introduce that subtle touch to your landscape.

Artificial hanging baskets are perfect for any setting as they don’t shed leaves and save you loads of maintenance time. So, what are you waiting for? Create your bold and hanging basket and make a statement.