House Décor That Boosts Your Sense of Well Being

Areca Palm Tree DecorJust imagine this. You are in a holiday resort. The reception area is gleaming with marble and gilded counters. You are requested to wait for a few minutes for the paperwork to go through. Soon, you are offered a welcome drink and ushered to the foyer. The foyer is embellished with crystal chandeliers, and beneath that you see comfortable maple wood furniture upholstered in pleasing paisley colors. The coffee table has a few embellishments. Beside the sofas are large earthen pots with luscious palm leaves swagging. On the coffee table is a brightly colored ceramic vase with exotic silk vanda and phalaenopsis orchids in vibrant, breathtaking colors.

You look around to take your surrounding in and notice an antique oak curio cabinet laden with colorful displays. In the far end, you see an ornate sculpted water fountain and hear the sound of the smooth water flow. Fenced around it is a botanically themed setting comprising of luxurious silk ferns and artificial boxwood topiary with wrought iron benches splattered to sit and enjoy. How do you feel? Well, these places are designed by professional interior decorators to heighten your sense of well-being. Nature is humbling. Greenery cools the eyes and arouses the spiritual being in us.

You had a wonderful vacation, and now you step into your home. You notice a stark difference. Your house though close to your heart and beautiful is not entirely giving you the calming sense you just left behind. Well, you don’t have to leave it behind. Bring your heightened senses home with the right decor. You don’t need to be a practiced decorator to do this. Then how can you bring the tranquillity to your home?

You can spruce up your home with these interior decorating tips and give it a new look making the envy of your neighborhood.

Add colors

Colors play a significant role in influencing moods and emotions. Why do you find a preponderance of the color red in restaurants and sage green in spas? That’s because red is known to evoke hunger and sage green is associated with nature which calms the mind. Everyone has a favorite color. Dress up the walls and windows with shades of your favorite color. You can also add an accent wall on one side with a wallpaper of your choice. Wallpaper displaying luscious woods or bamboo forests can instantly bring a calming effect in the space.

Bring the outdoors in

Having fresh plants at home though would be great is not a feasible solution for everyone. Watering them and taking them out in the sun regularly can be quite demanding and cumbersome. Alternatively, if you like textures, you could go for a glamorous but low maintenance option. High-end artificial plants add a touch of class and can brighten any corner of the house. These handmade plants are authentic replicas of existing plants. They come in various colors and hues representing seasonal variations from early spring to peak fall. The trees are made of highest quality wooden trunks with a durable natural finish. They come in different sizes to fit any room. They make great accompaniments for faux indoor landscaping as well. The best part is they are portable, durable, weather and climate tolerant. They are multifunctional too. Many faux trees are light and portable. You can move them around the house to change the decor to suit your taste. Your room will instantly get a fresh new look.

Personalise your space

You don’t need expensive paintings from auctions to decorate your home. Adding memorable pictures of the kids or old images of grandparents or the first shot of your babies adds elements of sentiments which will make you cherish the memories in those spaces.

Light it up

Have you ever noticed, jewelry shops are brightly lit, and restaurants are lit dimly? There is a reason for that. Lighting makes all the difference sometimes. Jewelry stores need glamour, the glitz and bright lights make everything look bigger and bolder. It’s done to create an illusion of grandeur. You want more for your money in jewels. However, you wouldn’t want to eat in brightly lit restaurants where you can obtrusively see strangers eating in the same room as you. Dim lights make spaces feel personal and cozy. It attracts less attention to someone a few feet away from you. Alter the areas in your home with lighting. Add more lights to a small space to make it look bigger. If it’s not possible to add extra lighting, add more standing lamps to create an effect. Bright lights add cheer and optimism around the house. They give out positive vibes creating positive energy all around. Use lights with dimmers. If you want to cozy-up the place for a romantic evening or feel like switching off the stress dim the lights and your mood changes instantly. Dim lights bring down stress by immediately quelling noisy heads. They decrease stress and have a calming result on people.

Comfort is the key

‘There is no place like home.’ Is the adage. That’s because you feel most secure at home with your family around you. Add the element of comfort to it, and you may never want to leave your home. Adding oversized plushy sofas and carpeting will warm up the place cozying it up for warm cuddles or just to let down your hair and kick up your legs.

Home is where the heart is. The above tips can be done as a DIY project. They are easy to maintain and also easy on your pockets. Take for example the gorgeous silk plants we have talked about. Adding near natural easy to maintain silk trees can take away your weekend chore of watering, turning the soil and moving in and out of the house for sunlight. These silk plants and trees come in various sizes and arrangements to suit every nook of the house. They also make great outdoor landscaping solutions since they are durable and climate proof. If you love fresh flowers, try the great silk flower arrangements from bouquets to topiaries. They will instantly transform and add an exotic touch to any place. Adding elements of nature, peace, and tranquillity is no rocket science. It is something that’s within us. We need a little time and rearrangement to bring it up in our homes.

How to Make Sure That Your Office Decor Doesn't Create Health Hazards?

How To Make Sure That Your Office Decor Doesn T Create Health HazardsWorking in an office could be stressful or fun. A lot depends upon the atmosphere in the office and bosses there. If you are the boss at the office, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are comfortable, happy, and above all safe and healthy at the office. Taking care of these factors will help to grow your business as happy and safe employees will give you better productivity and services.

You may decorate your office with the most beautiful or expensive things, but you need to take care of the safety factors while placing them. Crisis can occur anytime if the décor is not placed or fixed well. Thus, there are certain precautions that you can take at the office to avoid health hazards for your employees.

Water Bodies

Most offices have a water fountain placed in the office. It might be at the entrance, in the garden, in the center of the foyer, in the reception area, etc. These watch very pleasingly to the eye and are supposed to bring in prosperity and good luck to the office. All these fountains are plug-ins and use electricity. Make sure confident that there are no leakages of water or spill over. This could cause people to slip and fall. Highlight the fountains with some planters with artificial indoor and outdoor trees.

The wiring should be done neatly, and if possible, the fountain should be placed as close to a socket as possible so that wire lengths don’t lie around and cause tripping. In case you have a glass sheet waterfall, ensure that the glass is tough and durable. Check for current supply to avoid shocks. Don’t place such items on tables where people are walking by could knock them down.

Appliances and Machinery

Go in for sleek and slim machinery and appliances. Don’t decorate these by placing vases, bowls, and other decorative items. They will most likely fall and cause accidental situations. Uncomfortable and poorly designed computer workstations cause many health problems for the employees.

Hanging Items

Every office will have display boards and notice boards for information. There will also be wall hangings, photo frames, and other wall decorative items. Check for loose frames and loose screws from time to time. The same holds true for wall clocks or hanging flower pots. Similarly, precautions should be taken for screens and projectors in the office.

Festive seasons see a lot of extra décor in offices. Avoid accidents caused due to a weak Christmas tree or loose presents and buntings hanging from the trees. Sometimes you hang summer mantles and other doorway decorations. See that these are correctly fixed and replaced from time to time.

Steps and Staircases

We often place pots and plants on staircases and steps. See that there is space for people to walk up and down without banging into them. Some plants are thorny, and care has to be taken that such plants don’t poke the employees.

Pots and Plants

Plants in colorful pots always look beautiful. There may be hanging planters as well which could break free from weak chains or ropes. When these plants are watered, there is every chance of water dripping on the stairs and the floors making them slippery and hazardous. Some plants grow very fast and need constant trimming.

There is a simple solution to this. Go in for faux foliage like artificial silk trees and fake plants in pots. You won’t need to water them, and there will be no chance of employees slipping o the stairs. These artificial plants are also easy to maintain and need no weeding or manures. You can choose the size and shape of the plants. This eliminates the danger of overgrown plants and the need to trim them from time to time. Remember to use fire retardant trees to avoid the dangers of fire.

Rugs and Flooring

Decorative rugs adorn the floor of the office at the entrances or even inside the rooms. Go in for non-slippery ones. Fix them with steel frames if you place them on the stairs at the entrance or inside the office building. Loose, silky, and slippery rugs and carpets are a particular health hazard. You can also fix these mats and rugs with a fake bamboo tree in a planter on either side.


Beautiful furniture is the beauty of an office. Pieces of furniture which are oddly shaped or have too many angles are not advisable. Buy and place furniture which has soft and round edges. Otherwise, you will find employees with scratches on their arms and sore toes very often. Fix the cabinets and shelves well to the walls. Don’t place breakable and delicate pottery or china on loose shelves and open shelves. Additionally, make sure that there are no loose or broken mirrors on the walls.


Many offices have a kitchen or a kitchenette which the employees can use for eating or heating up their food. Keep this place hazard free. Check appliances, sockets, water taps, etc. from time to time. Special care should be taken for the gas connections and the gas stove. Fix chimneys to eliminate fumes and smokes. There could be people allergic to such things. Avoid placing decorative curios in the kitchen which could fall quickly and hurt someone.

Lighting and Ventilation

Due to space constraints, our office may not have large open rooms for your employees. But ensure that there is sufficient air to breathe. Proper ventilation is very import. There could be allergens due to mats, rugs, carpets, curtains, and other furnishings. Take care to dry clean or wash such materials. The light fittings like lampshades and chandeliers that may be there in the office to add to the décor could cause health hazards for the employee if not fitted well. Don’t fix bulbs and lights which emit fumes or smokes of any kind. Room fresheners and aroma dispensers can also cause health problems like breathing problems and respiratory infections. Avoid these in closed office spaces as the aroma could be powerful for some employees to handle.


Many offices have gymnasiums and the indoor sports facilities for the employees. Mind that you don’t buy equipment which looks pretty, but causes health problems in the long run. The equipment should be working fine. Loose nuts and bolts, cracked bars, damaged machines like treadmills and walkers will cause more harm than good to the employees.

Decorate the office nicely, but look into health hazards too. Healthy and safe employees mean a healthy and growing business for you.

Basic Retail Store Decor Hacks That Make Shoppers More Engaged

Basic Retail Store Decor Hacks That Make Shoppers More EngagedShopping is the basic need and necessity for everyone. It could be a tiresome experience or a pleasurable one at that. Online shopping has taken away a large number of physical shoppers from the markets and malls. Local markets continue to thrive to some extent as home delivery options are available these days. Customers going to shops have little or no patience or time to spend. They flick through the items, get easily bored, and move on to the store.

While business largely depends upon e-commerce, it is essential to keep your store running for your brand as well. Shoppers need the online connection as well as the human touch. They browse online and go and pick up offline from the stores after trying out clothing or touching the item personally.

So, how do you attract and keep clients coming to your retail store? What store hack decors can you do to make shoppers more engaged in your store? Read on.

Décor and Signage

Take care to keep your signage looking fresh and new. It should be visible from across the street and well lit. Decorate the entrance with outdoor artificial hanging ferns or large artificial palm leaves on the sides. Your store’s brand and design should be prominent, free from dust, and looking attractive.

Décor and Entry

The first look that a customer gets when he or she enters your stores helps to make up his mind about staying on or moving out. Those few square feet just inside the entrance is your USP for the store. Do up this area, which is called the ‘decompression zone,’ with a neat, simple, yet stylish décor. Place some artificial plants in pots or artificial silk trees to brighten up the place. Display your best store items neatly here. Let people browse through these and walk deeper into the store.

Décor and Space Management

Manage the space in the store well. There should be ample space for people to walk around and explore the items in the store. Have a play area for the kids. This could have some swings, cartoon characters, plastic ball pen, rocking horses, etc. Also, place some stools and benches for adults to sit. Such spaces well decorated attract people even if they don’t come with the intention to shop. This walk-in converts into a shopping experience most of the times. Place some artificial topiaries in beautiful shapes. Give it a gardenlike look. Hang some outdoor fake hanging ferns to give that natural look.

Arrange the store like a home. Place low bookcases and folding screens as partitions. Customers feel at home and spend more time of engagement here. Paint one of the walls with a bold color or a large design. It gives space and makes the customers feel that they are in a large store. Place wall hanging items in a vertical display rather than a horizontal one. Make real or faux windows in the store. Display earrings, hair accessories on paintings or artificial trees rather than only shelves and cabinets.

Light up the store well with a combination of bright lights on displayed items and diffused lights near any faux foliage that you place in it. Decorative lamps and lights are easily available in the markets.

Décor and Choices

Decorate the shelves as per the theme. Place some artificial trees and artificial foliage At some points. Display your store items in and around these plants. Have a sample of cosmetics like perfumes, crèmes, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. Having such choices available makes shoppers more engaged in the store. They don’t like to buy things before touching and feeling them. Organize the store well with items laying in some order and easy for the customer to spot.

Décor and Expert Salespeople

Have well groomed and well-versed staff to help the clients. Don’t allow them to be pushy, but give space to the customers to explore. The team should be expert enough to offer advice and suggestions when the customer looks confused, undecided, or asks for suggestions. Let them sit under some large artificial trees, hanging silk plants, or fake topiary plants in your store.

Décor and Technology

Even though the customer has walked into your store to buy an item physically, technology must come in to ease the shopping experience. The billing counter should be prominently placed and well done up. The transactions options should be many and quick. Have extra staff to help at these counters to pack the items leaving the others to collect the payments and issue bills. It is mostly the billing section which pulls away clients from a shop. Place some artificial plants in pots near the counter. It makes the client feel rejuvenated.

Décor and Relationship Building

The store has to build relationships with the customers. Offers personalized styling guidance to the customers, and direct the staff to build up the relationships. Know and remember the choices of regular clients. Make efforts to know the new ones. Offer some pretty and colorful faux foliage as a welcome to the elderly.

Décor through Events and Product Launches

Arrange for events and product launches in your store. Decorate the store according to the products. Have lots of hanging fliers. Go in for wholesale artificial flower arrangements and make the store look festive and colorful. Organize games and competitions from time to time. Target the children, adults, and the elderly at different times. Organize games accordingly. Offer attractive prizes and Gift Vouchers. Give away artificial trees and plants as prizes and gifts on occasions. Decorate the store with a hint of the game to engage the shoppers more. Bring in some celebrity from time to time to launch their products. Welcome them with artificial silk trees or faux foliage.

Try these simple décor ideas and keep your shoppers more engaged in your store. Hear them spread the word around to others. See your business grow.

How to Use Smart Decor to Make Small Bedrooms Appear Larger?

How To Use Smart Decor To Make Small Bedrooms Appear LargerWith a boom in infrastructure development, more and more builders are constructing houses across the land. Small investors are looking for homes rather than living on rent. As a result, the size of the houses is reduced.  Smaller rooms restrict the openness one looks for in a house.

You can find ways and means to make small bedrooms appear larger. A creative combination of art and functionality can create a beautiful bedroom which looks larger than what it is. Read on to know how to use some smart décor for the same.


A darker color will always make the room look smaller. Pastel shades on the walls add openness to the room. Use shades of cream, blue, green, and white to make the bedroom look larger. Get some wholesale silk floral arrangements to add some brightness to the pastel walls. Give a darker color to the ceiling to add height. Alternately, you can give some bold pattern to the ceiling for the same effect.


Add depth to the room by giving a designer paint on one wall. Decorate it with some stencils and motifs of flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Hand smaller size paintings and wall hangings so that the walls look larger then what they are. Decorate the walls with faux hanging plants and hanging silk plants. Paint the trim in the room in a slightly lighter shade than the walls. It adds depth.

Furniture and Storage

Beds occupy the main space in any bedroom. Instead of going in for large twin beds or king-size beds, opt for smaller queen size beds. Place the beds against the center of the longest wall. Have storage drawers under the beds so that you don’t need to place extra cabinets in the bedroom. You can even buy beds with a combination of built-in open shelves and some drawers on the headrest. This will save space by doing away with the need for bedside tables.

Place one or two artificial trees and plants on this. Try the option of using a sofa cum bed which needs to be opened out only at night. Buy beds whose legs can be seen and the floor is visible under them.

Make cupboards which fit inside the niches in the walls, rather than jutting out into the bedroom. Make storage lofts up to the ceiling. But, to make the room look larger, give a light paneling to the cupboards and lofts. Continue with the same coloring in the room. A dressing table should also be fitted into the wall rather than placing it separately. You can also fix just one full-length mirror on one panel of the cupboard or one part of the wall. Keep storage arrangements for cosmetics behind the mirror. Too many jutting out pieces of furniture eat up space.

Keep in mind some more tips. Use more of transparent furniture rather than an opaque one. It will give spaciousness to the room. Dark and opaque furniture makes the surrounding area look smaller. Further, use low height furniture like beds, cabinets, drawers, etc. Don’t place furniture at angles. Place longer items against long walls.


A room with diffused lighting will make the room look dingy and small. Fix bright lights in your bedroom. There are beautiful lampshades and wall lights available both online and offline. Avoid large chandeliers in the bedroom. Make do with a smaller one. Fix miniature reading lights with flexible necks on both sides of the bed. Smaller frames and light fittings don’t make the room look small. Make provision for a diffused night light for convenience. Allow natural sunlight to fill the room.


Similarly, smart fans are available in the market. These fans don’t have large blades, yet provide the same coolness to the room. Go in for a split air conditioner rather than a window attachment. Keep your windows free to allow maximum sunlight to come in. A cold room with plenty of ventilation also makes the room look big enough.

Clutter-Free Room

Though the bedroom is the most often used room in the house, you need to keep things to a minimum if you want it to look big. Remove all clutter from the room. Place only necessary items and belongings here. Place such stuff inside storage shelves, cupboards, and cabinets. Things lying around make your small room look even lower. Organize your possessions and your room well. Leave some space in the room.


Light pastel shades add brightness and largeness to a room. Spreadsheets and bed cover with small plural or other prints rather than bold and large ones. The patterns and designs on the curtains should also be small. Sheer curtains on the windows, if privacy allows, are the best bet for making your bedroom look large. Hang the curtains and drapes at a higher height than the windows. It makes the walls look taller.

Avoid placing rugs on the floor. Fix tiles with light colors. Mount all shelves to keep the floor clear. Don’t place too many accessories in the room or hang too many items on the walls. Fix a small size wall clock rather than a hanging one with a pendulum. Keep minimum pillows on the beds.

Place all Accessories either in the vertical alignment or the horizontal alignment. Don’t mix the two.

Nature in your Bedroom

A small amount of nature in your small bedroom can make it appear larger. One or two small artificial silk trees in the balcony overlooking your bedroom look lovely. Fix some hanging silk plants or faux hanging plants in one corner of the bedroom. You may even order some custom artificial trees to suit the size of your bedroom.

Some smart decors and some innovative placements of items can make your small bedroom appear more significant.  These changes can be done without hammering or altering the structure of the room.

Small Kitchen Decor Ideas with Big Impact

artificial plants for the kitchenThe kitchen of the house is the most important room for the homemaker and the entire family. It not only provides food to survive to everyone but also has remedies for nourishment and good health of the all the family members. Often, due to financial or space constraints, one has to make do with a small kitchen.

You can still find smart and simple ways to add volume and spaciousness to your tiny kitchen. Read on for some effective do it yourself ideas.

Design and Space Layout

If you are living in an apartment and have the restraints of a small kitchen, you may not be able to do much structurally. But you can try to see if you can use a divider to keep the kitchen area separate from the living area. This may not increase the floor area but will make your small kitchen look bigger.

Paint a design or place tiles with large horizontal lines on the floor to give the effect of a large room. Plain tiles may make the space look constrained. Large horizontal stripes also have the same effect. Alternately, you can place fire retardant rugs with similar stripes on the plain tiles.

Give an illusion of length to the room by placing some dark decoration on the topmost shelf as close to the ceiling as possible. You can also fix some dark tile skirting at the top to give the feeling of a high room.

Colour Scheme

Lighter and pastel shades always make any room appear larger then what they are. Paint one wall opposite the entrance to the kitchen with a darker color to add length and depth to the small kitchen.  A large motif or a bold pattern on the ceiling also Adds volume to the room. Use shades of white in the kitchen for your cupboards, drawers, countertop, and other furniture. Try not to contrast too many colors as they break the depth of the room. Go in for shiny or glossy paints to add brightness to the office.


Choose smaller and sleeker kitchen appliances like mixers, juicers, ovens, microwaves, etc. Also, try o to buy them in light colors or transparent frames.  Try to put all appliances inside storage cabinets. A clean and even look is always a better option than a cluttered one. Place the gas stove and the cooking range, if there, on the same slab. It reduces the use of space. Restrict the items from the kitchen to the things which are needed in the kitchen. Keep away other personal belongings and decorations.

Just an artificial palm leaf in one corner or some fake plants in a pot are good to go. Fix a sleek, wall-mount vent hood over the cooktop. It makes the wall or cabinets look less bulky. HAN g the pots and pans rather than placing them on the cooktops or kitchen counters. Clear And clutter-free countertops make the kitchen look bigger.

Lighting and Ventilation

Allow as much as natural sunlight to enter the kitchen. Take out as many windows possible in the kitchen. Sunlight always gives the feeling of an open area. Fix decorative light shades and fittings on the walls. Make sure that these fittings are sleek and small in size. Install lighting underneath the top cabinets to add depth and volume. Diffused or colored light is a no-no in the kitchen. Open a skylight into the ceiling if you live in an independent house or on the top floor of your apartment. Fix large bay windows or greenhouse windows for more light. Hang some hanging silk plants from these windows.


Inbuilt cabinets from the floor to the ceiling may be required in your small kitchen to store the necessary items of use. Ensure to use light-colored cabinets, open shelves, and glass-front doors only so that the room looks more spacious. Glass front doors add depth to the offices and spaciousness too. Dark panels and too many closed door cabinets make the room look smaller. Pull out drawers on sliding channels take in a lot of the burden.


You often want the luxury of a stool or chair to sit on while spending long hours waiting for the food to cook. Have inbuilt furniture items like a folding table which can be opened up as a kitchen counter. Keep sleek looking furniture in lighter shades of paint or varnish.  The work island and the bar chair or stool should also be trim and elegant. Avoid bulky items. Buy or fix furniture with curved spaces. This adds up inches to your room.

Connect with Nature

There is a huge variety of artificial plants for the kitchen in the markets. It is essential o add some color nature to the kitchen. It brightens up the mood of the homemaker who spends a large part of the day inside this small room. This faux foliage can be in the form of hanging silk plants, artificial plants in a pot, fake vines, etc. These artificial plants are safe and meet national and internal fire codes. They are fire retardant and safe. Another advantage is that they will not wilt, wither, or wash off. The smooth surfaces of these plants also do not allow any dust to gather. Thus they retain their shine and color for longer periods.


Brighten up your small kitchen. Go in for some wholesale artificial flower arrangements which are colorful. These will look great against the pastel-colored walls. You can also place one or two colorful fire retardant trees in the kitchen. A pretty wall clock, some hanging artificial vegetables or fruits, a small painting can be set in the kitchen. Avoid cluttering up with too many decorations. Lovely kitchen motifs can be stuck on the kitchen tiles.

Try these simple kitchen decor hacks and see the massive impact they have on your small kitchen. Happy cooking!