Commercial Decor Trends That Keep Interior Decoration

FlowersThe commercial trends that suit an interior decoration can create visually exciting spaces that follow a particular theme or bring out a new level of interest to an otherwise unremarkable and undistinguished plot. Splendid commercial decorations may go largely unrecognized but can have a clear-cut impact. It can add goodness to a business space or a building, or simply improve the place for those who focus their time on it. A project of commercial interior decoration may have goals such as endowing a theme that reflects a particular collaborative impact. It can draw on an existing and real design or create a completely new one.

1. Colorful Patterns with a Kinky Touch: The striking geometric pattern is an amazing new design trend for the commercial interiors. Interwoven triangles with subdued and compact backdrop are in fashion today. Patterns glorify the walls, ceilings and floor tiles. Different designs of the subway tiles create a unique design statement that expresses a long-lasting impression on the guests.

Modern classic style decorations concentrate on the very basic neutrals. They often mix and match the various fabrics and solid color combinations that allow the place to look unexampled with a distinct personality. When we implant certain flooring concepts all over our commercial decorations, it makes space seem way more versatile.

2. Smart Home Office Look: The interior decoration of the modern advanced world pushes aside the envelope of traditional themes so that the employees can relate to it and relax in their space. Sometimes the artificial flower arrangements are great to embrace a welcoming workplace and create a mood for plenty of freedom.

Sleeping pods and a little space for homely kitchen setup gives it a residential image and a living room ambiance. Soft seating furniture like small armchairs or a beanbag can do wonders for commercial interiors. Even tech desks are a great idea for a smart office interior.

3. Indoor Plants for Decoration: The plants look ravishing when we arrange them for artificial landscaping methods and enhance the interior to meet an ideal business atmosphere. Artificial plants and trees bring simple aesthetics into existence that stimulates the senses. Dark building corners with artificial greenery splash a patch of color to the empty, dull walls that associate a range of interior ideas with our traditional choice of lifestyle.

Replica plants are a first-class taste that can brighten a workplace. Fake palm trees encourage lavish passage displays and welcome a positive workplace environment. The fresh smells of fake outdoor plants can change the atmosphere of the business plot.

Topiary trees offer a variety of artificial floral arrangements to wrap our indoor green space with comfort and pleasure. Bulk artificial flowers are low maintenance form of nature that makes the right interior landscaping solutions. A faux palm tree in an impossible site is one of the best alternatives when attached to a structural core of fiberglass.

An artificial landscape design creates a stunning environment as it specializes in selecting indoor silk plants, containers to accommodate business needs and ambiance of the plot. Artificial outdoor plants entertain the highest level of decoration and service when we pair it with skillfully and proficiently chosen quality pots and plants.

4. A Blend of Scandinavian Texture and Minimalist Trend: Scandinavian designs make life easier and set up a work of art to enhance its functionality and caricature. The taste of its furniture along with some composed and appealing lines exaggerates its sculptural influence.  Some notable and emblematic character of a Scandinavian interior includes all-white color palettes, beaming plastics and a mix of aluminum and steel floor tiles. Arts that show color pop-ups can create an enigma out of a simple piece of furniture.

Minimalist trends support a neutral and airy color code with a simple and streamlined furnishing. It simplifies the ultra-clean lines with superiority and elegance.

5. Collaborative Eco-builds: The modern employees are no longer enthusiastic about isolated tiny cubicles with no access to sunlight. The commercial plots are moving towards a collaborative avenue to create an open and airy work atmosphere. Separation of desks with transparent partition favors in friendly communications and transfer of knowledge. Even a new and different coat of paint can conduct proper refurbishment.

Promotion of eco-friendly commercial interiors can meet the social obligations with very less consumption of energy. Glass doors and windows can add to an elegant makeover and signify energy inefficiency as well. A solar cell with its power-sapping feature can also generate its energy.

6. Designs with Dual Purpose: The aftereffects of an extended budget tightening can constantly encourage unique ways to save money. The commercial style of decoration works as an innkeeper of possibilities that casts light on increasing popularity of versatility of designs. Cabinets with slide-out seats can accommodate business deals. The lounge chairs or rolling seats can organize unplanned meetings successfully. An efficient and cost-effective space encourages a fascinating experience. The tricky interior designs create a lasting impression on employees and visitors.

7. Storage and Ergonomics: A pleasing storage inside the office plot creates bountiful opportunity to keep it neat and clean. Stacks of files and emails here and there hamper the workplace environment. Supervision of the business in an organized and a matured way can occur only when the employees are capable of handling the essentials and cooperate with each other.

Team members can do well when they have proper appliances with them. A strained vision or a severe back pain can hamper the productivity of the employees. Therefore, it is essential to take ergonomics in the workplace at varying levels. An adjustable desk or a comfortable chair or the keyboard tray at a soothing arm level generates enthusiasm among the staff members.

The Living Area De-Cluttering Guide Everyone Needs to Read

FlowersThe human brain can take in as much information as possible. But, when overloaded with thoughts, emotions, and worries, the brain sends out messages of stress and burden. And you then apply strategies to de-clutter the brain and be stress-free. The sight of faux flowers and silk plants around you lift your mood and take away your stresses and worries.

The need to de-clutter your living room

Similarly, imagine a space in the house full of artificial indoor trees, where all the family members come together for a relaxed and cozy time. The artificial floral arrangements invite them to unwind and distress after a hard day's work. This is also the room where you invite your guests to share your happiness and growth. Thus, it's important to have this place, the living area, to be clutter free; otherwise, the whole purpose of the family or guests coming together goes waste.

Since it may be the room most frequented by family and friends, it will also have the maximum items which each person places here for convenience and leisure. With the passage of time, the living room becomes like a mini storeroom of the house which needs more cleaning up and organizing than most other rooms in your house.

Your living room has to look clean, beautiful, and open and inviting. You need to de-clutter the room and create space for happy moments and memories to creep in. Simple and smart management of space, along with beautiful decorations with safe to use artificial plants and trees and artificial flower arrangements will help to achieve your aim.

Here is how you can do it.

Some tips to de-clutter your living room

The first thing to do is critically look at the living room and see what items need to be immediately thrown out from there as well as from the house itself. Discard items which no attract you or are of no more use to you. Keep only what's useful and pretty like artificial flowers and happy, precious memories. Replace them with smart storages and beautiful things.

Look and feel:

When you walk into the living room, it should bring a glow to your face with its look and feel. Pastel shades on the walls, with just a hint of artificial floral arrangements, will make it look elegant and de-cluttered.


Place comfortable and inviting sofas, a bean bag, a rocking chair enough to seat your family and a few guests along with a coffee table, which has drawers to store up, and just a couple of side tables if the room size allows. Don't use up extra space by placing extra furniture, instead place a planter with the choicest of artificial topiary trees to beautify. You won't feel the need to add anything more.


The tapestry in the room should be floral, plain, or geometrical depending upon your likes. Hang just a line of artificial succulents from one of the windows to add grace and life to the room. You can even use simple and prettily designed window blinds which don't make the room look bulky.

Storage and cabinets:

Place useful cabinets or wall units which will store your precious books, albums, personal possessions, as well as stationery items and other odd items we normally leave lying around to clutter up the free space. Make sure that this storage unit has doors on the shelves to make it hide the things inside. A simple artificial silk plant in one of the open shelves is enough to add color to it and beautify the place. A magazine holder in a corner along with an evergreen faux silk tree organizes your reading material and adds beauty to the room.

Organize all papers, files, and other useful materials into the wall units. Segregate them into categories and place them accordingly into the drawers and closet shelves.


The living room should be decorated with objects of beauty and curios that are your personal and give you pleasure too. But, to avoid cluttering up, paintings and family photographs can be hung on the walls along with simple and elegant artificial floral arrangements which are easy to clean and maintain. This won't clutter up the living room as just a vase or two will bring in brightness into the room. And these faux plants will also not attract insects and mosquitoes into your private space.

Nature indoors:

The living room should look beautiful with artificial plants and trees which add to the décor and beauty of the place. Some planters with safe fake trees and faux plants like the artificial succulents and the fake palm trees can give volumes to the room as well as add to bring in a touch of nature indoors. A touch of a couple of fake flower arrangements on the coffee table or a wooden corner in the room or even on top of the cabinets can bring you closer to nature without worrying about watering, weeding,  manuring, and pruning the artificial palm trees or the silk plants that you have placed there.

Place safe artificial foliage which is safe and looks as grand as the real one in your living room. You may not feel the necessity to add unnecessary items there as just a few artificial plants and trees and artificial floral arrangements will send you strong signals of de-stressing you and also refrain you from cluttering up the living room.

Purchase bulk artificial flowers and artificial flowers on wholesale. Mix and match them with your décor. These will turn out to be cheaper than the real ones. The color, shine, and gleam of these faux plants don't fade away. They stay with you as much as the lovely memories you will add in the clutter-free living room in your house.

Keep it simple, keep it clutter free, and enjoy the time you spend there.

Here's How Luxury Suite Designers Make Bathrooms So Relaxing

FlowersRemodeling a bathroom might often turn into a challenging process, but there is no doubt that it provides you with the excellent opportunity to experiment with your creativity. With such flexibility, even this daunting endeavor can turn into a fun activity. Bringing the essence of bathrooms in light, it is the place where you prep up yourself for the rest of the day that showcases your style and appearance.

For every homeowner, designing their bathroom means mostly following the design of luxury suites. Everyone wants to pick their favorite luxury suite bathroom design features and incorporate it into their shower space. When you are planning for a bathroom remodel, there are certain contemporary design features that you should keep in mind to make your bathroom space a showstopper. Here are some amazing designing ideas inspired by luxury suites that will help you out:

Dressing your walls in an underlying tone

While designing your bathroom space, there should be a long-term efficiency and functionality in your mind, particularly with your bathroom walls. For achieving a weathered, worn-in-look, you have to choose a paint that will enhance the tone of the walls when mixed directly into a plaster product. You can hire the services of professional painters who possess the ability to hand spread the mixture over the walls, meeting your requirement of getting an aged, mottled appearance. This kind of design application will evoke an echo of detail, specifically where the rounded corners of the wall come in contact with each other.

Show off with a glass shower door

When you are expecting an upgrade that will be both functional and stylish, consider investing in glass shower doors that are frameless. The frameless glass shower door is a very common bathroom detail you can find in luxury suites. Not only will a glass shower door provide your bathroom with a contemporary and luxurious look, but it also permits you to access your bathroom space conveniently. For instance, if you have a flat bathroom floor, it offers you easy and simple access both in and out, without the need for any steps. Also, this kind of exclusive designing facility will be of great help, if you have aging individuals in your family.

Install greenery for a positive vibe

Most homeowners have a great enthusiasm for adding greenery to the landscape of their property. But, what if you have an immaculate space in your bathroom and you have no clear idea how to leverage the idle space? Well, it might come as an astonishment to you, but you can also have green additions to your bathroom space as well. Moreover, the presence of the color green will motivate and help you in relaxing. Apart from uplifting your mood, this designing concept can enhance the appeal and attraction of your bathroom, just like you wanted after thinking of luxury suites. However, there is no specified rule that you have to go with live plants only; you can also plant artificial silk flower arrangements that need no maintenance, unlike live plants.

Break the stereotype with faux green

The natural plants will require routine upkeep to keep them shining and in a healthy shape. Moreover, due to their limited lifecycle, you will always look for replacements. If your lifestyle does not grant you the time for maintaining live plants in your indoor and bathroom space, it is time to think big. Speaking of which, you can invest in faux greenery such as artificial flowers and fake plants.

They are a brilliant alternative to natural green plants, and you can choose from a wide range of varieties, catering to your specific design requirements. Developed with premium quality foliage and robust, colorfast pigment, these fake flowers can keep you rest assured of the aesthetic appeal in your bathroom.

Unwind in bench seating arrangement

Having a large bathroom space is sometimes the perfect place to include a bench and leveraging the space for relaxing and experiencing a comfy, luxurious scrub. While going through the bathroom design in luxurious suites, you might come across inbuilt seating arrangements. It does not mean that you have to implicate the same designing feature in your shower space; you can instead go for a simple teak shower seat.

Compliment the tiles with walls

Even though you do not possess an ambassadorial bathroom space in your home, you can always go innovative with the design to make it visually appealing. For instance, you can follow a singular color pattern during the building and designing process of your wall and tiles. If you have chosen the color white for painting the walls, going with white tiles will promote a seamless look. This kind of complementary color pattern will help you in extending your bathroom's sense of space, especially if you add white towels and shower curtains to the area.

Bring in the cabinetry style

Whether it is a normal bathroom or the luxury suite kind of bathroom that you are expecting to have, you must be thoughtful about the storage solutions. Shower shelving and cabinets are a welcoming addition to all kind of bathroom space. With cabinets, you can store all the bathroom requisites that you need after a shower. On the other hand, shelves allow you to place the soap, shampoo and other items that you need during the shower. From glass shelves to formal cabinetry, you can make a smart choice that works the best for your budget.

Light up space

Another design upgrade that will give an exclusive look and feel to your bathroom space is lighting. Generally speaking, it is the lighting that determines how successful your bathroom designing campaign was, especially when paired with faux greenery. These fake plants, when combined with overhead lights or skylights, can exceptionally brighten and illuminate your remodeled shower space.

Your Very Own Zen Den Guide to Beating Stress

Artificial GreeneryThe erratic and disquieting times in our life make it increasingly strenuous to find peace and relaxation and often make it indispensable to create a comfortable shelter. Hence the Zen principles play an essential role in interior design and have gained immense popularity recently in setting the trend to our modern days. The word Zen means meditation, and it exhibits balance, inner peace, and harmony. Today's tough and busy lifestyle has given rise to the popular Zen style. Our zen pattern room makes our nights soothing after a day full of tiring business battles. Today we will share some amazing ideas for Zen decor and offer easy ways of its implementation in our interior design.

1. A clean and peaceful environment: The Zen ideas for decoration support a visual distinctness and certainty. When we hide our storage and create a clutter-free space, it embraces the idea of simplicity.

Natural, unfussy materials: The aim of Zen style of decoration is to enhance the space with abundant natural materials. Bamboo and wood are popular selections for Zen interiors with an organic flow of schemes and colors.

A clutter-free space: Stacks of newspapers and emails are unnecessary and nonexistent in Zen interiors, and hidden storage completely clears it off. Organized storage plays a significant role in Zen aesthetics.

2. A Zen Spa: A spa with Zen designs is quintessentially serene and cool. It is an amazing decorating scheme for homeowners and homemakers who seek for a placid appearance for their space. Luxurious elements and furniture with natural color palette and calming elements create a fair design of a comfortable spa.

Spa accessories: Candles on a tray give a soothing glow to the room. With a commendably calm lighting system, silk flower arrangements enhance the peaceful ambiance of the space.

A Water Fountain: The sound of water makes the room inherently more peaceful, and a tabletop water fountain adds to the visual appeal of the Zen spa.

3. Brilliant Greenery: Intrinsically, greenery is soothing to the eyes both because of its color and touch of compassion. A Zen space decoration leans towards both living greenery and its artificial counterparts. With no food supply or weeds, faux plants are a final choice when we decide to create a Zen style of decoration.

Softness underfoot: When we cover the floor with artificial grass flooring it shows a desirable Zen characteristic. It embraces with its tenderness and creates relaxation.

A Zen Garden: A dry garden with indoor plants, stones, and ornaments creates an impeccable form of a Zen garden. Even without sunlight and fertilizers, silk plants beautify the garden area, and they never outgrow their space. Medium-sized gravel can create a new pattern every day when we change the space with artificial flowers and reminiscent of the distant landscape. We can arrange faux greenery to light up the place when it combines with sand, stones, and even rocks. The flat stones can represent water while the vertical ones signify the trees. A Zen garden makes us aware of the natural flow and harmony.

The Japanese rock garden or the Zen garden introduces the intimate essence of nature to us with the help of artificial green plants and serves as an aid in meditation to find the inner peace and true meaning of life.

4. A Private Gym: It is not so easy to live and support a healthy lifestyle. An amazing Zen decor inside the gym helps a lively mind to blend with a healthy body. A lightweight and modest yoga mat is an essential element to create a soothing gym. A room that is free of distraction and blessed with abundant sunlight can transform our entire life.

A meditation pillow or a yoga towel is inexpensive and comfortable with a good grip and can absorb all the corporate tiredness.

A strap helps in flexibility and makes it accessible for us to stretch our body parts.

5. A Zen Style Living Room: Our lounge can simplify our way of living life with its Zen decor. We can recreate a soothing living room to enhance its mood.

The lighting system: The natural lights work best for a calming glow. Some LED candles can create a soft, dappled light effect without having naked flames.

The seating: Soft sofas and cozy armchairs with plush cushions give the greatest comfort with an elegant style.

Accessories: Green, leafy faux plants are perfect for creating a Zen den, and the earthy tones of colors or even a variety of green shades add to the Zen lifestyle.

6. A Refreshing Balcony: A balcony or a verandah adds lungs to the overall apartment. Given the busy life and the daily schedule of waging the web war every day, a peaceful enclave is what a citizen of a metropolitan city deserves. Even a small balcony can transform into a sanctuary with Zen-inspired interior decoration.

Oriental garden with artificial greenery is a good choice when blends with wood and stone.

A balcony wall looks great with bright and colorful wall art and figurines. Some perfumed candles with Zen art elements and the hanging bamboo lanterns can create a fabulous balcony.

7. A Zen Bedroom: A Zen interior design creates an overall feeling of calm and serenity. A simple look with minimum ornamentation and decoration is ideal for a comfortable bedroom. Even the removal of the electronic disturbances invites an intimate environment. Sliding glass doors and windows with a sleek wall design create a perfect minimalist design. Flat roman shades with check floors and comfortable fabrics associate comfortably with the Zen ideas of decoration.

Dark wooden furniture combines well with pastel wall paints, and eclectic design with a chest of drawers or a French cabinet feels inviting and delightful.

How to Transform A Traditional Kitchen into A Modular Modern Version

Flowers‘The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.'

To fill the stomach of the man and his entire family takes up a lot of time and work on the part of the lady of the house, the multi-talented homemaker. Traditionally, not much importance was given to setting up the kitchen of the house.  But, times have changed. The homemaker may also be a working professional and has to manage her home and the office. Either way, it is only fair to give her the comfort of a modular kitchen which will assist her to cook delicious meals with a bouncy heart in a room which has all the modern facilities at hand.

What is a modular kitchen?

It's a kitchen which has all the modern accessories that a cook could ask for. Gadgets, cooking appliances, beautiful looks, and much more than that can be catered for.

Three key areas in the kitchen need to be critically looked at - cooking, preparation, storage. Transform your traditional kitchen into a modern one by upgrading, shifting, adding, deleting, and personalizing these areas.

Here is how you do it.

List your requirements

Begin by scouting around and making a wish list of all that you would require in your modular kitchen. Prioritize them as per your budget and utility. Match with the items already there in your traditional kitchen. Get the pricing. Make sure that you cater for safe and beautiful artificial plants too.

Plan the design and layout

Since a basic structure already exists in your traditional kitchen, you may not be able to do many structural breakages and changes. This is particularly true for apartments and may compromise the safety of the building. So, plan the design and layout of your new kitchen with this in mind. Add, cover, beautify.

Select a color scheme

There are certain colors and hues which look best in the kitchen. Go through the shade cards available online and offline, and select the colors that will look good. Choose something that would brighten up the room and also not make it look very dark and small.

Select low maintenance materials

Though there is a vast variety of accessories and materials available in the market today, be careful while selecting these. The materials should be easy to clean, ideally stain resistant, anti termite, waterproof, scratch resistant, and very low on maintenance. A little investment, in the beginning, saves a lot in the long run.

Personalize the storage

Have a variety of sizes and shapes of storage spaces to accommodate bottles, packets, boxes, etc. Fix hanging pots and pans to save space. Use trendy wall hooks for more storage. These look smart and can be beautified with some artificial flowers. Make storage as per your height and reach.

Fix modular accessories

Explore the world of a modular kitchen online and in the local stores near you. Look at magazines and websites to select tasteful, beautiful, and useful modular accessories to transform your traditional kitchen into a sleek, modern, and smart kitchen. Fix drawers with compartments for easy access; pull out shelves for convenient storage; smart switches for appliances; and laminates for the look and finish. Hobs and chimneys go together if you can get both. Place items of daily use in the upper shelves or drawers.

Make space for a larder or pantry.

Every modular kitchen needs a storehouse for the groceries and such supplies. Ideally, convert some open space in the traditional kitchen into a cupboard.  Add more shelves or slabs. Fix pull-out drawers. This would serve as a perfect larder or pantry.

Arrange for ventilation

Though the traditional kitchen would have space for fumes to go out and air to come in, a modular kitchen could have a good exhaust fan/chimney above the gas stove or hob for the fumes to go out. Cater to at least one large window with fly-proof wire mesh. Don't block natural light.

Look at the safety angle.

The kitchen has to be the safest in the house as it can trigger unfortunate accidents. Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher at a convenient place and is serviced from time to time. Fix adequate and bright lights, and ceiling lights will also do, especially near the preparation and cooking area. Don't use diffused or dim lighting. Place anti-skid tiles on the floor.

Don't have protruding or sharp corners, edges, drawers, cabinets, etc. These should be rounded and well tucked in. You often want to hang curtains in the windows of the kitchen, but the safety angle has to be looked into. Modular window blinds would be a safer bet than loose flowing curtains which could be a fire hazard as often windows are placed near the cooking areas.

Decorate the room

Bring in nature into the kitchen by placing some potted beautiful fake silk flower arrangements on a shelf and faux topiary in some corner. These are easy to maintain, low on cost, don't fade away, and importantly don't attract flies and mosquitoes in the kitchen. These fake indoor plants and fake flowers also blend very well with the artificial fruits and vegetables that can be hung in the kitchen. These fake plants are also safe, fire resistant, free of harmful chemicals, easy to wash, have smooth surfaces for glow, and long-lasting. And they look as good as real.

Make your personal space.

Since the woman in the house spends a lot of time here taking care of the food requirements of the family, the kitchen should have a personal space for her. Place a high chair to rest a while and relax; add some favorite magazine or book to read. You can even have a small speaker in the kitchen to listen to soft music while cooking. Place a small vase with some pretty artificial silk flowers to give you joy.

Go ahead and modularize your traditional kitchen with the best of accessories that you can afford in your budget. Give a sleek finish to the doors. Stick laminated panels/sheets for the modular look. Beautify it with artificial flowers and artificial trees that de-stress you. And make it a room where you no longer half-heartedly and dutifully go.