Décor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

Decor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger 2With a growing population and reducing resources, smaller houses are a reality. Another reason for this is the decaying of the institution of joint families and the growth of nuclear families. Therefore, you find smaller houses with smaller spaces springing up everywhere.

If you live in such a house, you need to read on for décor tricks that will make small rooms appear larger.

Space and Design

With little choice to make structural changes to small rooms, you have to find other means of making them look larger. Look at the floor plan and map out a design for spaciousness. Enhance the space by making horizontal designs on the floors.

Fix horizontal tiles

or tiles with horizontal lines on the floor. The same effect will be through making large stripes on the floor. This makes it look larger. Horizontal rugs also do the same trick. They give length to an otherwise shorter room.

Colors and Hues

Dark shades and hues eat up space in the rooms. Use lighter shades and hues of paint and other colored objects. Fix dark colored tiles as skirting on the top near the ceiling to give an illusion of height. You can also place some decorations like artificial foliage on the top end for the same purpose. Lighter shades of tiles on the floor also add space.

Similarly, use lighter hues on the walls. Paint one deep wall with a darker shade to give length to the room. Use shades of white in the kitchen for your cupboards, drawers, countertop, and other furniture.

Use shades of blue, green, and off-white to make the rooms look more prominent. Try not to contrast too many colors as they break the depth of the room. Go in for shiny or glossy paints to add brightness to the room. Make a large motif or pattern on the ceiling to make the room look larger. It adds volume to space.


Proper lighting and ventilation make a massive difference to the spaciousness of rooms. Dark and dingy rooms appear even smaller than their actual size. So, ventilate and light up the rooms. You may not have open areas on all sides of your house, but wherever possible, keep the windows open. Allow as much as possible for natural sunlight to filter in.

Fix pretty lights inside storage cabinets to make that area too look larger. Place some ceramic pots with fake bamboo plants or artificial bonsai trees. Highlight those corners with lights to give volume. Fix ceiling lights rather than side wall lights. They provide a brighter appearance to the room, consequently adding illusions of space.

Gadgets and appliances

Smaller and sleeker devices in the kitchen and other devices in the house take up less space, and you can preserve the volumes of the room. Larger and bulky items like fridges, washing machines, ovens, etc. make the kitchen look smaller than what it is. Buy these gadgets in lighter shades or even transparent frames. Keep kitchen appliances inside cupboards and cabinets to save space. Instead, place some faux foliage on the shelves for the beauty.

Storage Spaces

You can’t do without enough storage spaces, whether your house is big or small. But do them up smartly. Use lighter shades of panels. Use a combination of open and closed shelves. Fix glass panels rather than dark ones. Have light-colored kitchen countertops and other cabinet tops as well. If you go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or cupboards, leave a little space on the top or skirt it with another shade for the height.

Furniture Items

Similarly, you will need lots of furniture items in your house to suit all your needs. Remember again to keep light polishes and varnishes on them. Dark and bulky furniture will eat up a lot of space. Try and buy chars, sofas and other cabinets which have their legs peeping out from the bottom. Furniture bases touching the floor of the rooms looks bulkier and thereby the room much smaller. Keep only the items you need and not the ones because they are on sale or with the neighbors. Folding tables, taken out when needed, are a great buy too. Just wrap them and put them away. Place furniture items away from the walls rather than against hem always.


Plants always brighten up the rooms. There is still enough space for them. Hang some hanging silk plants or some artificial vines from the ceilings and highlight them with led lights. Place miniature versions of fake palm trees for inside, silk bamboo trees or other fake topiary plants. These plants look realistic, are fire retardant, and come in all sizes and hues. It’s easy to clean them, and they don’t make the room messy as well.


Don’t keep a monotonous pattern and design in all the furnishings and drapes. The rooms look tiny with such uniformity and design. Have a variety of designs and patterns in your curtains, seating, cushions, sofa furnishings, rugs, etc. Use stripes, geometrical shapes, floral, dots, polkas, plains, jacquards, etc. Break the monotony of the furnishing. It works! Create a focal point with a large item to draw all attention to. This also creates an illusion of a bigger room.

Clear the Clutter

Remove all unwanted and unnecessary things from the house. Keep only what is useful or beautiful. It’s your home, not a shop or a museum to display items and curious. These include old papers, books, furniture, utensils, crockery, shoes, clothing, linen, etc. The moment clutter disappears from your house; it will look larger!

Decorative items

Akin to above, hang smaller paintings and other wall art in proportion to the room. A little wall clock, smaller photo frames, etc. are a better option.  Keep the floor area also clearer. Create the space to walk around freely in the rooms and also have them look bigger. Hang mirrors smartly to enlarge the area. Place smaller carpets and rugs rather than ones covering larger floor areas.

Try these simple decor trips and see space being created in the house. Enjoy the feeling freedom it gives you.

The Artful Guide to Make Room Partitions the Superstar of Your Space

The Artful Guide To Make Room Partitions The Superstar Of Your SpaceLarge rooms can feel cozier especially when they are separated into smaller spaces with room dividers. Room dividers can define spaces, assist direct foot traffic, create a sense of privacy and hide unattractive areas. There are not only a vast range of decorative room dividers available to suit approximately any decor, but there are also many mixed types of different housing functions in the home. You can buy them in various sizes and shapes to add a point of interest in your home. They usually come in three or four-panel screens to suit the multiple needs of the individuals. Mentioned below are some of the ways to partition a room.

Glass partition

Houses with master bathroom and the adjacent sitting room can be divided using glass partitions. These partitions help to separate the two areas physically but not visually.

Paneled room dividers

These room dividers can be used as headboards to create a cost-effective focal point that can be easily replaced when you change the decor. A self-supporting divider that is positioned behind your bed can add texture, color, and drama to your bedroom. You can secure them to the wall behind your bed for a more permanent look. Decorative, carved wooden headboards offer a beautiful, stylish look, while fabric-covered panels impart a softer, more informal ambiance.

Artificial tree branches

The artificial trees and fake jungle vines can be used as partitions to create a creative and beautiful solution to the room divider. These vines climb up ropes to form an indoor jungle that separates spaces. By using the artificial decorative tree branches, one can stay hassle-free as they do not need to take care of these plants or trim them.

Rug or Tapestry Divider

One of the best ways to divide rooms is to utilize area rugs to name the spaces. You can place the rug or choose two diverse ones that harmonize in color, design or both. For case, you could select the same patterned rug, but in different colors. If you prefer various patterns, then choose rugs with the same colors.

Mirrored room divider

Place a translucent, portable room divider in front of bare windows to offer limited privacy, while enabling natural light to pass through into a room. Also, you can also place an enunciation table topped with a lamp in front of a mirrored room divider. This makes the optical delusion of a larger space with a glossy effect.

Permanent divider

Construct a lasting divider by building a knee wall with inbuilt shelves. Add posts or columns from the crown of the knee wall to the ceiling to create the sense of a huge wall without covering the space. Hang an extra-large, metal sculpture or a two-sided piece of artwork from the ceiling to separate a room with an artistic flair.

Vertical & horizontal wood slats

The vertical wood slats can be used to separate the drawing room from the adjacent room. These wood slats can help in defining space while at the same time will help the sunlight to pass through. On the other hand, horizontal wood slats offer an ideal spot for hanging the television while softly covering the closet.

Massive bookshelf

Using an enormous bookshelf to split a room is a great practical use of space. The more books you collect, the more separate things get.

Beaded Curtain Dividers

One of the best room dividers is to mount beaded curtains. A vast variety of materials and styles are available there which include bamboo, acrylic, PVC, crystal, fabric, wood, metal chain to name a few.


Columns are another way to split and classify spaces. There are several types of columns available that can be easily installed to create a stunning area. If you may prefer a more vivid effect, you can go with beaded columns.

Filtering light

A latticed wooden partition works perfectly in a room that has too much sunlight. The screen assists in managing the glare and filtering the light.

Wooden partition with shelves

A wooden divider with open shelves and straight lines, not only serves the function of defining the area from the dining room but also presents extra space for storing books and accessories.

Two Partitions

This modern living room has two partitions one with rounded ends that duals up as a layer for displaying artifacts, while the other is an even screen-like partition that offers privacy in the dining area.


This type of partition can help to create the cozy feel, and at the same time, it offers privacy as well. The smart and sharp angles of the wooden partition enhance that look and feel of the space.


Even though pillars are usually used to make a house structurally sound, a row of pillars can help in separating the rooms.

Decorative Partitions

A patterned wood divider adds a sense of privacy with a bit of glamour to a large room. They can be used to divide the living room from the dining room.

Divider in the bedroom

Bedrooms are private spaces. The slim partition at the door obstructs complete views of the bed in case of the open door. The utilization of a lighter color of wood ensures that the partition mixes with the rest of the décor. In a large bedroom that has a detached seating area, a separation helps to divide the asleep quarters from the rest of the space — the design guarantees that seating area to gets the natural light getting in through the window.


As you can see, there are a number of creative ways to divide rooms without the expenditure of constructing a permanent wall. Whether you are planning to invest in the dividers as mentioned earlier or something more beautiful such as beads curtain divider or a unique wall divider design you can refer to the leading room divider manufacturing companies. They usually come with a vast range of products which will enable you to choose the best one.

The Basics of Beautifying Your Patios Like a Pro

The Basics Of Beautifying Your Patios Like A Pro 2Sitting in the confines of the four walls of a room or the boundaries of your home all the time is something which is not acceptable to almost everyone. You need to step out of your room and your house to get some fresh air or sit out. In case you live in an apartment, you can step into the balconies or terraces. If you live in an independent bungalow, you can step out into the lawns or the backyard. Independent homes also have the luxury of a patio.

If you have a patio, get going and beautify it. Make it your retreat and personal space for outdoor evenings. Enjoy the richness along with the convenience of just stepping out of the home into an open area with no distance to travel and no time to waste.

Space Management:

Not all homes will offer unlimited or large open spaces for a patio. You have to make the best out of the space you have. Keep it clutter free with enough space to stroll about in. Sometimes, you may entertain guests, so all the more reason to have open space. Keep some area for a fireplace. The patio could also have a serving counter if you want to eat your evening meals or the desert outside. You may also need some space to wheel in a food trolley for this open-air dining out experience.

Largely, keep the central part of the patio either completely vacant or fix it with a mid-table or fireplace depending upon the kind of climate you live in. Place wooden, steel, or brass planters at the corners with lots of fake trees.

Lights and Lightings:

Keep the lights on the patio to be minimum and soft. The patio does not need bright lights for many reasons like:

•    Bright lights will attract insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc. not into the patio alone, but the house as well. This will disturb your pleasure moments of relaxation on the terrace and defeat the whole purpose of having one.

•    Such light will hurt the eyes and again beat the use of relaxing outside.

•    Bright lights will take away the privacy from other houses nearby as it will highlight all you do and attract the attention of passersby, neighbors, and other unwanted elements.

•    Lights which shine brightly outside on the patio will penetrate your home inside. These may shine through the drapes and blinds which you may have hung on doors and windows and disturb your sleep.

•    For your better relaxation and connect with the environment, it is better to have soft, low, and minimal lighting on the patio so that you can admire the twinkling stars in the sky. Bright lights will take away their natural beauty and glow.

The great idea is to highlight the areas around the patio so that only a soft glow lights up your patio and also adds to its beauty thereby. Illuminated hedges, plants, and other trees look beautiful. For this, you can use even colored lights like airy lights, string-led bulbs, etc.


The patio is usually a private space away from visitors and strangers. It’s your area where you would like your family to gather after meals or sit for some rest after the hustle and bustle like daily living. Keep the seats to the minimum. Have loungers or comfortable weather friendly sofas to sit back or lay back and relax. Hang a hammock if you have space. Read a book while relaxing on it.

To solve the problem of seating for a social gathering, try to have some fixed seats and some movable seats which you can play around with as and when needed. You may even have a fake tree trunk or a few fake tree stumps as stools, tables, or even seating. If you like, place some planters or lamps on these trunks and stumps.


Even though your patio may overlook a beautiful garden or lawns, you will enjoy it more if the overlooking area is beautified with some landscaping. It could be a small little waterfall, a collection of rockery and pebbles, a tiled or stoned pathway leading into the lawn, etc. Highlight the landscaping with beautiful lights.

For the lawn outside you can try some artificial prairie grass or fake mondo grass. You could even lay this artificial grass on the patio itself under the seats. This grass is clean, comfortable to maintain and fire retardant too. It will give you the feel of sitting on the lush green lawns in case your patio leads into the backyard. Their plants no  overlooking the place, try some of the following for that connection with greenery and nature:

•    Artificial palm trees

•    Artificial cherry blossom tree

•    Fake corn stalks

•    Commercial silk trees

Fix a hedge at the far end. You can use a fake plant wall for this. Even if you don’t have a far end wall in the lawn, you may have a far end wall in the patio itself. This artificial plant wall will look beautiful in it. You could even hang mini planters of various shapes and sizes or use waste items to keep your plants in them.

All these artificial plants will save you the bother of watering, weeding, manuring, and pruning. You can choose the height, variety, and color of plants and flowers. These look as realistic as the real ones as well; and are much easier to maintain and cost effective in the long run.

Furniture Accessories:

Apart from the seating arrangement, you may think of having some other furniture accessories like a bar, a storage cabinet, a mini library, etc. Use tall tree stumps for your bar stools. Use wood and other ordinary materials to make some built-in storage spaces. You can have pulled out drawers resting on channels or some open shelves or simply closed shelves. There are also options for having a small dining table for the family meals. It could be a folding one.

Added to this beautiful scenery, make some arrangements to play some soft music in the background. Enjoy your beautiful patio. You may even need to spend the night there!

A Guide to Help You Set Up Swanky Front Yard Seating

Swanky Front Yard SeatingAre you wondering how to set up a luxurious and rich looking front yard seating space? It is easy. Here is a guide to support you set up swanky front yard seating:

Outdoor artificial trees

The outdoor artificial trees are one of the trending outdoor decors in the market. They are lovely in obvious appeal and are reliable. The outdoor artificial trees are mostly made of synthetic plastic and fabrics to make them beautiful and durable. They are mess-free and easy to handle.

To create a swanky front yard seating at your place first bring in outdoor artificial trees. They are available in multiple sizes and varieties. Bring the ones which are suitable for your space. Add them to the right places to utilize them completely. For example, choose places where they could act as shadows during sunny days and give shelter during rainy days.

Silk trees

Silk trees are synthetic silk made trees which add rich look the place. They are usually bought to create a luxurious and rich appeal to the place. They are available in multiple colors and designs to make them more versatile. They make the place colorful and exciting.

Silk trees suit any place and any landscape design. They are not expensive and have excellent durability. The quality of the silk trees varies from materials to materials, so you could bring the ones you can afford. The beautiful article of the silk makes the place lavish in appearance and their various colors make the place exciting and lively.

Artificial beach grass

The beach grass is something that cannot be naturally grown. It requires a much effort to create them for your front yard. The artificial beach grass give your front yard a great swanky look! The artificial beach grass makes your work for the front yard flooring easy. Their installation is a one-time investment.

The artificial beach grass is made of mostly plastic and does not require any maintenance. They do not need careful watering and caring. Front yard seating would look amazing! They save plenty of money and time for you to simultaneously make your place updated and stylish in appeal.

Fake jungle vines

Fake jungle vines are the strings of artificial leaves and twigs to create jungle effect. If you are excited about making your front yard look unique, then use fake jungle vines. They are easy to make and are available in the market too.

For a beautifully lush and rich looking front yard jungles vines are suitable. As the fake jungle vines are rare to find, using them make your place look updated and stylish. They are of late, trending among the exterior decors so that it could be a brilliant addition to your front yard. Do not excessively add one kind of jungle vines and make your place look messy. Plan their arrangement and place them suitable places.

Pleasant seating area

The area of the seating is an essential aspect in front yard hangout. The luxuriously rich and stylish looking front yard is built to spend some peaceful time there. So, making the seating area pleasant for the hangout is essential. Create your unique ideas for seating arrangement with what equipment you have.

Try to add some designer chairs and tables to the open front yard to make the place welcoming. The front yard seating is a great place to invite your friends. The pleasant and lavish looking front yard will increase the value of your place. The outdoor decors, seating materials, and arrangement play a significant role so plan their placements carefully.


The sidewalk path looks very beautiful in a front yard. They create an enchanting atmosphere in the front yard. Stone sidewalk path over the green grass of front yard makes it a beautiful place. Create a simple sidewalk through your front yard.

The sidewalk could be created with many materials like stones, cement, wood or metal slates. Choose the ones of your choice and check with safety measures. The smooth surface can become slippery during rainy days, so choose rough surfaced materials. The time you spend at such a front yard is always relaxing and rejuvenating.

Backed fences

The fences of the front yard play an important role in making your front yard swanky. The fence could be built with many different and attractive styles. There are fence designs which help you to make your front yard look stylish. Install the ones which are of less cost but more durable because that helps you during modification of the fence.

Backed fence make more space for plants and trees. The lush green front yard is a rare possession, so your garden will be trendy. The trendy looking garden is stylish, and they look luxurious and expensive from exterior view.

Outdoor lamps

The lightings for the front yard is a must. The effort of yours to make a beautiful, expensive front yard seating should not go vain. During evenings, the lightings have a major role to play at the front yard seating. They create a beautiful and dreamy atmosphere for the seating space.

Outdoor lamps are available at various prices and designs. Choose the ones which are contemporary in appearance to suit your front yard for a long time. They are also available in stands; you could place them near your seating area to highlight the place.


Above is a guide to help you set up swanky front yard seating. They are simple and cost-effective. They are easy to understand and implement. Adapt the ones which suit your front yard.

The Top Artificial Plants and Flowers to Consider for Home Décor

The Top Artificial Plants And Flowers To Consider For Home DecorFlowers and greenery can make a home's exterior and interior feel lively and fresh. Plants are the best decorating solution when space feels dull or impersonal. However, the drawback of the real plants is that they can be expensive and challenging for busy households to maintain. They take considerable amounts of time to care for. Fortunately, there are alternate options available. These days, artificial plants look realistic enough to be appealing to households of every demographic. With so many types of artificial plants and flowers available in the market, it indeed becomes a difficult thing to find out which one to choose for the home décor. Here are some of the most popular artificial plants and flowers to consider for home décor.

Faux cactus

The artificial cactus can be used for indoor and outdoor home decor. This faux cactus can add a touch of the desert to any room in the home and can also be used as display accent pieces. If you are looking to add an artistic and fun touch to the ordinary spaces, then the cactus is perfect for you. Exceptionally attention-grabbing and fanciful, these faux cacti add charm and interest to the landscape without necessitating much upkeep. Whether you have a little space or a large one, they are known to offer a fresh outlook to the setting. With attractive colors and lively flowers, these faux cactus trees have a fascinating look which harmonizes contemporary home designs equally. The creative qualities of these artificial plants can never be understated, and when you bring them home, you will quickly see and enjoy their lively look.

Faux snake plant

The artificial snake plant is one of the most popular decorative indoor cactus plants which will bring in the desert character in your home décor. The silk snake plant will leave everyone amazed with its charmingly life-like looks and texture. This faux snake plant does not need any maintenance. The hectic lifestyle and lack of light in the apartment mean that one cannot bring some greenery within. But that should not discourage you from introducing some artificial foliage in your landscape. You can carry this incredibly refreshing faux snake plant in your rooms. Comprising of truly stunning stripy foliage, this silk snake plant will improve your space and make it interesting immediately and will also bring a clean and contemporary look to the landscape.

Artificial Bonsai Trees

Individuals who want to own a bonsai tree without dedicating much upkeep and maintenance time can buy an artificial bonsai tree. These trees are known to bring in their delicate beauty and creativity. Moreover, the bonsai tree brings elegant yet simple beauty to an indoor or outdoor space. Artificial bonsai tree maintenance is easy. The only thing that needs to be done is to keep it dust free and protect it from direct sunlight since the sun will fade the colors of the tree with time.

Artificial tulip flowers

A bright and brilliant floral accessory, the artificial tulips make for a stylish addition to your home or décor. Whether you place it in the bedroom, living room or as a welcoming feature in your front entrance, the faux tulips will add a splash of color in the setting. Silk flowers can look almost natural, and are a popular choice for home décor. This artificial tulip flowering plant appears to be genuine yet requires no water, maintenance or sunlight.

Acacia plants

Artificial acacia tree can be used as a home décor for both interior and outdoor areas. way to include greenery in your indoor landscape is by using these silk Acacia plants as they will help craft a feel-good space without any hassles. This type of tree adds an attractive and extremely outstanding presence all through the year and brings a pleasant feel to the place. A great alternative to bring a comforting feeling to the landscape, the fake acacia tree will be an enjoyable and stylish element of your interior décor. These trees are handmade using a top quality material, and as such, they have a highly realistic appearance. They are hard-wearing and do not require constant maintenance. These trees can help to cheer up space and give a delightfully charming home space which will impress your visitors certainly.

Faux aspen trees

The artificial aspen trees, when placed within the home, can help in making space look attractive as well as sophisticated. Aspen trees are renowned for their vibrant shades of pink and yellow which cast beautiful sceneries on the horizon during the fall season. The decorative options offered by the faux aspen trees are limited only by the creativity of the user. As the tree leaves are made using high-quality silk materials that are both inorganic and flame retardant, the artificial trees are completely safe for indoor usage.

Artificial Bamboo Plants

Artificial bamboo plants offer magnificent beauty and a magical aura which changes a space completely. The unmatched charisma and the graceful charm of these trees cannot be ignored. No matter how refined or stylish your home decor is, there is always something missing without the trees. The trees can help to bring a part of nature into the home. Whether its interior or outdoor space, you need certain serenity and something which will bring a sense of steadiness in your décor and lives.

Artificial silk trees

The high-end commercial silk trees are perfect for interior decoration and design projects. The silk trees are handcrafted using the finest materials to bring you a genuine looking fake tree that will add realistic decor to the home.


When it comes to choosing artificial plants and flowers, one can refer to the popular online portals which offer a vast range of such products. You can buy all these types of products at quite a cost-effective price rate. So, shop for the best selection of artificial silk trees to reflect your style and inspire your home.