Lend a Sense of Spaciousness to Your Living Area with These Decor Tips

Lend A Sense Of Spaciousness To Your Living Area With These Decor TipsIf you cannot accommodate a large sofa in the living area, you are not alone. Most of the apartment dwellers are facing such issues. There is no point in getting frustrated. Better look at this problem as a creative décor challenge. Here are some inspiring ideas to render a spacious feeling to your small living area.

1. Forget the door

Maybe you have a small living area. Opening up the door helps to make it a flowing space. If possible, demolish the partition wall that separates it from other regions. Otherwise, widen the door and extend it up to the ceiling.

Thus, your living space will blend with the adjacent room in the house. It will ensure smooth movement and render a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Get small furniture

Often we make a small living area cluttered with large furniture. Although these look good, they are not meant for small spaces. Better have the right size of furniture that goes well with your available space.

Even if you use a big sofa, balance it with small furniture. When you blend different sizes of furniture, they deliver an airy feeling. Thus, you get a spacious feeling in the living room.

3. Use furniture with hidden storage

The small living areas suffer from space crunches. As such, built-in storage solutions are ideal for small living rooms. For instance, you can customize the sofa with hidden storage. This can be quickly done with a sliding drawer.

Doubling up the sofa as a bed is also a great option. You may also try using an old trunk as a coffee table. Investing in multi-functional furniture minimizes wastage of space and makes the area roomy.

4. Think vertically

As small living areas do not allow much flexibility horizontally, you should go vertical. You can have patterned floating shelves. These are ideal for many purposes like stashing the blankets. It also offers excellent accommodation for your media unit. Or, you can also use these to display the collectibles.

You can also hang artworks on the wall for shifting the attention. This will also lend you a spacious feeling.

5.  Expand with a mirror

A mirror can do many more things than you can imagine. It bounces light off from all sources and makes the area bright. When you install a mirror cleverly, it delivers an illusion of more space. For a small living area, you can use a mirror behind the sofa. This will make you feel the area doubly more significant.

You can also use the mirror for reflecting a window. Viewing the outside world will impart a roomy feeling.

6. Fill the corner

Do not leave the corner blank. Fill it up with customized sitting arrangements for gaining more floor space. Including an oversized lampshade in the corner also expands the living area. You can also turn an awkward corner into a library by creating corner shelves.

7.  Use design elements to create a focal point

Use something visually interesting to create a beautiful focal point in the living area. It could be anything from a feature element of the room to an art piece. You can also use a mural for this.

Highlight these nicely. This will invigorate the area, and the eyes will immediately be drawn to this. There will be less emphasis on the size of the room, and it will appear spacious.

8. Play with paints

Strategic painting can make a small room look bigger. When the walls are painted with a light color, it becomes bright and reflects more light. This fools the eyes and makes the room feel airy and spacious. On the other hand, the dark colors absorb light and make a room smaller.

Paint the living area with soft shades. Off-white, blue and green deliver outstanding results. Also, paint the wall trims and molding in lighter shades than the wall. This will make the walls appear further back and impart a spacious feeling.

Do not forget to coat the fifth wall. Paint the ceiling in lighter shades than the walls. This will make it appear moved up and induce a spacious feeling.

9. Lighting can open up the area

Brighter rooms look more airy and spacious. So, harvest maximum natural light in the daytime. Keep the windows open to bring in the sunlight. This will also connect your living area with the outside world. It will create a nice flow of space and make it look bigger.

In case this is not possible, brighten up the place with artificial lights. Add right light fixture that mimics the natural light. Install recessed lighting in the ceiling to illuminate the room. They should be installed in all corners of the ceiling to remove shadows. This will not consume any floor space but have the same effect. Use mirrors to enhance the brightness further.

10. Open up with greeneries

Bringing in live plants in the living area can instantly change the ambiance. But, embracing with live plants has many maintenance hassles. If you are not a green thumb, these are sure to decay and die. This makes the artificial trees and plants the best alternative.

The artificial silk trees are available in many customized varieties. You may choose anything from trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. Made from high-quality raw material these bring in the elegance and freshness of the natural plants.

Use fake tropical plants, if you like, to introduce an oasis feeling in the living area. Fill up a blank corner with this, and they will enliven the place beautifully. Being fire retardant, these will deliver you a safe environment.

If you like, you can also include artificial topiary in the living area. Placing them on the side table or near the windows will make the space glam.


Although economical, making a small living area stylish and comfortable is quite challenging. It is tough to decide what to start with. These décor trips show how you can make use of the space most. Try this for revamping your living area.

Did You Know- the 5 Pros and Cons of Hiring Interior Décor Professional?

Did You Know The 5 Pros And Cons Of Hiring Interior Decor ProfessionalAn interior décor professional is a qualified person with creative insight. Such a person can enable house owner in accomplishing many projects like initial home interior décor layout, home improvement, renovation and refurbishment. Interior Décor professionals involve interior decorators and designers, which are slightly related disciplines. Interior designers sketch plans are reflecting spatial design, ceiling plans, furniture design, and lighting design. Interior decorators deal with the choice of materials and how their placement affects the overall look and feel of a room.

Interior Décor or design is a creative field based on scientific principles to make a room aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. To some extent, every person has a creative instinct, which he can apply for the improvement and decoration of his own home or office. However, if the owner is too busy with his daily work schedule, he might not have time to implement his creative ideas effectively. An interior décor professional enables a homeowner by converting his home plans to reality. The degree to which interior designer or decorator is required for a job depends on the complexity level of the specific project.

Before deciding to select an interior décor professional, a home or office owner must go through the 5 Pros and Cons of Hiring an interior Décor Professional.


1. Interior décor professional has collaboration with relevant organizations and suppliers providing best quality materials for enhanced room decor. If the room needs renovation, an interior decorator can suggest best suppliers of wallpapers, wall panels, acoustic fits and decorative including best quality artificial foliage products.

2. Interior designer will integrate customers plans into his design ideas. So, customers can see their plans getting executed without having to spend too much of time, in small nooks and crannies. For instance, there are wall cracks, but the owner has minimal time to look into every aspect of renovation. A qualified and experienced interior decorator will suggest ideas such as wall panels to conceal worn out walls and wall cracks. Similarly, if the client wishes green focal points in his room, an interior designer may suggest artificial topiary.

Interior decor professional can provide the best guidance to clients regarding the practical implications of design alternatives and the financial expenditures for each. For instance, the client loves to have a pure white color in his bathroom, but the issue of maintenance is a bottleneck. Being a learned professional, an interior decor professional will suggest the option of moisture resistant wall panels which retain their color in spite of frequent usage. A client may like to have hanging plants but is confused about the placement factor. Because of his professional experience, an interior decor professional can suggest helpful options like artificial wines from ceilings. An interior decor professional helps in evaluating decision strategy based on outcome and suggesting solutions.

3. Although hiring an Interior designer seems a little expensive initially, it can give good returns in the long run. If a restaurant owner hires an Interior Designer who in turn provides a good enough decorum to attract customers, revenue generation will climb steadily. Interior decor professional knows about simple tips to create a fascinating decorum. For instance, planting wholesale artificial flower arrangements in the exterior space can provide an excellent exterior view to restaurant guests. Without a trained eye, interior decoration often becomes a complicated and tedious project.

4. Interior decor professionals look forward to good chances to use their creativity. They do stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of interior designing, which a client might not know. For instance, an interior décor will know about the application of fire retardant artificial plants for gardens, but a client might not. If the interior decorator can integrate faux landscaping and other features of latest fake foliage products into the design, great home or office interior can be designed. By contacting an interior decorator, you provide an opportunity to a person, and in return, that person will do his best to give you a boost of satisfaction in terms of room decor.

5. Interior decor professional acts systematically and sketches plans from various perspectives to decide the best among the list of alternatives. He drafts separate plans for unit elements of homes like ceiling plans or lighting designs. He can suggest environment-friendly ideas like planting miniature gardens on window sills. In case of space constraints, the interior decorator can generate plans of maximizing space utilization like a wall hanging TV sets. He can also suggest outdoor artificial hanging ferns for your small garden. With an interior decor professional, you can create a dream view place which can help you provide the necessary motivation for your work.

Now let's discuss the cons of hiring and interior décor.


1. There should be a proper understanding between the house owner and interior decorator for the accomplishment of a successful project. Lack of understanding will lead to project delays causing financial losses as well as time losses.

2. An interior decor professional can take a very high remuneration against services, but not be sincere enough to deliver concerning performance.

3. If you do not hire an Interior Decorator for home or office, you will be planning the decoration part yourself. You will be able your creative freedom without having to wait for a referral from a pro. With the help of the DIY strategy, you will get a sense of accomplishment after project completion, which is not possible when you partner with an Interior Designer. You can take the credit for your design before your customers and your friends.

4. Interior decor is a stepwise process. At every step, customer specifications must be taken into account. If there is a mistake at any step of the overall interior decor process, it will affect the quality of the entire project at the end. Both the client and interior designer have to be very sincere with respect to project quality.

5. Selecting the right interior decorator is a hectic job in the first place. The owner must look for someone with good listening and communication skills. He must be well versed in project management techniques like PERT and CPM. In addition, he must have good knowledge of modern design techniques and digital imaging software. Sometimes choosing the right person is a very time intensive and slow process.

Elevate the Class and Comfort of Your Bedrooms - Here's How

Elevate The Class And Comfort Of Your Bedrooms Here S HowYour bedroom is the one private place in the whole world where you want to rest your weary head at night amid beautiful yet colorful surroundings. And when you wake in the morning, you want to be greeted by just the same colors and visible drama. Can this be possible?

You may want to give your bedroom a cheerful and colorful look, but are hesitant to make any changes to your limited budget. However, the good news is that this is possible after all. You can, very successfully, use some of the 10 hacks we present here to make your dream come true. These ideas won't pinch your pocket; on the contrary, they will enliven your bedroom and make you a more positive person--all just for injecting the right colors in your very own bedroom.

Here they are for you:

1. Have a wall-mounted headboard. If you have a simple bed that needs to be stepped up a bit, think about having a colorful and bold wall-mounted headboard. That's sure to catch anyone's eye that enters the room. You can also wallpaper the entire headboard in a bright color like navy blue while your walls could be a serene sky blue.

Alternatively, you can fill up the headboard space by having a large mirror. Not only will it give the illusion of a greater area in the room but it will also add a sense of drama to your room.

2. Are your windows bare? Dress them up now. Use a valance to add some privacy to your curtains. Complement your solid print curtains with a patterned valance or do just the opposite. Either will bring in wows from friends entering your bedroom.

3. Add texture to your walls. With modern stick-on wallpaper designs, you can do a quick and easy job of having them on your walls. Choose a colorful design that's arresting yet pleasing to the eye.

You can also consider having an accent wall using a contrasting color while all the others are painted in another color. Remember to place all your eye-catching furniture against the accent wall.

4. Make your dresser eye-catching. If your dresser is dull and drab, don't stop at that. Enhance it by having an eye-catching display on the top of it which will make people not notice any mess you have on your dresser. For instance, you can hang a poster or have brass figurines or even an attractive family photo.

And how about changing the knobs of your dressers with patterned ones. Immediately, your dresser springs to life with this change and livens up your bedroom.

5. Use bold and bright colors for trim. Enhance the look of your bed skirts, shams or pillowcases by adding trim borders or rickrack in attractive colors and designs. Immediately, the color here jumps at you when you enter a bedroom with this. Use vintage handmade lace that feels and looks rich.

6. Have pillows and cushions of different textures and colors. Liven up your bed display with pillows and cushions of different textures. This will make your bed more beckoning than it has ever been. Stick to one color palette to keep things simple, yet effective. The custom of thumb is to have one stable, one simple and one busy print, but all in the same shade or close to it. For instance, you could design your pillows to be in black, white and grey. This will be bold, arresting and colorful too.

Another way by which you can inject more color into your bedroom is to invest in some colorful bed linen. Buy cheap, and easy to maintain bed linen in bright and vivid colors and styles so that you have a different bedroom look each week. How's that for a makeover?

7. Add style and cozy texture to your bedroom. If you're counting your pennies, add a little style and a lot of creamy texture to your bedroom by hanging a rug, quilt or piece of dramatic tapestry over your bed. You needn't go out to buy the required rod for this but use a curtain rod to hand your display. All in all, you'll create an island of color and visual pleasure.

8. Make your blank wall the focus of attention. Bare walls, by themselves, are cold and unwelcoming, so it's not surprising that you want to do something with that wall behind your bed. But here's a solution for you that's both color-oriented and pleasurable.

Try any of our budget-friendly solutions to heighten the color quotient in your bedroom and keep you happy and spirited. First, you can hang on this wall a few china plates that match with the color of your wall, bed, bed linen, etc. You can get these beautiful plates in any thrift store but ensure that at least one of them is of a solid color of that color group. For instance, one navy blue plate among lighter blue ones.

Second, you can use dull wall racks to display any colorful blankets or quilts you may have.

Third, you might like to fill dark corners with tall bookcases. Not only will this serve for functionality but it will also add to the required storage in this room. You could also paint a broad stripe on the wall and let it hold a few picture frames of those close to you. Alternatively, fill up the wall area with twinkle lights and use clothespins to highlight precious photos.

9. Use decals wisely. Choose from a variety of personalized styles of wall decals to give your bedroom a great personal yet colorful look. And, to top it all, it's inexpensive too!! Besides, they can be removed whenever you wish without damaging the wall.

10. Bring in the freshness of Nature. A bunch of roses or peonies on your nightstand will work wonders to bring color into your bedroom. And if you bring them in from your garden, nothing could be more inexpensive than that. Keep these blooms by your bedside for a whole week and see what wonders it does to your mood.

On the other hand, you can also rehearse with tropical artificial flower arrangements, if sourcing real flowers are expensive. Tiger lilies in natural colors, hydrangea, and Bird of Paradise can look exotic and real, and go on for a long, long time. If you choose to use artificial flowers, ensure that you wipe the flowers from time to time, lest they get dusty and look unappealing.

So, whether you choose natural flowers or their artificial counterparts, you can decorate your bedroom on a little budget and still have an effective one. It takes creativity, planning and a knowledge of what's available in your home and the market to put together a truly highly functional yet elegant bedroom, particularly on a small budget. Here's to your bedroom makeover!

7 Practical Tips to Manage a Office Makeover on a Budget

7 Practical Tips To Manage A Office Makeover On A Budget.1Can you imagine your office making you sulk with its dull environment?  If it is so, you would immediately decide about improving the office décor. With this in mind, you start net surfing and find that most of the ideas are expensive. Well, don’t get depressed. Here are 7 inspiring ideas that you can implement on a budget.

1. Make a plan & fix the priorities

Before you start decorating the office, you should list your preferences and make a plan. Think about if you need to buy new furniture, or you will showcase what you have. Remember that an office makeover means making it look unique, and not rejecting the existing things. In case you need to change something, decide what design to have.

Asking such questions will help you make a concrete plan. You should also try to think out-of-the-box. Some of the big organizations use slides for employees’ movement to a lower floor. Decide if you need the reception area or any other section. Your office improvement thoughts should consider how to increase efficiency and productivity.

You should also prepare a budget and stick to that while buying things. This will let you have control over the expenses.

2. Essentials first; is the key

Office improvements have many requirements from cute window curtains to ergonomic furniture. But, you must buy the essentials first. When you do this spending wisely, you will be more relieved. There will be enough fund to purchase something extra like adorable clips and other display items.

Make intensive searches on the net for the best price available. Opting for some cheap versions also help to stay in budget. Buy the things that are needed. You may also give a new look to the furniture by repainting and use them.

3. Rearranging makes a place unique

Rearranging the office is also a fabulous way to improve the look and feel. You may take the opinion of the employees on this project. This is a low-cost initiative and has other benefits as well. It fosters more teamwork and collaboration ultimately increasing productivity.

You may opt for task-based seating arrangements. This allows having a choice of settings for different activities. No cubicles or private offices are involved in such themes. The employees can work from places where it is easy to complete the job.

This adds more flexibility to the open office layout. Such arrangements make the people more dynamic and productive as well. This also reduces cost, as no partition is involved.

4. Accent with quirky things

Remove all so-called inspirational posters and quotations from the office. These create no impact on the employees except casting a dull look. Instead, decorate the office space with something quirky. This will give you a cut above the others.

Think of the things you can do. To start with, you can place the company logo on a wall. This does not involve much cost but uplifts the office ambiance.  If you ditched the reception area, put appropriate signage to guide the visitors to the destination.

Other than this, you may include some local arts, art pieces made from recycled wood & plastic.  If possible, contain something of your creation. This will add a new dimension to the office ambiance.

5. Clean and paint

De-cluttering the office is a brilliant way to upgrade the place within a budget. Do not keep the desks piled up with files etc. Store these in compact storage, and you will have a brilliant view. Furniture, that is not-in-use, consumes a sizeable amount of the floor space in most of the offices. Remove all these to have more open space for free movement.

Colors can create a significant impact on the office environment. It makes an office look new. These are also a great mood influencing substance. For boosting up clear thinking and creativity, you can paint your office in shades of blue and yellow.  Green is an excellent option for creating a calm and quiet ambiance.

6. Improve with lighting

Lighting has a striking effect on the office environment. Try to harvest as much natural light as you can. This will increase productivity, make the place energy efficient, and saves on energy costs.

Maybe it is not possible for your office. In that case, you have to opt for artificial lighting. Remember that, besides decoration, lights are also an ergonomic requirement. Too much of bright or dim light is sure to reduce productivity.

While you opt for indirect lighting to create a soothing environment, equip the desks with task lighting. This will deliver you an aesthetically pleasing and functional office.

7. Go green with trees and plants

Bringing in a piece of nature uplifts the office ambiance. Studies reveal that the trees and plants are great mood enhancers. They make a positive contribution towards making the employees happy and more productive. You can include some live plants in the office for creating a near-nature feeling.

Decorating the office with live trees and plants has many associated pitfalls. They need regular care and are tough to tough to maintain in offices. The fake trees for office provide an excellent alternative.  Available as trees, plants, palms, and foliage, they offer varieties of décor options.

The artificial silk trees come in standard pots and bases. You can install them anywhere you like, and can also relocate them easily. Made from premium quality foliage, color pigment, and plastic material; these look like the live plants.

Another great thing about the artificial foliage is that these are durable and never fade. These fire retardant trees have self-extinguishing properties.  This makes them a safe decorating option.  Using fake greens lifts up the atmosphere to the next level.


Office improvement is essential as it tells who you are and what you are. This needs more creativity than money. Spending a fortune in office makeover limits further improvement possibilities. These tips will deliver you an attractive office without a hole in the pocket.

All You Need to Know About the Modern Color Trends for Home Décor

All You Need To Know About The Modern Color Trends For Home DecorWe can always skip the unnecessary do-overs and choose the perfect splash of paints this season. When we disregard the space, shape, and size of the room, the only idea that can beautify our house is the primary sense of aesthetics. This article shows the best possible ideas that cross our mind when we want to decorate our very own nests. All the tips and tricks shall solve our paint woes this time. The quickest but simplest makeover that a color offers can give a tough competition to any other ideas of home decoration. The fantastic and most exciting ways of painting the house are provided below.

1. A brighter living room: The color palette of our seating zone turns more colorful with the fantastic shades of jade green or reddish-yellow. Even turquoise presents a cohesive look. A brick-red color on a delicate center table spreads an analogous color palette. Neutral backgrounds with a coat of solid grey or ash create a calming and interesting atmosphere.

Matte shades of green and brown correctly add bright hues to meet unique looks. Cool white draperies on purple curtains make a relaxing environment on a contemporary living area. Choosing fabric prints on a soft blue rug adds character to the overall ambiance of the place. Brown furnishing goes well with great two-toned curtains.

2. A soft carpet of greenery: It is pretty easy to color the house with a slight touch of greenery, and in that case, silk plants are the best way to decorate the house. Artificial plants are highly decorative, and with high-quality replica plants, we can decorate our den the way we want. Aside from a slight dusting, they can beautify even the darkest nook of a place and instead, they want no special care from us.

Fake orchids are more productive and creative and can boost our moods anytime. They need no water or fertilizer to make us happy and never outgrow their original spaces to create an unnecessary disturbance. No special pruning and shaping can take our valuable time when we talk about the replica version of our real nature. Today they have become the smartest and most attractive tool in our design scheme.

Some attractive artificial succulents with real trees can cover our entrance to give it a green touch. Even some great artificial tropical plants on our open shelves create a warm and inviting place. A fake palm tree at the entrance makes the living space look fresh and lively from outside. They are the best alternatives to our mother nature that never takes a massive amount of time to reciprocate freshness to the surroundings.

3. A fantastic idea for a kitchen: Neon bright colors are fashionable and are successfully making their way back to the home interiors. The excellent presentation of these colors creates a huge impact on a creative mind and can surely overwhelm the space. Painting the cabinets or a wine cubby black strike a mesmerizing balance when blends with a neon background.

Also, a darker color scheme adds gravity to the zone when mixes with grey drawer shades. A glossy tile behind the oven creates a different but pleasant contrast. Bold palettes with rich patterns and textures call attention to its presence giving it another layer of character and existence.

4. A soft study texture: Nowadays people add a library or a home office to their nests and the decoration and painting of a study needs an interesting makeover. A vibrant and energetic paint can make someone to seek out and not neglect. Polished patterns on windows can make us feel motivated and encourage us to work harder. A white splash creates a clean and professional look when blends with metallic textures.

A bold wooden armchair can transform an energetic vibe to the place when features with a lime yellow bookcase are creating a minimalist’s style of serene and peaceful ambiance.

5. A lively dining room: Since the dining area is the most entertaining hub of our house it needs an equally fantastic paint for the decoration. A long-lasting green gloss creates an unexpected shade of youthfulness and relaxation. We can also try to design it with a striking blue splash as it makes sure that there is no shortage of contrast when served with a cream carpet.

With soft and light colored muslins we can always experience an uplifting atmosphere. Bright yellow walls can also glow and appreciate a robust architectural detail when blends with wooden furniture and zebra prints on floors.

6. A colorful bedroom: Bright bedroom colors always work as mood boosters. A bohemian pink or red always carry a color scheme throughout the rest of the place. Even a light blue bedroom creates a relaxing atmosphere matching with the dreamy ambiance of the room. Also, a splash of yellow or a floral decoration makes it easier to rise and shine.

A green bedroom with white curtain shades creates a soothing atmosphere with a contemporary look. Lighter shades and patterns have a fantastic ability to make the room feel more significant and creative and when blends with a brighter shade turn the sleeping zone into a cheery place.

7. Painting a bathroom: Modern bathrooms take all the attention when we design it with colorful tiles and floor patterns. A copper or porcelain tub goes well with white curtains and a soothing rain forest shower. Colorful granite shelves or marble cabinets balance the large vanities best. The towels are the easiest way to color, and they are available in a variety of shades.

Some vibrant and energetic wall art easily add a color pop if we choose a water-resistant art piece. Some green artificial cactus plants on the window panes spread color and enthusiasm to our lives.

Practically, color is the most comfortable and most affordable way to add character and life to our zone. When the idea of paints compliments our tastes and choices, it makes the place look clean and put together.