A Checklist for Your Boutique Hotel’s Rooms

A Checklist For Your Boutique Hotel S RoomsEvery boutique hotel needs to have a hotel room checklist that they need to follow for the comfort and convenience of their customers. Such essential and essential detailing can play a significant role in getting your hotel excellent reviews from guests. Today we have put together a checklist for you to follow when preparing a hotel room for the next set guests. Here’s everything you require to look out for:

Ensure That The Room Has Been Aired Out Before The Arrival Of The Next Guests

When guests stay in hotel rooms, they tend to spray perfumes, deodorants, and other scents. Some guests even leave behind a strong and pungent smell of cigarette smoke. To make your next lot of guests feel comfortable and at ease, you need to make sure that you completely air out of the room of your hotel between guests. Any active and piercing scents left behind by the previous customer shouldn’t be present and be lurking around the room when your next guest arrives.

Make Sure That You Clear Out All Trash Bins And Ash Trays

Another small and necessary thing that some boutique hotels tend to forget is clearing out the ashtrays and the trash bins. While the cleaning team may clean out the trash bin the bathroom, they may remember to clean the not so obviously visible trash bin under the writing desk. Additionally, cleaning out ashtrays is also very important. No guest would like to check-in to a hotel room where the containers are overflowing with trash of the previous guest, and the ashtray is brimming with cigarette buds.

Make Sure That You Clear Out And Restock The Mini Bar

Once your guests check out of the hotel room, you need to make sure that the mini bar is cleared out and restocked. Bottled beverages that have been consumed should be replaced with fresh bottles. Additionally, any chocolates or candy bars that may have been only half eaten and saved for later should be disposed of and replaced with a new and unopened candy bar.

Check The Lights And Light Switches Before The Arrival Of Your Next Guest

Another significant thing that you need to check in the hotel room of your boutique hotel is the lights. You need to make sure that every bulb in the hotel room is working correctly. You should also check whether the light switches are functioning correctly. Lamps and table lights also need to be turned on and off to ensure that they are working correctly before the arrival of your next guests.

Make Sure That The Windows Are Cleaned From Inside And Outside

No guest would appreciate walking into a hotel room where the windows are dusty, dirty and filled with stains. Not only is this a major put off, but it will also block the view from their room. Make sure that all the windows in the hotel room are thoroughly scrubbed clean from both inside and outside. The windows should be made entirely spotless before the arrival of the next guest.

Replace The Toiletries In The Bathroom

Before the arrival of your next guest, you need to make sure that all the used toiletries in the bathroom are replaced with fresh ones. Fresh Shampoos, soaps, shower gels, shower caps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste need to be kept ready for your new guests. Any half-used bottles, tubes of toothpaste and soap bars should be disposed of too.

Check The Controls For The Air-Conditioner, Television, And Heater

Some fundamental things that people tend to forget when preparing the hotel room for the next guests are the television, air-conditioner, and heater remote controls. You must make sure that all three. powers are there in the place and their batteries are functional. Ensure that cells in any dysfunctional controls are replaced. If the controls still don’t seem to work after you have replaced the battery, make sure that you return the control itself.

Rotate The Bed Mattress

Before the cleaning team puts on a fresh bedsheet, having them rotate the bed mattress now and then is essential. Turning the mattress of the bed every few months plays a significant role in keeping the mattress firm and even extends the overall lifespan of the mattress. Further, rotating the mattress also helps in evening out the wear and tear and provides firm back support to the guests when they sleep.

Make Sure A Fresh Set Of Towels And Robes Have Been Placed In The Room

To make the stay of your new guests more comfortable, you need to make sure that you replace all used towels and bathrobes with fresh ones. You can fold the napkins into fancy shapes and place them on the bedspread before your new guests arrive. Bathrobes should be neatly hung in the hotel room wardrobe for your guests.

Wash And Replace Mugs And Glasses

You need to make sure that all the glasses and ceramic mugs that you have in your hotel room for your guests and customers are thoroughly rinsed and then placed back in their original spot. No guest should end up picking up a coffee mug or a glass of coffee and tea stains or even worse a lipstick stain.

All The Bed Linens Should Be Replaced With Fresh Ones

All the linens used by the previous guest should be taken out and given for a wash, and new and fresh bed linens should be used for the next guests.

Make Sure Faux Plants Are Properly Dusted

Very often a lot of boutique hotels install faux plants in their hotel rooms. These faux plants over a period tend to catch dust. To prepare your hotel room for the next customer, you need to make sure that the faux plants and trees are wiped clean and clear of all dust.

Having this basic boutique hotel checklist can help you get top ratings and reviews from customers. Hotels from across the globe follow these essential cleanliness and safety standards. Make sure that you provide a copy of this list to your managers and cleaning teams to ensure that it is monitored carefully.

Make your boutique hotel room cozy, clean and the most talked about in the area by following this basic and essential checklist. Leave customers pleasantly surprised when they check into your hotel room.