A Guide to Energy Efficient Building

TopiaryHaving a luxurious and highly appealing residential or commercial property is the dream of almost every single owner. However, do you feel to own such a building that can be cost and energy efficient too? Energy consumption is amongst the biggest expense in all kinds of buildings. Overconsumption of energy in buildings not only increases the overall expenses but also contribute in putting a negative impact on our climate and environment. That is why many countries now are building certain energy efficiency building codes which one need to be compliant with for constructing new buildings. If you are interested in building such an energy efficient home or commercial building, here are a few ideas that you can consider.

Effective insulation is required.

If you are interested in reducing the energy expenditure of your home or building, it is important that you can make your building suitable for different climates. This is possible if your building is properly insulated. You can insulate the lower level of your building by using crushed gravel and some rigid insulation. Different kinds of insulation material utilized in the attic, basement, and more can help to reduce the gain of heat in summer days and loss of heat in winter days. Such a climate based insulation can help to significantly reduce the consumption of heating and cooling system thus enhancing energy efficiency effectively.

Install doors and windows that are high performing

Large doors and windows have a lot to contribute to making a home or building energy efficient. Large glass windows and doors help you to utilise natural light in the best way thus eliminating the need of artificial light in the daytime. So while designing your home, make sure that you haven't limited your home to just one window only. The modern design of buildings also helps to make them energy efficient, and that's why nowadays, most of the building designs follow such a pattern in which large-sized windows and doors are there. These can help to make your home energy efficient and take full advantage of natural energy.

Make use of energy efficient appliances.

Nowadays the market is full of different kinds of energy efficient appliances. Such energy-efficient appliances also reduce energy expenses in your home to a great extent thus making your home completely energy efficient. If you are concerned about reducing your overall energy costs, it is the best idea to invest in energy efficient appliances such as dishwasher, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and more as these areas consume the highest level of energy on a daily basis. Obviously, energy efficient appliances are a bit expensive than less energy efficient ones, but they further can reduce your energy expenses more than 50% every month which is quite beneficial. This can be your great savings plan for long term.

Establish a green environment

A naturally green environment can enhance the energy efficiency of your building to a significant level. Different kinds of plants and trees have the power to soothe your surrounding and your mind from intense and thus reduce the energy costs, provided they are utilised in the best way. The landscape can be installed in the way that best suits your local climate conditions. An energy efficient landscape can provide an adequate amount of cool breeze in the summer days while also enhancing the Sun effect in winter days. You can create shady areas around your home, especially in summer days to keep the regular airflow around the building. This can efficiently decrease the cooling cost of your building.

If you are concerned about regular maintenance expenses of real plants, you can make use of artificial landscaping products to create an energy efficient and green environment around the building. You can make every kind of artificial plant available for your surrounding including artificial boxwood, privacy hedges, boxwood hedges, faux flower, artificial topiary trees, and many more. All these fake plants and trees don't demand watering, pruning, and related resources for their growth. Thus you can save a meaningful amount of your costs with artificial landscaping products.

Utilize LEDs to keep the heat down

Different kinds of appliances installed inside your home or building can increase the heat inside your building. To prevent the increased heat level of your interior area, utilising LEDs is the best idea. Light-emitting diode bulbs, if used throughout the area, can help to direct the focus of light into specific direction thus preventing the heat from spreading throughout the interior surrounding. This again has to prevent the excessive cooling costs of your building thus saving your money as well as energy.

Be careful while construction process.

Before and after the installation of drywall, it is quite important to keep an eye on the integrity of construction of walls. While construction you may find several areas where there might be the presence of air leaks. By getting to know about those, you can timely figure them out and make the required adjustments.

A regular flow of air is necessary

Ceiling your building tightly can lead to lack of fresh air inside while also enhancing the temperature. It ultimately will increase your energy costs while also preventing the inside air from being fresh. Make sure to keep a proper source of cross ventilation so that fresh air may flow into the home or building. The controlled fresh air inside the home will boost the overall health while also keeping the temperature level lower. It will also help to put a check on the water vapour level inside the home.

Open floor plan can help.

Efficient can also be increased by having an aesthetically maintained building. An open floor plan not only looks fantastic but can also contribute to making your building efficient concerning energy conservation. A bright, full, spacious, and sunny interior can be excellent for any energy efficient building.