A Tree could have Saved a Family

Recently, an electrical failure set ablaze a dry, 15-foot-tall Christmas tree which spread onto the mansion in Annapolis area and killed six people. The mansion was owned by Sandra and Don Pyle and as a practice they loved to extend Christmas for their grandchildren, which unfortunately became a cause of their death. Fire Chief Allan Graves said at the news conference that the involvement of the Christmas tree explained the heavy fire conditions.

Deputy Chief Scott Hoglander added that the fuel load from the Christmas tree itself, which was lit most of the time, created the significant amount of fire and heat to cause the fire and its rapid spread. There are many incidents across the country which takes place similar to this incident. Either fires start through the trees or the trees contribute to the rapid spread of the fire. These incidents can be stopped by bringing in fire-resistant artificial trees.

In a bid to stop these unfortunate incidents and to lessen the threats of fire outbreak and spread through artificial trees, ThermaLeaf has introduced fire-retardant faux trees. The branches and leaves of our artificial trees make use of fire resistant chemicals which make them absolutely safe during fire outbreaks. These silk trees do not aid in spread of fire during an outbreak due to their special properties and hence ensure complete safety of house and lives.

According to the investigation in the Annapolis mansion fire the home didn't have sprinklers, which is a requirement in every Maryland home. According to the experts, the sprinklers provide extra seconds to escape the house. Perhaps, if there was a fire-resistant artificial tree in the house, it could have provided some more valuable seconds to the family to escape and maybe some lives would have been saved.