All You Need To Know About Decorating With Fake Plants

Fake GreenThere is a lot of talk on bringing in nature in the business places. Yes. Wherever you go, you will find commercial places adorned with lush greens. But there is a crux. Not all of them are real! 

The designers are increasingly using fake plants for commercial decoration. But why it is so? Maybe, this is also pinching you! Scroll down to know everything about fake plants.

The non-living greens harbor the same beauty

Creating a perfect ambiance to attract potential clients is important for every business. The faux greens are very good at that. They can make any dull setting live and refreshing in a moment. Whether it is the interior or exterior, they bring in life with their lush green appearance.

These are manufactured using high-quality raw materials under expert supervision. Thus, they replicate their live cousins in all respects.  You can never feel the difference without touching.

A green peripheral can make your shopping mall or hospital a cut above others. It becomes easy when you use large artificial outdoor trees, especially the palms. With their majestic trunk and the lush green frond, they provide a nice visual comfort.

The best part of the fake greens is that you can shape them as you like. Bending of branches, stems, and petals can make them look like reaching natural light. So, your decoration becomes quite convincing.

Decoration becomes easy!

The downside of live plants is that they have serious caring and styling demands. They need watering, fertilizing, spraying insecticides to keep them healthy. You also need to trim them from time to time to keep them in shape. This makes them expensive and challenging to use.

But the fake plants have no such issues. Place them anywhere indoor or outdoor; they will continue to adorn the place without professional care. Clean them if you notice dust accumulation and they will be as fresh as new.

An amazing plethora of varieties!

Think of anything from trees, palms, topiaries, foliage, and you will get them in all possible varieties. There is also no dearth of variants in each type to suit all settings and decor themes. If you happen to own a luxury hotel, you can infuse a Mediterranean vibe to the pool area using artificial outdoor tropical plants.

In case you want to make your corporate reception warm and inviting, a bunch of artificial flowering plants is the right thing. With their ever blooming appeal, they make the place alluring to the clients. The great thing about the near-natural plants is that you can have them as per your choices. So, there is no need to compromise!

Provides ideal solution for commercial applications

Be it anything from a hotel to a hospital, playing with safety for aesthetics is dangerous. There have been a lot of fire hazards costing huge damages to life and property. These pseudo-natural decor elements relieve you from such accidents.

These contain impregnation of special fire retardant chemicals. Thus, they acquire self-extinguishing properties. So, you can stay assured that your business will be safe from fire hazards.

Fading and discoloration is out of the question

Losing shine after some time is a common problem for ordinary fake plants. This makes the landscape ugly and turns to waste of investment. You do not have such risks with these fake botanical products.

These contain a dose of UV blocking materials. It makes them inert to sunrays. Use of premium quality foliage and color pigments also makes them weather tolerant. Install them anywhere in the commercial complex; they will keep their shine and deliver a long-lasting landscape.

Great to avoid allergies

All sorts of people crowd a commercial establishment. Chances are that some of them will be prone to allergies. Live plants could be dangerous to them, especially to the kids, due to the use of fertilizers, insecticides, and mold growth. Even real flowers could cause pollen allergies.

Using fake varieties let them stay away from such c infections. This a great plus point of using faux plants and flowers in commercial establishments.

Delivers insects free environment

When you decorate with natural plants, they attract mosquitoes and other pests. This becomes quite annoying to the clients and guests. Using artificial outdoor shrubs and bushes can relive you from such worry.

Since these do not have real leaves, they do not act as food sources to the pests. Thus, landscaping with them makes your places clean and safe.

They do not make your wallet thin!

Cost is a pretty big issue for decorating commercial complexes. You can make your decoration visual candy with live plants. Some of the live plants may even live for a few years! But, it is sure that they will die one day. And, you have to replace them then.

When you use fake greeneries, you do not encounter such issues. They are strong and durable. Once installed in the setting, they continue to adorn the place for many years to come. As there is no cost of replacement costs, investment becomes small.

Another great thing about the faux trees and plants is that they do not need any waiting period. Unlike the live plants, they deliver immediate embellishment to the place. You can also pack and store them when not in use. So changing the landscape becomes cost-effective.

Installation is easy

The faux trees and plants come in standard bases or pots. These are also light in weight. As a result, you can install them without any hassles. Further, you can interchange them between places at ease. This gives you enough flexibility to change decoration without cost involvement.

Cause no pet damage

Damage of live plants by the pets is a common issue in commercial complexes. But, the pets feel no attraction about the fake plants. So, your place will be relieved from chewing of pets.