Decorative Trends for 2016

new yearThe mood has been set, the chill is in the air, and as we welcome another year in our lives many of us as we get ready to cherish and celebrate the year's upcoming events, but only with the ever charming and usable artificial decorative plants, flowers and trees.

Home is the Place to be…

Enriching our homes for celebrating the happiest time of the year certainly repeats itself every year, however, this doesn’t mean that you put up the same kind of decorative element in your surrounding and repeat the arrangements.

Welcoming the new year is among the happiest occasions that we celebrate once every year and all it requires is some designing and finishing to our homes and workplace to feel welcoming and warm. There are many indoor and outdoor elements that if considered seriously, can transform your place, into a reviving one in no time. 

There are likewise distinctive things that we, for the most part, bring for designing our homes and praising this event and these things are generally the same, particularly the Christmas tree. However, if the thought of using fake greenery and artificial Pine tree, mixed with some everlasting flowering plants has already crossed your mind, then don’t hesitate and make the most use of extensive lineup of eye gazing decorative artificial plants, trees and flowers to welcome 2016.

Not just Homes, but Commercial Spaces too…

Welcoming the new year means shopping and shopping means, commercial spaces like malls, retail stores, hotels and restaurants. These business avenues are the ones who benefit the most during the new year beginning, as people love spending this time of the year. Commercial establishments can very well gain from decorating the festive season with artificial plants and trees, as this can prove to be the most economical way to boost a certain business.  

Revamp your retail stores with enriching designs of fire retardant artificial palm trees, hanging plants and fake floral arrangements. Transform your workplace with green and red color the combination of the season. Keep in mind that what attracts to the eyes, looks bright and real, is what can attract customers to your business place. Plus, no business owner would by any chance wants his/her place to look dull and un-energetic at the start of a new year.

Artificial or Real, what to look for…

Real Pine Trees


Genuine Pine trees are biodegradable; on the other hand, some tree producers will splash their trees with pesticides. Genuine trees have the theory of a simple setup and tear down, and they don't require storage. The expense of a genuine tree is almost the same to the fake one if one considers the maintenance hassles attaché to it.

Artificial Decorative Trees


Artificial Decorative trees manufactured and designed by us are high-quality fire retardant trees that are safe and easy to use. The life-like quality and perfect design and cut ensure your new year will be a shimmery one for family and friends to be around. Not just trees but artificial garlands and wreaths are also in high demand during this time of the year as they can accommodate any type of space at your home or workplace and add a dash of glamour to your 2016.