Artificial Foliage and Greenery: Your Perfect Springtime Accessory

It’s Springtime Folks! The season of warmth has finally settled in most parts of the country after a long winter season, and people are getting busy to deck up their home interiors with greenery and decorative accessories. The winter blues did not give you a chance to grow your favorite orchids or calla lilies, but spring would certainly not hinder it. The spring of 2015 though, demands you to implement artificial greenery in your home and office, to stay in touch with the current decorative trends and also have a low maintenance accessory implemented in your surroundings.

Artificial Foliage’s and fake grass can lighten up your home front porch, patio and the adjoining garden area with its beauty and charm, and no one could even come to know that they are fake and not real. This should also be attributed to the high manufacturing standards that have been used today to make these artificial plants, flowers or trees. Spring is the time when you want to decorate your homes with many attractive accessories, but the most important on everybody’s list are the trees. But, the time and high maintenance cost that one has to pay for natural ones, is putting many plant lovers to shift to artificial beauties.

If you are planning to revamp or beautify your home or offices using plants this spring, then artificial plants are your best choice, they require low to nil maintenance and have largely improved in, production, designing and safety issue over the past decades. Cheap or tacky designed artificial plants are the thing of the past now, and high quality making techniques ensures that they are a world class product, which gives the buyer complete satisfaction in all three departments, that are looks, feel and the cost. Not to forget the longevity factor in them. Keep in mind that artificial foliage plants or outdoor silk plants can weather any condition and spread its sheen for years and years to come.

The doubt that persisted in everybody’s mind of silk plants not being a safe option for decorating and designing is also a thing of the past and today plants are manufactured keeping mind the fire safety options laid down by the NFPA, ASTM and more. After thorough tests and a complete safety measurement check, the product is allowed to be sold in the market. Fire retardant artificial plants and flowers is the need of the hour, considering the amount of dangers associated with them. No one would like to see their place get burnt down or any mishaps happening to family and loved ones from these faux plants.

The only difference between a real and a fake plant is the air purification process that natural plats do, consuming all the CO2 and the charming scent fresh flowers spread in the air. However, all these points are also taken into consideration now, and get artificial plants that are not only fire retardant plants, but are lifelike and present you a real touch. Artificial palm trees, date plants, the lanky bamboo tress have all evolved to be artificially real, and one that could easily be fitted in your home front yard this spring. Artificial moss, stems and picks and boxwood mat can light up any event, party or an official get together, and blend in the atmosphere to provide you and the others lovely designs and colors to look and fall onto. Do not forget to clean them or dust them at least once a month to keep them looking and bright and charming all-round the year.