Artificial Palm Trees - Veritable Tropical Delights

artificial palm treesBring the never fading charm of tropical greens to your surroundings with artificial Palm trees and mesmerize the visitors. If you are a lover of greenery but are afraid of the hassle and expenses, it brings along then silk plants and trees is the answer.  Silk plant and trees are gaining popularity as they are easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere inside or outside the premises to suit your requirement.  Artificial plants and trees are available in many varieties, and one of the most popular among them is artificial Palm trees.

Surprise the visitors!

Not everywhere will you find the tropical greenery. Native of tropical regions it is not easy to maintain the tropical Palms in different climatic conditions. However, with artificial Palm trees at your disposal, one can surprise the visitors and bring the greenery of tropical region anywhere you want. As artificial Palms do not require sun, water, soil, etc. for survival, they make the best choice to revamp your exterior or interior landscape. One can place them in waiting for areas, reception area, alongside galleries or at theme parks to give your visitors visual treat. These silk Palms look so realistic that the onlookers will be spellbound by their beauty.

Be creative, experimental and novel with an exotic variety of artificial Palms!

We have seen flowers, creepers, and other such real plant varieties that are commonly used to uplift the décor of any space. However, if you are not boring and want to add a twist to the beauty of your current landscape than look nowhere else. Let your creativity fly with incredibly refreshing and beautiful variety of artificial Palms. One can choose from preserved Coconut, Areca Palm, Preserved Fan, Preserved Date and Kentia Palm that are easily available on  Preserved Fan is one fascinating variety with leaves shaped like a fan which can bring the instant attention of the visitors. Other preserved varieties are equally memorizing and can be used extensively for both interior and exterior landscaping.

Artificial Palms for interior landscaping!

Artificial Palms are best suited for interior landscaping as they do not need sunlight, water, soil or any other requirements as that of the real plant variety. Silk or fake plants are designed from a high-quality material which is fire and insect resistant, which make them completely safe to keep inside any premises. Also, these artificial Palms do not grow over time, and therefore there is no extra manpower needed to maintain them. Once placed, these silk plants remain green and fresh with just a regular dusting.  These artificial Palms can be customized regarding shape, size, and height which make them perfect interior landscaping products.

Artificial Palms for exterior landscaping!

Walking into a green and fresh space makes the visitors calm and happy. However, maintaining real plants in large spaces can prove to be very expensive. Real plants require a lot of care and manpower to for regular watering, trimming, pest control, etc. Moreover, one can only have specific variety implanted in the exterior landscape as all the real plant varieties may not bear the different climatic conditions.  In situations like this, when you have a limited budget, but you still wish to brighten up your exterior landscape with lustrous greens, artificial plants and trees come into play. Artificial Palms make the best choice for revamping your exterior landscape as they are available in wide variety, have the ability to fill large spaces without much investment and provide exotic looks to the landscape.

Unmatched Benefits of Artificial Palms!

Artificial plants are certainly the best landscaping product for the following reasons:

  • Remain unaffected by weather changes and can survive in extreme conditions.
  • Artificial Palms retain their shape and size forever and therefore no trimming required.
  • Silk Palms are made from high-quality material to provide a realistic look and feel.
  • They are fire and UV resistant, pets and insect resistant which make them completely safe for interior landscaping.
  • Artificial Palms do not fade overtime and remain lustrous and green with regular dusting.
  • They can be easily placed anywhere as they are not soil rooted.
  • Silk Palms are budget friendly, as once bought they become an internal part of your landscape for a lifetime.

Amuse the visitors with artificial Palms!

One can play with different varieties of artificial Palm trees to brighten up the landscape.  One can make them a part of the exterior landscape to cover the large spaces of water parks, theme parks, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, etc. One can also use them brighten up any dull corner or place them in the waiting room, reception areas or inside malls as a part of the interior landscape. They are perfect landscaping products to match your interiors as well as exteriors as they can be customized according to your requirements. You can also make a photography corner in malls, restaurants, etc by placing the beautiful artificial Palms in combination with a couch and dim lights. This will instantly grab the attention of visitors, and they will not waste a moment to click a selfie.

Easily available!

Artificial plants and trees are so popular that they are easily available both online and offline. One can buy them in wide varieties from ThermaLeaf®. As they are easy to maintain, they are becoming the best alternative to real plants. With artificial Palms, one can bring exotic varieties of Palms like preserve Fan, preserved Coconut, Preserved dates, Areca Palm and Kentia Palm and much more. You can also explore other beautiful artificial plants and trees available at and match them with your décor. These silk plants evoke the same feeling of freshness and greenery as the real ones do.

Artificial Palms are native to tropical region but if you add this exotic variety to your interior or exterior landscape this will certainly lift up the decor and make the visitors spellbound with their beauty. They are extremely easy to maintain, can bear acute weather conditions and last but not the least, are budget friendly too which make them perfect partners for your landscape.