Artificial Plants: For the Front Patio and the Backyard

Fire Retardant Artificial PlantsThe most escalating factor about artificial plants, trees and flowers is the freedom to use them almost anywhere you desire to. From outdoor to indoors and also in the water, these lifelike decorative accessory certainly adds a dash of charm into the surroundings, and keep the atmosphere blissful. Due to its prominent use in not just homes, but large commercial outlets like shopping malls, casinos, public places, hotels and restaurants, fire retardant artificial plants is the most wanted accessory to enhance any space.

The most appealing factor with artificial outdoor plants is the striking product and a low maintenance way to boost any landscape. There are hundreds of ways you can incorporate these artificial beauties in your home and outdoors. But as we are transcending summer, outdoor plants are what we will shift our attention too.

As a DIY decoration project, today we will look into areas on the outside of your home where you can perfectly blend these plants and trees. It doesn’t matter if you use them in your front patio, entrance way or the walkway, or also execute their beauty in the backyard. The point here is to use as many varieties of these elegant and durable beauties, to make your home a special.

Mix and match your landscape

Our product lineup for outdoor artificial plants is gorgeous enough to fulfill your dream landscaping design. Use the different varieties of tropical plants and mix them with some artificial bush or any flower or plant variety you want to use to deck up your outdoors. For such a landscape use a combination of ferns, azaleas, bamboo trees, date palm, ribbon grass and artificial bushes to create a perfect maintenance-free flower bed.

To make it more realistic, swing stems of two or more natural plants in your artificial landscaping for a complete designing package.

Make the Planter your Flower Bed

The fire retardant artificial plants made by ThermaLeaf are so unique and realistic in design that no matter where and whatever thing you place them in, they are sure to attract many eyeballs. However, they spread their glory the most when placed in a beautifully crafted planter, pot or urn that is filled with river rocks or any other embellishing accessory.

Put some florist foam in the bottom of the pot, top it with a good amount of landscaping rocks, and insert the stem of the artificial tree through those rocks till the bottom. It is our guarantee that your plant will still look the same when it was new, and blooming as always.

Hide the things you don’t want to show

Your home front yard is filled with many unwanted things that you can’t ignore, but you can certainly hide. And one such thing that always annoys a homeowner or inhabitants is the old light pole outside most of the American homes. Yes, lighting is necessary to illuminate our space, but with such an old fashioned one, is a complete no.

To avoid the light pole from dimming your designs, adding greenery of two or three artificial hanging plants at the top would certainly transform this serviceable object into one beauty object. Also, at the base fire retardant artificial plants will also be a nice accessory to give the pole a complete look.