Artificial Plants: Your Official Show Stopper for any Event

thermaleaf custom treesIf you observe any major event, the one thing common with them is a “Show Stopper” or a superstar attraction that turns all the eyeballs in the room towards them. Artificial plants, flowers and trees present you with the same kind of effect when used wisely and in abundance at any event, be it a home affair or corporate one.  

When it comes to setting an event space, the first impressions that you provide the visitors says a lot about you. Implementing the perfect decorative accessory with a dash of artificial floral arrangement can virtually transport your guests into another world. They not only bring a soothing atmosphere, but the fake greenery can add beauty to any type of space and also define areas of a venue to create privacy and security.

Keep in mind that artificial plants, such as topiaries, boxwoods, hedges, and planters can be a vital element in your event décor. These are perfect for filling a space and help create a true party atmosphere, commercially used artificial plants provide strong aesthetics and quality to make every event space a success.

Commercial Planters

These types of decorative items provide a sturdy and stylish way to add distinctive architectural details to any space. Available in an array of styles, size, shape and materials, commercial planters can also be customizable accordingly and help you add unique details to the available space. 

Outdoor planters are very handy and bring in elements of class and sophistication. Make your own designs with them and add built in landscape lighting, to make pathways safe and illuminate accent walls. A modern trend in decorating is illuminated planters that accent your design space and provide a stylish and functional source of lighting. For a more rustic feel, wooden planter is a great option. Do note that planters can be reused for any type of event, and can turn even the simplest venue into something magical.

Top it up with Artificial Topiaries

Now, if there is one variety that adds a fun element and brings in a feeling of artsy sophistication, it has to be the numerous varieties of topiaries right from topiary cones to balls, and from Ivy topiary to boxwood. 

Remember that outdoor artificial topiaries can create the same environment as the real ones, but without the pain of care and maintenance. Today, topiaries are available in a variety of styles and sizes, so a perfect match can be found for any event. Even if you can’t find the perfect artificial topiary, no worries as the next option available for you is to create a custom topiary in any desired shape, such as your company logo or design. 

Topiary logos are a classy way to brand your company/product as well as the event in a unique and eye-catching way. Artificial topiaries are not just made to uplift an event, but are the perfect home decor accessory also. They can be used anywhere and everywhere, and the best part is they are safe and long lasting. Safe because they are flame protected, meaning fire retardant artificial silk plants, and is treated with UV materials to resist fading, thus keeping the plant in top shape for every event.

Artificial Hedges Defines any space

Another great way to add greenery and define space is by the use of artificial hedges. They can be used in a number of ways, like placed in a large hall; they can be used as space dividers to differentiate areas of your home or an event. If placed on a wall can create a unique focal point and establish privacy from neighborhood sights. Most importantly, artificial hedges are a classic design element, and make a good investment which can be used for multiple events and years to come.