Basic Retail Store Decor Hacks That Make Shoppers More Engaged

Basic Retail Store Decor Hacks That Make Shoppers More EngagedShopping is the basic need and necessity for everyone. It could be a tiresome experience or a pleasurable one at that. Online shopping has taken away a large number of physical shoppers from the markets and malls. Local markets continue to thrive to some extent as home delivery options are available these days. Customers going to shops have little or no patience or time to spend. They flick through the items, get easily bored, and move on to the store.

While business largely depends upon e-commerce, it is essential to keep your store running for your brand as well. Shoppers need the online connection as well as the human touch. They browse online and go and pick up offline from the stores after trying out clothing or touching the item personally.

So, how do you attract and keep clients coming to your retail store? What store hack decors can you do to make shoppers more engaged in your store? Read on.

Décor and Signage

Take care to keep your signage looking fresh and new. It should be visible from across the street and well lit. Decorate the entrance with outdoor artificial hanging ferns or large artificial palm leaves on the sides. Your store’s brand and design should be prominent, free from dust, and looking attractive.

Décor and Entry

The first look that a customer gets when he or she enters your stores helps to make up his mind about staying on or moving out. Those few square feet just inside the entrance is your USP for the store. Do up this area, which is called the ‘decompression zone,’ with a neat, simple, yet stylish décor. Place some artificial plants in pots or artificial silk trees to brighten up the place. Display your best store items neatly here. Let people browse through these and walk deeper into the store.

Décor and Space Management

Manage the space in the store well. There should be ample space for people to walk around and explore the items in the store. Have a play area for the kids. This could have some swings, cartoon characters, plastic ball pen, rocking horses, etc. Also, place some stools and benches for adults to sit. Such spaces well decorated attract people even if they don’t come with the intention to shop. This walk-in converts into a shopping experience most of the times. Place some artificial topiaries in beautiful shapes. Give it a gardenlike look. Hang some outdoor fake hanging ferns to give that natural look.

Arrange the store like a home. Place low bookcases and folding screens as partitions. Customers feel at home and spend more time of engagement here. Paint one of the walls with a bold color or a large design. It gives space and makes the customers feel that they are in a large store. Place wall hanging items in a vertical display rather than a horizontal one. Make real or faux windows in the store. Display earrings, hair accessories on paintings or artificial trees rather than only shelves and cabinets.

Light up the store well with a combination of bright lights on displayed items and diffused lights near any faux foliage that you place in it. Decorative lamps and lights are easily available in the markets.

Décor and Choices

Decorate the shelves as per the theme. Place some artificial trees and artificial foliage At some points. Display your store items in and around these plants. Have a sample of cosmetics like perfumes, crèmes, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. Having such choices available makes shoppers more engaged in the store. They don’t like to buy things before touching and feeling them. Organize the store well with items laying in some order and easy for the customer to spot.

Décor and Expert Salespeople

Have well groomed and well-versed staff to help the clients. Don’t allow them to be pushy, but give space to the customers to explore. The team should be expert enough to offer advice and suggestions when the customer looks confused, undecided, or asks for suggestions. Let them sit under some large artificial trees, hanging silk plants, or fake topiary plants in your store.

Décor and Technology

Even though the customer has walked into your store to buy an item physically, technology must come in to ease the shopping experience. The billing counter should be prominently placed and well done up. The transactions options should be many and quick. Have extra staff to help at these counters to pack the items leaving the others to collect the payments and issue bills. It is mostly the billing section which pulls away clients from a shop. Place some artificial plants in pots near the counter. It makes the client feel rejuvenated.

Décor and Relationship Building

The store has to build relationships with the customers. Offers personalized styling guidance to the customers, and direct the staff to build up the relationships. Know and remember the choices of regular clients. Make efforts to know the new ones. Offer some pretty and colorful faux foliage as a welcome to the elderly.

Décor through Events and Product Launches

Arrange for events and product launches in your store. Decorate the store according to the products. Have lots of hanging fliers. Go in for wholesale artificial flower arrangements and make the store look festive and colorful. Organize games and competitions from time to time. Target the children, adults, and the elderly at different times. Organize games accordingly. Offer attractive prizes and Gift Vouchers. Give away artificial trees and plants as prizes and gifts on occasions. Decorate the store with a hint of the game to engage the shoppers more. Bring in some celebrity from time to time to launch their products. Welcome them with artificial silk trees or faux foliage.

Try these simple décor ideas and keep your shoppers more engaged in your store. Hear them spread the word around to others. See your business grow.