Because Managing Real Plants is Tough

kentia palmThe daily chorus of our lives gives everyone very little choice to take up something as a priority. The busier we get, the management of things also goes haywire. Interior designs, crafting a welcoming space and landscaping your outdoors are some of the things that are pretty hard to manage if you go in the details of things. 

Interior landscaping in today’s time stands prominent, as to survive with current trends, get along with people, welcome guests at home, making your workplace much more appealing; all this has become very easy manage now with advancement in the use of artificial plants and trees as decorative elements.  

Low Maintenance Cost

Fake plants used to come in just a couple of mixed versions earlier and you could without a doubt say that they were not genuine. Nowadays, just about everybody purchases fake plants rather than genuine ones on the grounds that, let's be honest here; It is a lot of work attempting to deal and upkeep real plants and fresh flowers. Besides pruning and watering, you also have to buy fresh flowers and plants several times in a month or even a week. The cost of which is hard to manage for many.

If you are a gardener or you went to class to study about plants, you may love dealing with them. But if you have no enthusiasm for them, then you won't know how to deal with living plants. Silk plants and artificial flowers are doubtlessly simpler to deal with in light of the fact that, well, you don't need to. 

Artificial Palms can do all the Talking

The most widely recognized artificial plants come from the family of Palms. They are beautiful, they are sturdy, well textured and are suited best at home and loved at a commercial space. 

Let’s take a look at some of our varieties in the fire retardant artificial palms designs.

Kentia Palm - Known for its serenity and exotic nature, our lineup of the artificial Kentia Palm tree will bring a sense of harmony and a splash of color and freshness in your home or commercial setting. 

A breath of fresh air, the faux Kentia Palm trees will bring a holiday feel to your interiors. Just bring it into your home or office décor and it will make you think you’re on a beach. Full of brightness, this sunshine tree will definitely brighten up your dour interiors. If you’re craving for a lazy summer afternoon at the tropics, our silk Kentia Palm tree will present you exactly what you need.

Preserved Date Palm - Customary yet amazingly sharp, our Preserved Date Palm trees make use of genuine plant material and present a warm and courteous style of design to your home and commercial establishment. If you want to include a characteristic appeal in your interiors, then our artificial Date Palm tree is just the perfect accessory you need. 

Our fake tree will skillfully mix in your setting. If you have an idea of a design style in mind that you want to create using preserved date palms, then do lets us know, as we can also provide you with customized artificial plants.