Can Office Décor Improve Productivity?

Can Office Decor Improve ProductivityCreativity is the most extensive form of thinking, and it’s the best way to boost productivity. And a creative mind works well in a well done up ambiance. So, in case you want to enhance the goods, services, and productivity of your office, you have to build an environment which is conducive to it.

Your office is the long-term home to your employees who spend the major part of the day boosting and managing your business. have to build an environment which is conducive to them. Decorate your office right, and you will find that employees work harder, and happily, for you.

1.    Place items correctly

Follow the eastern or the Western philosophies of placing items in the office. This does not ask for breaking down walls and other structures of the building. , look for East, West, North, and South directions while placing various things. For example, the telephone in the West brings in luck; plants, like the fake bamboo plants, are best kept in the East, etc. Try these simple tips at the office. Set up faux-hedges and arrange for a small or large water fountain in the North of the office. It will increase the inflow of money. Place an aquarium there too. Swimming fish reduce stress.

Create a contemporary look in the office by arranging several small pieces of modern art, floral designs, birds, geometric patterns, butterflies, bells, lights, etc. Each one of these will be pleasing to the eye and make the employees look forward to being there for a significant part of his day. Hang a wind chime in the West. The pleasant sounds will remove negativity and stress from the office.

2.    Use colors to enhance productivity

The science of using colors correctly, or chronology, advocates using colors to improve productivity at work. If used successfully in the décor, colors can make employees happy and stress-free. And this is the best way to boost sales and services from them. For example,

  • Green gives hope and energizes: place plenty of artificial trees and plants in the office.
  • Yellow enhances memory and intelligence: hang an image of a giant sunflower or rising sun on the East wall.
  • Orange gives confidence, enthusiasm, and eagerness: place vases or bins. Put orange blinds on the windows.
  • Violet improves collaboration and tolerance: Pretty violet flowers in a vase at one corner will do wonders. Use in blinds or curtains as well.
  • Blue makes them optimistic and positive towards work: paint one wall in a pastel or light blue shade.
  • White gives peace and shows a clean office: have most of the walls in shades of white.

3.    Have functional equipment

Broken, unusable, or unserviceable office equipment is a real put off and very frustrating for the employees. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish by putting off repairs or placing standard office equipment. Take care of the printers, the projection, computers, paper shredders, etc. Have them serviced from time to time. Organize the items neatly. Place a vase or two with small artificial bonsai trees near the printer or the coffee vending machine etc. Make sure that the telephones and the internet services are excellent. 

4.    Provide adequate Lighting

Employees face monitors, projection screens, and other such surfaces through the day. Poor lighting can harm the eyes, give disturbed vision, and cause eye fatigue. Have adequate lights in the office through:

  • Maximum natural sunlight
  • Focused or directional lights on work tables
  • Soft or diffused overhead lighting to avoid harsh glares
  • Custom light fixtures at strategic points

5.    Seat them well

Nowadays offices have a collaborative system of functioning. Save space and increase efficiency by having everyone seated in a big hall. Mark off individual cubicles or workstations with potted plants or decorative panels. This gives them some privacy as well as closes the gap between the employees. Let them place some personal items and decorate their tables on their own. Discussions and decisions happen faster with everyone around. People respect their colleagues and their work better.

Nobody likes to work in dark, dingy, stuffy, and uncomfortable workstations. Provide comfortable desks and chairs to the employees to work. Use a soothing light shade of beige on the desks top counters. Fix contrasting knobs and handles on drawers and cupboards.

6.    Bring in nature

Since employees have to sit in the office for long hours, they hardly get to enjoy the beauties of nature. So, place lots of plants inside the office so cheer them up and energize them. If you are concerned about the person-hours and hard work needed to maintain the plants, then you have the best solution is going in for faux foliage like:

  • Fake ficus
  • Silk bamboo trees
  • Fake palm trees for inside
  • Artificial silk trees

There are hundreds of varieties available these days. You can get them in all sizes and shapes. Choose the flowers or plants that you love, and you want to have to wait for their season to grow or flower. Only pick them from the store and do away with hours of maintaining, watering, and weeding them. They won’t grow out of shape and eat up space inside the office. Use them generously around the office.

Try some landscaping too. It makes the office look beautiful and also creates a great impression on all visitors and clients. You could have fountains, rockeries, topiaries, terrariums, reading corners, etc. You could also develop corners to show your collaboration with other cities or nations depending upon your work. The employees too feel proud of the environment and show it off well to outsiders. In the bargain, they will work harder.

7.    Have courteous support staff

Backend support like office assistants, machine operators, guards, kitchen help, etc should be groomed to be courteous and efficient. Let them wear neat and clean uniforms and also know the office procedures well. Make their area too clean and organized.

Decorate the office with innovation and aplomb. See the sales soar!