Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome Hacks

Convert Your Attic Into A Comfortable Bedroom With These 8 Awesome HacksThe attic is the most beautiful yet neglected portion of any house. Most people see it as a secret space inside the house and concentrate less on utilizing it. But it indeed has a lot of scope for additional space inside the house and could get transformed into anything more than a storage space, such as into a cozy bedroom, office room, home theatre, home library, etc.

Of all the advantages of having a home attic, transforming it into a comfortable bedroom is both interesting and beneficial. This secret space has a lot of scopes to get transformed into a private bedroom with fresh air flushing in and with an excellent scenic view of the sky. It could be topped up with artificial plants and trees, fresh or artificial floral arrangements, to add a naturally elegant look to the attic. Let us discuss how to build a comfortable attic bedroom with the following hacks.

Concentrating on the room ceiling

Though attic spaces are good enough to hold comfortable beds, their ceilings are not always appealing and could through in a spooky appearance at nights. It is thus vital to transforming the ceiling into something appealing and creative. One good idea is to paint the ceiling with stars and moon to resemble the night sky. The dark surrounding would also sleep provoking and kids would love to stare at the night sky before they sleep. The walls of the room could be painted in contrast colors with subtle light lights on the walls.

Coloring the walls

The walls of the attic do not have a uniform surface, and its dimensions are not always perfect squares. To hide this deformity, it is important to paint them right with some appealing pictures made hung on the walls. Wallpapers with natural scenery and animals or cartoon characters would hold well if the bedroom is meant for kids. Painting and craft work by kids may also be made to décor the attic walls topped with antique lanterns that emit soothing light at all times. It is important to make provision for windows on the walls to offer refreshing images of the morning sky right on the bedroom.

Lighting and ventilation

As attics are places that are just below the roof of the house, they could be dark and gloomy with very less lighting. It is important to make sure that attic walls have windows and ventilators so as to lush in fresh and cold air into the room. Though these windows could render natural lighting in the day time, they could look spooky at nights. It is therefore important to have enough lighting with the help of a hard wired light fixture or pull string fixtures or hanging lanterns, wall lamps, etc.

Room for Green space in the attic

If there is enough space for a bed in the attic, then there should be space for some indoor plants as well. They would glow in all their glory when the morning sun shines through the windows directly on to the greens. Some plants such as aloe-vera, snake plant, Gerbera Daisy are real oxygen bombs, capable of pumping in fresh oxygen into the attic bedroom. They would also render an elegant and fresh look to the attic bedroom and could be placed on the window sills or on the corner table in the room or even kept hanging from the ceiling in the room.

Including Fireplace

It would be a great idea to include a fireplace in the attic bedroom with additional cushions, so as to have quality family time with everybody in the house. The fireplace would add on to the elegance of the room and would render warmness and comfort during winter months. It is thoughtful to place the bed opposite the window and keep the fireplace close to the window to maximize the results.

Including a mini library and home theatre

The attic bedroom is not only cozy and comfortable but also provide room for enough private space. One could make the best use of this alone time reading some interesting books.  With a simple book storage shelf and a table set up the attic bedroom is also convertible into a private mini library.

Attic spaces are different in different houses, but in most of the homes, the length of the attic is the same as that of the floor space. Thus, the attic is lengthy, and there is enough room for more than just a bed. It is possible to include a mini home theatre set up in the attic to enjoy all of the time either alone or with friends and family.

Furnishing the attic

Accessorizing the attic bedroom is equally important as though with other parts of the house. But fitting in furniture in the attic is a difficult task, keeping in mind the space constraints and unequal dimensions of the attic. It is challenging to transport furniture at the top of the house considering the constraint in the roof to floor dimension. Nevertheless, including types of furniture such as book rack, bedside tables, center tables, and seating arrangement are not to be neglected and are to be custom made to fit into the room space.

Including the bathing unit

It would be a wise idea to include a bathing unit in the attic so as to give a private hotel room experience right on top of the house. Though the plumbing works demand extensive craftsmanship, the effort is worth the experience. Kids would love the experience to stay at the attic if only they get all that they want within their reach.

Attic bedrooms render extreme privacy, and one feels as though they are isolated from the entire house and world during their stay here. No matter whether a person is in a melancholic or ecstatic mood, the attic bedrooms give excellent companionship at all moods and should be a must try at all homes. It is possible to convert a boring attic into a comfortable bedroom by incorporating the above-said ideas.