Create Everlasting Memories with Artificial Boxwood Mats

Artificial Boxwood MatCherishing memories with artificial foliage is a great way to remember and preserve those precious moments of your life, which you never want to forget. There are a number of ways to decorate your abode using artificial plants, trees and flowers. And, speaking of artificial plants, one very useful variety of the hundreds of designs presented by us, artificial boxwood mats is an accessory to savor, and use as well.

Take some time out next weekend and get on a DIY project, to create a picturesque photo backdrop by using the refreshing greenery of fire retardant artificial plants. Create an everlasting design on your home or office wall with boxwood mats in the backdrop and give the photograph an instant attention glow for people to gaze at.

This DIY project is an easy one that will show fantastic result ones, it’s completed and give you one more reason to smile every day. Let’s read through the steps to create an everlasting memory with artificial plants and flowers.

  • Make a wooden Framework

In order to build a house the base of the construction should be solid and dependable. The same way to create a stunning photo background, you first need to make a wooden framework that will determine the size of your decoration. Decide how large, small, square or rectangular you want the backdrop to be to cut the piece of plywood according to those dimensions.

You will need stands to support the wood from behind, to ensure the decorative accessory doesn’t fall and damage the frame. Also, if you are willing to add some decorative stuff around the sides, paint them in advance, before you add the boxwood mats.

  • Time to add the main Ingredient

Once the difficult part of making the framework is done with, cover it with the splash of greenery of the beautiful boxwood covered mats. They will be the perfect ingredient to embellish your photo with plush greenery that can be flaunted during any season. Remember that you will need enough mats to completely cover your framework, to protect the real identity of your photo backdrop.

  • Add some charming varieties of artificial Flowers

After fixing the artificial boxwood mat to your wooden frame, the next fun step is to garnish your mats with some charming varieties of ThermaLeaf fire retardant artificial flowers. We have hundreds of varieties for you to choose from. But the favorite for this DIY project are the flowering plant varieties such as marigolds and also peonies.

For a picturesque set up fix them on the top of your framework and make the longer stems to droop down over the boxwood. Play and adjust with the designs and then zero down on the flowers to create the look you want.

  • Let the camera click

This DIY project is easy, swift and effective. Once completed have a second look as to everything is just as you imagined, right from the fire retardant plant variety, to the framework, and from there to the artificial foliage of boxwood mat and the ever so charming designs of artificial flowers.

Your family members would surprisingly happy to see that you have created a masterpiece, which they can very well use as their photo backdrop. Let the cameras click and let your family and friends have a gala time taking pictures in front of it.