Creating Designs with Artificial Palms

Preserved FanPalm trees, plants and leaves have garnered a significant amount of designing interests in home and commercial landscaping. The cost of maintaining real plants coupled with a shorter life span of the natural decorative elements, more preference is being given to artificial plants, trees and flowers. Remodeling the interiors as well as outdoors of a commercial space like hotels, restaurants, healthcare, hospitals, shopping malls, resorts, theme parks and workplaces are being abundantly worked with silk plants and trees.    

If you think of Palm trees, they are one of the biggest trends in artificial foliage right now. And if you always have been drawn to these beautiful pieces of greenery, but never been quite sure how to use them, don’t worry, we will provide you with ideas you just want to apply.


The loveliest artificial arrangements of action are those, which have a wide range of compositions, statures, hues, and plant assortments. You can save a lot, if you go for a customized artificial arrangement, which fits perfectly wherever you want it to. Or can also order the various plant varieties and assemble them yourself. Whatever is efficient? Begin by picking a wonderful expansive pot or urn. Fill the vessel with flower foam that will offer solid backing to your counterfeit stems. 

Make a palm tree, the focal point of your design by putting a few tall palm leaves in the focal at an edge, with the goal that they fan out distinctive bearings. When they are set up, begin layering on them silk flowers, bushes, for example, silk orchids, flying creatures, and other tropical blossoms. This course of action will look considerably more astonishing, and all that without much of maintenance. 

fire retardant artificial palms


In the near future, if you are planning a tropical beach wedding or arranging a tropical supper party, line up a standard 6-foot folding tables, spread them with a plain white tablecloth, and lay a bunch of lovely gazing palm leaves end to end, down the focal point of the table. Cut off the stems of extended leaves to dispose of a portion of the mass. 

Now start layering seashells, candles, water glasses, and other decorative accessories on top of the beautiful fronds for a wonderful centerpiece that will be the discussion of every one of your visitors and guests. 


An obvious hint of fake decorative plants is the plastic stems. Take care of this issue by using a palm leaf and wrapping it around within a glass chamber vase before filling the vase with artificial stems. The manufactured palm leaf includes a layer of interest and hides the simulated stems all in the meantime. 

  • Overlaid Palms

By your choice and fashion, if you like all things bright and shiny and cherish all things gold, overlaid, or metallic, this is the undertaking for you. Take some wide-ranging silk palm leaves and splash paint both sides of them with metallic shower paint. When the paint is dry, put two or three of them in a vase with a tight neck, and place them in the center of your work area or the lobby. For an accomplished upscale look at your commercial space match your project with a range of artificial foliage like moss, ivy mat and much more. 


Pick a vessel that mirrors the lovely green shading of the palm trees themselves. Void green wine containers are the ideal choice to create such a display. Start by removing all the labels and stickers on the bottle and slide a solitary palm frond into the end of every wine bottle. Line them up, down the focal point of a bar, table, or counter to make tall centerpieces that are anything but difficult to make an ultra-moderate setting.