Décor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

Decor Tricks That Make Small Rooms Appear Larger 2With a growing population and reducing resources, smaller houses are a reality. Another reason for this is the decaying of the institution of joint families and the growth of nuclear families. Therefore, you find smaller houses with smaller spaces springing up everywhere.

If you live in such a house, you need to read on for décor tricks that will make small rooms appear larger.

Space and Design

With little choice to make structural changes to small rooms, you have to find other means of making them look larger. Look at the floor plan and map out a design for spaciousness. Enhance the space by making horizontal designs on the floors.

Fix horizontal tiles

or tiles with horizontal lines on the floor. The same effect will be through making large stripes on the floor. This makes it look larger. Horizontal rugs also do the same trick. They give length to an otherwise shorter room.

Colors and Hues

Dark shades and hues eat up space in the rooms. Use lighter shades and hues of paint and other colored objects. Fix dark colored tiles as skirting on the top near the ceiling to give an illusion of height. You can also place some decorations like artificial foliage on the top end for the same purpose. Lighter shades of tiles on the floor also add space.

Similarly, use lighter hues on the walls. Paint one deep wall with a darker shade to give length to the room. Use shades of white in the kitchen for your cupboards, drawers, countertop, and other furniture.

Use shades of blue, green, and off-white to make the rooms look more prominent. Try not to contrast too many colors as they break the depth of the room. Go in for shiny or glossy paints to add brightness to the room. Make a large motif or pattern on the ceiling to make the room look larger. It adds volume to space.


Proper lighting and ventilation make a massive difference to the spaciousness of rooms. Dark and dingy rooms appear even smaller than their actual size. So, ventilate and light up the rooms. You may not have open areas on all sides of your house, but wherever possible, keep the windows open. Allow as much as possible for natural sunlight to filter in.

Fix pretty lights inside storage cabinets to make that area too look larger. Place some ceramic pots with fake bamboo plants or artificial bonsai trees. Highlight those corners with lights to give volume. Fix ceiling lights rather than side wall lights. They provide a brighter appearance to the room, consequently adding illusions of space.

Gadgets and appliances

Smaller and sleeker devices in the kitchen and other devices in the house take up less space, and you can preserve the volumes of the room. Larger and bulky items like fridges, washing machines, ovens, etc. make the kitchen look smaller than what it is. Buy these gadgets in lighter shades or even transparent frames. Keep kitchen appliances inside cupboards and cabinets to save space. Instead, place some faux foliage on the shelves for the beauty.

Storage Spaces

You can’t do without enough storage spaces, whether your house is big or small. But do them up smartly. Use lighter shades of panels. Use a combination of open and closed shelves. Fix glass panels rather than dark ones. Have light-colored kitchen countertops and other cabinet tops as well. If you go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or cupboards, leave a little space on the top or skirt it with another shade for the height.

Furniture Items

Similarly, you will need lots of furniture items in your house to suit all your needs. Remember again to keep light polishes and varnishes on them. Dark and bulky furniture will eat up a lot of space. Try and buy chars, sofas and other cabinets which have their legs peeping out from the bottom. Furniture bases touching the floor of the rooms looks bulkier and thereby the room much smaller. Keep only the items you need and not the ones because they are on sale or with the neighbors. Folding tables, taken out when needed, are a great buy too. Just wrap them and put them away. Place furniture items away from the walls rather than against hem always.


Plants always brighten up the rooms. There is still enough space for them. Hang some hanging silk plants or some artificial vines from the ceilings and highlight them with led lights. Place miniature versions of fake palm trees for inside, silk bamboo trees or other fake topiary plants. These plants look realistic, are fire retardant, and come in all sizes and hues. It’s easy to clean them, and they don’t make the room messy as well.


Don’t keep a monotonous pattern and design in all the furnishings and drapes. The rooms look tiny with such uniformity and design. Have a variety of designs and patterns in your curtains, seating, cushions, sofa furnishings, rugs, etc. Use stripes, geometrical shapes, floral, dots, polkas, plains, jacquards, etc. Break the monotony of the furnishing. It works! Create a focal point with a large item to draw all attention to. This also creates an illusion of a bigger room.

Clear the Clutter

Remove all unwanted and unnecessary things from the house. Keep only what is useful or beautiful. It’s your home, not a shop or a museum to display items and curious. These include old papers, books, furniture, utensils, crockery, shoes, clothing, linen, etc. The moment clutter disappears from your house; it will look larger!

Decorative items

Akin to above, hang smaller paintings and other wall art in proportion to the room. A little wall clock, smaller photo frames, etc. are a better option.  Keep the floor area also clearer. Create the space to walk around freely in the rooms and also have them look bigger. Hang mirrors smartly to enlarge the area. Place smaller carpets and rugs rather than ones covering larger floor areas.

Try these simple decor trips and see space being created in the house. Enjoy the feeling freedom it gives you.