Designers Hack to Decorate Homes on a Budget

Artificial Green PlantsAlthough professional home décor exudes a high-cost feeling, it is not so always. Being in the business, they also have to adhere to style and finances of their clients. They enjoy finding economical ways that look gorgeous. Here is a list of such designer hacks for your help.

1. Mix costly items with less expensive ones

Everyone wishes to decorate their home with things they love. Buying on a budget is quite challenging. When all your collectibles are less expensive, it does not give a good show. This is why the designers mix costly items with less expensive ones. Visit the Novelty Stores and the flea market for the right combination.

2. A Picture makes a big difference

Pictures are the best to express your lifestyle.  People prefer grid and pattern, but an asymmetric collection of pictures can create a high-spirited environment. You may frame photographs of anything you like from nature, wildlife, photomurals, etc.  You can also build a gallery wall using family and travel photos. These will give your home a glamorous look.

3. Change the accessories

You do not need to change the cabinets and drawers. Simply change the knobs, handles. This will give a refreshed look to the old furniture. Also, change the door handles, faucets and shower heads. You will have nice décor improvement without thinning your wallet.

4. Fill the dead spaces

No spaces should be left empty and unused. Maybe you have some space under the stairs. Fill it up with your wine collection. You can also create a cozy reading nook there. If there is a non-functional fireplace, fill it up with logs of the same size.

In case you do not like to have logs there, light it up with candles. This will create a romantic ambiance in the room.  There are almost limitless options to follow.

5. Jazz up the shower

Include a shower bench. Varieties of plastic and wooden shower seats are available in the market. These do not cost much. Update the shower curtain if that is riding high above the floor. Simply, sew a matching bottom panel.

This will block the awkward partial view of the tub and lift the shower. Also, hang them with bow clips for a cute look.

6. Follow diagonal carpeting

A carpet brings in a dramatic change in the look and feel. You can make the room far more exciting by placing them diagonally. Carpet tiles do not cost much and are great for this purpose.

You can get them in a plethora of vibrant colors. Coming in square shapes, they offer easy installation and cleaning. You can also cut them to customize the shape. This will personalize the decoration. If a part gets dirty, you can remove the squares, wash, and replace them.

7.  Update the headboard

Either paint the headboard or place a fabric, or a blanket, or a tapestry on the headboard. This will add depth and dimension to your bedroom.  Creating a mini bookcase on the headboard makes a perfect blend of form and function.  If you can stretch your budget a little more, then go for building an aquarium on the headboard. This will deliver a magical ambiance.

8. Camouflage with the covers/accessories.

Sofas and couches tend to offer a shabby look with time. Consider changing the upholstery if possible.  Otherwise, change the slipcovers. This will cost you less but offer an improved look to the furniture. You can also add soft cushions, throw pillows and throw blankets.  These will improve the glam quotient without costing much.

9. Revitalize the walls

Revitalizing the walls is a great way to spruce up the place. Paint the walls and the ceiling for upgrading the room. In case you are not after painting, you may use wall decals. These are available in many attractive designs to suit different corners of the home. You can also use them on the furniture as well.

Alternatively, you may use washi tapes for adorning the walls. They are also available in many colors. Use them to create geometric shapes on the walls.  This will give a nice facelift.

10.  Repurpose to the maximum

Repurposing is an excellent way to affordable décor. Try to repurpose everything creatively. This will make your home a cut above the others. For instance, you may build a shoe rack from a used ladder or may use the obsolete teapot as a vase. If you have junk necklaces that you do not like anymore, use them as tiebacks for the curtains.  You can even use a wheelbarrow as a wine cooler for the BBQ.

11. Go green

Plants make a home soothing and refreshing with their splash of green. This is why they are one of the best decorating options. Using live plants is costly as they have serious upkeep demands. The artificial silk trees are the best option when you are on a budget.

You can get them as trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage with many varieties in each category. Passing through many process developments, these artificial plants in pots look stunningly similar to the live plants. Unlike the live plants, they look fresh in all seasons.

Using the artificial patio plants is a safe option. Since these contain UV blocking agents, they never get discolored. These are also impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals. As such they have self-extinguishing properties and do not help the spread of fire.

The faux hanging plants are perfect for anywhere in your home. If you want to create a Mediterranean vibe, the fake tropical plants are ideal for that. These are strong and durable, and their installation is easy. This makes them cost-effective. Since they do not grow mold, cause allergy, and attract insect, they deliver you a hygienic environment.


Home décor becomes challenging when you are on a budget. The above inspiring ideas have the power to make your home stunning and glorious. They also give you an opportunity to create a big impact without spending much. Choose those that interest you for making a change in lifestyle.