Designing Kitchens with Prosperity in Mind – Explained

Artificial Flowering Plants for OutdoorsEvery part of this world has energy. This energy makes a place feel warm and comfortable, whereas the other fun and exciting. We have no authority or command over the energy at the natural sites, but we do have the power to change and modulate the energy of the rooms in our house. The bedroom has to be warm and temperate. To maintain this vibration, the energy of the place must be modulated by applying warm colors on the walls of the room. Colors play an important role in determining the energy that the room radiates. This is the reason that you must pay careful attention to the colors that are applied to the walls of your room. In this way, the drawing room should be filled with welcoming energy and the balcony, with pleasantness and relaxation.

The most important part of your house is the kitchen. This room radiates energy to all the other rooms at your home. This is the reason that the energy in your kitchen must be balanced and energetic. The members of your family spend most of their time in this room. Thus, it must provide them with adequate energy and enthusiasm to carry on with the rest of the day. The food cooked inside the kitchen would taste well only if the cook prepares it with the right mood. You must make sure that no matter how rough the day could have been, after entering the kitchen every person would feel fresh and full of positive energy. Positive energy would provide everyone with the motivation to work, ultimately providing your house the well-deserved prosperity.

Now you must be wondering, “How could I make a kitchen keeping all the important parameters in mind?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to find the list of methods using which, you could attract the luck and prosperity to the doors of your house.

Plan During the Making Stage

It would be the best idea to begin planning the position of every room of your house, right from scratch. When the architect is laying out the plan of your home, ask him about the drainage system. Look at his plan for the structure of your house and then incorporate your ideas into them. You must keep in mind that the main entrance of your house must not open straight inside your kitchen. The preferred place for your kitchen is at the backside of the house, behind the drawing room. The kitchen must not attract attention to the people entering your home. All the other rooms must be designed after planning the kitchen. The frequency that every room radiates must be in sync with the radiations of the kitchen.

However, if you cannot plan the placement of rooms from the initial stage, you can make some adjustments to synchronize the frequency of the rooms in your house. If your kitchen is visible straight from the entrance of your home, place some blinds to cover the kitchen. Make sure that the entrance to the kitchen is blocked and everyone enters the drawing room first. In this way, the placement of your kitchen will no longer be a problem, and you will attract unhindered growth and prosperity for your family members.

The Cooking Area

This area is the heart of the kitchen. Everything that the members of the house receives, goes from this part of the room. This is the reason that the cooking area must radiate as much as positive energy as possible. For this, paint the walls of the kitchen in neutral colors. Make sure that the central dining area must be as vibrant as possible. After this, the next step that must be taken care of is to place a mirror in the kitchen area so that every part of the house is visible from the kitchen. Now, this part entirely depends upon you and the placement of your rooms. Every room is different this, and you will be the right person to decide from which part of your kitchen, all the rooms of your house might be visible. This step will radiate the energy of the kitchen to all the parts of the house.

Positivity and Decorations

To maintain the positive vibrations around the kitchen, it is essential for the room to have uplifting mood items. Staying close to nature affects the mood and energy of the people around it, which is why you must plant artificial plants in pots at places in your kitchen. Here my emphasis is on the artificial plants and flowers because you would have no extra job of maintaining the plants and flowers or worrying about them in your absence. Your dining area would look well decorated with silk fall leaves. The entrance of your kitchen could be decorated with wholesale silk floral arrangements because buying them individually could be heavy to your wallet. Buying them in wholesale would give you the benefit of the price without compromising the beauty of the flowers. Topiary artificial plants could also be a plant of choice if you don’t prefer simple plants in your kitchen. You can use boxwood mats at the entrance of your kitchen for an appealing and pleasant look. The market has a dedicated section of artificial plants for a kitchen which are particularly tailored for the kitchen environment. They would completely uplift the mood of the kitchen and balance the energy of the room, without looking different to the area.

If you don’t like placing plants and flowers on the floor of your rooms, you can place faux hanging plants on the walls of your kitchen for a beautiful and put together appearance. Decorating your dining table with seashore pebbles would also provide a close to nature feel without being an extra to the vibes of your kitchen. In this way, you can balance the energy of your kitchen by using different things. Strategically planning the placement of everything in your kitchen would provide your family with the luck and the prosperity that you deserve.