Divide & Rule is the Mantra

Fire Retardant PlantsThey say in separations, there’s always a reunion that is hidden from the normal eyesight, and when something is divided it gives a better chance to get more room for improvement. Well, ‘divide and rule’ certainly was the mantra of the British East India Company once, but in modern times the term is being used in many contradictions.   

Very often you may have perceived that in large spaces with lots of guests, not everyone feels valued and secure. So, what can be done to large place to make it more personal, secure and at the same time enjoy all the other surrounding as well? 

For this task space dividers are a great design element to break up a large area into sections or rooms and let the guests have the privacy and intimacy they crave. Use of indoor or outdoor artificial plants, trees and flowers as commercial accessory space dividers are a perfect fit with any kind of business, workplace, recreation or artificial jungles. 

Here are just a few of the ways you can break up the space: 

Best suited are the Hotels

Give your guests the seclusion they require by using space dividers to create personal spaces. Elements such as outdoor privacy screens are seamless by the pool area, and can add the ambiance a soothing environment, while letting the guests have the intimate setting they require.

A separation of created by a preserved fan palm or the lanky bonsai tree will add a taste of the tropics and let the light through, while still managing separate areas and providing privacy. Sophisticated and trending space dividers like the artificial ivy mat or the hanging bushes and the fake grass can add modern touch and break up a larger room into smaller, but more welcoming spaces. 

Make some room for Special Events

Keep the guests in the right places with the right people by efficiently placing the space dividers at events in your home or office. Use plants and containers to outline the walkway at the opening or create smaller, more intimate areas at a party. 

Weddings are a perfect place to display artificial foliage and topiaries as space dividers to create smaller sections, as you can also use them to create an area for cake cutting, a lounge, bar and the dance floor. Space dividers when mixed and matched with fake decorative accessories such as artificial plants and trees can define every area of the function. 

Moreover, with a special event, your space divider should be special. A fancier option for events such as weddings would be artificial stems & picks, matched with charming topiary balls or boxwood of greenery to splash around. 

Restaurants need them the most

If you talk from a guest’s point of view then there’s nothing much worse than having an intimate dining experience ruined by loud people sitting at the next table or being distracted by all of the happenings in the restaurant. Yes, not all restaurants can get you that intimacy, but space dividers can. They can break up a dining area and give guests a great experience they crave for that too without having to peep into the kitchen. 

There is a large variety artificial decorative element that can perfectly define the indoors and outdoors of your restaurants. Hanging bushes & topiary cones, when mingled with other forms of space dividers not only define the available place, but also glam up the surroundings. And another advantage of using these fake plants is that they are maintenance free and safe from fire. This means low maintenance, long lasting and fire retardant artificial trees and plants, which make them your best bet to define your space.