Do These Things to Make Hotel Rooms Look Unique

Do These Things To Make Hotel Rooms Look UniquePeople stay in a hotel either on business or for traveling. The hotel guests love comfort and service when staying in a hotel. As a hotelier, you should take care of these elements while designing the hotel rooms. Here are some insights on how you can make your hotel a cut above the others.

1. Consider the linens first

The website of your hotel must be full of room images. This is quite natural. When the potential guests search, the cloths catch their eyes first. Remember that the quality of the linen influences the perception of comfort. And, nothing annoys the guests more than the shabby linens.

This makes the bed linens vital for creating an excellent first impression. You should, therefore, change linens for improving the look and feel of the rooms. It is better to go for neutral tones. As an alternative, you may opt for white-on-white layering. This budget-friendly move makes the room look clean, bright and spacious.

2. Upgrade with accessories

Upgrading with accessories is the easiest and cheapest way of improving the hotel rooms. Choose the accessories so that they include plush, sleek and natural textures in the room. This could be anything from pillows, blankets, rugs, etc.

3. Embellish with local art

Adorning the hotel rooms with art pieces takes the décor to the next level. This makes not mean that you have to for costly paintings and artworks. Displaying photographs of the local landmarks is an inexpensive way to do that.

Remove all old and outdated pictures including locally made art pieces and paintings. They never connect to the hotel theme and can hardly evoke any emotion. Guests, especially the millennial, are looking for a memorable stay enriched with local experience.

You can go to the local flea market and get things that narrate the history of the place. Aside from their visual impacts, the guests will also form an idea about the place. This goes a long way to impress the guests.

4. Make cozy sitting arrangements

Whether on business or leisure trip, the guests want to relax in a hotel. A present the thin line of distinction between business and leisure is non-existing. Most of the people are making combined trips now. This means they work and unwind on the same trip.

So, provide them with some comfy sitting arrangements. It could be a sofa or a chair. Even a hammock is welcome depending upon the location and theme of your hotel. When choosing these, make sure they add color to the room beside comfort.

5. Think about illumination

Lighting is a vital requirement for making a hotel room mind-blowing. So, avoid poor lighting at all costs. The hotel room should include ambient, task and accent lighting.

Lift up the overall environment with ambient lighting. You can use indirect lights for this. Arrange task lighting with lampshades or spotlights. These will be great for doing some activities. Also, highlight the special attraction with accent lighting.

Choose chandeliers, pendants or any other fixtures that match the overall décor. Also, keep provisions for letting the natural light in. This will impart a great look.

6. Make the room calm with color

Guests love a chic and classy hotel room to end the day. Different colors evoke different emotions in different individuals. So, consider painting the walls with a neutral color palette. While painting the walls, do not skip the ceiling. Coat it in either in the same shade or a lighter shade for creating an illusion of more space. This will give the guests something to enjoy.

7. Install blackout drapes

Guests arrive round the clock in a hotel. They may come early in the morning and like to sleep late through the morning. The blackout drapes provide the best option for staying in their time zone.

Sometimes sleeping in a new place also becomes difficult. The blackout drapes ensure undisturbed sleep and provide the rest needed. Maybe you have the right fabrics for curtains. But, the blackout drapes are a must for the hotel rooms.

8. Make it romantic with a bubble bath

Relaxing and unwinding are also the prime requirements of the hotel rooms. Including a bubble bath is great for setting the right mood. Provide a large soaking tub with varieties of bubble options. The guest will be extremely happy to make their romantic bath.

9. Give something free

Maybe you have just arrived in the early morning after a long flight. Although you are feeling thirsty, there is no fresh water arrangement. So, the only option left is the mini-bar. But, they charge for the water bottles!

Would not it be better if you get a complimentary water bottle in the room? Most of the hotels are now thinking in this line. It does not cost much but creates a great impression on the guests.

10. Infuse with greeneries

Embellishing a hotel room with green elements boosts up a luxurious feeling. Since the live plants are tough to maintain, the artificial silk trees are the choice. Being replica of their live cousins, they deliver a soothing environment.

The artificial foliage products have many varieties. These are available as plants, topiaries, trees, palms, etc. and can fulfill all décor requirements. These come in standard pots, and you can easily install them in the hotel rooms.

Including the artificial bonsai trees instantly lifts up the ambiance. Unlike the live bonsai trees, these need no maintenance. But they promote the same green environment in the room and make the guests happy and content.

These fire retardant trees are infused with special chemicals to make them self-extinguishing. These never help the fire spread. Moreover, they do attract any insect. So, your guests have a safe environment free from fire hazards.


The guests always seek value for the money spent. They become happy and content when they get something extra. These inspiring tips show the way to provide that without massive renovations. Try these tips to make your hotel room a home away from home.