Dream Beach Landscapes Made Possible With Artificial Preserved Fan Palms

Artificial Preserved Fan PalmsImagine being able to have a house that has a gorgeous beach house like vibe. Alternatively, even an office that has a calming and peaceful vibe to it because of beach like interiors. Wouldn't that be wonderful? It would increase your productivity, reduce stress levels and all in all give a beautiful feel to your surroundings. With our fabulous and lifelike faux fan palms, you can give a breath-taking look to the interiors of almost any place. These indoor plants give a tropical feel and are lush green. They are easy to install, require absolutely no maintenance and are also fire retardant. 

Places Where The Artificial Preserved Fan Palms Can Be Installed 

The faux silk fan palms are ideal for indoor decorations. Here's a list of places where they can be displayed: 

  • Residential And Commercial Buildings – A perfect place to install the fan preserved palms are in office and residential buildings. They can be put in the corner of the lobby, or they can be used inside an office cabin or an apartment. 
  • Restaurants And Diners – One can install the fan palms in a restaurant or diner. The lush green and perfectly natural looking leaves give a tropical, and unique feel to the surroundings. These faux palms are ideal for restaurants that are located close the beach. 
  • Malls And Boutiques – Another great place to install the faux palms is in malls and boutiques. They enhance the beauty of the surroundings and add a very summery vibe to their surroundings. They are the ideal interior decorating pieces. 
  • Hotels – The palms make the perfect decorative items for hotel lobbies, receptions, and even luxury hotel rooms. 
  • Conferences And Trade Shows – Another great place to install the fan palms is in conferences and trade shows. These fan palms can either be added to the entire décor of the trade show or they can be placed in individual stalls of the trade shows and exhibitions too. 

Benefits Of Using The Preserved Fan Palms

Fire Safe Plants – One excellent benefit the fan palms is that they are absolutely fired safely. The foliage of these plants has been impregnated with certain chemicals that make the plants fire retardant. Thus, making them safe to install in both commercial as well as residential locations. 

Durable And Maintenance Free – Another incredible benefit of the fan palms is that they are durable and long lasting. They will not get damaged by harsh lighting conditions. Unlike real plants, they are also entirely maintenance free. They do not require cutting, watering, pruning, and maintenance. Thus one need not spend large sums of money on a professional botanist or gardener to look after the plants. 

Cost Effective – The fan palms are very reasonably priced and are extremely affordable. They can be easily purchased without burning a hole through the pocket of the purchaser. 

Easy Installation – Another excellent benefit of the fan palms is that they are very easy to install. They don't require any professional installations. They can virtually just be picked up and placed in the corner that you wish to put them. 

Use And Re-Use

The durability and long-term shel life of the fan palms make them usable as well as re-usable. For instance, an event planner can use the fan palms in functions and events. After the completion of the event, the event planner can store away the plants and pull them out only for the next event. The long shelf life of the plants prevents the plant from spoiling when put aside for storage. 

Health Benefits Of Installing The Fan Palms

It is a lesser known fact that installation of the artificial preserved fan palms can prevent ailments and illnesses. In the event one was to install real plants, the chances of these real plants attracting mosquitoes, insects and snakes are very high. Mosquitoes can insects carry malaria and other deadly illnesses and getting bitten by them can lead to you getting infected with the illnesses. The faux palms, on the other hand, don't have any chances of attracting such bugs. So it is safer particularly in homes where there are young children to install the fake palms. 

Prevent Injuries By Installing The Faux Fan Palms

Real fan palms have extremely pointed and pokey leaves. Homes that have kids playing around all the time are the most dangerous places to install real fan palms. While playing the kids can end up top piling over the plant or even get scratched or wounded by the plants leaves. The faux fan palms, on the other hand, may look exactly like the real palms but don't have leaves that can be harmful or dangerous in environments where there are children present. 

Adding A Tropical And Beach Vibe To Your Surroundings

Now it doesn't matter whether you live around snow covered mountains or in the desert. With the installation of these lovely lush green fan palms one can create a tropical atmosphere almost anywhere that they reside. When placed in a surrounding with beautiful wooden flooring and off-white walls, these palms give a gorgeous summer-like feel to the environment. The surroundings in which the fan palms are installed get a nice peaceful and stress-free vibe to them. When placed in apartments and houses these fan palms give a very cosy and warm feeling to the home and when placed in offices they give a less dull and drab feel to the place. 

All in all, the fan palms are charming faux plants that bring about a beautiful tropical feel to the surroundings of the place that they are installed. Their realistic look has duped the eyes of even the most skilled botanists and professional gardeners. These faux plants are ideal for those who don't have the time or skills to look after real plants. They give a beautiful beach vibe without requiring any sort of maintenance or pruning. The faux fan palms are an absolute must have for those who love summery places and wish to be living by the seaside.