Elevate the Class and Comfort of Your Bedrooms - Here's How

Elevate The Class And Comfort Of Your Bedrooms Here S HowYour bedroom is the one private place in the whole world where you want to rest your weary head at night amid beautiful yet colorful surroundings. And when you wake in the morning, you want to be greeted by just the same colors and visible drama. Can this be possible?

You may want to give your bedroom a cheerful and colorful look, but are hesitant to make any changes to your limited budget. However, the good news is that this is possible after all. You can, very successfully, use some of the 10 hacks we present here to make your dream come true. These ideas won't pinch your pocket; on the contrary, they will enliven your bedroom and make you a more positive person--all just for injecting the right colors in your very own bedroom.

Here they are for you:

1. Have a wall-mounted headboard. If you have a simple bed that needs to be stepped up a bit, think about having a colorful and bold wall-mounted headboard. That's sure to catch anyone's eye that enters the room. You can also wallpaper the entire headboard in a bright color like navy blue while your walls could be a serene sky blue.

Alternatively, you can fill up the headboard space by having a large mirror. Not only will it give the illusion of a greater area in the room but it will also add a sense of drama to your room.

2. Are your windows bare? Dress them up now. Use a valance to add some privacy to your curtains. Complement your solid print curtains with a patterned valance or do just the opposite. Either will bring in wows from friends entering your bedroom.

3. Add texture to your walls. With modern stick-on wallpaper designs, you can do a quick and easy job of having them on your walls. Choose a colorful design that's arresting yet pleasing to the eye.

You can also consider having an accent wall using a contrasting color while all the others are painted in another color. Remember to place all your eye-catching furniture against the accent wall.

4. Make your dresser eye-catching. If your dresser is dull and drab, don't stop at that. Enhance it by having an eye-catching display on the top of it which will make people not notice any mess you have on your dresser. For instance, you can hang a poster or have brass figurines or even an attractive family photo.

And how about changing the knobs of your dressers with patterned ones. Immediately, your dresser springs to life with this change and livens up your bedroom.

5. Use bold and bright colors for trim. Enhance the look of your bed skirts, shams or pillowcases by adding trim borders or rickrack in attractive colors and designs. Immediately, the color here jumps at you when you enter a bedroom with this. Use vintage handmade lace that feels and looks rich.

6. Have pillows and cushions of different textures and colors. Liven up your bed display with pillows and cushions of different textures. This will make your bed more beckoning than it has ever been. Stick to one color palette to keep things simple, yet effective. The custom of thumb is to have one stable, one simple and one busy print, but all in the same shade or close to it. For instance, you could design your pillows to be in black, white and grey. This will be bold, arresting and colorful too.

Another way by which you can inject more color into your bedroom is to invest in some colorful bed linen. Buy cheap, and easy to maintain bed linen in bright and vivid colors and styles so that you have a different bedroom look each week. How's that for a makeover?

7. Add style and cozy texture to your bedroom. If you're counting your pennies, add a little style and a lot of creamy texture to your bedroom by hanging a rug, quilt or piece of dramatic tapestry over your bed. You needn't go out to buy the required rod for this but use a curtain rod to hand your display. All in all, you'll create an island of color and visual pleasure.

8. Make your blank wall the focus of attention. Bare walls, by themselves, are cold and unwelcoming, so it's not surprising that you want to do something with that wall behind your bed. But here's a solution for you that's both color-oriented and pleasurable.

Try any of our budget-friendly solutions to heighten the color quotient in your bedroom and keep you happy and spirited. First, you can hang on this wall a few china plates that match with the color of your wall, bed, bed linen, etc. You can get these beautiful plates in any thrift store but ensure that at least one of them is of a solid color of that color group. For instance, one navy blue plate among lighter blue ones.

Second, you can use dull wall racks to display any colorful blankets or quilts you may have.

Third, you might like to fill dark corners with tall bookcases. Not only will this serve for functionality but it will also add to the required storage in this room. You could also paint a broad stripe on the wall and let it hold a few picture frames of those close to you. Alternatively, fill up the wall area with twinkle lights and use clothespins to highlight precious photos.

9. Use decals wisely. Choose from a variety of personalized styles of wall decals to give your bedroom a great personal yet colorful look. And, to top it all, it's inexpensive too!! Besides, they can be removed whenever you wish without damaging the wall.

10. Bring in the freshness of Nature. A bunch of roses or peonies on your nightstand will work wonders to bring color into your bedroom. And if you bring them in from your garden, nothing could be more inexpensive than that. Keep these blooms by your bedside for a whole week and see what wonders it does to your mood.

On the other hand, you can also rehearse with tropical artificial flower arrangements, if sourcing real flowers are expensive. Tiger lilies in natural colors, hydrangea, and Bird of Paradise can look exotic and real, and go on for a long, long time. If you choose to use artificial flowers, ensure that you wipe the flowers from time to time, lest they get dusty and look unappealing.

So, whether you choose natural flowers or their artificial counterparts, you can decorate your bedroom on a little budget and still have an effective one. It takes creativity, planning and a knowledge of what's available in your home and the market to put together a truly highly functional yet elegant bedroom, particularly on a small budget. Here's to your bedroom makeover!